Log:Bedlam in Joberg, Pt.1

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Bedlam in Joberg, Pt.1
Characters  •   The Pedagogue  •  The Rogue  •
Location  •  Anywhere Room - Johannesburg, South Africa
Date  •  2019-03-13
Summary  •  Finding a creative solution for his own wanderlust, and Rogue's identity disconnect the Pedagogue charts a course creative.

So mysterious! The Pedagogue left the Rogue a note, telling him to dress for an adventure, and pack a few weeks worth of clothing etc, then meet him outside the door of one of the Anywhere Rooms. Ethan, since he's chosen to call himself that in the Facility, is in khaki cargo shorts, an olive green field shirt, a brown hat that looks an awful lot like one Indiana Jones might wear, and hiking boots. He has a large backpack slung over his shoulders, and sunglasses clipped onto his shirt pocket.

The Rogue showed with his usual fare he jokingly calls Smuggler Chic(tm). Like everything else there's a backpack with as many pockets as he ever has. He's in light layers with enough small pockets on him to be mistaken for a field photographer. He's not one t do bright colours but while his clothes are broken into they remain in good shape. His aviators remain propped up on his head and curiosity fades into a wry grin seeing Ethan. His best-everything gets an evaluation at a glance noting the addition of boots with good soles earning a slow not of approval. The Rogue has always been a creature of utility and the efficiency sings to his soul as- well there's time for other things later. "Umhla wam ulungile." And while he might not know why he knows the words they are said with reserved warmth and an easy affectation for the professor. "You know, I don't own two weeks worth of clothes. I own only a few things and every day is laundry day."

Ethan grins at the sight of the Rogue. "Pick a name to use in here, we're visiting for a while," he announces with a wink. Of course he has tons of practical field clothes, being an anthropologist is his first life here. He opens the door, and steps out of...a doorway onto a busy street, where the sound of people speaking Xhosa is on the air, smells of foods familiar to someone from the area permeate everything, and the hot sun beats down from above as it only can in... Johannesburg. We have a hotel room for 3 days, then we go to Cape Town, then we're going out into Mpumalanga to see some of nature's wonders!"

He turns around, stretching out his arms to encompass the noise and bustle of the biggest city in South Africa, where the man who lives in the Facility appears to be from, according to his accent. Ethan must have really planned this intently.

The Rogue had to ask with curiosity, "What's wrong with Lyle Lucas? Also you ever notice all my names keep alliterating? Even Sinclair's but he...I went by my middle one there?" There's a curiosity. Stepping through the door though there is everything happening around them. Buildings built up up up into the skyline and packed together. It's the immediate heat that hits him first, the humidity that the facility certainly didn't have. There is an assault of so many things the Facility has from the smells to the breeze. His eyes close and his head tilts up up up to the sun as he aviators are slid into place. A collage of languages around him collide in five different tongues, and plenty in English. "Ethan, you are... a wonder of wonders. This is... amazing. This feels... this feels familiar. I don't have memories of it but I know it."

"Lyle Lucas it is then!" Ethan just watches, with bright eyes glinting, as his best everything gets to feel the sensation of home. Oregon was home for him. He got to spend plenty of time there, in two lives, but Lyle did not. Or the man in the Facility that was Lyle did not. He just wants him to feel that sense of belonging, of roots. He pulls his sunglasses from his shirt pocket and slides them on. "I was hoping you'd know it," he confesses.

"You, the essential you, are tied to this place somehow, or so your accent seems to say," Ethan explains. "So I wanted you to experience it, and I want to experience it with you. I'm an archeologist here of course. So one of our stops will be Adam's Calendar, which is the oldest monolithic structure known on Earth, at 75,000 years old."

The Rogue looks around and lays one hand on the brick to feel it beneath his fingers. It's not real, but by their math lately? Well neither are they. Who was to say they aren't on a 1:1 scale of reality with these things or that the Facility wasn't just another anywhere room? This, however? Has heat in the brick and texture. The dark lenses covering his eyes block the message there but the bemused grin back tells all the story it needs to. "You are always here looking out for me with your best interests in mind." The grin stretching wider, hand squeezing his shoulder, "You have a knack for pragmatic gifts. Come. Let us have an adventure and try not to get shot, luv, Ja?" He listens to the plan of action and his brow furrows, "We really do have all the best stuff here." He looks the professor over once more with the cheeky addition of, "Now certainly. Come. and... be careful. It is beautiful but like any creature it is what it is."

Ethan looks like his joy is doubled seeing Lyle happy. He lets the other man lead the way, walking alongside him and taking in the sights like the tourist he is. He breathes in everything, soaking up the knowledge like a sponge, wanting to learn more about the love of his life...lives. "So show me this place through your eyes. I want to learn everything."

The Rogue for one keeps his head on a casual swivel. Really any big city this is protocol. The problems of LA, New York, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Hong Kong and Joberg will run parallel in the way big cities breathe. There's a strange peace to him though. A part of him entirely at home dropping into a skate track in the California sun. The core of him? OH! This is a different bliss of being dropped into his natural habitat like a betta in a pond instead of some rinky tiny bowl.

With opportunity to hunt, and danger that will innately feast on the careless. He's in no hurry to walk but the gait suggests a purposes instead of an idleness. "Ah, Ethan, you gonna love the food, man. It is an experience like no other. Come, there's a park i the heart of the city. It opens up more or," he points up to a couple of buildings, "We can try getting up there. See the whooooole city." The buildings are packed in tight but not arranged in total chaos like some places. Like the entire city is trying to clamour into the middle for a better view.

Ethan follows his lead, his eyes sweeping for any threats, unsure if anything can even hurt them in here other than their own damn selves like his skateboarding injury. "Whichever you want, we have plenty of time for both, love." He pulls something out of a pocket and scans it. "We're staying at The Residence. Figured if we can go anywhere, may as well hit the super fancy hotel to crash in. One of the pool villas, so we have our own heated pool if you feel inclined to learn to swim." He winks.

The Rogue is enjoying just being and Ethan's easy enabling. The city isn't like it once was, and far more modernized than the movies would have one believe. In the city at least. It's not perfect, but it's his. A clash of values gave rise to people loving and taking pride in their city. Hand pulls elbow gently with a side nod into the cafe. A updated, clean affair with a central hi-top table feeling like a college campus. Natural wood lines the wall and floors and beams of the ceiling while several stumps from trees born local, polished and lacquered form elegant low tables near a couple couches in the coffee house. A few folks of the diverse populace seem to work with headphones in enjoying their meal. Lyle? He was going to go enjoy his damn coffee and get a sandwich, sliced meats on a bagel with cream cheese. He has a wallet and here? Well it's at least functional. He points with the card to Ethan and the guy behind the counter calling into that easy cadence of local lingo in that way Rogue had where everyone is an old friend or regarded as such. It's that natural way about him. Is he psyched about staying in a insanely posh hotel for three nights before they make their way across country to the coast? Yes. Is he even as delighted in the small nuisance that is getting to speak and be entirely understood? There's nothing quite like it. Looking to Ethan he muses, "By the time we done with the trip you'll sound like me, ja?"

Ethan just asks the man for the same thing Lyle does, trusting his taste in local cuisine. He chuckles at him and shakes his head. "Not sure I'd sound quite as good saying 'ja' and 'boet' all the time," he points out, in that nowhere accents of his like he's from Virginia or somewhere like that. He tips his chin towards a place to sit and makes his way over, unbuckling the backpack and setting it at his feet. Shades and hat both come off and get tucked away.

The Rogue grins and shares the amusement with the barista behind the counter, "Yeah he's from the States. Sounding pretty lekker, ja, brah?" Oh it's like a collage of words in there with some easy encouragement from the man making their food. Still, for a smuggler and a thief, he's polite giving his appreciation and parking his ass on the couch next leaving his pack parked between his feet. "Figure we can hit the park, we might want to grab a car to take us, or at least keep on the main part of the pavement. Just a bit of a hie but I don't mind if you don't. Really... enjoying feeling the city and if we get tired we can change our mind."

"Ethan Drake quit smoking and took up running, then became a field anthropologist, Lyle. Pretty sure a hike won't bother me one bit." He grins and shoulder bumps the blond with a bright smile. He seems happy as all hell just watching the other man feel at home in this space. "I'm excited to explore." Even if it's all a simulation, it FEELS real and that's what matters.

The Rogue dimples an easy grin just calm. Sure he's calm until they take a wrong turn in the Jeep between here and Cape Town and get run off the road by a wild animal. For now? This is the first thing feeling close to a truly natural environment he an not even begin to explain. Reaching over his hand squeezes Ethan's with amusement at being told what-for. "Well, you were down most a lung so I dunno. I'm thinking of you." His eyes watch the street to get a feel for the city. His city? Felt right enough. Looking back to the man that didn't give him the world, he gave him hisworld, "Means everything you're sharing this with me. Something we can learn together. Poetic. Fitting. And I fekkin love you for it."

"I love you too," Ethan murmurs. "And seeing this place with you, watching you discover all of it, is amazing. Come on, we have food and drink to get through, and so much exploring to do! I don't want to waste a moment. And WAIT til you see the //bathroom// at the hotel!" Inside jokes. The Bedlam Boys have them.