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Are you okay, Flick?
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Amy Lester  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Cash's Car
Date  •  2019-10-23
Summary  •  Felicity, Silver, Ashley, Amy, Jade and Spear drive back to the Marchants' after the battle. Felicity Lies to the others about what happened to Cash. Amy wrestles with the morality of what she did.

Felicity is looking... well not quite like she's in shock, more like she is holding off being in shock by sheer force of will. For those who notice such things, she's not wearing the bracelet or the ring. She does, however, have Cash's car keys and she holds these out towards AShley. "Are you okay to drive? I... I don't think me driving would be a good idea, right now." She sounds detatched. All her usual sparkle is just gone and there are a few tear tracks on her cheeks. If Ashley takes the keys she turns and starts trecking back towards where they left the cars.

Silver had been standing on her own while the rest of the crowd had paired off to console each other. But even watching the place burn she noticed the other lone figure and her heart suddenly ached. "Felicity," She says her name softly as she had approached. There was a pain and understanding in Silver's eyes though she doesn't know the true horror yet. But she knows something happened. She felt it. "I'm sorry," She whispers as they walk.

"I'll drive," Amy says quietly. She needs something to focus on for a second and well, Ash might have other things on her mind too. "Let me ..." she reaches for the keys herself. She'll be quiet, either way, for a bit.

Jade follows after. "Where are we going?" he says. "My place is safe. We can clean up and... and I don't know. Take stock." The gore has dried on him and his leather. He's a mess. He's simply ditched the rest of the molotovs and flare guns, keeping only a stake just in case.

Ashley stares at the keys for a moment before taking them into her trembling hand. Hector was dead - her new brother. Cash was dead - her twin brother. The person she had shared a life with since the womb. The person she should have felt when something had happened to him. But she didn't. That Freeland resolve is holding firm for now. What is she going to tell their parents? Without even realising it, Amy has taken the keys and Ashley finds herself in the passenger seat. When she can finally speak it is to ask, "Are you okay, Flick?"

Felicity nods to Silver. "I'm sorry, too." Once they reach the car, she drops her backpack into the trunk, though before walking away, she opens it, looking for something and just stares for a moment, finally pulling out a bic lighter. "I'm not injured." Well, that's a useful response. She climbs into the center of the back seat and puts on the lap belt, though that seems to be more autopilot for her than anything else. She takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Jade's house is probably best. I think most of my clothes are there at this point anyway. I... may need a different room, though." It's like she's ticking little boxes off in her head.

Silver glances up and over at Jade. Her expression is stark and she looks worn out. Older maybe than she should. She only nods agreement to his statement. As they move to Cash's car she seems at a loss for words. Perhaps that is for the best. As she climbs in, she settles in on the other side of Felicity. She is slim and doesn't take up a lot of seat space anyway. After a moment of hesitation she holds her arms out to Felicity and says quietly, "Can I give you a hug please? Cause I think I really need one right now." Everyone else is holding it together? Well then Silver is here to throw being reserved to the wind. Her brothers just died. She -did- feel it. There is a price to pay for touching the spirit realm. It's finally come time to pay.

Amy's in the driver's seat, and she's starting up the car. Funnily enough she's driven Cash's car before. He's had it in at Lester Auto from time to time, and she's taken it for a test drive after some work was done. Though ever since that time Cash ended up doing the repairs himself and just coming to the shop for parts. She's on the road in short order, driver's side window down, elbow up on the door as she drives. She kinda just stares at the road, vaguely listening to the voices around her, quiet for the time being.

"Yeah," Jade says, "we'll get you a new room. You won't even have to go into the old one." He starts to clasp Felicity on the shoulder, then eyes his own bloodied hands and stops himself. It would be unseemly to smear vampire ichor about willy-nilly, and in times of crisis and loss, Jade's go-to is decorum. "When we get there, whoever wants to can grab a shower and we can hang out in my room, or whatever."

Ashley is still covered by the blood of the first vampire that Amy killed. She's made no attempt to remove it. That would seem disrespectful to her brother right now. She nods blankly to Felicity's reply that she is not hurt; it's not what she was asking about but she will take it for now. Ashley watches Amy as they drive, slowly reaching out to place a hand on her thigh and give it a consoling squeeze. Happy to let it rest their for now. "A shower...yes...good idea. We'll go to Jade's place."

Felicity stuffs the lighter into her pocket and then gives Silver a hug, or at least accepts one. She's still stiff and cold and a little robotic. Once the hug is accomplished, she settles back and reaches almost automatically for her bracelet... which isn't there. She ends up staring at her wrist like it's betrayed her, somehow. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I tried. I wasn't enough." It's a broken little whisper.

Silver isn't some whimpy hugger. She holds on tight and buries her head and maybe sniffles a little bit. Yep, that's a wet spot. Silver does release and turn away before she gets Felicity's shirt any wetter. Putting a hand over her mouth to stiffle the sob as she leans forward in her seat. "W-wasn't your f-f-fault...it...it w-wasn't," She stutters after a moment. "It's my fault. Y-you wo-wouldn't have be-been there if...if..." Her stuttering takes over and she stops fighting, just putting her face in her hands.

Amy's focus is on the road and yet not. Her eyes somewhat distant, her mind clearly elsewhere. It's a good thing it's a more or less open road with little traffic at this point. That touch to her thigh snaps her back into the moment, blinking and slowing down a touch as she sucks in a breath. It's not comfortable. She's covered in drying vampire gore too, mostly over her back and right hand side. She glances sidelong at Ash, a brief tilt of her head. "We heard -- the gunshots." She says openly. "If it weren't for people going around the back I think we would've gotten caught on the stairs. It ... I." A pause. "I don't know." She says quietly. She's not really a great at comforting.

Jade goes quiet. He looks out the window as traffic goes by. It's over. It came at a cost, but it's over. For the moment, he just tries to wrap ihs head around that.

"Enough everyone." Ashley's tone as firm and commanding as she can make it. "The only thing at fault is Skankula. She is the //only// one responsible for the deaths that happened. I don't want to hear anything anymore about it being the fault of any of us. If you start believing that rubbish then we can go back hundreds of years and blame each of our families for existing. And that's just silly. We all did what we had to do because of Skankula. We all lost what we have lost because of Skankula. But we beat her in the end, so don't let those who sacrificed everything be diminished by pointless self-blame games." Ashley's stubborness in full effect as she hides her own grief to be the 'strong' one.

Felicity takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, more in control again, or like she's finished doing some math only she can see. "I... Hector was part of the group rushing the guys in the rooms. We thought they only had shotguns, but one had a back-up pistol as well and shot him in the chest. There wasn't much that could be done about it. I was guarding the retreat. Cash was trying to keep Hector from bleeding out. There was a guy hiding under some stuff in the room, waiting until everyone left to come out. Cash managed to shoot him with the gun that killed Hector, but not before the guy stabbed him. I couldn't get there in time." Yeah, she's back to robot mode. Cold. So cold. So controlled. Until that last sentence and then she just starts sobbing.

Silver is quiet in her tears, but oh they fall. And she keeps her hands over her face. In the backseat the sound of her taking deep, shakey breaths, is loud. It is Felicity's cold retelling that helps her to focus. To regain some composure. With a sniffle she looks up at the woman who had chosen her brother. "Ooohh.." It isn't quite a groan, but it is close. And her hand goes, without thinking, to take and squeeze Felicity's own. "I f-felt them go. And they're g-gone. I can't find them," She turns to look at Spear. "Their spirits didn't linger...or I've gone blind to that side." Wouldn't that be a blessing?

Nothing like heartbroken crying to wake up a Thistle. Well, Spear has undoubtably heard a lot of it - he lives in a funeral home. He starts blinking, and smacking his lips, rubbing a hand over his face. He looks like a bit of a mess, possibly less so than other people, because he has been partly in the other world the whole time. Now he says thickly "They're gone onto the next stage. No ghosts."

Amy's got to focus on driving. It's easy, feeling hollow herself after the night's events. The battle's done, and they won. They're the winners. This is winning. Felicity's words do cause a bit of a sigh from her, a tear or two rolling down her face. She's been driving fast. Faster than she should, probably. Soon the familiar landmarks of the city are all around them and soon enough, the familiar Marchant Manor. She pulls up outside and kills the engine, just sitting there a moment.

Jade squeezes Spear's hand. "It wasn't for nothing," he says quietly. "Without those guys, we would've been ambushed, and now it's over. Fran's gone, and she's not going to hurt anyone ever again." He's in no particular hurry to bustle everyone into the house, himself, and he just sits there a moment, too. Finally, he says, "We're going to Vegas still. They'd want us to go, and we'll celebrate them." Then he gets out of the car, and he gestures for people to follow. He has snuck in late at night so many times he knows how to get everyone inside and to his suite without anyone seeing their ichor-coated selves.

Ashley sits in stoic silence as the death of her brothers is related by Felicity. Guns. Why didn't they bring guns themselves? Cash was stabbed...that must have been horrible. She can't help but feel that pain for a moment. The hollow feeling in her soul brought on by the unfillable loss of a twin. She too sits there for a moment once the car has stopped. "Everyone played their part and they did what they needed to do to win" she states as calmly and coolly as she can. That they have moved on to a (hopefully) better place does give her some comfort. Though it is doubtful it will give her parents comfort. She looks to Amy and offers her a slight smile while reaching out to wipe away those tears.

Felicity has well and truly broken now. Can't talk. Too busy crying. If you tug her, she'll probably follow, once you get her out of her seatbelt, but she's just not able to do much or think about much anymore. After a bit she starts... counting? "One" *gulp* "One" *sniff* "Two, three" *hiccough* "Five, eight..." *sob* "Thirte.... fuck."

Silver finally drops the hands from her mouth. Wiping at her face with the sleeve of her jacket. The same one she was wearing when grabbed. It is a bit charred and she smells like smoke, but she has little actual blood on her. "I could b-b-ake some cookies...I'll t-take the last shower. I d-don't need one bad as y-you guys," She's calming down, but her stutter still tries to linger. Turning to Felicity she leans in to help her out of the belt, tugging gently on her arm as she climbs out of the car. Feet feeling like lead weights, she still moves to put an arm around her sister-in-law's shoulders. The tears continue to fall even though the sobs have stopped.

Spear steps in, and he peels off a blood stained leather jacket. He clears his throat, looking at it, then he looks aruond for a plastic bag. If he can find one, he just dumps the mess in it. There goes at least a month of mortiican's wages - nothing compared to the loss of his brother, and his ex and...well. He looks sideways at Felicity. Then down at the ground. Finally he says "Let's not have any baking until we've all washed." He frowns at the floor "Man. I kinda wanna bump. Okay. Can. Uh. I'm sorry. Guys? What happened to Arthur, in the end? I didn't feel anything, but, er, I don't think vampires count."

Getting out of the car, Amy offers Ashley a brief, reassuring smile. She's okay. "Come on." She says quietly. She's quiet further while they get inside. In her shorts and singlet, most of the bloody mess is on her skin. And a lot of it is now on Cash's car. "Arthur got what he wanted. He's one of them, yeah." She says quietly to Spear. "Swindon is going to help Arthur, I guess. I dunno what that's about." She looks around. "I need to clean this off of me," she says quietly.

Jade's cat isn't there at the moment, and that's probably for the best, since his response to showers is usually to serenade loudly. Tired of waiting for Jade to get home, Meezer has gone off to Mona's room to pool with her three floufs. "Shower's this way," Jade says as he gestures to his en suite bathroom. It's huge. The shower can easily fit two people comfortably, and there's a bathtub with jets. Jade takes his leather off in the bathroom, where the tile floor can handle the ichor, and he washes up as best he can at one of the dual sinks. Then he says, "I'm going to get plastic bags and clothes and probably grab one of the other showers. You guys make yourselves at home."

"Well, man, fuck him for wanting to become a vampire and poor Zane," mutters Spear "Guess it's nice to know that in a few decades he'll be fine _murdering people_. I'm really just...poor Zane." Poor a lot of people, but he adds "That's just...it's a thing." He takes a breath, and then he nods to Jade, and he washes off regardless of who is in the room. He has just about zero body modesty. Also, well. He was locked up with Ashley for a bit over a week. He knows she is not going to freak out at him having to get blood off "Jade? If you need to rest, I'll come and make sure you have water," he says. And then he looks at Silver. Trying to hide his relief that _she_ lived.

Ashley nods to Amy's words about Arthur. "He turned on Skankula. Guess he still had some humanity left. Not sure how long it will last though. And, let's not forget, that Swindon is bound to that magic rock for a reason." Why would she trust the creatures that are responsible for the death of her brother? She follows the crowd inside, leaving as few bloody footprints as she can, before heading into the ensuite. Ashley and Amy can always shower together. There won't be any shenanigans, but definitely some holding. Does this mean they will be clad in Jaden Marchant monogrammed dressing gowns afterwards? Still, Ashley continues to try and hold it together...she has to think of a story for her parents. And the police.

"Twenty...one. Thirty four." Yeah, Felicity is broken. She's back to crying now. Fortunately, she's actually got almost no blood on her, so she doesn't really need to wash. "Fifty five." She just sits on the couch, staring at nothing, crying occasionally broken up with numbers. "Eighty nine." If Silver sits next to her, she'll lean against her pseudo-sister-in-law and eventually fall asleep, kind of clinging to the other girl.

Silver cringes at Spear's question. "He's one of them," She says softly. "But he attacked Fran. I -knew- we could fight back." Some small moment of vindication is there and gone again. "You were right, Spear. Ruth's a wrinkled old prune, I shouldn't have dismissed you on that!" And she sounds angry at herself, scowling through her tears. Keeping her arms around her she steers her to the couch. And the snags the top blanket from Jade's bed. Moving over to the couch to pull it around the both of them. There's no words in times like these. But being present? That can help. Silver looks over at her brother, not hiding the grief in her eyes. They'll be red and puffy in the morning. "Spear....I love you," She says simply, as she wraps an arm around Felicity. Resting her head against hers and closing her eyes. Really it is only for a second...that exhaustion of the last 36 hours claims without regard for her wanting to stay awake.

Amy doesn't have much more to say right now. She's heading straight to the shower. Ashley or no Ashley! She doesn't care who else is in the bathroom, who else is watching. She doesn't close the door. She peels off her clothes and is under the water immediately. Amy's got experience in showering away blood. But not like this. And not this much.

Jade makes sure everyone has what they need, then falls asleep.

Spear cleans himself up, then gets into some fitting silk pyjamas. Not Jade's! Because of course the Marchant has some that will fit _him_ now, in the house. He helps put Jade to bed, and then he checks on Silver and Felicity before coming back out and running his hand through his hair "Ugh," he says under his breath.

Ashley is definitely showering with Amy. She needs the hugs...and they can do mutual checks on where there is still blood to wash away. And brains. And little white bits that Ashley does not wish to identify. At least Jade's dressing gowns are silk and quite comfortable. She will sit on the end of the bed, hopefully Amy is nearby, contemplating her life now.

There is that presence of one another, a quiet assurance, even if not much is spoken. Surely there will be eventually. She is nearby after the shower, clad in one of those gowns, running a brush through her hair. "I wonder how long until the fire is reported and services get out there," she says quietly.

Spear comes back in to see the others, and he says - mostly to Amy - "Ashley and I spent so long with nothing to do but sleep and talk, that I don't really want to sleep right now." And then he says "Well, I don't...know. I'm not great about. Organised things." He interlaces his long, thin fingers and then he looks at them, before saying to Ashley "I'm really sorry, Ash."

"Given how far out and that it was county, not city and how little was around it... hours, maybe days unless it turns into a wildfire or one of us reports it. They chose it for a reason." Hey, look, someone dropped a quarter in Felicity by asking a quantifiable question. At least it stopped the random numbers. She's still just kind of leaning against Silver, eyes closed, though. And her voice sounds dead.

"Thanks" Ashley replies to Spear in a cold, tired tone. Summoning up what could be a smile if she could bring any warmth into it. Not that she doesn't want to, but she just can't find it in herself at the moment. Things seem to be catching up with her. "He had a gun but was still stabbed?" A shake of her head but she won't get mad at her dead twin. Though that will probably come later. An arm around Amy to pull her close in a side hug. "You're incredible. Thank you." A nod towards Felicity. "You can't see the house from the road. Maybe someone will see the glow of the fire at some point. Find the bodies..."

Amy puts her arm around Ash in turn and shakes her head a little. "I was alright." She says with a swallow. "I ... am not really sure how I feel about what I did. I'm still. Processing." She glances up at the sound of Felicity's voice, blinking a little. "Yeah. Maybe. I'm sorry Ash. I don't really ... know what to say. I didn't know Cash as well I should have maybe."

Spear says "I don't care if it burns to the ground. Fuck those fuckers. Hector and Cash can have a pyre. I'll set up a proper shrine for them at home. But everything else can burn." He takes a breath, and then he says to Amy "You were totally bad-ass. All the Lesters were. I don't..." He hesitates. Flicks a gaze towards Ashley and Felicity, and then frowns, quietly "The rest of us, our blood's thin. You especially were good." He sighs, and he puts his chin in his hand, and he says "Those goons were pretty rough, though, Ashley. They might have had knives. And Hector. He was always a...big goof."

"He was trying to stop Hector from bleeding out. I don't think he was really focussing on what else was going on. So he had a gun near him, but he had to grab for it and didn't get it in time." Felicity's voice continues to be flat. That is her story about what happened and she will be sticking to it.

"You don't have to say anything" Ashley whispers in reply to Amy. "He loved you for loving me, and you being with me is more than enough to help me. And if I can help you with what you're going through, then you know I will give my all. I can't begin to understand what you're going through but know that you're a heroine to me...to all of us." She looks at Felicity with some curiosity. "So, Cash was trying to stop Hector bleed out but this guy snuck up on him and that all happened. When did Hector bleed out? You were there, didn't you try to stop the blood too? Sorry, you've been through a lot. It's not important. What is important is that we all get through this together. Support each other." A beat. "Get our stories straight."

"I just. It doesn't seem fair that the moon is out or whatever. I still feel ... pissed. But also dealing with ... everything. It's weird." She leans against Ash, pulling her close. "I don't know what to do. I'm not good at ... after. And I've never killed anyone before." She blinks a little, glancing at Ash and then back at Felicity, just looking between the two of them a moment.

Felicity actually looks up. "Let me rephrase. Cash was trying to stick his shirt into the giant, gaping chest wound that Hector had after Hector had already died because Cash was not willing to admit that. I was guarding the backdoor and was thus down the hall without a direct line on sight. I heard Cash yell. I ran to help. I was too late. Cash was almost gone by the time I made it to the doorway. They cut his juggular. His shot went up through the top of the guy's head. I was about half-way down the hall when I heard it." And then she's crying again. "I... I covered the bodies and took his keys because... because we needed to be able to get away. And.. I left the bracelet and the ring and... I thought we'd have time to get them, but I needed to make sure there wasn't anyone else coming in behind you all. And then the place was on fire. I'm sorry."

Spear says suddenly "Felicity, you never have to tell anyone about things. You don't need to say sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you lost two people. Hector was my brother, and Cash was my...ex. But it's not the same."

"We have to figure it all out together" Ashley consoles Amy, wrapping her arms around her. "You're not a murderer, honey. You did what was needed for us to survive. I'll help you through it. I promise." A nod to Felicity's expanded explanation. It must be true - her sister would never lie to her. "Spear's right, you don't need to say 'sorry'. This was all Skankula's doing and she's been punished." Her eyes narrow a little. "Did you see that girl vampire who was with the big guy that Amy decapitated? She jumped out of the window. Though I guess with Skankula dead, she'll be human again?"

"I know I'm not a murderer, that's not the ... point. I still killed someone. People who walked and talked and ... I dunno. That doesn't settle so easily." She glances to Felicity and then back to Ashley. "Yeah. Just rest, Felicity. Don't worry about us we're all just." Just that. Amy doesn't explain what they're just. "I dunno. Fran and that other guy are both gone. Maybe they'll become human again. Maybe. But Arthur isn't. It's Swindon's blood maybe that got 'em." She glances up at Spear too, just watching him a moment.

Felicity sniffles and closes her eyes again, still leaning against Silver. She's back to crying and murmuring numbers until she eventually falls asleep. "two, three, five, seven, eleven, thirteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty three..." mumble, mumble, zzzz...

"That's...an upside. Maybe a whole bunch of people are now...human," says Spear, slowly "Maybe people who should be dead. And. They might need help. Hmm." He frowns. Jade wants to go to Las Vegas. But Spear _likes_ other people, and helping them. And Cash is gone. His brown eyes well up suddenly with tears "I can't believe Hector didn't stick around to say goodbye," he says, bewildered "I would go haunt _him_. Maybe he decided to go with Cash. I guess that makes sense. It's so crazy. All that...true love stuff..." He watches Felicity fall asleep, and he says "I suppose that's not primes? Or is it. Maybe it is."

"They were monsters, Amy, not people. It was us or them. You didn't kill anyone, you killed a giant cockroach." Ashley knows that it will be hard to convince Amy of anything at the moment...if ever...so she will leave that line of conversation alone for now. "But you're right. Why didn't Arthur turn human again when Skankula was killed? If it was Swindon that turned him then we need to kill Swindon to free him. And why the heck is the principal of our skull murdering students and what are we going to do about it? Wherever Hector and Cash are now, I have to believe they're happy."

"Giant cockroaches don't talk back, Amy. They were people once." Amy says quietly. She doesn't know about the numbers, really. "I'm pretty sure if Swindon could be killed then Swindon'd be dead by now. That's the whole point of the rock and everything. It was that bottle of blood. I'm guessing it wasn't Fran's, that's all. I don't know anything. They've all been here all our lives and it wasn't until Fran showed up everything happened. I think it's over, Ash. And Arthur is just ... whatever he is now." A blink and she looks up at Spear. "Do ghosts really get a choice?" She wonders in a vague tone. It's something to talk about rather than her vivid images of cutting off heads.

"It's not quite like that. Ghosts go where their will directs them," says Spear, and he rubs the back of his neck "So...uh. Liberace is still wandering around in Vegas - mostly because he doesn't want to be publically remembered as gay, right? HIV and AIDs. And he died upset about it. So he's stuck there until he either changes how he is remembered - or he comes to terms with it." He clears his throat "I know that if I died, I could direct my will to Hector and Silver to tell them to tell Jade - or you guys - anything Ashley and I found out while we were stuck. But it's possible that Hector and Cash were like 'Okay, everyone knows what they gotta, let's go'."

Ashley is sticking with the subject change rather than argue with Amy about the humanity of those things she killed. Not tonight. Instead they shall talk about ghosts. Much cheerier. A look of surprise that Liberace is haunting Las Vegas. "Didn't he die in California?" Ghosts aren't tied to places either - all news to her. "We weren't going to die, Spear. They wouldn't dare." She places her head against Amy's, closing her eyes for a moment. Not even noticing the tears that trickle down her cheeks. "I love you, Amy."

"You're the ghost expert," Amy says gravely, with a nod of her head. "I don't know why they wouldn't make sure we won or whatever. I feel like I'd want to know, if I ..." she trails off and doesn't say it, just leaving that there. "I guess I have no idea. No one was supposed to die." She holds Ashley close, reaching up a hand to brush away those tears. "Same," she says quietly, like she always does. "Whatever you need Ash. I don't know what to do but I'm here. I love you too."

"Yes, but he is tied there. I don't really know all the details. Maybe because of the performances," says Spear, thoughtfully. He frowns, then he says "It's like they just shut off. Both Silver and I felt it happen - I mean. We felt. Uh. Hector. Because of the blood. Cash was...Cash was a surprise." He clears his throat, and he rubs the center of his chest "I still had some stuff to work out. I mean. I didn't. Er. I was kinda mean to him. Occassionally?" He then says "No one was supposed to die. I might ask Jade if Felicity can come with us? To New York."

"What do you mean that Cash was a surprise? What blood?" Ashley's eyes wide open again now even as she snuggles in against Amy. "Cash knew that you weren't deliberately mean, Spear. He knew that his actions towards you were not the best and he understood your upset. One of the things you could always count on with Cash was that he would find the things that //he// did wrong and make sure he accepted the responsibility." A quirk of a brow. "You want to take Felicity to New York? I guess that's up to her but she's my sister too. Christ...I'm going to hve to find out where Hector and Cash were moving to and sort all of that out." She looks to Amy. "Unless you and I want to take it now?"

Amy's just quiet now, listening to Spear with a little but of confusion. This ghost stuff is a whole mystery to her. She didn't believe in anything really, until like a month ago. "Take what." She wonders, looking at Ash a little puzzled. "Their place? I don't know where it even is. It's not something to work out now, yeah?"

Spear spreads his hands "Our abilities come from being Prodigals. I felt Hector. I didn't think I would feel Cash, but it's like Felicity said - it happened a short while afterwards. Thistles, we don't, uh, go into medicine. Because you can feel someone crossing over if they're close to you, and...we're not as afraid of death. But sometimes. People are sad?" He is sad. It shows in his voice "And there's nothing we can do to help them. I mean, we could help. You guys - since you'll listen? But normal people are going to think we're mocking them or something. Anyway. It's a really stupid 'power'." He then says to Ashley "You don't have to. Sort things out, I mean. Maybe we can, you know. Maybe we can just deal with the fact we all went in to fight vampires. And let non-prodigal humans 'sort it out'. For a bit. It isn't up to us. We're tired. And two of us are dead."

"Yeah, not something to work out now" Ashley agrees with Amy there. And also agrees with Spear about how tired they are. She hasn't allowed herself any tears yet - those a moment ago escaped without her permission - and maybe her stubborness still expects Cash to walk in at any moment. "Two of us are dead" she repeats softly, letting it sink in at last. "I might try and get some sleep. Big day tomorrow when I go home." A kiss to Amy's cheek. "I think we have this bed" she says with some amusement.

"Dead." Amy repeats with a shake of her head. "I'm sorry, both of you. For Hector and for Cash. I'm sitting here worrying about what I did and people are dead. But I don't know if I can sleep right now. Fucking moon. At least you can do something with your 'power' Spear. I just get angry and hit people, especially when the moon's out. Sure, when there's people need hitting around it's handy, but it sucks for every other part of your life."

"Yeah, honestly, as much as it was nice spending time with you, Ash, I'm going to go crash on Jade," says Spear "He's skinny, but he makes a nice pillow and amusing complaining noises." He interlaces his hands "Um. 'I just' saved our lives, - I mean, your 'I just'. I know some other folks feel...a bit impotent. We wouldn't have other bits of our lives without you." He then frowns "Man, I am gonna be _weird_ to live with."

"Sure, it was useful on a night like to tonight. But how useful was it for I dunno, all of highschool, Spear?" Amy says with a shake of her head. "I mean, you know what it was like. I've always been 'that bitch' or whatever." She offers with a shrug of her shoulders. "Besides. I ... did what we had to do but I never wanted to kill anyone. Even vampires. God, what if I get so angry I really hurt someone, some day."

"Well, maybe you should totally go into crime fighting. You'd be a great super hero," says Spear, thoughtfully, his eyes vague as they look up at the ceiling "I dunno. I know what it was like. But like...it's better than. Havin' no useful powers. And dying. Still, maybe, umm. Maybe I can strengthen what I can do. I don't know." He does add, firmly "Vampires don't count - I mean, they might to you. But. _Mystically_? They don't. I didn't feel them die, because they were already dead. Arthur kinda. Wigged me out though."

"Maybe you didn't feel it mystically but I felt that blade go through that guy's neck. Fran's too. Like," she sighs a little, shaking her head. "I know they're not human or whatever. I get it, I don't know. It's just messing me up. Vampires count as something. I've never killed something I can hold a conversation with." A pause. "Maybe I should go for a walk or something. Clean out the car." It's still got vampire bits all over the seats still, no doubt.

"Oh, man, no, let's. Let's not. Split the party," Spear pauses, and he pulls a weird face "Yeah, Ashley won't like it if you go away right now. Maybe you could use the pool with her? Just. Like. Yeah, maybe don't let her be alone. She's lost her twin like a couple of weeks after being kidnapped. And we were, erm. It wasn't great, you know? I'm sure you know. I don't know. Maybe I'm just angry at Arthur. _Ugh_." He runs his fingers through his hair.

"Maybe. I've got all this energy to burn and I'm angry at everything." Amy says with a frown, nodding a little. Spear's not wrong about not leaving Ash alone. "She was going to force it anyway. He made it easier, I guess. We were lucky we got there in time at all, I suppose, that it was just Arthur. Of all the people it happened to, at least it was someone who wanted it? I don't fucking know."

Ashley had drifted off on Amy's shoulder but she suddenly wakes with a start. She frantically looks around before she realises where she is and can breathe a sigh of relief. "Sorry, I nodded off." She did say she was going to sleep but she didn't think it was going to be that quick. "Everyone still okay?" she asks, giving Amy a squeeze. "It's a full moon, isn't it. You must be so hyper."

"There's like, a pool here," says Spear, again "You could swim here. Or stuff? I don't know. I haven't even been in all the rooms. I like Jade, but I can't wrap my head around all the money." He frowns as Amy speaks "Yeah, she was gonna. And she was just gonna _eat him_." A big sigh, and then he says "I might go and find Jade. I feel kinda, you know. Weird and upset and sad. But we _all_ do, so there's that. I'm sorry, both of you."

"Maybe. I don't have any spare clothes anyway. Knowing this family there's probably a whole gym or something." Amy ventures, giving Ashley a small smile. "Yeah. Now that the fight's over I've got all my energy back. And I'm still trying to figure out. You know. Everything." She looks at Spear. "Yeah. Go find Jade. We'll be fine. I ... Spear? I'm really sorry. For everything, you know."

Ashley extricates herself from Amy to give Spear a hug. "We all feel that way, Spear, but we're on the other side now. We won. It may not feel like it and the cost was high, but we won." Sometimes it sounds like she is trying to convince herself as well as others. She considers a moment before squeezing Amy's hand once more. "Let's go for a skinny dip. I think it would be relaxing. It might help calm our minds."

"Trust me, the staff aren't gonna say anything," Spear says dryly to Amy "I've only just started realisin' what money can do." He nods, though, and then he hugs Ashley, tightly, and he says "Yep. On the other side." A pause "We'll all meet up again, later anyway. After death, I mean." Morbid! And he moves away to go find Jade and collapse.