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Animal Farm
Characters  •   KissThisThen  •  Timmy  •  Faustina  •
Location  •  Storage Area
Date  •  2019-12-27
Summary  •  Faustina lets some savvy look over books and equipment for their departments.

There's a series of storage rooms here, close to the loading bay. As the haul brought in has been counted, it's ben distributed into these rooms by type. This particular room is full of glassware and other scientific equipment - weights, measures, scales, one section is chemicals and other ingredients in labelled bottles and jars. Faustina has a list in a file and has told Timmy to meet her here.

Timmy is trying terribly hard to contain her excitement. And her shortness of breath. Neither particularly successfully. Her attempt at dignity is foiled by her quick steps and obvious excitement. She gazes at Faustina with such hope in her eyes.

Faustina looks up as she hears Timmy enter. "Tell me which pieces should be disbursed to the lab. This is not your personal claim. This is what your lab will use. Do be aware that the biologists and some of the other Etherites also need to use some of the equipment, so claim what you will be using, not extras. The labs can claim first. If there are items left, only Etherites will be allowed to claim them as personal shares."

Timmy nods, "The two largest retorts... those are the big round things with the bent sort of pipe thing coming off, and the largest tripod, which you really want if you are using those retorts. We don't have anything as big or as good and we can make larger batches with them. Several of these mesh things in various sizes. Any of these thingies you can spare, though I'm betting kitchens and the fortunate may want them, so if you could just snag on or rwo of the larger ones? And and many of these stopper things as kitchens can spare us, assorted sizes. At least one each size. We always need more of them and these are better than we can make. As much tubing as you can spare. I know Agriculture will want most of it for the drip systems, but at least two your body length's worth would be a help. any of the other glass ware things people don't claim.... Oh! And this thing if physics doesn't take it. They may need it more than we do, so give them dibs. One set of weights and a balance. One set of the metal spoons."

She looks like a kid in a candy store as she studies the chemical labels. "Really any of these chemicals they don't absolutely need in biology, but especially..." She starts pointing things out. "This? We can't really make safely or easily. Also this, this, this, and these over here. I'm pretty sure no one uses this one over here but us. I've never seen this, this, and that one over there, so really, they should go to us because we have the best chance of figuring out what they are for." They tap a canister. "You'll want to ask Ag if they want this in this form or if they want it sent to us to turn into something easier to mix with fertilizer." She looks at Faustina, "I know I'm being greedy. It's just... You can't imagine how rare these things are and how hard to make."

Faustina takes notes as quickly as Timmy speaks, looking up occasionally just to be sure that she's seeing what Timmy is indicating. At the last comment, Faustina's lips twitch slightly. "I have a very active imagination. Also, Xavier is my brother and I am one of the people tasked with arranging for the replacing and acquiring of items and substances needed by Sanctuary. I think you will find that I am quite aware of how precious these resources are."

Timmy grins, "In front of us is a huge savings in time and resources." She hugs herself, "It is hard to make certain things safely r with the proper degree of purity. This could represent years of us being able to focus more on end products and higher quality products from our lab. I am really excited. It's hard not to babble."

Faustina nods once. "It was truly a stunning find. I do understand. It has significantly increased our chance of survival as a species." She looks over the room, seeming to mentally tally things. "Anything else in here? If not, we should go to the room of books."

Timmy smiles, "All of it. i wish i could take all of it home to the lab, but this is the really important stuff, not counting the books."

Faustina nods slowly. "I am afraid we must share and there are others with similar claim to yours. On to the books, then." The two are standing in a storage room near the loading bay. It is filled with the glassware, scientific equipment, and chemicals taken from the expedition, now counted.

It takes a moment or two, but then KissThisThen has appeared. He looks more or less clean, it has to be said, and is wearing his overalls with the huge pocket in front and nothing else. He is still carrying his billhook, though he is using it more as a stave as he arrives. Just to say "...hello, ermmm. Reagent. Hello Comptroller. How are things being. Divvied up?"

Timmy trots happily towards where they are keeping the books, "And Agriculture really does need the tubing. I bet they can use the partially deteriorated ones for the drip system even. You know what my favorite chemical reaction is?" She gives the reaper a friendly wave, "Working on it." She is breathing a little carefully, but her cough is improved, "Do you think Ag want their soil supplements raw, or premixed in sprayable or slow dissolve form?"

Faustina nods to Timmy's comment, then blinks slightly and nods to KTT. "Ah. Good. I need to know which things your particular program could use in prioritized order. I am speaking with the Savvy most likely to require items as we decide how they are to be distributed." She pauses. "This is not your personal share. This is what your program could use out of Sanctuary's portion."

"Hmm." That is all that KissThisThen says for a moment, then he says "Timmy, why don't you. Come by my place. We are harvesting mint soon. You need a cordial. I am sure that the Healing Hands will permit it." He frowns "Unless it inflames things further. How do you find menthols?" And then he says "Yes, deteriorated tubing actually works quite well, though plastics these days make me feel suspicious. Raw, please. We use very specific quantities. Unless you can mix to a slow dissolve recipe? There's one for mushrooms..." He scratches the side of his nose, and he says "Fine, fine. So. My program looks towards long term, future development. We will support any form of research that works slow and steady. But if you have, erm. Things we could use to test bases or acids?"

Timmy eyes KTT, "Is this some sort of pass?" Then she's cocking her head, "A little mint seldom goes amiss.... We could do you a slow dissolve stick. send us the specs and we'll work somthing out." She laughs softly, "Get this! They have boxes of stuff that tests ph... Ooo! Could you add a box of each type to our list, Faustina? The rest to Ag and Biology, I bet."

Faustina makes notes as the other two speak, leading them over to the storage room where the books are being kept. The science books take up a couple of shelves. "Please look these over and inform me which you would most like."

"Pass? To where?" asks KissThisThen, puzzled "We hold the same rank. I am not a Professor..." He nods, and then he says "The thing is, mushrooms are _extremely_ sensitive to ph and - really? That would be excellent. Yes, that would help. We know what each needs, but cabbage tests are a little, erm. They are not as fine as what is required and -" And now his eyes light up. He steps forward and starts scanning the books, rapidly. Always looking for ecology.

Timmy rushes right over to the chem and ap chem educator editions, gently caressing their spines, "These. These are ours. No one in all of Sanctuary needs these like we do. They are Everything." She touches a few others, "This Organic Chemistry book we need, but will happily share with biology. The Professor is sort of a bridge between disciplines and this book is too. We can maybe use it to improve our mimics." She promises earnestly, "We really will share if they want to look at it, but look." She opens it to show the diagrams and formulae inside, "This really is chemistry. It's sort of a what chemicals make up living things book." She walks along the shelves of scavanged library books, "These are likely all for the fortuneates.... This is... Okay, these three? Should go to the Savvy in common. They're cross-disciplinary and we could all use them. This set over here are outright chemistry and should go to us. These... Oh wow! Okay, these are books of types of experiments they thought their students could do at home. Please? Pretty please? We promise to share."

Faustina takes more notes after flipping through her prepared list to the book section. She nods. "You may take the chemistry books and the home experiments books, yes. I believe you may take those, now, if you would like. I have noted the ones you say should be shared."

"This book is biology. We need to split it with Healing Hands," explains KissThisThen "Er, the thing is...there's plant reproduction in here next to human. That's...odd." He picks up the book and flicks through it "Animal next to it, too. No mushroom...uh. Animals. Next to humans. Wait. Next to humans...because humans are animals?" He stares suddenly, being rather quiet.

Timmy's eyes go wide and she comes this close to darting in for an Xavierlike hug, but remembers in time and settles for bouncing on her toes and giving a squeal of delight, "Oh wow thanks! I mean that! I've been itching to play with these since you found them!" She reverently and carefully makes herself a pile. she eyes KTT, "Like fish? are you saying we are fish?"

Faustina doesn't seem bothered by being compared to animals. "I believe we are more like pigs." She notes down which books Timmy is taking, and then makes a note about the book KTT says should be shared. "I believe there are some other books which are more specifically about human biology on that shelf." She indicates the physiology books and some first aid books.

KissThisThen mutters "Look at this." He turns the book around to show Timmy a picture of a gorilla. A photo. "What...what do you make of that?" He glances at Faustina "Well, we do supposedly taste more like that." And then he says "These animals are from another place. But they think we...came from them at some point, a long, long time ago?" He frowns and he then says "Oh, yes. You're right. It's odd, there are references to farming. But it's as if...it wasn't as important as chemistry to them?"

Timmy nods, "Definitely more like pigs.... Certainly burnt human and burnt pig smell similar. Ive never eaten a person though." She eyes the picture, "They had to ave made that up right? All that fur." In this desert. "You can't do science, even really important science if you don't eat."

Faustina hmms. "I do not understand the ancients and what they emphasized. Perhaps the world was so very different that it made the priorities different." She is looking over the book shelves again.

"I don't think so. There are a lot more animals here than we know about," says KissThisThen, and he looks down at the book, then offers it to Faustina "Maybe, erm. Oh, I'll take this." He holds up a copy of 'Animal Farm', and then nods "This will be useful for us, I'm sure. Oh, and 'Permaculture Design for Beginners'." He examines the second one, and then he says to Faustina "If there was food everywhere...?"

Timmy calls, "Look at this one. It's all...different types of some big animal." She flips through the pages. It's all about breed types and hands and... There's this chart." She brings it over to show them, "I think it's a chart about breeding for traits?"

Faustina considers Animal Farm and then looks over her list for it. "We have several copies of that one, so you may take it, now. It is, however, all text with no pictures or diagrams." She looks at the other books and nods. "Noted."

"Breeding for traits?" asks KissThisThen, and he comes over and then stabs his fingers at a tortoiseshell, one with white and black "...wait. What's this? Look. That looks like me." He stares "I mean. It looks like me as a...small...female predator? Uh. No. Those teeth though." He adds "I don't mind just reading. I don't need diagrams, see?" He opens it and starts scanning, then pauses "...this is not a book about farms. This is a story."

Timmy nods, "And this one has an animal that looks like you on the cover.... I think it's a natural coat variation for these species." She looks at him sidewise, something she may have picked up from Xavier, "And if humans are animals..."

Faustina blinks at KTT's revelation about Animal Farm. "Ah. Well. Then it should go on those shelves over there." She nods to the others. "I have your requests. We should go. I have other work to do. If others find books which may be of use to either of you and have been misfiled, I will inform you."

"Comptroller, I would like to look through this - it isn't, however, something to do with my area. I am not sure my area is actually _covered_. But I want to read about, erm, myself." He looks at her "I've never realized other creatures could be like me? Rats aren't. Snakes aren't." And what else is there? Maybe emus in some places. He has no idea what else could be out there "I...thankyou. Comptroller?" He pauses, then he offers her Animal Farm "You should also read. Everyone should read."

Timmy scoops up her department's books, straining at the weight, "Thank you, I mean that, Comptroller." She cocks her head, "I'm hoping these books will cut down on chemist mortality."

Faustina blinks at Timmy. "You do not need to call me Comptroller. That is not an actual title. KissThisThen has alternate names for people." She nods. "A reduction in chemist mortality would be appreciated." She considers KTT's request. "I have committed to allowing Savvy to make claims relevant to their programs first, but if no one else claims it I will register it as part of your personal share. If it is claimed, I will tell you who has claimed it and you may ask them to borrow it. Will that do?"

"Oh! If...if they do that? Take them all!" says KissThisThen urgently. He colours, across his pink patches, and then he says "Thankyou. It is meaningless, I am just curious. I don't know why my colour is odd? But it may turn out that it is...just normal." And he then says "Whatever you need. But I would like it if you read, please. And I should return to my room soon too."

Timmy smiles slowly, "It's a good title though. I wanted to thank you also for keeping us safe out there." She turns to KTT, want to help me carry these back to the lab? I know the Professor will be eager to see them." There is something knowing in her tone.

Faustina blinks at KTT, "You want me to read this particular book or just some book? I do read." Pause. "Things other than accounting statements and work-flow descriptions and corruption allegations and reports." Another pause. "When I have time." Then she nods to Timmy. "Then you may use it if you wish and you are welcome. Others were more instrumental to all our safety, but I do what I am able in that regard. Will you be able to carry the books with KissThisThen's help or do you require assistance?"

KissThisThen says "Oh! Erm. Yes, I would like to carry them to see. I mean. To give to the Professor." He clears his throat, and then he says to Faustina "Your brother worries about you." He then starts picking up books, silently, and waits with baited breath. And something of a smile.

Timmy nods to Faustina, "Comptroller then. I think we can manage. Thank you." The diminutive chemist starts towards the door, "Want to look through the books with us? Might be some non-chemistry things in the experiment books particularly. I'm sure the Professor won't mind the extra eyes, or the company."

Faustina nods once. "I worry about my brother. It is a thing which siblings often do. Give him my greetings." She watches them go and then closes up the rooms again and moves on to her work.

KissThisThen says, nervously "Yes, that could be a good idea -" And off he vanishes, with Timmy.