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Before the Prom
Characters  •   Morrison Lester  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Rotary Park
Date  •  2019-09-21
Summary  •  Morrison and Hector talk before the prom.

It's mid-afternoon, after Morrison's gotten out of work at the factory and driven the twins wherever they need to go. He's idly walking along the paths of Rotary Park, hands in his pockets, and lost in his own thoughts. He's somewhere between a line of scant shade trees and the baseball diamond, though there's no one playing there at the moment. He's still in his work clothes -- work boots, jeans, a t-shirt that's stained here and there with machine grease.

From a more heavily wooded patch comes the sound of someone finger picking an accoustic guitar. It's nothing familiar. There is a strong classical guitar influence suggesting Spain or Portugal. The pick pattern suggests the ripples of dying waves as they foam u rhythmically on the sand of the shallows and there is a longing to it, but also a hopefullness. There are no words at all, just the music, beautiful and just beginning to touch something deeper.

Which is of course when the cording goes somehow just not quite right. A long silence follows and then the music repeats the previous two cords with a different progression that better suits the build towards crescendo.

Morrison wouldn't normally be drawn to music. He'd notice it, sure, but usually he'd just keep on walking. For some reason, though, he wanders over toward the sound of the playing and comes up to lean against a tree not far away. It's hot out, and the shade perhaps is part of the draw, taking away some of the heat of the sun. He stands there for a while in silence, just listening.

Hector is leaning against a tree, guitar in his lap and a notebook with a pen a tablature spread in reach. He's absorbed in what he's doing, so it takes him a moment to look up from his work and catch a glimpse of a person he's been thinking about quite a bit since the thing with Lucas started. He finishes the finger pattern and then puts the flat of his hand on the strings. Heflashes hi a smile, dimpled and a little shy, "Hey. how's it going?"

"Funny, I keep running into you everywhere. You'd think it was a smaller town than it is," Morrison says a little bit dryly. "I heard the guitar." Which, to be honest, he didn't know was Hector when he had wandered over, but he hadn't left when he saw who it was. "Something of yours?" he asks, nodding toward the notebook and the tablature, presuming that Hector is writing his own music.

Hector smiles wryly, "I swear I don't do it on purpose. I know being seen together will just make the gossip worse." He nods, "This is what I want to do. Long term, I mean. Write music. Hopefully with someone more talanted to do the words." He shrugs, "If it doesn't work out there is always mortuary arts, but this is what I love." He studies him, dark eyes serious, "How are things?" How bad did I fuck up? Are you okay? Questions he's not sure he should ask. So casual, casual.

"Oh, fuck that," Morrison says with a snort. "I don't give a shit what people think unless you do." That seems to irritate him enough that he wanders on over and sits down next to Hector beneath the tree, leaning back against it, and resting his elbows on his up-bent knees. "Mortuary arts isn't a bad thing to learn for the sake of learning it if you're interested in the family business -- but do the thing you want to do. Trust me on this." He is the one who, after all, is focusing on his fighting career while still working at the family factory. "Things are fine," he says. "Lucas is fine."

Hector gazes up at him, "Only care because you have to live in this town, Morrison. Jesus, I feel terrible about them calling you what they were calling you. I've asked all my friends to tell people why it's notcool. I've... done enough damage. I... i really do wish you well, you know." When Morrison seems likely to sit he takes off the strap and sets his guitar asside so he can look at him better. "I've been thinking a lot about how you were right about things, you know?" He studies his face, "I like helping out in the basement, but music is my direction. Always has been, I think." He takes a breath, "I wish... I wish you could have the thngs you want. For yourself. Just like you wanted better for me."

Morrison raises a brow as Hector brings up the rumors again, and all the trouble surrounding them, and his lips twist into a bit of a smirk. He doesn't interrupt him, though. He lets him continue on, just nodding occasionally so that he knows that Morrison is paying attention to what he's saying. His usually guarded expression is no less so than usual, so there isn't much to see as far as a reaction goes. He's quiet though, at the end. Finally, he says, "I might not be living in this town for too much longer. Not after the twins and Lennon graduate." He starts with that, since it seems to reflect somewhat on the first topic that Hector brought up. "And people have stopped, so that will die in a while on its own. Yeah, it sucked. But most folks have let it go at this point."

Hector cocks his head, thinking it over, "It might be really good for you. To get away from all the history and baggage of this place. I think it may be the best thing for my brother and i know it was good for Cash and Felicity. The whole... family reputation thing is like tentacles dragging people into roles without them really noticing, I think. What will you do?" He gives him a quick smile, "Good. I was hoping they'd let it drop. You never deserved it." He takes a breath, then says, "Cash has... recovered, but he only drank the once. Silver hasn't. You may need to watch Lennon and the twins a few more months just in case."

"Yeah," Morrison says, "Four more months, according to Chen, I guess." He's still a bit skeptical of this Chen guy, "But that's fine. We'll stuff them in the media room every month for months until they head out to college if that's what it takes." He seems very much prepared to do just that. It's what they did on the last full moon, at any rate. He lets his head rest back against the tree and says, "Keep fighting. I've got a few more amateur tournaments to go before I can go pro. I need a bit more experience, but.. I'm going to go pro. And I'm going to focus on that."

Hector looks relieved tht Morrison is up to date on the detox info, "Well he's been right so far." He nods, "That shounds good. I'd like to see you fight sometime. In a ring I mean and not in a bar. I think you have the discipline for it." Another breath, "How much have they told you. About the... drug thing?"

Morrison chuckles at that and says, "You know you can come to the fights if you want to. They're advertised. I'll text you if you want me to send you some dates, though. Bring Cash if you want." When Hector asks about the drug thing, he shrugs his shoulders and says, "Enough. Enough that we're keeping you guys holed up at the Marchant house in a room and tying you down so you don't go running off to get more when the cravings hit. It's all insane, but at this point, we're just going to do whatever it takes to get folks detoxed and graduated. Like I told Theodore, I hope they do attack the Marchant house with its security. Then his father might very well nuke them from orbit."

Hector grins, "I'll do that. I don't have a beeper though." He snorts, "I have more sense usually than to go drinking mystery substances random people hand me, that one time with the whiskey flask asside, but we do appreciate it. All of us. You helping to keep Silver and James safe makes me feel better about anything." He says carefully, "I've heard a lot about Theadore, but I've never met him. He sounds like a good man."

"Yeah, well," Morrison says about the flask. "That probably wasn't the brightest idea, and I did push you off a cliff. So, arguably, you're just lucky that you did something dumb with someone who.." He trails off there and doesn't finish the thought. Instead, he shrugs his shoulders. "I'm looking out for my siblings. Whoever else wants to be smart and not get further fucked up is welcome to come along. But make no mistake, the only ones I'm actually looking after are the ones I give a shit about." Which, unfortunately, includes neither Silver nor James. "He looks after his family. The twins are his cousins, too."

Hector studies him, "I was in a weird place that night. I knew the risks. I even considered him, but I think I trusted you instinctively. I always have trusted you that way. Any the other... I'm over that, because you were right and I understand you better now, even if you didn't express it in the best way. You gave me a gift I couldn't see as a gift at the time. I just wish you had the same for yourself."

He nods taking in the part about how far he is stiking his neck out and the bit about Theodore. He weighs what to say or whether to say it, "Lucas said something. Before I said the worst thing I could stay. I keep thinking about it even though the exact words I've forgotten. He is trying very hard to be you, I think, only the you he's trying to be isn't this you, the one I know. Look, I really don't know him and I'll shut up if you want me to."

"Yeah, well, so was I," Morrison admits. It wasn't often that he hooked up with someone else, so what possessed him to do so that night, is one of the many mysteries of Morrison's private motivations. He's quiet a bit then, listening when Hector talks about Lucas, his head resting back against the trunk of the tree and his eyes looking out at the trees in front of them. "There's things you know about me that Lucas doesn't." He glances over toward Hector, then. "There are things about me that you've seen that almost no one else knows. You realize that, right?"

Hector has his guesses but he doesn't pry into those motivations. He nods, "I guessed that." He doesn't have the shadows to make his face look leaner, older, but there is something in his eyes, "I'm not sure why I'm the exception, exatly, but I'm... honored that I am. That you let me see the real you even as much as you do." He looks away, thinking, weighing, but he takes the plunge anyway, "You're very strong, Morrison. They need you to be, I think. I know something about that kind of strength. I was strong for her, when she was dying." He really, really doesn't talk about those last months anymore than he can help, but he does it. "I just... I'm not sure that is always the best thing for the long run. It is for the emergancy, when you have to carry the whole weight of..." Her pain and sickness a fear of mortality; their fundamental abandonment by the adults who should have been most concerned for the twins welfare. But he can't say it. "Weight that is bigger than one person should have to carry. One does it because it's the right thing. One does it out of love." He takes a breath, "Only it hurts if you carry it to long by yourself, and it's lonely, and eventually you need more." he takes a breath, "I think that's the only way Lucas knows how to be a man now. It scares me for him." The 'and you' is unspoken.

"I think you know why you're the exception," Morrison says, though he doesn't explain why more than that. Instead, he says, "Lucas is trying to be tough, and ruthless. He's trying to be all the parts of me, and the parts of Theodore, that the world sees. The fighter, the control, the success, the man who shows nothing at all of himself to the world. Don't think that we aren't aware of it." He looks over toward Hector then. "I know full well that Lucas is trying hard to be the illusion of something. But, I also see that he has people in his life willing to call him on his bullshit, who are there for him, who will make sure that he /doesn't/ become what he's trying to be right now. And when he goes off to college, when they both go off to college, they're going to have room to grow into who /they/ are, away from all of this. Things are going to change, and seeing things change, and growing away from the past, I think will give him the room he needs to grow." He considers for several long moments and then he says, "I'm not alone, though. And I'm not carrying this alone." Then he says, "When I leave this town, I'm not going to be leaving by myself."

Hector cocks his head, genuinely curious about the why, but he doesn't push. He says softly, "I'm glad he had you and Theodore to raise him." And then he perks up all sudden hope and delight, "Is he... is he coming with you?"

"He asked me to go with him," Morrison says, "And I am. But we're not saying anything, not right now, not yet. It's bad timing with everything that's going on. We just need to get through all of this right now, first." He looks at Hector seriously then and says, "So keep that to yourself."

Dare's eyes go wide, "I am so incredibly happy for you, Man, I mean that. Would it be weird if I hugged you? I just... I'm not sure if I even believe in god, but I prayed for you anyway. I hated the thought of you just... going on as you are. The two of you. You deserve that. Happiness and being together and room to grow." Another grin and a nod, "Not a word to anyone. I promise."

"Yeah, well, it came as much as a shock to me as it does to you," Morrison admits and he can't help the faint twitch of a smile that is not one of his more usual wolfish ones. "We're going to go somewhere, were we can get lost in a new place, and be us. Not right now, but.. when this is all over." He raises a brow when Hector asks if he can hug him and then shrugs, "Sure, why not?"

Hector hugs him, nothing of the lcivious about it, just simple joyfor Morrison. "Good. That's the very best thing. Start over somewhere else where you can be yourselves and figure out who you are without the weight of family history on your shoulders. It's everything I could home for you." He sits back. "I'm glad... I like how we are now. Friends, sort of. I like talking to you like this."

Morrison gives Hector a pat on the shoulder, giving him a one-armed hug in return. It's clearly not something that Morrison is used to doing, really, but he accepts it without complaint. Then he settles back against the tree. "Friends, sortof?" he chuckles. "We're friends, Hector. Pretty sure you're one of my only friends that isn't related to me. Just don't go getting a big head about it, alright?"

Hector looks down at Morrison's affirmation of friendship. "Friends then." He looks at him sideways, "It has been a weird journey, but worth it." He leans his head back against the tree, "Nothing that's happened this year was nyhing I could have guessed."

"It has been a weird fucking year," Morrison agrees with a shake of his head. "And even with all the fucked up shit that keeps happening.. I don't think at this point that I would change it." He shrugs his shoulders just a bit and then asks, "Are you guys still using that hotel room at this point?"

Dare says, "I feel the same. Jesus I can't wait for us all to be safe and away though." He asks shyly, "Want to keep in touch after? As friends? Or would that be weird for Theo?" He nods, "Just in case, we've be sort of rotating were we sleep, but we mostly sleep there since it puts more risk on us and less on friends and family. I'll talk to cash about if we want to keep doing that. I worry that the Painkiller's are trying to lull us by not attacking for a month, you know?""

There's an arch of Morrison's brow when Hector asks if it would be weird for Theo, given that Morrison has never given name to the man who he's had feelings for since high school. But in the end, he doesn't deny it, either. "Yeah. We can keep in touch." Though he nods when Hector explains what they've been doing. "It's fine if you are. I just want to make sure it stays available if you're still using it, and I'll close it out when you're not. I'm not worried about it."

Hector looks a little sheepish. "I sort of figured it out. I had no clue who when you mentioned him that night, but I put it together from things people said about him, mostly. A monthish ago maybe. He fit. Knowing you." He touches his his shoulder lightly meeting his eyes, "Thank you. For everything. I mean that."

"Yeah, you definitely know me a little too well," Morrison says with a smirk, though the words themselves sound just a bit wry. "Careful with that. I may need to kill you." That is said with one of his more familiar wolfish grins, though, the one that is a little predatory, and yet, not at all serious. The touch to his shoulder draws his attention though and he nods, "I meant what I said. You've caused me a lot of shit, de la Huerta. But it wasn't all bad. And it isn't now, either." And while the kid may yet cause him more trouble before the year is out, it seems like he's accepted that as a thing.

Hector smiles back, expression soft, "It's be worth it. You were a man worth knowing in every sense." He ducks his head, well aware of the trouble. "I'm glad your man worked out what he was missing."

"There were things unsaid on both sides," Morrison says, noting that he had his own responsibility for things that he had never made clear to Theodore either. "I guess this insanity shook things up enough for things that needed to be said to be said." There's something about him, though, a certain calm that doesn't come from trying to reign in the beast, the wolf. There's a calm that comes with a long-held tension finally having eased, a hope where there had been no real hope before. It leaves him seeming a little lighter.

Hector knows that lightnes himself. He has been feeling it since the day he got his finger tattoo, "I know that doesn't come easy for you, but I truly am glad of it. I think... everything's going to be all right." For Morrison and Theo. For the twins. For Silver. For Cash, Felicity, and himself. Still, he takes a breath and asks carefully, "Will you be chaparroning the Prom?"

"Oh, fuck no," Morrison snorts when asked if he'll be chaperoning the prom. "I'll be outside in the parking lot keeping an eye out for crazy biker cultists. Do you think anybody's parents are going to want me to be in there as a chaperone?" He raises a brow, "I'd rather go a few rounds with some bikers."

Hector breathes out in relief, "Thank Fuck! I've been really worried they'd come for us all in force. I feel a lot better with you there, and maybe seb if you can talk him into it. Just... Don't try to fight them all alone, okay? Strategic retreat so as to meet them with full force is better and... Well, we've been working with Mona on some contingencies in case of trouble." He looks at him square in the eyes, "I'd be honored to fight shoulder to shoulder with you if trouble comes."

"Yeah, I figure there'll be a few of us out there keeping an eye on things. I wouldn't be surprised if the Marchants stepped up their own security as well, but I guess we'll have to see how the night plays out," Morrison says. Then he looks at Hector and says, "If it comes down to a fight. You need to get the others that can't fight somewhere safe. They're going to need someone with them who can throw a punch."

Hector nods, "Spear and Jade would be pretty helpless." He rubs the back of his neck, "My worry is they may come in force through multiple entrances, maybe injure or kill anyone between them and the ones who drank. We may need to contract to form as sort of make shift shield wall around the ones who can't fight. A circle or maybe a square like they used to do with pikemen against calvary. They are fast, Morrison. Really fast."