Log:Because Physics are Stale

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Because Physics are Stale
Characters  •   The Bon-Vivant  •  The Rogue  •
Location  •  The Open Sky Over/Under Ocean
Date  •  2018-12-25
Summary  •  BV offers Rogue reprieve, a new perspective, and something different for both of them.

<< Directly following A New Perspective >>

The Bon-Vivant looks slightly startled by the grab-and-throw -- unexpected, though not apparently unwelcome, particularly given the rather delighted laugh that comes from that spiral taking proper shape. "Nice!" he exclaims, which is perhaps not as poetic as it could be, but it still gets the joy across. It's there in the grin that meets the return of his sentiment, too. And, yes, there's definitely something down there, now. Land or water, hard to tell, but something. Neither's much better to hit from up here. Still, if he's noticed, he's clearly not worried about it at present. "Maybe that's kinda how it's different -- maybe I'm in more like zero gravity. I've got you guys here as my frame of reference, but not the other anchors you have." He doesn't sound bothered by that, certainly not at present, but on the other hand, it's hard to argue zero gravity isn't kind of cool. Even if it's probably only one of those things he vaguely knows the idea of, so far. For now, he tests what happens if he tries to do a somersault /while/ they're in that spiraling turn.

The Rogue noted the ground. Was there trepidation? Uhhh, yeah. That was a big solid ground. His concerns were valid but honestly? What did they have to lose? Just the moment. The entire theatre of emotion played across his expression up to the moment of fuck it, operation Blaze of Glory is on. Right now the world is going woosh and it's bad ass.

"Well, you might be right. I'll guarantee you one though, and-" He looked down and back up with a laugh shaking his head, "If that doesn't kill us? Eh." You know like splat does, "You're welcome to crash my flat and fall apart, together, or shove me out of an airplane. I'm not out to hold grudges from those... things." Which may sound weird but with people trying to atone for things done in another ...reality? It bears saying. He wasn't letting him eat him alive right now.

What happens doing a somersault while spinning? You look pretty bad ass. The rogue squint at the ground and said "Shite we may actually crash. That's be new!" Tumbling like a marble spiraling down teh stairs he slowed that by stretching out flat and said "Follow me!" and with that let go , tipped forward and dove head first at the distant expanse picking up speed and direction.

The Bon-Vivant is definitely up for looking pretty bad-ass! Even if he doesn't get to see it. Though really, he does get to see the slowing -- joins the slowing, in fact -- and the diving, and that definitely looks pretty bad-ass too. He laughs again and follows, eyeing the ground as it becomes a bit clearer, a bit larger. It does look like ocean, though it probably doesn't make much real difference. Difficult to continue conversation much, there, with the wind whipping away words and breath and the change in distance now that they've let go. Still, if he can't say a whole lot, he can still yell something short: "Do you want to?" Crash, presumably; given he's indeed following (and still looks like he's having fun) one could assume he's up for trying it, but apparently he thinks it's a choice they've probably still got, one way or another, despite their notable lack of parachutes.

The Rogue eyed the flat expanse of blue black. Those flint blue eyes considered the question. He pulled his arms in and spiraled like a drill at the earth before trying to break the wind flatening out and angling himself much like one would a paper airplane to head Champ's way. The arm stuck out again to be caught.

He shouted over the wind, "Why not? I don't think I have anything back there to lose. Besides, fear is a shite guidepost." While true this was also the man possibly driving himself a bit mad this week too. He waited to try and catch the arm and looked down and back up, "We don't cut the programme? we will die. Hitting water I'm told is like hitting concrete. Tomorrow we will likely wake up and agree its a hell of a thing." They could just as easy cut the programme.

Okay, that drill thing looks like fun. The Bon-Vivant tries it too, though the 'bag' throws him off a bit. But that's got things to recommend it too, apparently. He looks slightly dizzy by the time he's trying that flattening-out again and grabbing for the extended arm. It's a close thing, fingertips first catching rather than full hand, but it's just barely enough to let him get a proper hold. He looks rather pleased about that, too. The ground -- well, sea -- below them gets a thoughtful look, before he looks back to the Rogue. "Well, it'll probably hurt," he says, though there's the sort of lack of fear in it that can probably only come from someone who's never actually /been/ hurt, or at least not more than from eating or drinking something a bit too hot or losing his balance experimenting with the skateboard he found in his room. It's almost academic, beyond his general awareness that people find it unpleasant. There's definitely the impression that a bigger portion is, "But I was thinking it might be fun to try having it reverse gravity!" Another downward glance, and he adds, "You're right, though, it'd probably be a hell of a thing, and I've never tried that either! We could always try the other tomorrow..." Well. Assuming they DO wake up in their rooms, anyway. He only has mentions from others to suggest they would, but maybe since the other things they've claimed have been true, he doesn't see a reason to doubt.

The Rogue kept his eyes on that far fixed point listening. His fingers hooked and closed on the hand grabbing his. Okay he was a risk taker but they are almost universally regarded as very calculated risks. He squeezed the hand twice and upnodded indicating the way they came? Maybe. He leaned left to try to close the gap maybe? No it was to reverse which hand he was holding on with putting his back to the sea. "If we don't do it now hey could rob us of this tomorrow. Why wait?" Maybe he was listening to the fine message that Champ delivered when he knocked on the door. Only one way to find out if the bet would pay out and that was just putting the money on the table sometimes. He grinned with a dark humor warning, "Don't fucking die on me. I'm full up on that this week, Champ."

The Bon-Vivant grins back, bright against the darkness of that humour. "I'll pencil it in for next Thursday!" he replies, and for a few seconds, quietly watches the looming water below them. It's fascinating, apparently -- the way it becomes more than simply a change of colour, or the way it begins to fill the entire view down there, perhaps. The scent of salt and ocean's carried on that wind toward them, now. It's just long enough some might start to worry before he follows suit again, leaning to trade one hand for the other so that he's facing upward as well. The movement lurches slightly as the bag shifts, pulling him a bit further to the side; the way he shifts to recover from it prevents further flipping, but does start another spiral, if slower. "I don't think I've got a slot for you dying today either," he decides, and yells upward toward that theoretical but invisible ceiling again, "Hey, room! Reverse the gravity!" About a heartbeat of uncertainty, and then another of slowing, then one of weightlessness before they're falling again, this time with the sea behind-- no, above them. Will the water fall too?

The Rogue could spend the day poking around the edges of that sentiment. What was important was for one? It was working and more importantly? Things slowed in terminal velocity instead of yanking them backward at concussive force. Well that was a nice change! And then? Oh yeah aaaaaaaall that water. Bending his elbow he leaned over, still grinning. Either this would work or it didn't. If it failed tomorrow would either be forgiving and drop them in their suites or it's be merciful and no make them live like trapped rats. "Thanks, I'll try not to disappoint you. Wouldn't be the best welcome on my part to offer to ya. Uhhhh," Ocean. lots of it. He looked over his shoulder squinting, "In theory I'm guessing we'll continuously fall at the same rate. Unless here's an ocean in this direction too which... makes no sense but neither does this room." He quint, letting the look of wonder take hold of his creativity there finding no apparent need to safe-guard himself with Bon-Vivant who brokered a kindness instead of a criticism. "Hey if we get crushed to death at terminal velocity between two oceans colliding in...maybe space? People are going to have a damn fucking hard time beating that. If we life - and we will - more so."