Log:As The World Falls Down

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As The World Falls Down
Characters  •   The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Explorer  •
Location  •  The Parlor
Date  •  2019-02-14
Summary  •  As Explorer awakens, Thrill-Seeker explains the newest horror of the Facility. And they both watch as many more of their friends die horribly. Takes place at the same time as Slasher Log: http://horrormu.com/index.php/Log:Ride_the_Lightning

The Thrill-Seeker sits on the edge of the couch. Rocking back and forth with her hands clasped under her chin. Eyes locked on the screen as the group faces Mahoney. "Run, just run, don't figh-" She is whispering to herself as Misty grabs the chain. "NO!" The explosion of sound is filled with despair. "No no no!" The words are whispered as she watches, unable to look away, as Misty is thrown into the wall. The sound effects make her cringe. "Ah fuck..." And she reaches up to scrub at her face and glances towards the hallway. She hadn't ever seen her face in the facility. Was she just another 'face' for her to cry over or...Slowly she got to her feet and grabbed the bottle of whiskey and her empty glass. Uncertain and yet hopeful she walked with them, pouring a glass, to mute the tv then stand and look down the hall. Watching and listening for any sound in the otherwise empty Facility.

{Misty} It takes a bit, honestly. Of course, while only ten minutes or so may pass here in the Facility, much more slides by in the 'real world.' Or is this the real world, and the island with its lodge and its fishgod monster thing and its murderhappy ghosts just.. some hideous nightmare? A particularly gruesome and painful nightmare, in this particular case. Which probably explains the yelp, and the subsequent groan that filters out into the hall from behind the door marked with a stylized, abstract-artsy compass. Another minute or so ticks past before the door opens, and 'Misty' -- albeit a Misty whose hair has suddenly gone deep chestnut brown, and grown quite a bit -- staggers out, dressed in pajamas and a robe. "Fuck... me..."

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker turns back to watch the goings on after a bit. In fact once five minutes has passed she is back to sitting on the back of the couch. Watching as the rest beat feet out of there. At least they get Misty's body out. Taking a gulp from the glass she shakes her head sadly. The tears begin to slide down her cheek. The memories of Kim may be fading, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. To nudge at her and remind her of the faux memories of sorority parties. "Fuck," She says and toasts the screen.

Mid-drink is when she hears the noise. It startles her that she inhales whiskey. Which causes a horrible coughing fit that The Explorer comes out onto. Thrill-Seeker is trying to control her coughs as she straightens up. Eyes wide and filled with tears from choking and feelings she stares for a moment. "Oh. Oh fuck. You're real..." She grates out with a few weaker coughs.

{Misty} The lights hurt. It's not as if her eyes actually have to adjust from the relative darkness of the tunnels which, to her mind, she was just in. Nor is there an actual, physiological reason for her head to be pounding -- it was 'Misty' that crashed brutally into a wall, after all, not her. And yet, she feels it. Psychosomatic symptomology, one could surmise. She squints, raises a hand to rub listlessly at a temple, and gives her head a little shake as she peers out into the common area. Her initial response is wry, and probably not particularly helpful. "What is real?" Now there's a question that probably every Facility inhabitant has asked themselves on occasions too numerous to count. A beat, as she drifts close enough to study her sole companion, for the moment. "Kimberly?"

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker gives a last cough and draws in a deep breath. Wiping eyes on her pajama sleeves she walks closer to Misty. There is an excitement in her movement that she is clearly raining in. That urge to rush forward and sweep people into hugs is still strong. When The Explorer says that name she smirks and blushes. "Well...kind of. I like to think I've been far more articulate. And, you know, capable of putting two thoughts together. But yeah...uhhh...y-you okay?" Now she does move closer. Glass of whiskey still in hand she holds it out.

{Misty} Whiskey is good. Even from a pace or two away, she can smell it. The toasted wood, the creaminess of vanilla with just the faintest trace of ginger, the lighter kiss of dried cherries. Her hands are still a little shaky, but she reaches forward for the glass, and immediately takes a long, searing swallow of its contents. There's a mild wince, but the warmth seeping almost immediately through her system is soothing enough to make it worth that initial burn. "Better," she manages, voice a touch scratchy. "I.." She blinks, hard, and her gaze whips over to the television set as Bastian's familiar voice snares her attention. "Is that...?" She spots Max up front next to Bastian, others trailing after. Scott. Finn. And, of course, "Danny?!" She bolts straight toward the television set, falling to her knees in front of it, setting aside the glass so she can tap on the screen. "Ohgod. Can they hear us? Danny! Get out of there!"

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker smiles in relief as Misty takes the glass. "I have a whole bottle," She says and jerks her thumb back at the couch. It's...well she hasn't made a horrible mess. There are blankets and pillows from her room piled up and around the couch. Big bowls of chips, popcorn, buffalo wings, and drinks surround the area. Someone has been camping out.

"They can't...it's like...we get to watch everyone in our own little horror movie," Thrill-Seeker follows Explorer to the television. Cringing in pain as she watches the pain on the others face. She feels it too, but has been watching the TV for a whole day. "It sucks...Here," And she picks up the bottle to refill the glass.

{Misty} Misty blanches, her hands curling into fists as they come to rest against the lower frame of the screen, watching in horror as rebar explodes out of Max's belly, then her chest. A choked sob rises to clog her throat, and she closes her eyes tightly, twisting her head away. She can't watch the life fade from her friend's eyes. Just can't. Kimberly's words have her shuddering, tensing. "Who the hell thought up that little tidbit of sadistic fuckery?" she demands. Not that the other woman will have an answer.

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker's eyes go to the screen and she blinks. A hand goes over her mouth and she stares. "Oh fuck...oh fuck..." Those seem to be fair assessments to what is going on. "I woke up and no more MTV. Just this. It's only been a day for me, but five for you. Time is...weird. You just died, but it sped up to this..." And she gestures at the screen with a shake of her head. "Max...damnit..." She rubs at her face. "Is she...I only recognized a few faces from here. I don't know who is going to come out those doors or not. It's been...well..." She trails off and takes a drink straight from the bottle. Nope. She isn't going to say she's glad to have company.

{Misty} Max's voice from the set has her, somewhat reluctantly, turning her gaze back around again to watch. This is difficult, of course, considering the tears welling up within her eyes. "She.. she should," is her response, though her voice is thick with emotion. "She was my sister, in.. well, in the life before this one." Lupe. Bella, to those outside the Hargreaves. That familial bond makes watching her fellow film student dying that much more agonizing. "Fuck," she hisses, then inexplicably, starts laughing through the tears. "She's gonna be pissed when she wakes up."

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker looks down the hallway as if expecting Max to burst from her room. Taking another quick sip she slips over the back of the couch to land on it more properly. At first when Explorer begins to laugh she eyes her worriedly. But the worry fades and she raises a brow, "Yeah? Pissed? Well...at least there's us now. Waking up alone fucking sucks," She says and curls her knees up to her chest. The bottle is set down and she picks up a chicken wing.

{Misty} "I can imagine," she muses, tearing her focus away from the screen. Watching Max die was bad enough, without having to witness the rebar that killed her being wrenched free from her lifeless body, too. She pushes back to her feet, stooping just long enough to retrieve her glass of whiskey, then joins Kimberly over on the couch. "Last time, I woke up and it was just me and 'Rado here." She pauses, furrowing her brow. "Huh. He held onto the name, from one lifetime to the next. Interesting. Anyway, yeah -- I was a bit of a mess. Started building this massive pillow fort with Lego caltrops scattered on the floor, a row of treadmills to slow down incoming attackers, the whole nine." The grin is more than a little wobbly, because all the feels still, but it's there. "I was determined that nobody was going to get me and force me back into some new identity to die all over again. Guess they managed to anyway, huh?"

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker is sitting on the couch in front of the tv. While not a pillow and blanket fort, there is enough of both to qualify. Mostly they're being used for excessive lounging. Or had been. On the side tables are cans of soda. Another six-pack of cherry coke sits on the coffee table. Along with big bowls of buffalo wings, popcorn, and chips. Nacho cheese doritos looks like.

"Held onto the name?" Thrills glances at the tv and then back. "Seems that rules around here change on a whim," She says before tearing another meaty chunk from her wing. Where she is laying on the couch gives her a decent view of the hall. And she keeps glancing from Explorer to it in anticipation.

{Misty} Considering that Explorer just theorized that Creepshow was likely to come tearing out of her room in a fit of well-deserved rage, it's understandable that Thrills keeps glancing toward the hall. 'Misty,' on the other hand, is zeroing her attention back in on the television, since there are people dear to her on that screen who are still very much in danger. Her lashes still wet with tears, she barely blinks as she watches, though she does have the presence of mind to answer the question posed. "He was called 'Colorado' in our previous lifetime, too -- the same one where Max was my sister."--

{Max} There is no eruption from Creepshow's room, no runty ball of rage storming out. If she's in there, she's staying in there. For now, at least.

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker slowly licks whiskey from her lips as she stares down the hall. "If it were me I'd want people to check on me...but this is all still so...wrong and weird. At least I get it now," She says as she tosses the bone of her wing onto a plate. Licking hot sauce from her fingertips she seems to consider the screen. As the treatment room is revealed, and Nails again, she sits up more. Knees still pulled to her chest she is, too, enraptured by the screen. "Fuck," She says as Evaline finds herself hit by Nails. "Fuck...this is bad...this is just..." And she hides her face, only for a few seconds, in her knees. Oh wait, nope. She's peeking.

{Misty} Poor Evaline. She was so envious of Misty's allure to Derek and Kirk, especially -- then, even with her 'competition' out of the way, died before she could pouncef*ck either one of them. Though, considering Derek has Misty's body secreted away in his room and is guarding it viciously against any who might try to cremate her, that would be one seriously awkward tryst. Ahem. Right! So, Explorer cringes again as she watches the violence and drama unfold on the screen, but despite the awful death of a young woman who (not that either of these two know it yet) will not emerge from one of the doors, she can't help but laugh at Colorado's outlandish threat. "God I love that boy."

{Kimberly} "Some of the things I've watched you guys do has been pretty hilarious...so it's not all bad," Thrill-Seeker says with a lopsided smile. Less and less she glances down the hall, instead watching the battle playing out on screen. She reaches for a coke and pops it open. "I hate to say it...but I'm glad I'm not alone anymore..." Her voice is soft as she says it, guilty even, as she glances at Explorer and then back to the screen. "By the way...I know the others had names they prefer here...do you?"

{Misty} "Mm. I know some people have decided on names that they feel 'fit' for them, here," she murmurs, the tiniest crinkle appearing near the bridge of her nose as she scrunches it up, just a little. "Danica, for example, calls herself 'Cassandra' here. Which.." Okay, yeah, that has her grinning again. "Is liable to make things really confusing for that poor girl, if she shows up here," she concludes, pointing at the Cassandra on screen. "Me, though? I usually just answer to whatever name people knew me as, before. Nothing's really grabbed hold of me and shook me like a rag doll and shouted, 'Hey! I'm your name!' yet, you know?"

{Kimberly} "YEAH!" Thrills shouts at the screen as Nails gets a beat down. "That's the ticket, boys," She says, once more on the edge of the couch. She reaches for a chip and idly snacks on it as she watches the bat lift and fall again. Bastian stab a spike home. But something seems to come to her. "Shit...they're all focused on Nails. Freak was in there too..."

{Misty} Explorer winces sharply, her relief at seeing Nails taking a solid beating quickly dissipating as the monster manages to take Bastian down with him. "Fuck," she breathes, glancing again toward the hallway -- specifically, toward the door she knows is Creepshow's. There's sympathy in her expression, right alongside the grief. "At least she didn't have to see it."

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker glances at Explorer and then back at the screen with a frown. Lips thinning she doesn't fight the tears. Kim liked Bastian. No, she liked Bastian. No...she puts her face in her hands and lets out a frustrated breath. "Fuck...should...I go and check on them? I feel like I should..." Slowly she uncurls and takes a bracing gulp from the whiskey bottle. It's coming with her though.

{Misty} "It's... usually best to let people come out of their rooms when they're ready. Everyone reacts to the awakening in their own way," Explorer cautions quietly, even though her gaze remains locked on the screen as the group works to deal with Freak, once and for all. Absently, likely without even realizing she's doing it, she raises a hand and rubs gingerly at her own throat.

{Kimberly} The Thrill-Seeker turns back to the screen in time to see what happens. And she drops the bottle as her hands go to her face. "NO! NO!" She screams at the TV. It is only a moment before liquid splashes onto her foot and she is grabbing up the bottle. Shoving her hand against her mouth to keep from sobbing and making a scene. Well...more of a scene. "Finn...not Finn..."

{Misty} The Explorer, perhaps oddly given her oft-tempestuous nature, does not shout, or respond to the fatalities displayed in such ghastly fashion on screen with violence of her own. She simply closes her eyes, swallows hard. Mere moments pass before tears begin to slip from beneath her lashes, and roll slowly downward over her cheeks.