Log:Black Pudding and Random Thoughts

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Black Pudding and Random Thoughts
Characters  •   The Beast  •  The Loner  •
Location  •  The Facility - Dining Room
Date  •  2019-05-27
Summary  •  Beast and Loner try and re-acclimate after returning from the very inhuman psyches of the Carnival. Both are adjusting a little differently.

Loner.. as is Loner's habit.. has been ghosting around the facility since getting back. He's been in one of his moods where he doesn't want to be around people, and he's good at avoiding them when he wishes, too. At least until he comes out of his hole, usually driven to the dining room by some weird craving or plan. This time, it's meat. Lots and lots of meat. Plates of it. All kinds. They're just spread out on the table in front of him, an amber beer sitting not far off as he picks at the various samplings for whatever reason. He's also dressed in his usual facility garb of pajama pants and a cable-knit sweater, this one very weirdly has a hood that he's pulled up over his head.

The Beast had been slow surfacing after the latest round, finding the entire experience weirdly disconnected and unsettling, especially not having his own face, the one he'd gotten used to. But eventually he had come out, met up with Deviant, and helped the man get a little bit acclimated. He'd of course, gone looking for Loner, slipping in to spend some quiet time with him, and then withdrawing if it seemed he wanted to be alone. He makes his way through the dining room to the dispensary, and comes out with a mug of hot tea. He wanders over to Loner's table and drops a hand lightly to his shoulder, letting it rest there for just a moment, silently, before withdrawing it.

The Loner's hand comes up slowly to rest on Beast's. Just a silent little confirmation that he doesn't mind the company at the moment. Though if he did, he'd be holed up in his room most likely. It's become a cozier space since Julian has joined his brain-gang anyway. "I'm trying to figure out what I like here. See if it's the same stuff I like there." He mutters as he cuts off a piece of steak and pops it in his mouth, twiling the fork for a moment afterwards.

With that silent aknowledgment, Beast settles into the seat next to Loner, rather than across from him, where he can look out over the festival of meats on display. He lifts his mug of tea and takes a sip from it. "And what's the verdict?" he asks. His own room is the same boring hotel room that it always is, nothing particularly homey about it. He doesn't spend a lot of time there, though, if he has the option to be elsewhere.

"Ostrich isn't awful, alligator might as well be stringy chicken, and I just like steak. Who the fuck doesn't like steak?" Loner is quiet for a moment, then answers. "And don't say vegans, their opinion dinnae count." He picks up a plate of black pudding and sets it next to Beast. "I like this shit too. But of course I would. But I don't know if I'm even rightly Scottish, or really been to Scotland." He wrinkles his nose, obviously in a chatty mood at the moment, or just wanting to bitch. "I mean, being something not human is one thing, I've done that one before. But not being... me."

"Vegetarians," Beast supplies, when Loner says not to say Vegans, just the hint of a smile hidden behind his mug of tea before he takes a sip, the answer offered almost deadpan. "You sound rightly Scottish, as much as I sound British. So until evidence is provided to the contrary, I'm going to believe you're actually Scottish." He reaches over and takes a bit of the black pudding and puts it in his mouth, nodding after a moment or two. "Iron-y" not like irony, but tasting of iron. "It was.. a very distinctly uncomfortable sensation to come back from. To be.. not me.. while looking at.. me." Since Lee Mueller was wearing his face.

"Vegetarians are wishy-washy vegans. Dinnae count." Loner pushes aside the plate and picks up another one to bring close to him that also looks like steak. He takes a bite of that one as he nods slowly. "Right, then there was fucking James, which now that I think about it.. I really need to be more careful with hat hair. Also weird to see my body walking around without me." He motions at the pudding with his fork. "I know you Brits eat that at breakfast, too. You like it, dinnae pretend otherwise." He takes another bite of the steak in front of him and shakes his head. "This tastes like steak, what the fuck is the point of bison then?!"

"I didn't say I didn't like it. I'm just saying that's what it tastes like," Beast says with a little bit of a chuckle. "Though I can't recall whether I've ever had it for breakfast or not." He reaches up lightly and tugs at Loner's hood. "Or hood hair," he says before getting up to go and get himself a fork and a knife. "Unless you plan on eating all of this.. I'm trying a bite or two." He reaches over then and slices off a little bit of the ostrich to try it. He looks thoughtful and then nods. "Not bad."

Loner tugs his hood back froward with a grumble. "Ostrich tastes less like chicken than alligator does and I'm not sure how that works." HE's not objecting to the stealing of the food stuffs, instead he moves a few already sampled plates over towards Beast, finishing off with one with a weird mealy mush on it. "Haggis?" He shrugs. "Had to try it again. Still shit."

The Beast smiles just a little bit at the grumble, but then he says, "Alligator doesn't exactly taste like chicken either, but it has somewhat of a similar consistency." He takes one look at the haggis and shakes his head, "No, thank you. It even looks unappetizing." He then pokes around and finds the bison and takes a bite from that as well. "I can't really tell the difference. I'd eat either one in a burger."

"Less fat.. supposedly." Loner says as he motions to the bison. "So add some bacon to that burger. Not that burgers souldn't always have bacon." He looks over towards Beast as he lowers his fork to the table. "Think we'll be friends next time? Or are we only gonna be around each other every few times? I'd almost think the fuckers running this place are just screwing with us."

"Do we have any bacon?" Beast asks as he scans the plates. But the quest for bacon is short-lived. He sets his own fork down at that question, and reaches over to rest his hand on Loner's knee. "If it were up to me, we'd be together every time." He shakes his head, "I don't know. I just want to be.. us.. and human inside... not.." a bird that felt removed from everything but the storms. He says, "I wouldn't be surprisd if they were."

The Loner reaches out for one of the plates and sets it down in front of Beast. "Pork belly, same shit, uncured. I'm sure I like bacon, dinnae include it in the test." He shrugs and picks up his fork but stops as Beast places his hand on his knee. "I know I.. want to be with you. But I.. Andrew.. I don't feel comfortable in that skin. He has too many problems, he's a selfish prick. Being others has pulled me away from him. Julian would work, but I dinnae want to be protected all the damn time. I hate feeling weak and useless. I know you were trying to keep me safe, but I could have strangled you for it."

"You know that you don't have to be any single one of them," Beast tells him, ignoring the pork belly for now, his attention focused on Loner. "You can be the parts of all of them that you want to be. And.. I'm sorry, about Julian. I don't need to protect you all the time. You realize that I didn't go anywhere on my own either. We were all trying to stay with someone else. It was as much for me as it was for you. I am sorry, though. I never meant to make you feel useless."

"You dinnae make me feel useless, I made me feel useless. He was useless. Having to be coddled just made it really fucking clear." Loner taps his fork on a plate. "And it wasn't just the.. being with someone. I had to be protected, and every time I tried to do something someone fucking died for it." He narrows his eyes slightly then shakes his head. "I guess there's no point in bitching about it. Callum could handle shit on his own and I still got stabbed through the fucking head."

"So could Aaron, and so did I," Beast points out with the faintest of ticks to his lips, at least able to find some small humor in that. But he doesn't refute the rest. What happened in Slasher had been horrible on Julian, and it's clear that he wishes he had some way of making that better, but he doesn't. "It was a shit situation, and things just went.. really wrong, over and over again." He settles with both hands wrapped around his mug.

"Aaron wasn't a super robot from the future, now was he? Wee difference." Loner smirks slightly as he reaches forward and nabs a pork rib off of another plate. "God, if I end up in another cabin in the bloody fucking woods with everyone ramped up on teenage hormones, I'm gunna snap and kill everyone the fuck myself." He tilts his head to the side. "Course, we went at it which I really enjoyed." He pauses. "Really, really enjoyed."

"True enough," Beast agrees as he rests his elbows on the table in front of him, looking down into his mug of tea, listening to Loner rant a bit about the whole cabin in the woods scenario, both brows creeping upward just a little bit, his mouth opening as though to say something and then closes it again, until Loner adds on that last bit and he glances over. "I was going to say, there were some parts of that entire scenario that I enjoyed, actually."

"The only parts. I'm never drinking fucking gin again." Loner shudders almost dramatically. "I can still taste it sometimes." He sighs and flips the rib over in his hands, nibbling away at it idly. "Well, we see what the next round brings us. If there is a next round. For all we know this is a damned intermission and we're going back to.." He shuts his mouth and shakes his head, refusing that thought.

"Gin was definitely a mistake," Beast agrees with a grimace, falling quiet and getting lost in his own thoughts, the mug of tea turning in his hands. "I don't want to think about that. I don't want to go back to that mind, that experience." He takes another sip from his tea then, and sets the mug down, pushing it away a bit. "For now, I'm going to try and make the most of what time we have here, now."

"Julian fucking liked it. Still drank it after he got back home." Loner shudders again. He looks over to Beast with a faint grimace and a long sigh. "Sorry, you know me, bloody mouth doesn't know how to stop." He rubs at the back of his neck. "I'm just glad we both came back to our old faces." HE reaches out and places his hand on Beast's cheek for just a moment, getting a litle bit of barbeque sauce on it. He notices to late and just sort of.. pretends he doesn't see it.

The Beast shakes his head slightly and doesn't seem to mind the talk of Julian's return home at all. "So am I," he admits. "I don't like not being.. me." The me that he has come to accept and identify as himself. He leans into the hand that touches his cheek, and then seems to notice the slight stickiness and his expression shifts, an actual grin breaking out onto his features. "Did you just smear sauce on me?"

"No." Loner shakes his head. "Less of a smear, more of an.. artistic rendering.." He picks up another rib and nibbles it, brows going up as he does his best to look innocent. And with the babyface he always has in the facility, it's not a hard look for him to acheive.

"Mhmn," Beast says with a chuckle and takes a rib, putting it in his plate, and then runs a finger through the sauce and artistically renders a line with it along that baby faced jaw, looking smugly satisfied. "Wouldn't want you to miss out on the art."

"Yes.. all art it open to interpretation." Loner states it soberly as he gets a smear of sauce across his jaw, not that he doesn't immediately pick up his napkin to wipe it off, along with his hands. His attention shifts to his beer, which he picks up for a sip, seemingly done with meat fest for now. "The facility seems quiet this time around.."

The Beast shakes his head and then chuckles when Loner immediately wipes it off. He finds a napkin himself to clean up hs own face, before he settles into making his way through the rib on his plate. He's a little behind in the meat consumption, and so he has a few more bites, not having realized that he was hungry. Glancing around he nods and asks, "Do you remember Shea?"

"Vaguely. All.. fate and shit." Loner looks around then squints at Beast. "He's here, isn't he? Oh that has to be fun. Sorry, you're not really a god, just some dude that got to play one on TV. Anyway.. welcome to fuck my life central." He shakes his head, burying his face in his beer after the rant.

"Yeah, he was.. seriously confused, and naked. Well, in a sheet. His room has some kind of hidden room behind the front room, and at first he couldn't find it, or his clothes, or anything else in it," Beast says with a slight shake of his head. "Managed to help him figure it out, though. But yeah, he's here." He nods, "I'm starting to get used to playing welcoming committee. It's.. a bit strange."

The Loner arches a brow then shakes his head. "Right.. hidden rooms. And Lucas has a fucking survival bunker. Mine, well.." He looks over at Beast. "We really need to figure out how to get you a better flat. It's just kinda sad, no offense." He drains the last of his beer and gets to his feet. "Need anything from the dispensary? Getting myself a refill."

"Yours is actually comfortable," Beast says and then shrugs his shoulders. "Mine is alright. It's just a place that I sleep and read, really." When he isn't out in the lounge reading. "We have the cottage for when I want to go somewhere that feels like home. Though.." he trails off a bit. "If that bothers you.. since it was Andrew's.." He shakes his head, not needing anything from the dispensary. "I'm just going to finish my tea."

"Of course mine is comfortalbe, I'm a fucking hermit. I'd go bloody mad if I didn't like being in there. And no, you can use the cottage all you want. We both have the memory, so it's fair for us both to use." Loner's rant follows him into the dispensery where he can be heard shouting, "Just give me a good fucking beer you stupid bloody machine." As well as the sound of something being smacked.

The Beast nods his head silently when Loner says that he can still use the cottage, and then watches him as he goes off into the dispensary to gently coax a good beer out of it. His gaze returns to his mug in silent contemplation. He finishes off the remainder of his tea, and then he gathers the plates together. It'll all be cleaned up and vanish, but it's his habit, to tidy, clean things up, put them in some kind of order.

Loner on the other hand. "What're you doing that for? They'll just vanish in a few hours anyway." He's got his beer in hand as he returns to his seat. "I haven't done my make a huge fucking mess experiment in a while, but I'm pretty sure that one is always going to fail. Feels good to break some shit though."

The Beast shrugs his shoulders, "Habit," realizing what he was doing kind of on auto-pilot when Loner points it out. He stops, then, leaving things halfway put together. Then he gestures to the pile and says, "Well, you can throw it around if you want to give it another go." He doesn't sit, though, instead sliding his hands into his pockets and leaning against the wall nearby. "I think I may go for a walk. Feeling.. restless."

The Loner looks at the pile of plates and shakes his head. "Not in the mood." He turns his attention to Beast and gives a slow, faint nod. "Hiking around in the anywhere rooms?" His eyes drifts in that direction with a nod. "Seems like a plan to me, I think I'm going to take a nap after all that food."

"I was thinking about it," Beast says as he studies Loner, "Somewhere with trees, and fresh air, for a little while." He glances in the direction of the hallway briefly and then looks back to Loner when he mentions taking a nap. "Okay," he says, and then pulls away from the wall, turning to wander back out of the dining hall, drifting once more into his own thoughts.