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Better Man
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •  Theodore Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Landon and Lucas' Room
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-06
Summary  •  Jade finds his way into the room assigned to the twins. They discuss relationships, arguments and what it means to be a Marchant.

There is a flamboyant queen living in this house who goes where he wants, does what he wants, and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about it.

And then there's Jade.

Jade's cat, Meezer, is a lanky, wedge-faced Siamese with slightly crossed blue eyes. He pads up to the doorway, surveys the room, then saunters into the middle of the floor, sits, and lets out a low, throaty, loud meow.

"Meezee, where are you?" Jade calls.

The cat meows again, piercingly loud. Then he washes his paw.

Jade's footsteps can be heard approaching. "What are you doing in here?" he says with a laugh.

The Lester-Marchant twins don't live at the Marchant family mansion full time. Or at least, they never did in the past. They'd show up now and then, mostly through the summer, but as Spring Break is coming up, Uncle Robert had summoned them once more. Perhaps, now that they were becoming adults, he had more work for them to do rather than simply molding them into how he sees fit.

Nevertheless, Landon is milling around in the comfort of the room that he shares with Lucas, dressed in a gray buttoned down long sleeved shirt with a black waistcoat thrown over it and a pair of black slacks. He's wearing a tie, but it's been loosened. He's seated at his desk with a pen in hand and several sheets of paper, some of them written on, spread out over it.

The sound of Jade's voice, at first, gets a mere flicker of attention as he hears it trailing down the hall, but he has an article to write. He doesn't notice Meezer when the kitty enters, too focused on his work, but once Jade's voice and his mere presence gets closer, it makes him swerve in his seat to actually catch sight of the little guy, his pen idly spinning between his fingers. "Hey there." He says to the cat, before those dark eyes lift up to view Jade on entrance, when he enters the room to investigate, "Hey to you too."

Jade is dressed in tapered black jeans and a button-down that's black in the back and blockish, bright colors in the front. His hair is done up so there's lift. Lots of lift. "Meezer," he says to the cat. The cat meows again and pads up to Jade, twining around his legs.

Jade sweeps the cat up in his arms and ambles into the room as Landon greets him. "Hey. What's up?" He looks around. "Don't you two have your own rooms? Or do you like sharing?" There's sympathy in his tone at the last bit. "I used to share with my sisters, but."

Swerving his chair once more, his eyes on his writing, Landon looks to be contemplating on whether he wants to continue with this or not. With company, however, and the presence of a cat, he opts to take a little break. The pen is set down and he finally rises to stand and stretch his legs a bit. "Meezer?" There's some curiosity in his eyes. "What's it stand for?" It's just small-talk for now as he goes up to follow where the cat pads off to, which is towards Jade. Here, Landon crouches down to give it a pet. "Beth doesn't care for pets." He calls his mother by her first name. "So I'll indulge whenever I get the chance to."

His shoulders then lift to a shrug as he looks around the pretty size-able room. "We're used to it, so we don't mind." He then laughs a little, "I mean, if there's an option, we'd probably," He has to think on this for a moment, "Hell, we might still be sharing the same room even if given the choice." In fact, the boys seems to share the same wardrobe even if their sense of style differs as in the way their wear their clothing.

"I couldn't imagine sharing a room with sisters." A pause, "I figure that's what the nursery was for right?"

The Siamese purrs, happy to receive attention. "Oh, it's just a nickname for Siamese," Jade says. "They're called meezers. His name on his papers is Prince Mirage, but I like Meezer better." The cat bunts his chin and purrs incessantly, wanting more attention. They say pets come to resemble their owners.

"We hang out all the time anyway," Jade says. "So I don't see what the big deal is sleeping in the same room. I like having my own suite, though. It's got a good view of the pool. Meezer likes it." He pauses, then asks, "How are you two settling in?"

Scritching between the Siamese's ear, Landon smiles in amusement at the feline. "Prince Mirage isn't a bad name either. Surprised you didn't go with Prince or just Mirage. Meezer's cool too." His fingertips move to brush up just beneath the kitty's chin, giving it a scritch there as well.

Looking up at Jade now, "One day, I'm sure we'll be getting our own places." That could mean either in the mansion or their houses or apartments, he doesn't clarify. "We're mostly unpacked. We might be here for the long haul, but we're discussing that with Uncle Robert for now."

It's not like they don't run into each other at school even when the twins aren't living here, so there's not too much catching up to do, since they both would know the same current events and the like. "Just finishing writing up an article about the upcoming Spring Break. There's a lot of buzz about it right now."

Meezer squints with pleasure as he's scritched. Yes, pay all the attention to the Siamese. Jade just grins as he watches Meezer soaking it all up. "Don't you work with Spear Thistle on the paper?" he says. "He's pretty nice once you get to know him. He's a little weird, but in a good way."

With a glance to the paper, he adds, "You should put something in there about the party. I don't know the theme yet, but me and the girls are going to do something. Total blowout. It'll have to be on a night Mom and Dad are gone. You and Lucas should come."

Animals have that effect on people, especially cute animals. So Meezer receives a lot of attention, nevermind the fact that Siamese cats look wise and shrewd, just the way Landon likes his company. "Yeah, I know Spear." He says, giving the cat one last scritch before rising to stand. "He does good work and draws attention to, well, the oddities in the world." There's a furrow of his brow here.

"A party, huh?" Well, Lucas and Landon kinda live here for the time being, so whether they were invited or not, they probably would be around! "Once you get all the information, I'll send it to print." Though there's a quirk of a brow at the mention of Jade's parents needing to be gone. A wry smile follows, "Yeah, understandable." He then asks, "What kind of party are we talking about here?"

The cat twines around Landon's legs, back arching and tail quivering. Meezer is a happy kitty. He then lets out a loud, piercing meow at Jade, who pats his chest and says, "Come on." The cat crouches, backside wiggling. He takes a moment to get lined up, and then he launches himself at Jade, climbing onto his chest and into his arms. It's an impressive jump. Jace holds the cat and scritches his ears.

"I mean, it's probably going to be bonkers," Jade says. "I heard a rumor it might be a masquerade, and it's going to get wild. I don't do parties that don't get wild. Let me talk to Mona and Thea, and we'll get back to you." He considers Landon, one brow arching. "We'll have to put some color in your wardrobe."

"Party?" Well, it's not one of the Marchant parents walking the hallway that overhears, but perhaps not a far step down. That smooth voice belonging to Theodore tinged with only a hint of curiosity as he steps up to the bedroom door. He's dressed as he usually is when relaxing at home, which is to say still dressed better than most people would show up to the office. Slacks and vest in black paired with a button up shirt in deep crimson. No tie or jacket though. It's relaxing time. He leans against the door frame, arms crossed over his chest as his eyes slide slowly back and forth between Landon and Jade. He still isn't speaking more than that one word question, but it's clear he's waiting for an answer.

Landon now has cat hair on his nice dark pants. That's a thing. He watches the cat acrobatics, looking somewhat impressed, before he starts on his back to his desk to take a seat again. Maybe even get back to his work. Either way, he's jotting down a note: Marchant Party. Masquerade. Wear Costumes.

"A Masquerade? That's interesting." Swiveling back and forth in his chair, he looks over to the walk-in closet that he shares with his brother, "We have color enough, thank you. But I'll definitely consider costumes." He gets to finish just as Theodore shows up. "Hey, Theodore." Since he's not the one with all the info, he'll let Jade field this one!

Jade glances at Theodore and his expression goes bland. The cat regards Theodore as well. In all honestly, the cat is probably derping like cats do, but he has a naturally judgmental countenance. "It's not for you," Jade tells Theodore. "Anyway, it's going to be a tasteful affair. Costumes, food, punch, dancing. Maybe we'll use the pool after the costume reveal. You'll have to ask Mona or Thea. They're the ones with the ideas. I just bring the fun." Usually in pill form, sometimes smokeable.

Something is standing behind behind Theodore. It's too close really, lurking, patient, and in a bathrobe with damp hair. Waiting. An eyebrow goes up, and he rises up on his toes to see over Theo's shoulder and then to him. He blinks. There's no move, hi, or fuck you. Hell he might be waiting to see how long he can lurk without anyone saying anyhting.

The cat isn't the only one that can do judgmental faces. Theodore is leveling one at Jade at the moment as well. "Not. For. Me." He repeats the words slowly, as if testing each one. "Pity. It's always been my dream to party with a bunch of hormonal teenagers. I will have to inform Brenda we're not invited. She'll be crushed." All spoken in a soft, cool, deadpan. He's watching Jade carefully, that pendulum in his head swinging back and forth between ignoring the goings on, or interfering just because of the comment. Finally he settles on, "Keep your friends out of my room this time. I know I don't use it much anymore, but I don't like to have to change the sheets when I do need it. Yes, Lucas?"

"Tasteful, right." Landon scribbled that down as well with a lazy hand, his arm outstretched beside him as he partially leans back against his desk. It's that moment that he catches sight of Lucas standing just behind Theodore. He's not the one to say anything and instead, turns his chair to sit properly so that he can finish with this article he's writing. "If you want, we can set up some rope dividers to keep the kids out." This is said more for amusement, that grin tugging up even more so seeing that Theodore's sixth sense is working.

Jade's lip curls back and he gives Theodore a snotty look, the last refuge of a teenager who can't think of a snappy comeback. "I'd assume your taste in interior design would be enough of a deterrent, but there's no accounting for taste." Yeah, take that, Theodore. "Have a lock installed. I can't babysit everyone." He strokes Meezer's head and the cat's eyes drift closed. Jade glances behind Theodore. "Lucas? Hey, how's it going?"

Lucas blinks and jsut shakes his head at Theodore's shoulder as if sharing the disappointment, but the words that follow are, "You're blocking the door. I just wanted pants." He tries to pick up the context curiously, "There's a party?" Curious, maybe not sold but the rope idea gets a flat look, "Tell them don't and they'll make a beeline for it. Just hook a 110 volt line to teh doorknob and they'll stop." Earnestly, so very earnestly, and perhaps entirely serious he adds, "I got your back on this one." Ducking under the arm or around Theo the grin flashes, "Jaden. What's the purpose of said gala exactly?"

Theodore cooly arches a brow at the snap back from Jade, and places his hand against his chest. "That was very nearly a coherent insult. I'm so proud." Which might come across better if he still wasn't speaking in that flat monotone. "I just wanted pants, please." But he does step out of the way enough to allow Lucas to pass before resuming his doorway lurking. Obviously he hasn't paid much attention to Ursula's lessons. As he hasn't been asked to leave, yet, he continues to stay right where he is, possibly just to annoy Jade. "Well, if not my room, you'll want to keep them out of the master suite. They will notice something out of place. Trust me on that one."

To Lucas' comment about electrifying the door knob, Landon just has to say, "I mean, it's a bad look on them if they try to sue for shock therapy. They were trespassing." He seems alright with the whole idea. He then informs Lucas, casually looking over his shoulder just as his brother goes to fetch pants, "Finishing the Spring Break piece. Then I'll be looking over the Ask Esme stuff for the week." Rather than actually finish up his writing, his eyes flicker over at what Esme Reed sent in for edits and so forth, finding some curiosities in her responses to the letters sent her.

"What's the purpose of any party?" Jade says. "We're going to have a good time and celebrate Spring Break." He shoots Theodore another snotty look. "We'll keep them out of that entire wing," he says. "I don't want anyone getting into Mom and Dad's room." So there are actually people in this family he fears, maybe even respects. "Anyway, it's just going to be a little get together." He says that about every booze out they end up throwing. Meanwhile, the cat just purrs in his arms as Jade pets him.

Lucas isn't about to ask permission to get into his own room to put pants back on. He does smile to Theo, "Thank you." He digs his watch out of the pocket of his bathrobe and slides it back on. He doesn't look up but has to inquire, "I feel there's a story and a rather outstanding and valuable life less on to be learned there, Theodore." His eyes shift back and arches an eyebrow staying conversational. He grabs his slacks he's hand laid out and inspects them for lint and cat hairs. Jaden's words bringing pause. He blinks and looks back to him, "What's the purpose?" This is an anathema of a question, "The purpose is to get the right people in the right place to achieve progress to social agenda. For some it is to get laid, granted, but it should always be leveraged to maintain and improve the credibility of our social standing and establish trend, cuz!" He pauses and blinks to Landon curious if he's being tested or something. "Soooo, speaking of being socially advantageous... Should I assume you're bringing someone or am I making sure they are there for you to talk to so it's not 'your idea'?"

"Devereux, I believe that might actually be a good plan out of you. I'll teach you something, yet." Theodore, the master of making compliments into insults. He then grimaces. "Prodding a teenager, I really do let you get under my skin too easily." He lets out a sigh and peers over at Landon and Lucas for a moment, brows arching a bit at Lucas' spiel. "There is a very good story there which I am not going to share. I will tell you the moral, though, is to keep your idiot friends out of mother and father's room. It really is better for your overall well-being." He stands up straight and takes a moment to adjust his sleeves. "Oh yes, I forgot why I came up here in the first place. Do you have the tie clip I lent you a few months ago, Lucas?"

"Devereaux." Landon will say absently, taking interest when the name is spoken. Oh, he knows that it's Jaden's first name and he knows that Jaden doesn't much care for it. Thus the interest. "Networking." A term that's becoming more and more popular as time goes on. "I'm sure once news of this gets out, it will draw the attention of those from other districts. We'll be graduating soon and our world isn't going to be as small as Lake Havasu is.

Without even looking at Lucas, Landon says, his pen dancing around as he writes, making corrections to this and that. "Once news of the party goes live, I'm sure it will be brought up." He doesn't say who he expects will do the asking, but he's willing to take bets. When Theodore brings up the borrowed tie clip, that catches Landon's attention. Look, the twins share a closet.

"Yes to all of that," Jade tells Lucas. We're going to maintain social credibility. It's going to be rad." He gets a sour look on his face when Theodore calls him Devereux, like he's bitten into a lemon. "I'm not going to let anyone get into Mom and Dad's room," he says. "I'm not dumb." He gives the cat a cuddle, and the cat purrs, happy to be getting attention from his human. "What are you guys doing after school, anyway?" he directs toward the twins.

Lucas takes an immediate index of a few things happening here. Not the least of which is Landon's edit and perhaps their twin-speak is such that he assumes certain queues. he's going to have some work to do to entice that deal. Not that it needs it, but salesmanship is important and frankly this is just good practice.

Looking up to Dev-er...Jaden...he flashes a smile, "Precicely." His fingers flick to his brother, "Networking." Harmony. The other leg goes into his slacks and up they go. There's a pause as he switches out of his bathrobe having his pants back at least. "Actually," says he, "I do and had it cleaned up." He goes to get it in its box and returns it to Theodore with a solmn nod. Lil bastard actually did have it polished. Someone has courtesy or knows how to vie for brownie points. Maybe both. "So when are we thinking?"

"Never said you were." Theo says solemnly to Jaden at the dumb comment. "Just not always forward thinking." He sighs and shakes his head. "Well, I can't very well deprive you of a networking opportunity. I'll keep this to myself." He does make it sound like he just offered the trio of teens a great favor by doing so, a favor he might very well call in later. He accepts the tie clip from Lucas, looking it over with a soft, "Hmm.." Then slipping it into his vest pocket. "Try not to burn anything down." And with that he's heading back off down the hall once more towards his own room.

Somewhat distracted, perhaps due to proof-reading or the fact that he's checking over Esme's writing, Landon almost doesn't hear Jaden's question at first. He looked like he had a lot of things on his mind now even if the movement of his pen stops eventually. "Hmm? Oh. You know the usual. If it's not basketball practice, it's track. If it's not track... The newspaper often hangs out at Big Ben's if you want to hang out. It really depends on everyone's schedule since we're deep in extracurricular activities to make our Uni apps look good." He's not afraid to admit that much. "Why? What about you?" Turning back to Jaden now, he's more looking at the cat than his cousin. However, at Lucas' question, he states, "I believe it's set to be held over Spring Break. I could be wrong."

"Thank you, Theo," Jaden singsongs when Theo says he'll keep quiet. That's all it takes to turn Jade sweet. It's been known to happen. To Lucas, he says, "Probably toward the beginning of Spring Break, but you'll have to ask Mona and Thea. I'm just here to look good." In his defense, he's pretty good at it. To Landon, he says, "I meant after school is over forever, but I spent most days after school doing theater stuff, then hanging out with Spear at the cemetery. I'm mad at Cash right now, so."

Lucas watches Theodore like it's some sort of standoff or he's assessing approval and response and cataloging it for later. Theo leaves and Lucas looks to hiny himself a shirt. He wasn't raised a marchant and has his share of adventuring marks indluding one light scar from jumping his bike as a kid and having it land wrong. C'est la vie. He digs out a plain t-shirt and pulls it over himself and considers, "filling in the gaps Landon has taking turns finishing each other's thoughts, "And chasing leads. And AP reading." Not geniuses, per se, but there is some semblance of busting their ass to achieve. "Social life. A bit." He does //on occasion//. Arching an eyebrow he says, "College man. Thinking maybe UNLV or USC. Keeping my options open and weirdly there might be opportunityto play for one of them, while not carreer facing really good for promotionals."

It's no surprise when Landon states, "The same." To Lucas' choice of colleges. They probably discussed it at some point, or those colleges just made the most sense. "Most likely going into business and financing." He could be talking about himself or the pair of them. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Turning his chair so that his full attention is on Jaden again, he asks, "So what exactly are you all preparing for?" He's talking about the Drama Class. Shifting in his seat slightly, he goes through the newspaper scheduling, though really, new news comes in all the time, even if there are deadlines and leads on what will be making news in the future. "We could probably send someone over to do interviews with the playwright, the theater director or even the actors. Give us more insight on what to expect next." The cemetery thing, he mostly ignores. The twins hang out with another Thistle too, but he will come out and inquire, "What did Freeland do now?"

"We're going to New York," Jade says. Most likely he's referring to himself and his sisters. "Thea's going to dance. I want to study choreography. I'm not sure what we're doing for our Spring production yet. I know Zane's probably going to be the leading man and Thea's probably going to be the leading lady. You should interview her." He strokes Meezer's fur and leans down to place a kiss between the cat's ears. "Okay, so one night, I was giving Hector de la Huerta a ride home, because I'm nice. Cash hates him and blows up, yells at me in public about fucking Hector. Which I'm not, so thanks for humiliating me, dick. Then, the next day, he tells me all the intimiate details of their relationship back in San Francisco, which is like why are you rubbing it in that I'm not getting any action? Then? He fucking gets back together with de la Huerta. At least Spear says he is."

Lucas doesn't add, subtract, or clarify Landon's statement, but does arch an eyebrow curious as to the answer on Freeland is concerned. His eyebrow arches slightly looking to Landon and back for the answer. As for the Thistle? well he knows at least two. Deviant behaviour isn't shocking so much as it is opportunity to learn neat new things. But hey, Lucas has friends all over Weird doens't put him off; dull does. "Something happen to you?" His brow creases jsut a bit, curious what's happened to his own blood. It wouldn't be the first time he's set the dominos of retaliation in motion.

He pauses and circles his finger backwards in the analytic breakdown, "Fucking adjective or fucking verb?" His eyebrow goes up and the fingers lift to abate backlash, "If there's going to be event or reprisal the events will need to be made clear for hte sake of preparedness." He pauses and nods slowly, "Verb form. Please, continue." The eyebrow stays up, "Soooo cash is screwing Hector, but yells at you in accusation beeeecause he's jealous and afraid Hector might have, what? Better taste?" Really the notion of this being guy drama isn't the part that phases him so much as Cash's behaviour vexes. "We graduate in months and you'll never see them again but as they look upon you from teh nosebleeds."

Landon nods slowly when Jaden mentions that he's nice. Or at least, nice enough to give Hector a ride. Not a peep comes out of him as he listens to his cousin's retelling of this tale with one arm draped over the back of his chair, torso twisted, leaning against it slightly. There is that moment when both he and Lucas make eye contact, even if they do keep to a mostly neutral expression.

"Talk about being overly dramatic." Landon will come out to say regarding Cash. "Definitely jealous, alright. And want to drag anyone he can down into the muck along with him. I mean, really," He'll go on to say, his free hand reaching for his pen again, "Look at you. A Marchant proud. If anything, Cash is a moron for even trying to start a fight with a Marchant. I mean, c'mon. We're better than him, right?" He then turns back in full to finish with his work, "And besides, Cash isn't the one dating a French model." Landon doesn't have to physically /look/ at Lucas when he says this, but Lucas probably knows that exactly what he'd be doing right now, exchanging a glance, instead of finishing up the article on Spring Break this year.

"That's just it," Jade says, "He hated Hector. He told Hector he wanted him to die of AIDS. Then he told me all about how Hector did him wrong. I get all this drama on me that I don't need, and then he gets back together with him." He gives Meezer another cuddle, and the cat mrrs quietly. Jade makes a kissy sound and gives him a scritch. That cat is pretty damn spoiled, all things considered.

"You are so right, Lucas," Jade says. "In a few months I'll never see either of them again." He sniffs, then nods to Landon. "He could never get a French model. Anyway, because I'm nice, I'll let him make it up to me, because I'm nice, but he's on notice."

Lucas turns and leans the back of his hips against the edge of his desk, digs around for his chap stick and takes all this in slowly. "Soooo clearly he's a class act." There's a pause in teh dry tone, the conferring glance, and a persistant calm that stays with him while Jaden gets it out. "Jaden, you are America's sweetheart, clearly. For one anyone willing to step down is going to do utmost harm to your reputation. Two? You don't want that scandal following you when you're in 16 or People. Trust me it's not going so great for Charlie Sheen." Oh if he could put money on that one early.

His arms fold loosly across his chest and the smile warms. Lucas is a people guy! He's a helper. See? He's helping. "Cash is a problem and I'd advise focus on you. Let others focus on you. Let the world... focus there and then? watch him be destroyed by his own making. Seriously the guy is bad news, mmmmm and not in the I bet that's a lot of fun sort of way." He looks to Landon and back to Jaden eyes narrowing faintly, "Look, because you are family I'll give you this bit of insight and I won't even charge you." He waits for the wave of feelings to stop and says plainly, "You need to walk away from that hot mess, that intire situation, throw the best fucking god damned party...and invite neither. Imean it goes without saying in a manner of speaking. But relaly the problem is you jsut neeed better friends, man. Quality begets Quality. Landon's right. Don't lower your quality."

Landon mocks surprise after what Jade tells them that Cash had said to Hector. "That's a real winner there, everyone." He doesn't even need to look up from his work, adding to this, "And someone hasn't shoved him into a locker yet?" He only stops writing once Lucas says that Cash is a problem, but it doesn't deter him any and he'll pick up where he left out immediately. "Ostracized." He says the magic word, "From the best damn Spring Break Party in all of Arizona and beyond." Lake Havasu was a huge Spring Break hotspot, so kids from all over will be stopping by... and most likely attending the Marchant party! "We'll get bouncers to keep the riff-raff," Hector and Cash, "From attending and let all the beautiful people in." He knows that, obviously, this isn't his party, but this is how he'd run things!

"Yeah, he says that and Hector takes him back, so whatever. They can have each other." Jade's not jealous. Why would he be jealous? He's got Amanda in Paris. "The only problem with putting the snub on Hector is he's Spear's brother, and I'm in good with Spear. I don't want to make any waves there. Besides, Hector didn't really do anything to me." He frowns, then admits, "The problem with shunning Cash is his sister's my date to prom, and I know they're tight. Of course Ashley's going to be Queen. I'm going to be King. For that to happen, the date has to happen, and I don't want to jeopardize that." He sighs and lifts his gaze to the ceiling. "Besides, Cash has been nice to me in the past, even when there was nothing in it for him. He's going to have to make it right, of course. I am going to have to make his life hell as a matter of principle. Anyway, it's all a delicate balance."

Lucas listens and remains supportivly in neutral. Landon's words bringing the faintest smile to him that fades as quickly. "The past is not the present. Embrace that. Embrace that and socially bury him alive. He brought it on himself, Jaden. Haaaaave you heard the term peer accountability?" His ankles uncross and feet plant to the floor. Hands reverse grip the table. "If his sister doesn't want anything to happen to her standing it'd really, you know and-" His hand comes up and there's a sigh with a faint pained look as the sincerity comes out. "I worry because she's an innocent in this seems, but her reputation can get severly damaged by what he's doing. She's gonna have to take care of the problem Jaden. I mean... does she know? This is senior year and what people are going to walk away remembering. There is near no time for her to recover social standing with him throwing accusation at you, and frankly embarassing his family." Sith a sigh he look "She can't possibly hope to go witthe prom king heir apparent like that. Girl gotta fix her house."

Seemingly satisfied with what he's got written, Landon sets his pen down and swivels his seat once more to face both his brother ad Jaden. Though rather than just kick back and relax there, he rises to wander over to linger nearby, but this whole ordeal has obviously become a family problem. His hands tuck into his pants pockets.

"Ashley Freeland, huh? Nice choice." Landon will say that much. "And I don't know, with her brother screaming out in public like that, if I were her, I'd reel him in." He then makes sure to state, "For his own damn sake, if not for the family's good name. I mean, there's /so/ many girls who you could ask to the prom. It would suck for her if she suddenly had to scramble for a date." Hands still in pockets, his shoulders lift, "Him being nice to you in the past doesn't excuse him making a scene and bringing you down with him, got it?"

Jade glances between the twins. "You two are brutal," he says with an undertone of admiration. "We'll see what happens. I'm too soft-hearted. Aren't I, Meezer?" The cat utters a relatively soft meow in his sleep, merely responding to his human's voice. "I'll sleep on it. I have a hard time staying angry, the only people who heard were Hector and Amy Lester, and let's face it, she's a pair of Birkenstocks away from following Indigo Girls on tour. If he'd actually ruined my rep, it would've meant war."

Lucas lets that cautionary forewarning hold. "Baby, you don't know the half of it." Jaden gets a wink. Hes, yes he's proud of this, but takes the observation with grace, "It's already war. It's just presently only being played by one side. You're family, Jaden. We're in your corner on this one." In name and reputation.

Finally he pushes himself off the desk looking to Landon half distracted by something his brother said admitting, "Shhhhhit, I forgot to figure out prom. That's going to be coming up." He pauses and lets his head swim in a loose figure eight. " When you figure out what you're doing maybe I'll figure it out based on that." Grabbing his shirt he throws it on going for layers. "I'm gonna grab lunch with Justin and find out what's going on with Tyler's dramatic ass, and then? Maaaaybe see if I can get some deets from Lana about what the haps is for the rest of this week's forecast. Back in like two hours."

With Jade playing more cautious and caring, just as with Lucas, Landon isn't going to press for the full on bloodshed either. "So Cash yelled at you in front of Amy /and/ Hector?" That's got him amused, "Talk about making an ass of himself. I mean if Hector went and took him back after that, then, though I'm sure Hector's a cool guy, but they deserve each other." He says nothing about Jade's comment on his cousin, Amy, but there's this entertained smile on his lips.

Looking to Lucas, Landon calls out, "You know me, I've already got plans." Then again, Landon can be flighty, so those plans can change in an instant when it comes to relationships. Lucas knows that. One of his hands is removed from his pocket and he gives Jade a firm pat on the shoulder, "I'm thinking of going running tonight in the cool night air. You should come with. Burn off some steam, get your blood pumping."

Jade waves to Lucas with Meezer's tail as he leaves, which gets a disgruntled meow from the cat. "The thing is," he says, "Cash's heart is in the right place, but he's just doesn't think. He opens his mouth and whatever he's thinking comes flooding out. I was over him saying the thing about fucking Hector. Like I said, no one important heard him. It's just that, after all that, they get back together? I can't people to look at me twice, and he can tell someone to die of AIDS and they take him back? It upsets the natural balance. I'm amazing. I mean, I'd say no, but it'd be nice to be asked."

Jade waves to Lucas with Meezer's tail as he leaves, which gets a disgruntled meow from the cat. "The thing is," he says, "Cash's heart is in the right place, but he's just doesn't think. He opens his mouth and whatever he's thinking comes flooding out. I was over him saying the thing about fucking Hector. Like I said, no one important heard him. It's just that, after all that, they get back together? I can't get people to look at me twice, and he can tell someone to die of AIDS and they take him back? It upsets the natural balance. I'm amazing. I mean, I'd say no, but it'd be nice to be asked."

There's this furrowing of Landon's brow as he stares out at Jade directly. He's studying the guy, eyes drifting along to take in the full package with a shrewd, yet thoughtful gaze. "If she doesn't do anything foolish, you'll have Ashley Freeland on your arm at the prom. You're dating a model, who I'm pretty sure is upset that she can't make it down here for prom. If I'm being totally honest, and this is what Lucas had said to, you don't need them. Hell, if Ashley gives you trouble because of any animosity you might hold towards her brother, we'll find find someone way hotter that you can date. There's a few people I've got in mind."

"Oh, I don't think Ashley would cause any trouble," Jade says. "She should have been a Marchant. She's got a shrewd mind and she knows how to look out for number one. I admire her for that. Plus she's gorgeous, she's popular. She's a good pick. I don't know, I'll see how I feel about it in the morning. Shunning from one of our parties isn't to be taken lightly. I mean Amy threw a bottle at my car and gave me a bloody nose and she's still invited. It's just having realistic expectations. Lesters are..." He isn't going to say animals. He's not that crass. "Spirited. Thistles are creepy. Marchants are elegant, and Freelands are stubborn. Anyway, we'll see."

"See. That's the spirit." Landon says with a firm nod, like he actually did something to help out. When Amy is brought up again, Landon, having lived with the Lesters for a good portion of his life, says in a rather dismissive tone, "Amy acts that way towards everyone though. Not just you. So, it's easy to not take things personally, until she's shoving you into the trash can every afternoon." A playful pause, "Then take it personally." There's a frown on his lips now, from which he sighs with a shake of his head, "Your car though?" With a tightening of his jaw, he adds in, "She has to learn to be more careful. If you took her to court, then what?" It's more a rhetorical question.

Thinking on this, he has to ask, "Does Amanda know? About Ashley?" Whether he believes in the woman or not, he'll play along.

"I like Amy," Jade admits. "She's refreshingly honest, and you know where you stand with her." His eyes widen as he says, "That's what I tried to tell her. You mess with me it's all fun and games, but if you mess with my car it's a lawsuit. I don't want to take her to court, but what would I tell Dad? After the Delorean? Oh hey, I fucked up another car, I guess I just don't deserve to have one? I'd have to do something. It's not about my personal feelings. It's about what has to be done."

Jade gives the cat another cuddle, then says quickly, "Yeah, she knows we're just going as friends. I'm going to be a perfect gentleman with Ashley and show her a nice time, but that's it."

"Seeing as you weren't driving when your car was trashed." Landon says after a brief moment of thought, "I'm sure he won't put the blame on you. However!" And this he adds emphasis to, using what he knows of his uncle, "f someone trashing your car is in part your fault? Then, yeah... he might take issue with that." He's not going to leave that fact out. "But in most cases, I'm sure he'd understand. I mean, who the hell dares to trash a Marchant's vehicle, right?"

With the cat being this close, Landon reaches out rub a lone crooked finger along the side of it's face, following the direction of its whiskers. He then goes to ask, "And Ashley is fine that you have a hot girlfriend abroad? Just covering all bases, so neither of them go psychotic on you." He has experience with this, apparently. "Anyway, let me know if you're up for a night jog. I need to pack some stuff up and drop it off at Big Ben's to show Esme the final edit before print."

The touch gets a low purr from the cat. "I know, I don't understand anyone in this town. Everyone acts like they just don't care what will happen to them, and it's like trying to wrangle grownup-sized toddlers sometimes. So many people are willing to commit social or financial suicide over the stupidest things."

He smiles down at his cat, then says, "Yeah, she's fine with it. Neither of them are going to go psychotic on me. I mean most girls are pretty reasonable, right?" He has no idea. He thinks, then says, "Okay, I'll go jogging with you, but you have to give me time to rest. I get dizzy." He's never had good health, and it has made him tenacious, fighting to survive. These days, he can probably handle a midnight jog. Probably.

"I'd be surprised if anyone in this town dared pick on a Marchant due to it being social suicide at the very least." Landon says in agreement. He's been a Marchant for a few years now, but this sense of pride, if not in the Family, but in himself, thus the family, runs deep in his blood. He also can't help but look amused when Jade speaks of how reasonable girls are. While he doesn't completely discount this, he will add in, "Sometimes."

With Landon suffering from the same Marchant curse for all of his life, without even knowing that he was a Marchant, he understands full well where Jade is coming from. "That's why I try to keep healthy. Eating right. Exercise. Vitamins. Getting lots of rest." Though with how busy the twins are, it's a wonder when they ever find the time for that last thing. "Don't worry, I won't leave you in the dust."

Stepping back to his desk to collect all the paperwork and pack them away neatly into a manila folder which he then tucks into his backpack, with Lucas taking the car, Landon's left with his bike. He honestly doesn't mind. "I'll meet you in a few hours then." A pause, "Let Mona know that we'd like her for an interview regarding the show." And with that, he starts on his way out.