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And So It Begins
Characters  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Julian McQueen  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Candice Flick  •  Ethan Drake  •  Ranier "Rat" Tattersall  •
Location  •  Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room
Date  •  2019-01-05
Summary  •  And the guests start to pile in, a Wall Street Journal actually makes an appearance, and hyjinks ensue.

The guests at the boathhouse have been an odd, secretive bunch so far, having arrived early morning yesterday and keeping mostly to themselves. But it was breakfast time on the following day, so most of them have already gotten settled in and had a full night's rest. Those who are around early in the morning near the lakeside may know that there's one particular guest who seems to go out on regular jogs. He's done it on the morning that they arrived and then again today at around 5am. Now that it's nearing 9, breakfast was in order and he's already gotten himself changed into what he considers casual wear -- a navy blazer with a white shirt beneath it and a pair of dark slacks and shoes etc. He has on a pair of dark shades when he enters the main room of the lodge, eyes looking around the place as if giving it an inspection. By his side is another of the guests at the boathouse, the blonde. Both are approaching the front desk where the dark haired man rings the bell, before leaning his tall frame against the counter. "This place doesn't look so bad, does it? Nothing to concern yourself with, I'm sure."

Some people wake up early to jog, others wake up for a brisk morning swim. The blonde is the one that has decided to make use of the lake for her own personal morning routine. This morning she went out early, picking the time she did so that she could mostly avoid as many other possible guests that might be at the lodge for a bit of her own solitude. Then there were the rest of the morning routines before that need for food came gnawing. Today she's put on a mini-skirt in a bright pink with a pair of Converse All-Stars in yellow with a black t-shirt, but she's skipped the big hair to twist her still wet blonde locks back into a ponytail. There is a cursory glance around at Christian's words before she leans against the counter too, "It doesn't look that bad, no. And it's pretty quiet out here, which is good."

As Addison covered the afternoon/evening shift a the front desk to be certain beyond doubt that everything was in order for the two large groups arriving today helping at the front desk was the charming smile of one, Lyle Lucas wearing a name tag that read [Candice]. Smoothly he folded his hands on the desk and said "Good morning. I hope your stay last night was restful. How can we help you this morning?" The kid could get paid to smile for a living and do well. It worked on him.

In a bustle from the back hustled in the tiny, blond efficiency elemental. she was carrying in her hands a folded paper and her face was flush. Those green eyes flared wide as if someone else standing up there was somehow a personal affront to common decency. She hissed, "Lucas! What are you doing?" She turned right around and went back through the door she came in and called, "Mr. Roen. The lost and found is collecting your things. Can you kindly remote it?"

Bastian comes in from outside; if it weren't for the fact that he has a walkie talkie clipped to his belt and has entered through the same door Candice has, he could be mistaken for a guest: no name tag, and he's wearing hiking boots, jeans, and a plaid flannel shirt in black, blue, and red. "Lyle, I'm reasonably sure you're not done fixing the plumbing in that cabin, since," he points down at the walkie talkie, "Drake just asked where you were." He spies the name tag, takes in a steadying breath. "And give her the name tag back."

"Good morning to you," The man starts, eyes darting down at Lucas' nametag, "Candice. As you probably already know, we're out at the boathouse for a week or so. Name's Joshua, by the way. And while seeking out what you lot were serving for breakfast, I figured that I could see about getting the Wall Street Journal delivered in the morning on a daily basis." There's a thoughtful pause, when he asks, "You do carry the Wall Street Journal here right?" Who doesn't??

Pushing himself off from where he once leaned against the counter, his eyes dart over the real Candice, or so he figured, since she was sans name-tag. That was definitely a feisty one. When the older guy comes out, while his posture doesn't straighten any more than normal, he does give Bastian a nod of his head, figuring, he's one of the guys in charge of the place. "Mornin'." Though when he hears the mention of a man named Drake, he shoots a cautious glance in Roxie's direction.

Noting the name tag that couldn't possibly be Lucas' real name there is a stiffled laugh from Roxie, a hand lifting up to cover her mouth before she looks to the real Candice, then the newly arrived older man. All three get a little bit more attention after the name Drake is spoken, like what was once just silly is a little more worrisome.

"Morning." She greets those that work in the lodge as well, slanting a look at "Joshua", one corner of her mouth twitching downwards in a frown. But then she taps a finger against the counter, "Breakfast options?" She reminds, trying to get the conversation back somewhat on track. "I was wondering also if there were enjoyable wildnerness activities that would be arranged?" She looks pointedly at Bastian's hiking boots. "Maybe hiking? We'd love to go hiking, I'm sure. Right, Joshua?"

Lucas looked so damn smug. That grin warmed to Roxie and back at Candice who was doing her best to make Barbie proud as the consummate hostess. She paused and did a double-take scowling briefly at the internal maintenance man. Quick fingers reached over to arrest her name tag back from his possession. That look clearly read: Lyle Lucas you know what you did. The return stifled chuckle broadcast back; you brought this on yourself. Turning to the pair Candice recomposed herself and neatly set the paper out on the counter and unfolded it once proudly informing, 'Mister Barrett overhead last night that you might have interest in one so I went out this morning to make sure it was available to you." That thousand watt smile for a job well done proactivly!

Lyle didn't' roll his eyes at her because that was a pretty fantastic move. He shimmied out from behind the desk and eyed the boss. The walkie was pulled out and he hopped on channel, "Ethan keep your pants on I'm inbound. I have to locate that spare power strip first. I believe in you. Make me proud." He blinked to Bastian. See? I am doing things! Turning to Candice he reassured, "you act like i swore or some shit in front of our guests." Her eyebrows climbed and she fought to maintain that professionalism.

Grateful that Candice has the whole Wall Street Journal situation under control, Bastian pulls out a pair of tri-fold brochures with HIKING GUIDE emblazoned on the front in huge, yellow letters. He pushes them across the desk to Roxie and Joshua. "Map of the trails on the island, there's some hiking guides in the gift shop that have more detailed maps of the area off the island proper. Back page has pictures of the plants to avoid. We can arrange a guided hike if you want, just let Candice or Addison know what you're interested in." He cuts a look at Lyle that telegraphs, 'Don't you dare volunteer to lead it'. And then Lyle says that. His mouth flattens, he narrows his eyes and points out the back door in a clear dismissal.

Addressing Roxie and Joshua again, he continues, "Fishing requires a license with the state but we can help you get a one week pass, gear's available to rent. Lake's stocked, the creeks and rivers aren't so the fish'll be smaller and harder to come by." He stops there, gives Candice a Significant Look to suggest she should explain about breakfast. (He seldom eats in the Dining Hall, so it's not like he'd be able to say much beyond 'There's food, some people eat it'.)

Though he's wearing dark shades to obscure part of his face for reasons, Roxie might be able to notice the way Joshua's brows furrow sharply when she includes him in this hiking adventure that he never asked for. "Right... Sounds fun." There's a lack of enthusiasm when he says this. And then Bastian slides over the brochure, something which gets a bristle from Gray. "...Thanks. We'll look into that." The brochure is passed along to Roxie without him giving it another look.

The sunglasses aside, he tends to angle his face in a way to hide the fact that there's a bruise at his cheek, partially hidden beneath the soft trim of his beard. And also that slit at the corner of his lip. It's healing. Slowly.

His face brightens up considerably when the perky blonde actually pulls out that much coveted paper to keep him informed of the stockmarket and everything financial. It doesn't help that even two days after the heist, that the papers were still talking about it. While his own image may no longer be frontpage news, it can be somewhere within. Taking out a few big bills, he, in turn, slides this over to Candice, lowering the top edge of his shades a bit to flash her a wink, "I knew that this place wouldn't disappoint." He then exclaims, "Right, breakfast. That's what we're here for."

"Thanks." Roxie takes the brochures, promptly folding them up into threes and stuffing them into Joshua's jacket pocket, because let's be honest, her skirt just doesn't have pockets. As she does so she leans in close enough to him to whisper something, the smile that plays on her mouth is designed to give all the illusions that whatever she's saying is supposed to be playful or something.

Then the food matter is brought up again, and the look that Bastian shoots to Candice means that poor girl gets the full force of Roxie's look as well, that smile widening, "So, what options are we going to have for breakfast?"

Lucas was the picture of good behavior. Look! See? Model of innocence I tell you...this clearly meant he was up to something. He turned and told Bastian, "You know where to find me if you need me." usually not where he was supposed to be but almost always someplace at least useful. To Joshua and Roxie he smiled, "It was a pleasure meeting you and if you need anything in your stay let us know." Lyle pulled out the walkie and replied to some static, "You know Ethan you need to calm down. You know your initials are ED right? That ain't' gonna go well for ya later in life." He cackled quietly to himself knowing somewhere else in the building that just caused no small amount of chaos.

Candice kept her eyes on the guests happy to be given anything to do other than talking to Lucas right now which was ironic as it was his goal. Banner day. She pulled out a small paper sheet in a folder. Whole folder for two sheets of paper. fancy. "We have a fresh made continental breakfast. Eggs, however you'd like, bacon, sliced ham, fruit, three choices of mellon..." She went through in brief pancakes and French toast though paused. Her mouth pressed into a line. "You know They have everything there already and banana so if you really wanted a crepe? You could ask for that too. It's not on the menu, but I would hate for you to miss out."

Marc arrives from Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds.

Julian arrives from Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds.

Bastian narrows his eyes at Lucas in a clear warning, smooths his expression back to something more neutral as he addresses Roxy and Joshua again. "They clear it up at ten to prep for the lunch buffet," he says, "which is served starting at eleven-thirty." What the food will be, he has no idea, but he does (roughly) know when it's out there, since that's when his employees all vanish for their lunch break.

He pauses, studies 'Joshua' for a second, then raises an eyebrow. "Anything else we can help you two with?"

A tall, thin man, dressed in a conservative black suit and a crisp white shirt, comes in from one of the hallways. Briefly adjusting his cufflinks, Addison steps up to the small desk off to one side of the front desk marked 'Concierge' and folds his long fingers together atop it. Still as a statue, he waits to see if any customers need him. In the meantime, he glances Candice's way. His cool, inquiring stare suggests he wants to know how she's doing at the front desk, but he doesn't ask a thing aloud. A nod is given to Bastian and Lucas and he offers to the guests, in his soft, almost whispery voice: "Let me know if I can assist you."

After a quick glance through the headlines and noteworthy news of the paper, Joshua folds the WSJ up and tucks it beneath his arm to look at later. With there still being some buzz surrounding the Seattle heist, he's seen more than enough. Despite the odd bickering between of the staff and the reprimanding that came with it, the lodge seemed like a decent enough place. Though with the newly arrival college kids showing up, it's far more crowded than he expected it to be.

At first, he thought he'd go for the continental, but when crepes are brought up, it does pique some interest. "Crepes? Sounds pretty fancy. I'm sure these crepes are as delicious as any other posh cafe." He has his doubts! "That and a side of bacon and a cup of coffee will do."

And then the bus pulls up outside and there goes the neighborhood. The frat's rented bus arrives and a number of tired cramped frat boys who endured greasy spoon food, a flat tire, and much loudness come tumbling out, carrying all manner of bags and things. Marc has a backpack slung over one shoulder, and a large duffle bag that he lugs along, making his way inside and taking a look around. "Not bad.. looks as nice as the brochure." He might be commenting to Julian.

"Oh, fruit....sounds perfect. I'll just have a bowl of fruit, and coffee as well." Roxie slides her own request for breakfast right in there behind Joshua's, offering those behind the counter her very best smile. She's a perfect guest, pleasedon'tspitinherfruit.

With the arrival of more people, she glances over her shoulder, then takes a half step to the side towards Joshua to make room for others to come in and check into the ledge, "Maybe we should go see about finding a place to see, yeah? Out of the way of..." Which is accompanied by a tilt of her head towards the frat boys and their arrival.

Backpack on his back and duffle bag bumping along behind him into his back as he walks along. Julian looks mildly irritated, as per usual. He arches a brow at Marc's comment and gives a little shrug. "We'll see." He does take a long sniff through his nose and sighs. "At least it doesn't smell like locker room." He slows his pace a little though, letting the others go ahead of him to figure out their rooms, content just to be off the bus and stretching his legs.

Lyle nodded to Addison, "Mr. Barrett." All smiles this morning. Someone was in a good mood.

Candice was making notes in that tiny notepad that was glued to her practically. She confided, "They don't disappoint, sir." Roxie got a warm smile as Candice was about to make a headache for the kitchen but score brownie points with the guests, "Did you want to dine in the dining hall or have room service deliver that to you?" She smiled brightly pocketing that gratuity discreetly and wrapped up the incidentals. "If you need anything during your stay that does not fall under general amenities Mr. Barrett is the very best at arranging that." She moved over so there could be two at front desk as it was going to be a busy busy morning. "I can take who is next." She waved a hand to Marc and Julian.

Bastian gives Candice an amused look for all the favor she's currying; who's he to judge, though, it just got her fifty bucks. He eyes the arrival of the frat bus and its disembarking passenders, steps back from the front desk since Candice has that under control and Addison's now at his desk as well. He moves towards the door, pulls out his walkie talkie and says, "First bus just got here," which will no doubt bring various other staff out of the woodwork, and maybe even speed up those who are on task already. (Hey, he can dream.)

These new arrivals get an inquisitive glance though the obscuring darkness of his sunglasses. In silent observation, Joshua looks the newcomers over, before making note of each new face that steps in through that door. It very well may be that he's looking for someone in particular, half-turning to Roxie when he nods slowly. "Probably a good idea." Then to Candice, he quickly responds, "The dining hall will do." Though he has a feeling that he may regret this decision as more and more people start piling into the place.

A polite enough nod is given to both Barret and Bastian for their hospitality. "We're just here for a quiet relaxing and some R&R." He says with a broad grin, "But if there's anything else that we might need, we'll be sure to get back to you." He, obviously, wasn't low-maintenance. He asked for a WSJ after all. With that said, he leads the way towards the dining hall.

Addison gives Joshua a slight nod in return, his cool gray eyes lingering on the sunglasses-clad fellow for a moment. His gaze drifts to Roxie again, then away, since neither of them are in need of his assistance. The two recently arrived young men get appraising looks as well, but Addison is not the kind of concierge to greet guests with a smile and conversation. That's what the likes of Candice are for.

"Oh, you're Mr. Barrett?" Roxie has no idea who that really is, but he's the first one to get a Mr. in front of his name, so she opts for acting like she knows exactly who that is. "So nice to meet you..." She trails off, glancing after Joshua when he starts to move, and then she steps away from the counter, walking backwards after her vacationing companion, "I might come bother you. But...later." She shoots a look towards the new arrivals, "When things aren't so busy." A few steps, then she turns to catch up to Joshua on the way to finding places to sit and wait for the preciousness that is food.

Marc makes his way up front when Candice waves to the next in line, seeming comfortable enough taking charge while the others are out at the bus. He gives his information and that he's checking in for the frat. They have a pretty large room block, between them and the sorority. He produces his ID and the reservation, and then waits patiently, glancing at the aforementioned Mr. Barrett when he is introduced and his job. Roxie and Joshua get a brief glance, as well as Bastien, and anyone else who happens to be in the general great room area.

Christian heads towards Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall <DH>.

Roxie heads towards Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall <DH>.

Julian parks himself up against the counter as Marc checks in the group, his eyes going out the window to where the frat is loading off the bus. "Shit.. this is going to be a noisy mess." He pinches his nose as he keeps his eyes on the commotion outside, as if he didn't arrive the the noisy mess himself. He takes a moment to look around the room, shooting something of a guilty look at the retreating forms of some other guests. Not that he says anything, bad luck for them.

Candice could smile with the warmth of the sun all damn day in front of the guests. There will likely be hell to pay later for Mr. Lucas when she storms his cabin and reads him the riot act, but for Julian and Marc she could be patient for days. She said with a sympathetic assurance, "Welcome to the Eager Beaver Lodge where your relaxation is our priority. I just need your- yes your ID and a card. Thank you." She started punching the numbers down and assembling The Folder(TM) for Marc. She looked up with earnest sympathy to Julian, 'Traveling with many people can do that. The island is capacious and offers many areas for you to wander that are away from people where you can enjoy your time, sir." She looked to Bastian and asked curiously, "Dooooo you have a stack of those fliers handy?"

bastian nods a good morning at Addison, eyes the incoming fraternity members. Would they out-do the bachelor part for sheer mayhem? Time would tell.

Volunteered to hand out fliers and brochures, he marshals his patience and puts on his friendliest guest-facing expression (which is neutral, a step up from 'somewhere, Ethan Colorado and/or Lyle is up to something and I'm not going to like it when I find out'), pulls out a few more of the hiking brochures he offered to Roxie and Joshua before. He also gets out a handful of the general ameneties guides (the lake! the pool! the food! the views!). "We can give guided hikes if you want, otherwise these," he taps the hiking brochure, "have trail maps. You need a state license to fish, we can get you a one week pass and have gear to rent."

Addison seems amused about something. "It appears Mr. Roen has it covered," he tells Candice. "I had no idea he was interested in working inside. Perhaps I should put on some boots and try his profession." His tone is dry as sawdust, a little smirk playing on his face.

Just about then, a skinny man with wild black hair, dressed in a drab janitor's jumpsuit and pushing a large broom, appears in the great room. He whistles /very/ loudly, like -- he could be a professional whistler, if such a thing existed. The lodge staff, of course, knows him as Snare.

Marc glances over at Julian and says, "There'll be plenty of time to get away from the noise and the mess," with a bit of confidence. then he looks back to Candice in all her sunny glory as she gets them checked in. Then he nods in agreement with Candice, "See? It'll be alright." He thanks Candice for all her help as she gets them checked in, seeming fairly patient, himself. He's off the bus, and that alone is a relief. The whistling draws his attention and he glances over at the janitor and both brows go up for a moment, "Well, at least you'll know when he's coming." He then glances over toward Addison and asks, "What sorts of things does the concierge service offer?" curiously.

"Aww, man! Look at this view!" Comes one bellowing voice from outside by the bus. It's followed by the owner of the voice, one of the frat guys that is big enough you might be able to paint him green and pass him off as the Hulk. He's also carrying several loads of people's stuff which he deposits on a pile in the lobby. "You guys see the view? Get us one of the good rooms, Jules." He shouts towards Marc and Julian, earning a grimace and a thumbs up from the latter. Then he's ducking back out for another load.

Julian eyes Marc sideways with a grimace. "He's your friend." As if that absolves him of any relation to the huge guy. Then looks over to Candice. "By good room he means one with a pool view where he can oggle the girls." His tone is flat and a little sarcastic. "He's harmless, really."

Candice should get an award for taking things in stride. Then again this wasn't the bachelor party that had her in miserable tears either. So far it's all an improvement. Her nose scrunched up apologetically, "The pool house is in its own section of the building away from guest lodging. There are changing rooms attached, but none of the residences attach to it directly. There are, however, excellent views and central access to all main paths on all of the wings." She paused and handed Julian a key. "Closest we got but hopefully should make him happy." She could only do what she could. She also included the schedule for meal times and room service. As the other part of her job was housekeeping she was too familiar with running all over hell and high water finding new soap and delivering soup without wearing it.

Bastian cuts a wry look at Addison, mutters under his breath, "Not on your life." Is it the prospect of having to dress better, or interact with people, that he hates? Honestly that's a toss up but he has to lean towards the later.

He watches the mountainous frat boy come and go, listens to the sound of People Piling In, his age-old nemesis. And then there's Snare, whistling. He winces, but it's for Addison to address, so he says nothing, just turns to head back out the door and see what Lyle and Ethan have gotten up to. "Let me know if anyone wants a guided hike, we'll see who's free to lead it," he says to Candice over his shoulder. It was nice having an NFS intern onto whom he could foist that particular duty. "Probably best if we schedule starting tomorrow, we're still sorting out the plumbing in the cabins." Another way of saying he couldn't spare Dash or himself today.

The radio crackled static on Bastian's hip, "Ethan and I can do it later today. Your...radio is stuck on, sir."

"He's your brother," Marc says in return, as though that absolves /him/ of any association with Gus. He glances at the rooms that are being assigned and smiles in thanks to Candice for her patience, "Thanks. We appreciate the help. We'll try not to be too much of a pain in the ass." He of course, can't really make too many promises, but he'll try. Once they have their room information, he hands a set of keys over to Julian and says, "I'll run back out to the bus and pass these out, then want to go find the rooms?" He grins over at Bastian and says, "I'm sure there's a few folks who might enjoy a good hike." Just not Matthew.

"I didn't have a choice." Julian quips back at Marc as he accepts the key from Candice. "He'll make do." A faint smile plays across his face for a moment as he pockets the key to the room. He nods once to Marc's suggestions as he eyes the pile of bags and other stuff now taking up a section of the lobby. "Hike would be a good way to find some out of the way spots." He reshoulders his bag as he pushes off of the counter. "Yeah, sounds like a plan."

Addison, still greatly amused by Bastian's response, suddenly snaps his fingers twice. Crisp and loud. Immediately, Snare stops whistling, blue eyes wide. "Mr. Barrett, I -- " Addison shakes his head, and Snare, miraculously, stops talking.

New Activity ---------

This allows Addison the opportunity to give Marc his full attention, to answer his question from earlier: "Anything you wish, sir. Is there a request I can accommodate for you now?"

Bastian says into his walkie talkie, smiling the least friendly smile possible, "Once you can tell me the names of at least four different species of tree we have out here then you can lead people on a hike. In the mean time, it's Mallory, Dash, or me."

He nods at Marc, points at the trail map. "Just let him," he nods at Addison, "know when and how many, he can hook you up with a guide. Pictures of the plants to avoid are on the back of the map."

He gives Addison a brief but grateful look for dealing with the Snare situation, ducks back outside to go see what, exactly, Lyle isn't doing which he should be that has him so talkative.

Candice left all the numbers they needed together and grabbed the phone, "Thank you for calling the Eager Beaver Lodge. this is Candice speaking how can I assist you?" She listened, paused, and squint a look to Snare whistling a hee tune but said nothing to him. nope. Addison's issue. "Certainly let me check available bookings for you. Give me a moment please."

Lyle was actually had found that he was after and had an extension cord slung around should and opposite hip plugged back into a power strip like he was was some sort of playboy Chewbacca strutting around fixing all the things, now with a ladder. Plumbing and wiring today. Fun fun. Really better he on electrical than making Drake do it though.

Marc grabs up his own bags, and thanks Candice once more before she gets on the phone. He then considers Addison and says, "If you know of any good places to explore on the island, or any good places we can read up on local history, stuff that might be fun to go see while we're here out there on the trails.. that'd be really cool." He then shoulders what is his, and says "Come on, Gus and the others can carry the rest of the stuff." With that, he says, "I'll come back and find you later for that info if you have any," he says to Addison with a grin.

"Right." Julian is quick to agree as he sees Gus heading back towards the front door with another load of gear and a few of the others with him. He's not avoiding them, just spending so much time cramped on a bus with a group of people means you want a little time apart. Right? Right. Julian moves to follow Marc up the stairs, slows down for a moment and moved over to the pile to grab a large cardboard box out of the pile of stuff. It rattles a bit but he shoots a guilty grin in Marc's direction befroe skittering after him.

"Excellent plan, sir," Addison tells Marc, giving him a broad, but very much close-mouthed, smile. There's a nod to Bastian when he ducks out as well, and then another member of staff comes running up to frantically ask Mr. Barrett to come and take a look at something, pronto. And so, the concierge briefly leaves his post, Snare and his broom eagerly trailing after him.

Marc heads towards Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor <SF>.

Julian heads towards Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor <SF>.

Addison is not at his post, which means Ethan Drake shows up with his pal Rat in tow. Rat leans in to murmur something to Ethan, and the pretty boy with the coveralls that say his name is "Bobby" heads to the front desk to distract Candice so the blue-haired punker can get a look at what rooms are not occupied today.

Drake leans on the front desk, giving the tiny blonde tyrant his winningest smile, and asks her a question he knows she'll be a thousand percent. "Hey Candy Girl, where is the love of your life hiding? I sent Lyle to get an extension cord and I think he vanished into thin air. Think you can help me find him?"

Tired, Candice sadi eyeing Rat and back to Ethan, "He's not here yet. Might be delayed until tomorrow. How did you-" She paused turning bright red. Her jaw hung open for a whole minute. "I... don't knwo to whom you are referring to."

From behind them was a too familiar honied voice that was very helpful and matter of fact. "She doesn't wanna see your Camaro, man." Oh that kept Candice's face bright red but earned a scowl. "Rat how the hell you doin man?" Lyle greeted him with a pat on the back and in the other hand a scone.

Rat rolls his eyes to the heavens as Lyle blows the whole operation by acknowledging him. He elbows the kid in the side. "I //was// doing great," he mutters. He gives Ethan a two fingered salute before he slinks off again to wait for a better opportunity. Candice is too sharp-eyed to risk it.

Ethan smirks at Lyle. "Speak of the devil, there he is. Did you go to fucking Timbuktu for that extension cord man? What the hell? I've been waiting forever!" And thus doing no work in the meantime.

Lucas slid in like the goddamn calvary to Candice's scowl and ignoring the elbow. "Rat hold up a sec." From behind his back, and possibly out of nowhere as stranger thing have happened he produced a scone on a plate with a napkin with a :) drawn on it. he set it down in front of Candice and smooched her cheek and gave her an earnest look that would absolve him most anything, "I'm sorry I took your name badge. I just knooooow this is important to you and you were busting your ass this morning so I," he looked to Ethan and gestured between them. "'"we wanted to see things were covered so you had less to worry about" He paused, "I'm sorry."

Her eyes went to the scone and back up to him looking just broken of anger and entirely apologetic, "Awww, that's so sweet. I'm... sorry I ...snapped at you. I barely made it in time with that WallStreet Journal. Man getting that every day is going to be a nightmare." So touched by the gesture looking to Lyle and Ethan with a warm, forgiving smile no one noticed how or when Lyle got a key or when he slipped it jsut then into Rat's handpointing like run, man, run fast! run far! but he did. Holy shit the kid was good. She finally said to Ethan with a warm smile, "Thank you for jsut being up all night and trying to get, just... everything fixed."

Rat doesn't have to be told twice. He pockets the key and beats feet to go find a place to smoke until he can sneak into the room the key belongs to.

Ethan nods along with Lucas as if he has any idea what the kid is talking about. This is why they're good together. Well working together. "Yeah, you're the best, Candy Girl. Really. I don't know how you manage to do it all."

great and terrible things. Like kerosene and matches. Great until the wick runs out then it's just got a blast radius. Lyle was halfway through his scone and held it up with an eyebrow while Candice answered the phone making a slight pout. She was, in truth, really hungry. Lucas murmured, "You can have some if you don't eat the whole fucking thing. Also I got us spare batteries for our walkies."

Ethan snags the scone from Lyle and takes a bite. A big bite. But leaves him some of it. Around a mouthful of pastry goodness he adds, "Good, I was having trouble listening to the old man scream at us. It should be loud and clear now!" He beckons his partner in crime along as he heads back to whatever they were supposed to be doing.

Lucas waves his fingers to Candice. That bought him the rest of the day in peace and quiet from that side. "Yeah ladder's around the side. Help me grab it. I got the hanging light from the garage too so we can cut power and fix both problems and save us about an hour and a phone call later." he considered, "You know what this is gonna need? Karaoke. The old man'll love it." He flashed his partner a wicked grin. Nothing like going full Hudson Hawk into walkie talkies in the work day. Hi-larious.