Log:Blaspemous Rumors

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Blaspemous Rumors
Characters  •   Hector de la Huerta  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Nancy Thistle  •
Location  •  The Workshop
Date  •  2019-08-28
Summary  •  Hector and Silver go to see Aunt Nancy at work.

After school, Silver and Hector go down to the station to see their Aunt Nancy - Chief of Police Nancy Thistle. It's not a huge station because it's not a big town. She's in uniform, behind her desk when the teens are sent in to see her.

"Hello," she greets with a genuine smile. "I don't have terribly long, but what can I do for you?"

Silver gives Hector's hand an encouraging squeeze before they enter the office itself. "Just the facts," She tells him, putting on a lopsided smile. Then she walks in and that smile is more firmly in place. She -does- like her aunt and enjoys time with her, even if it is about...unpleasant things. From her bag she is pulling a small tupperware which she places on her desk. Chocolate chip cookie brownies from the looks of it.

"Well...I was wondering if you talking to those Painkiller people? Cause...uh...they kinda came to the cemetary and threatened Cash and Hector the other evening..." Silver just kind of lays it out, glancing at Hector and giving him an encouraging nod. Nancy did say she was short on time.

Dare gives Silver a measured look, then says in a flat, matter of fact voice, "They hunted us through the tombstones. I barely dodged the chain one of them flicked at my face. They almost took cash's head off with the wheel of a bike. Fran said if I didn't keep my mouth shut, they would kill everyone I care about. If you tell them I told you then I'm dead."

Nancy sighs and frowns, rubbing her face. She's quiet a moment as she collects her thoughts before speaking.

"Okay. I need to walk you through something step by step, here. Topock is over thirty minutes from town. Add another five to get to the cemetary. I've had an unmarked unit on The Painkillers for about a week now, even though they live outside my jurisdiction. This is not the first time I'm hearing about this incident at the cemetary, by the way. On that night, the entire MC went to a biker bar outside Bullhead, so add another forty-five minutes, bringing us to eighty. That's an hour and twenty minutes one-way, okay? Are we all on the same page so far?"

Silver glances at Hector with a little worry as Nancy begins to talk about distances and time. She looks back at her aunt and there is a frown forming there. "Math doesn't add up?" She takes a stab at it, lips pursing, before she turns to look at Hector worriedly again.

Dare sighs and his shoulders slump. He tells Silver, "They've won. I don't know how they did it, but that's it for me. I'll stay away from the Funeral home. I'll call if I need anything and we'll meet somewhere neutral. You and Spear and the rest need to stay safe."

Nancy spreads her hands at Silver's guess. "There was fifteen minutes, maybe twenty, where they are unaccounted for that night. They would have had to travel two hours and forty minutes round trip in twenty, tops. Now, did you see them, Silver?"

Silver's shoulders slump a little too and she looks down and shakes her head. "No, but-" She pauses as if she was going to add something, glances at Hectorm, then back. "They all came barelling in -my- window terrified out of their mind." She sighs and bites her lower lip worriedly. "Should we, like, just get a restraining order or something? Just in case? Or...I dunno...I'm just worried Aunty N. I just got a brother and I don't wanna lose him, you know? Even if he is a pain sometimes." She shoots Hector a glance, a twitch of a smile.

Hector touches Silver's shoulder and looks at her with eyes infinately sad, "Let it go, Sil." He gives them both a sad little smile, "The more fuss we make the more likely it is that people will get hurt. I have siblings for the first time in my life. I don't want any of them harmed because of who I love."

Nancy gets up and moves to close the door very quietly. Then she turns and addresses them with 'Aunt Nancy' face on.

"Look. I believe that you believe you saw what you say you saw. I do. But let's be bluntly real here: You, Silver, have now drank whatever Fran has given you twice, yes? The second time after you came to me about the first time. Cash... Well, Cash Freeland has run away from home once, has been known to drink and likely do drugs. Jade Marchant has party drugs - it's not a secret. What I have is a group of teenagers calling in and making anonymous 'tips' about murder, and drinking unknown things they admit they've drank that they shouldn't have, and some of them are far from reliable, have a history of questionable behavior, and drink and do casual drugs. As your Aunt, I'm telling you - you guys are starting to sound hysterical. Like maybe you need evaluation. An intervention. I haven't told your parents out of respect for you as legal adults, but I may have to if this continues. Whatever you guys took, you need to stop."

Silver begins to cringe and shrink back as the lecture comes on. There is guilt on her face and her eyes drop to the ground. It looks like she might say something several times, but she thinks better of it. Biting her lower lip and nodding her head. "I...hear you. Though Hector didn't drink anything. Just me...and James. I don't want to drink it again, I really don't. It's...unpleasant and I don't like it," She cringes again as she just blatantly lies. Oh how she likes it. Well, that last time wasn't so swell...A shudder runs down her spine and she looks up at her. "But...what do we do if they -do- show up? I mean...I haven't called in annonymous any of those times. I just called you straight up. None of this anonymous stuff." Here she pauses and licks her lips. "Thanks for taking the time to see us." She shifts, beginning to turn to go. Reaching out to squeeze Hector's shoulder as she does.

Hector nods, "I was sober. I wasn't on drugs. I didn't drink what Fran was offering. But you don't really know me, and I understand why you don't believe me. I will keep my head down and focus on school, until it is over for the year. You won't hear from me about this again." He gives Silver another small smile at the squeeze.

Nancy frowns. "If something is happening, get to safety and call," she says to Silver. "But be sure you saw it and didn't hear about it, and be ready to pass a tox screen. That's not a threat. It's just honest reality."

To Hector, she shakes her head slightly with a sad smile. "I want to trust you, Hector, but put yourself in my position. Cash has a reputation. These are pretty wild and extreme things being alleged. You're with Cash. It makes everything you say suspect. It might not be fair, but you're new, as you say, and there's history here that you're coming into."

She opens the door for them to let them out. "Stay away from them. I can't help you when you drive out to Topock to see her, Silver. You're tying my hands."

Silver looks rather frustrated and nods. "I...well...I didn't drive there. I got in the limo with everyone else. We didn't know where we were going till we got there...I know. Weird, but that's what it was," She says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I'll be safe. That said...any chance I can get a pistol from your personal stash?" She puts on a hopeful, somewhat whincing, smile.

Hector looks Aunt Nancy in the eye, "I do see it from your perspective. I understand completely why you are suspicious of my account. I am aware of how little of the history I know." He looks sharply at Silver, "You're doing what?" He winces when Silver asks for a gun, but he keeps his lips closed and his polite young man expression on.

Nancy blinks at Silver. "...I'm going to pretend you never asked me that," she says. "You have not remotely shown the kind of maturity and judgment for me to feel comfortable with that, Silver. Go home."

Silver puts up her hands and turns around, "All right! All right! I figured you'd say that, but had to ask. I'm going. I'm going," And she makes ushering motions and big eyes at Hector to shoo him ahead of her.

Dare is perfectly happy to go ahead of her, passing between the wiomen so he can mouth "We'll talk," at his sister. "Thank you for making time, Aunt Nancy."