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Bones of a Plan
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Cash Freeland  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Marchant House
Date  •  2019-10-02
Summary  •  Hector, Jade, Cash, and Felicity hang out in the hot tub and discuss what's to be done about Fran and her friends.

Jade has started to come around, though he's going through the motions of waking up, showering, dressing, engaging with the world. Today, though, he has invited his friends to hang out with him in the hot tub. It's relaxing, and God knows he's got tension. He's mixed up a pitcher of margaritas, and he has one poured for each of them. He sips at his own, chest-deep in the tub, wearing skimpy black trunks.

Felicity is in a one-piece blue swimsuit that looks like there is extra engineering around the chest to keep it contained. Right up until getting into the hot tub, she was using an oversized t-shirt as a cover-up. The poor margarita is declined in favor of water, but she's happy enough to hang out. "Iiiiii, got the last of my math things actually turned in. So theoretically someone needs to proctor a final for me, but I think even if I don't take the final, I've still got a B and it's not like they aren't probably going to make me take this stuff over anyway, so I have decided not to worry about it anymore."

Hector has a black thong suit with little purple hearts on the skimpy fabric. This too may be a violation of the PDA rule, but he didn't think to check. (Yep, definately circumsized. He's moved from mostly furious and grieving to quietly furious and grimly determined. He slides into the water and eyes the drink, debating, but decides fuck it, and picks it up, sipping. He tries valiantly not to openly stare at the effect the water is having on her bodice, but his eyes are like iron filings in the vacinity of an electro magnet. A protracted struggle ensues. "I'm glad you are at the math only for fun stage.... Any luck in the research yet?" He may be planning a potetially suicidal war with the undead, but he himself is not dead yet. The struggle to keep his eyes to himself continues.

And Cash? Tropical print swim trunks and a t-shirt. He /has/ something tighter and surely cuter but this is what he picked up on his trip home. He doesn't get into the hot tub but sits on the side, legs in. He doesn't drink. Yet. Probably because he usually driving nowadays. He says, morosely, "My parents know I'm lying about Ashley. I /can't/ lie guys. I tried but they know something's up..." He pouts and wraps his arms around himself

Jade takes another drink of his margarita, and he'll drink Felicity's too so no harm done. He looks like hell, but he looks like hell in a trash chic sort of way, like he always at least kind of looks good even when he doesn't. His hair is fantastic today, just like it's amazing every day. He's got good hair. But an empty-eyed expression, and he seems to be looking into the middle distance instead of at anyone. "I suppose if you tell them the truth, they'll stop asking."

Felicity blinks at Cash. "I... uh, yeah. We were going to say not to really lie. Maybe not tell them everything, but... I think we got distracted and didn't convey that to you. Just... If things go really badly, we don't want to give the impression we had anything to do with it. But... This sucks. All the way around. And no, I haven't found anything useful, yet. I've more sort of got a list of things to go look at later. Microfische searches are a multi-step process." She settles into the water a little more and stretches.

Hector studies Cash over the rim of his glass, "I suggest if they press you tell them to talk to Theodore Marchant. They must have worked out something they are telling other adults by now, but I'll be damned if I can think of something I can say about what happened to Spear that won't get be piss tested. The already threatened to send Silver and I to residential over the Pain killer stuff, and I can't be here to burn though freaks if I'm in rehab. I'm hoping if I'm hard to find, Raymond and Vanessa won't ask me. I'm probably too angry to lie anyway." He nods sadly, "Your poor fingers. Thanks for doing this, Red."

"Well..." Cash begins. "I tried my usual omission thing but they pressed and if I wasn't already upset I could have done better, I think. Instead, I stammered my way through...I don't know what I told them, really. Something about Ashley wanting space from Amy? Maybe? I'm not sure. I just...lied badly and packed some clothes and left." He sighs.

Jade's brow furrows, and he says, "It's their own fault for not believing us. If they wanted the fucking truth, they wouldn't threaten us when we tried to tell them." He takes another drink. "I wonder if Theo's going to believe us now that Morrison's seen what's going on. Morrison wouldn't make shit like this up. Won't matter, though, we're on our own on this one."

Felicity shrugs. "I suppose Ellen might send someone to track me down again, but now that school is officially out, I'm not sure she will. And last word from CalTech was as long as I don't like, get arrested, I'm in. But... yeah, hopefully having an adult who's seen what's happening will help." She leans her head against Cash's leg, since he's not actually in the water.

Hector says, “I have faith in Morrison's ability to get more adults onside, but we can' rely on them being willing to... move outside the law. I think the time for trying to move thrugh channels is past.”

"We are on our own. We have a few adult allies but but not enough. And not enough time to convince more. But...I don't know what to do." Cash says. He looks down at Felicity and strokes her hair. His eyes looks watery. "I was thinking of going to the hotel and uh, parley. Try to make a trade under less stressful circumstances. But I've only had one drink and I never regretted it until right now. So, I know there's no use in going. My point is, it's like...we wait until the full moon and give them what they want and then what?" He frowns deeply.

"We set a trap," Jade murmurs between sips of margarita. When he finishes his own, he takes Felicity's untouched glass. "I don't know how we're going to do it, but we make her think she's won. We could contact Bubba, but he might just want our people killed because they know too much. You don't see a lot of people walking around with proof of vampires."

Felicity startles as Cash talks about going to the motel and she lifts her head to stare up at him. "No. No, you do not get to give them another hostage. Which is precisely what that would be doing. Absolutely not." Then she nods to Jade. "Traps are a good idea, yes. We can work on ways to trap them. There are probably things to be done with remote=ignition firepits or something."

Hector's tone is grim and determined, "We definately don't give fran what she wants. Traps are good. If we can find and kill swindon then everyone's free. That's another option. So's a raid if we get desperate enough. I'd rather die fighting than sacrifice Silver or Spear without a fight."

Cash spits. He just turns his head to the side and spits. "Hector, you will not die fighting. No one will." He's mad. "I know what baits them. Telling people. Exposing them. I can do that again but it paints targets on those around me. Unless..." He thinks. "Unless it looks like I have nothing to lose, yeah? Like...fuck, this is outside my expertise. If I could make them think I'm alone, I could draw them to me faster. Since I've been warned once. It's bad. Nevermind." He looks at Felicity. "I don't mind being a hostage if I can be close to Ashley."

Jade eyes Cash oddly. He spits onto the pool's deck, so someone's going to have to clean that up. "The problem with that idea, Cash, is they've got hostages. Hostages they can kill if we provoke them. We need to mobilize the Lesters. They can literally pack a punch. We plan a trap. I think if we kill Fran, the others will disperse. So we set a trap, and when we get her where we want her, we hit her with everything we can."

Felicity's gaze flicks to Hector and then back to Cash. "You don't want Hector dying, but you think we're going to be okay with you being a hostage? How would you feel if I said 'Oh, hey, I'll go offer myself up to them'?" She seems on the verge of saying something else and then shakes her head and takes a deep breath before nodding at Jade. "Yeah. That... is something like a plan, yes. Is it wrong that I'm kind of wondering if we can do something with fishing line? Like I don't know that it would stop them, but it would seem like it would make the flying harder."

Hector growls, "We aren't trading you, Cash." He nods agreement with Jade, "We mobilize the Lesters. I think they will all come out and fight for Amy, now Ashley's taken. Until the hedge maze the best we were going to get was defense of their own, but now Morrison's seen, now Amy's girlfriend's taken, my bet is they are like a stirred up hornet's nest. I know I want to sting." He eyes Felicity, herbrasts entirely forgotten, "That's... interesting. Maybe metal wire that cuts dipped in holy water in case that works?"

"I said it bad. I'm not doing anything but...helping people feel better. Stronger, hopefully. We have to shed our shock, anger, misery and be tough. I'm not tough so...I will make other tough. The Lesters are the best we got. So...work on that." Cash says quietly, to his knees.

Jade takes a healthy swallow of the margarita. "We don't have the luxury of acting on our anger or desperation. We need to be smart. We put the Lesters in place to throw punches, we get holy water, stakes, things we can conceal, so if she gets through the Lesters, there are other lines of defense. Fishing line to tangle them up might not be a bad idea if we can figure out how to deploy it. We'll have to work around the call of the full moon, for those affected. Though once Fran is dead, it won't matter, so let them go to her. She's going to die."

Felicity still eyes Cash for a moment, then reaches over and takes one of his hands, if he lets her. "You being in her clutches will make me frantic, not stronger. Okay?" Then she nods to Hector and Jade. "Metal might work, but is easier to see and we'd have to decide which kind. It's also more brittle. If we can string it above head-height where we'd expect them to be flying... if we have an idea, I can work out an optimal coverage pattern. We could probably also set it up to sound alarms, though those could be set off by birds or a strong wind. But... it might tangle them up or limit their movement or, if we're really lucky, injure them. If nothing else, it would make it more difficult for them to retreat into the sky where we can't follow easily."

Hector says, “We have those. Weapons, I mean. Stakes and the like. Cash's good with his hands and I've been stealing from the baptismal font." He nods firmly, "Fran needs to die." He tells Cash, "No one is expendable. That means you." he gazes at Felicity with admiration, "Let us know what you need.”

"Sometimes..." Cash says, taking Felicity's hand. "I forget people care about me. But, uh, I can build, wire, uh...UV lights. I wonder..." He shakes his head. "Put that aside. We'll take another day or two to cope and get a grip. Then, we go on the offense."

"We need to take this to people," Jade says. "We'll need cooperation, and while none of us want to suffer any losses, anyone who shows up needs to know we're going all in, which means assuming a measure of personal risk. Me? I'm willing to put it on the line. That bitch wants my sister, my cousins, and she's got my boyfriend. I'll put it on the line to see her go down."

Felicity squeezes Cash's hand. "Well, we do care about you." And her head goes back on his leg. "Oh, I am very much all in. I just want us to be smart about it, but yeah, we'll need to talk to other people." She takes a slightly uneven breath. "Ashley keeps saying I'm her sister, now, or as good as. So... yeah. Fran needs to die."

Hector touches Cash just above the wrist band, "We care about you, Cashew. You have a husband and a... what do we call Felicity now? Two people you are planing to spend the rest of your life with. You are NOT allowed to martyr yourself." He meets Jade's eyes, "I'm all in. Spear's too fucking important to me not to be. And Ashley has been amazing since she realised I wasn't getting her brother coked up. I'm all for smart. I'm definatel all for organizing nd getting allies lined up. I'll go see Silver tomorrow and see how soon I can get in touch with the Lesters."

"Girlfriend. For now." Cash replies. "She's on the Promise level. So husband and girlfriend, with option to upgrade." He winks at Felicity. "Jade's right. We act smart. We have time to plan and focus. We just need to mobilize and organize." He looks to Jade, briefly. "I might...be kinda good at helping people when I'm just...honest and open and loving. Which is who I am, I think, under the...dickweed surface. So, I think, I might be able to help with uh, emotional stabilization."

Jade glances around at them being all lovey, and he pours himself a third margarita. "We'll worry about kissing people's emotional owies after that bitch is dead. We need to convene another meeting, and maybe others have a better idea than this one, but we'll present it, see what they say." Then he takes a long drink.

Felicity smiles apologetically at Jade. "Okay. Hector will check with Silver tomorrow. I'll do more microfische searching and start working on coverage options for the area around the house and other likely ambush spots when I can't take looking through old articles anymore. We'll try to get everyone else together to plan and see if Theodore and Morrison can be included in that and any other grownups anyone's managed to convince."

Hector he gazes up at Cash, "That's who I always saw you as, Cashew." He sips his own drink, "I agree. You hosting it? Or should we plan for somewhere else? Jesus Fuck, is a relief not to have to dance around the unbelievable bits with Morrison any more."

"Jade." Cash says, quietly. "If we are all wrapped up in pain, anger, sadness...we will act rash. We need everyone even-keeled as possible. I-I-I'm very familiar with being overwhelmed by emotions. I act poorly. So, it's....it's something I /can/ do. Ease others to think clearly. I know I've been unpleasant for a long while but..it's as important as research, building, and planning to me."

"Trust-building takes time," Jade says. "If people are receptive, cool. Just don't force it, okay? I just... I need to see that bitch die. Whatever it takes." He looks around his pool deck. "They wouldn't even come here. Plus, there are too many places to enter and exit. We may need to find a place more concentrated. For the showdown. For the meeting? Sure, we can have the home theater again."

Felicity nods. "Okay. Meeting here. One of the things we should think about is where would be a good spot for the showdown. Try to come up with some ideas that will work." Slowly she starts to actually relax a little.

Hector nods, "For the meeting, I meant. We'll need to think harder about the Trap." He closes his eyes and has another sip. "I want her dead so bad I can taste it."

"I'm paying better attention to people's reaction to me. I don't expect trust. I /hope/ that when I open up my heart with honesty, it will help them in some, small way to open theirs, release what need to go and keep what'll help them fight, think, plan." Cash states, in a bit of a monotone. "I know what baited them before. Which was my big mouth. I can do that again, easy. They will come for me madder than before and possibly, off their game. Say the word and I will open the radio waves one more time to tell the entire town about the blood sucking menace."

Jade's response is to just finish his margarita, then he refills the glass from the pitcher. Then he starts drinking again. Maybe he's going for a record.

Felicity considers Jade, considers the remaining amount of margarita in the pitcher. "Hey, Hector, maybe I will have a margarita after all. Could you get me one?" She's staying against Cash's leg, though. "Okay, Cash, I'll definitely look at your house as a possible trap or ambush site and how we could best set up there."

Hector's eyes go wide as he realises what Cash is about to do, but he doesn't protest. Amy had to do what amy had to do at the hedge maze; Cash very likely has to do this." He's still on that first drink, going slow. He sets it aside and kicks across to Jade, catching his marguerita hand gently. He meets his eyes, "Jade, we need your brain and your sense. You'll be no good to him if you're incoherent or... Don't hurt yourself in your grief, okay? And Felicity here wants a drink."

"I'm going to go inside. I'm going to change and go for a drive. Always cleans my head. Booze and hot tubs make babies. Be careful." He smiles a little before standing up and simply walking off. As he does.

Jade blinks a few times when Hector stays his margarita hand. He looks at him, glassy-eyed. "I think I need to go lay down," he says quietly. He lets Hector take the margarita, if he wants to, and he pulls himself out of the hot tub, not entirely steady on his feet. "I'm just going to go to my room."

Felicity sits up and stares at Cash. "I... Cash. Honey. I love you. I know you didn't mean to. But you just implied that I am really stupid. And willing to break current agreements. And..."

Hector rolls his eyes, "We are NOT making babies. Not for a good long time." He retains the Marguerita, "That sounds like a good idea. Why don't i walk you there." He is seeing the wobble and thinking of all the things likely stashed up in Jade's room that might combine badly with all that booze. " That way you can be sure nothing untoward is happening in your absense."

Cash pauses, blinks. "I did? No. Uh..." Cash is scrambling from the look of him. "Darling, I didn't mean to. I...I was barely paying attention. All I can think of is this and you are the smartest person in the state and I am clearly the stupidest. I love you. And I apologize." And then he leaves, before he can say something else awful.

Jade nods to Hector and says, "Okay." There very likely is an array of things in Jade's room that don't mix well with alcohol. He leans on Hector, even letting him lead the way. He is doing better than he was before, but he's still struggling. Baby steps.

Felicity watches Cash go and sighs, then says to Jade. "Rest well. I'll..." She looks around and sighs. "I'm not sure. Something. See you both later."

Hector blows Felicity a kiss. "I'll catch up with you, Love." He escorts Jade much as a gentleman escorts a lady, a strong arm to lean on, dancer's postures, and a real solicitude to his comfort. Of course, from behind he's basically wearing dental floss and from the front... Plum smuggler is not a dignified look. Still, he is very correct. He insists on making sure there is big tumbler of water by Jade's bed and that he's lying on his side for safety with a waste basket to hand. If not prevented, he will sing him to sleep.

Jade strips, once he's in his room, and he crawls into bed. He closes his eyes, and Hector doesn't have to sing long. Jade's out like a light, at least for a few hours.

Hector tucks him in and pads off in search of his redheads.