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An Interlude at Ben's
Characters  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Morrison Lester  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Cash Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Big Ben's
Factions  •   Thistle Family  •  Freeland Family  •  Marchant Family  •  Lester Family  •
Date  •  2019-09-15
Summary  •  A brief break at Ben's for beverages and some idle conversation before the Full Moon sets in.

Morrison sits at one of the round tables at Big Ben's, having a quiet bite to eat and a coup of coffee after a day at work at the factory. He's wearing a pair of faded jeans, his work boots, and a black t-shirt from the Kokomo on it. It's early evening and that full moon is looming, unseen in the still too-bright sky. But when the sun goes down, it will make its presence known.

Felicity is in her usual jeans and a faded Exploratorium shirt which looks like it was probably purchased several years ago as it's now a bit too small, but clearly very well loved. She's got her worn leather jacket and seems very much lost in thought. Inertia seems to have taken her into the cafe, but she's now standing kind of in the way and just thinking while twiddling a silver dollar around her fingers, over-under, over-under.

Hector's hair is now grown out enough to curl on top. He is in a black mesh shirt and black cut offs with the usual Doc Martens. The hand with the class ring with the black stone and the tattoo on his ring finger is holds on to Cash's. He is quite tan, and weirdly relaxed despite the threat of the coming full moon. He wuld recognise that hair anywhere, "Hey, Felicity!" It is only then he spots Morrison and a flash of remorse floods his face before he smooths his expression by forse of will.

Cash is keeping it simple with a dark t-shirt and jeans. His short hair is growing out too and has been tamed with some sort of product, keeping the curls at bay for now. The heat is too much for his usual leather jacket. This used to mean he carried a smaller one, Linus style. But someone came up with a different idea. Around his right wrist is a set of small leather bracelets, handmade with care. Some flat, some braided, one beaded with the letters C and H. Thoughtful and stylish. He beams at the sight of Felicity. "Did you get it?" Beat. "Uh...the note. Just, uh, confirmation is good."

Jade comes out of the restroom. He's in black shorts with a black tank top cut at midriff. His hair is coifed tall, and he's wearing eyeliner. He seems to be buzzing with energy. Chances he was in there sniffing cocaine is better than none. He perks up when he sees familiar faces. "Hey, guys, what's going on. Are you coming over tonight?"

Morrison watches the silver dollar as it flips back and forth between Felicity's fingers, something about it catching his attention, but it's the voices that draw his gaze over past her to Hector, Cash, and Jade as they all arrive. That's enough to break his focus from the silver flashing back and forth. He lifts his cup of coffee and drains it, catching that remorse on Hector's face before it vanishes. One brow lifts, just slightly, but he says nothing at all.

Felicity jumps when her name is called and the silver dollar she wsa playing with goes flying out of her hand to roll on its edge along the floor and over under Morrison's table. Felicity, of course, goes scrambling after it without really paying attention where she's going which is how she ends up on her knees sort of half under the table to reclaim it before twisting around to blink at Hector and Cash. "Yes?" My those are big eyes she has. She clears her throat and tries again. "I got it." Well, at least it's a statement this time and then she's blinking at Jade. "I.. maybe? Was I invited to something?"

Hector looks up at Cash, clearly entirely clueless as to what has transpired, then gives Felicity a quizzical look. He nods, "It sounded like it when I talked to Mona yesterday. Cash at the freelands on a full moon did not sound safe. You and Spear hosting?" He drops his voice, "The thought was hiding Marchants at Freeland's and vica versa means fewer ball gags." He winces at the raised brow and mouths, 'I'm sorry,' at the Lester. He watches Felicity's performance with mounting alarm he can't quite hide, but says in a casual tone, "That biker gang we warned you about tend to hold parties on the full moon. They followed us to Freeland's last time. We like to sort of stick togetheer for safety when they're around. you can come if you like?"

Cash nods along with Hector's words. He's listening, probably. But his eyes are very clearly checking out Jade first, then Felicity under the table. Boys. "Yeah, I'm not grounded anymore. Just in time for the full moon so I will be seeking shelter with others...as is now the custom. Hopefully the last time." He smiles and nods politely at Morrison before letting his gaze drift as it is wont.

"The Reeds," Jade says. "We were at the Reeds. This time, we're at my house. If we're going to have to stick together through another night of threates of violence, why not do it somewhere locked down, with catering?" Let me be said that Jade Marchant can plan any kind of party. He glances over to Morrison. "Hey, you could come over if you wanted. I bet Theo would like a break from a bunch of high school students invading his home."

Point of note -- prior to the 1960s, silver dollars were actually made with silver, and since Morrison can't see the date on the coin that suddenly comes rolling toward him, he actually flinches as it rolls under his table and Felicity goes diving after it. Of course, with his jeans and boots, there's no danger of it actually touching his skin, but that doesn't help the natural response heightened by the full moon. He lets out a low little sound that sounds like a growl, but it's mostly under his breath. That's when he glances back up at Hector and smirks, "I don't want to know what you guys are doing with ball gags." He knows what they're doing with ball gags. If he has any idea what Hector is apologizing for, however, he only shrugs slightly in response. His attention flickers to Cash at the nod, and he gives a nod in turn. Though it's Jade's comment that draws his attention, "You mean like last time?" Since he was there last time, with Theo, Tanner, and the twins and Thea. "Yeah, I'll be there."

Felicity squeeks and looks up at the growl, but reclaims her coin and tries to slide out from under the table and hey, she only bumps her head once on it. Once she makes it back to her feet she blinks a few times and then nods. "Oh. Right. Yeah. Yeah, I'll be there. Of course. I'm not used to tracking that, yet. I should put it in my claendar." There's a tiny pause and then she heads towards Cash and Hector. "Should we get a table?"

Hector winces, "Right the Reeds. By the time I know just where I am and how everyone is related to everyone else, we'll have graduated. If I were a muppet, I wonder which one I'd be?" He catches that flinch, and winces again. he watches Felicity's maneuverings with some concern, "You okay?" His eyes dart quickly between Jade and Morrison. A number of responses are clearly considered and rejected. In the end he meets Morrison's eyes and says in a very casual tone, "It wouldn't hurt to have a level head and a hard fist if Amy has to go hand to hand wih Fran again." He rolls his eyes, "It's not what you think, Morrison, trust me." He looks to Cash again at Felicity's question, as if he has all the answers. One can almost imagine the smoke of fried ciruits leaking from his ears from all the subtext.

"If we're lucky? There will be no need to keep track of the full moon. Unless you are a Lester, I guess." Cash shrugs with one shoulder. "The ballg--we needed to keep people from welcoming strangers into the house. Look--we could have been better organized and less embarrassing but it all worked out. Marchant property is more secure than the Reeds." He tilts his head towards Hector. "My cousins, you know, The Reeds. I've mentioned Uncle Morgan who got me into leather and guitars. The bracelets were part of my graduation gift. One of them has the year engraved on it. Class of and all that." He is twisting the bracelets now, looking...and sniffing. "Oh, um..table. Sure. Whatever you guys want is on me. This is also a Freeland/Reed place of business. I get the family discount...which just means they don't fuss at me for special orders." Cash is so pleasant and happy looking, he might be high.

Jade smiles at Morrison. "Cool. See you there." When Felicity glances to Hector and Cash about a table, he says, "Am I chopped liver?" He doesn't seem offended or anything. No, Jade's in a chipper mood. "At least if anyone ends up duct-taped, they'll be surrounded by comfort and good music. Sucks we won't be able to have a midnight swim, though. " Becuase having an entire mansion to wander is just such a drag.

Morrison doesn't apologize for the growl or for startling Felicity, though he does ask, "Head okay?" when she comes out from under the table after thunking her head on it. Though he smirks over at Hector and says, "I know why you're tying each other up. It's exactly what I think," in an even tone. There's a glance over at Cash at the mention of the full moon and Lesters, and one brow arches upward again. "What's that supposed to mean?" Then he looks over at Jade and says, "We locked the twins in the media room. Too many exits in that house."

Felicity glances back at Morrison and nods giving him a little flicker of a smile. "Yeah. Sorry. Thanks." There's a blink for Jade and a snort. "Prettiest chopped liver around. I'm sure you'd be welcome, too, if you don't have someone else to sit with." On reaching Cash and Hector she studies them both for a moment, then smiles and sort of leans in to nudge Cash with her shoulder before glancing around a choosing a table. "Your treat, huh?"

Hector smiles at the bracelets, "Those are amazing. I wish I had been as clever." He is quietly hoping cash does not mention the V-word. He rolls his eyes at Jade, "Trust me, no one is going to fail to notice you and your cheekbones in any room you care to grace. We were here yesterday and you were center of attention without even being visible." He leans closer ad murmurs, "Spear was kind of wiped from the other night. We need to feed him up." He winks as Jade, "Well you are certainly handy with the duct tape." He eyes Morrison, blushing to his ears, "It's for safety, mostly. When they get... tempted." he takes a breath and tries to compose himself as he asks very carefully, "How are they? The twins I mean." Anotheer flash of guillt, quickly supressed. Then he's blushing again, though less obviously at Felicity's nudge and tone. his eyes flick up to Cash's face, eyebrows raised in an obvious question.

"No no, I'm the lame ass chopped liver around here. Not with Jade Marchant and his model pretty looks." Cash scratches at his jaw. "Wish I could get a little of those cheekbones in trade. You want a few inches of height? Some jawline? What will you take for that fabulous hair?" He laughs lightly and winks at Felicity, softly echoing her words, "My treat." Was there a hint of flirtation in those husky words? He turns towards the counter and says to Morrison over his shoulder, "Dude, I know Amy well enough to know that she turns bitchy on the full moon and it has nothing to do with her uterus." Beat. "Assuming she's matched up with Ashley. Women do that, you know? Sync cycles." He pauses. "No one look at me like I'm crazy either! I'm the /only/ male of this age in my family, okay? Girl cousins. Twin sister. Mom. Aunt. I'm soaked in estrogen and I notice things. Get the table for us all and I'll make sure anything you want falls on my tab. Excuse me." And Cash strides away. Confidence. That's what's different. He's not meeting peoples eyes or anything crazy like that. He is standing taller and prouder and his mouth seems to be permanently upturned slightly.

Jade smiles broadly. These are all things he enjoys hearing! "The media room might be a good idea," he says, "though to have two parties there in a row..." He glances between the three of them. "I guess if it's for safety's sake. I'll find some way to spin it." He waves a hand vaguely. Then he sits down at the table. "Hush, Cash. You're a vision. Tall boys are great." He pauses. "Your tact is atrocious, but that's why we have ball gags."

Morrison nods to Felicity then when she confirms that her head is alright, before smirking at Hector's blushing and shaking his head a bit. "Yes, Hector. I know. We had to practically tackle Lucas when he made a run for it." He's well aware of the attempts at escape that will likely occur. "They're feeling like shit, but they're tough. They'll make it through," he says when Hector asks about how the twins are. He just stares at Cash when he starts to go on and on about women syncing up cycles. "Uh huh," he says slowly, and then takes a long sip from his cup of coffee. He can't help at let out a little snort at something Jade says, though which part is unclear.

Felicity looks amused at Hector's 'explanation' and then more and more amused as Cash's speach goes on. Not like she's disagreeing or shocked, just very amused. Still she chooses a table and starts to lead the rest of the boys over towards it. At least until Jade's last comment, which does cause her to choke a bit and burst into laughter. "I can't take you guys /anywhere/, can I?" Still, she has claimed a table. One of the booths with the padded bench seat curving around three sides of the table.

Hector winces at the 'synching up' talk, but stands by his man reguardless, but the flirtation if that's what it is doesn't bother him at all. He can't help but enjoy the view of the recently muscled even more recently ex-Freeland striding away. He half chokes at Jade's ball gag comment in unison with felicity. He looks relieved at Morrison's mention of tackling, "Some of us had to sit on people last time.... Seriously though, Amy was practically a superhero. I don't know what we would have done without her. You'd have been proud." He flashes Felicity a quick dimpled grin. "I fear not. We are hopeless wayward creatures without a sensible guiding hand." He takes a little detor on the way to their table, not able to stop himself of admiring the view of the other red head walking ahead of him and leans in to murmur something to Morrison, entirely failing to look casual about it.

Cash returns, chipper as ever. "Jade, if I had tact, would you even know it was me? And don't mistake my acknowledgement as an intention of changing it. I can't stop what comes up and out no more than a leopard and spots. Although I am trying to curse a little less." He wraps an arm around Hector's shoulder and glances at him sidelong. It's a loving sort of gaze, all warmth. "Did you guys know how easy it is to change your name if you have all the documents? You only need a good reason and, in my case, a judge who didn't care to ask the gender of the partner whose name I wanted but didn't intend to marry. I don't think she cared really. She was way too into making sure I was old enough to do it without permission. The braces throw everyone off." He's still rocking USC colors on his teeth, red and gold.

Jade says blandly, "How convenient for you, though I'm not sure 'asshole' is a medical condition." He glances down at his perfect manicure, then says, "Yeah, Amy was pretty cool that night. I hope she never has to fight like that again, but if she does, I'm glad we have her on our side. I'll feel better knowing you're going to be there tonight, Morrison."

When Hector leans over to say something to Morrison on their way by, he glances up at him, studying his expression for a moment and then asks, "What the hell did you say to him?" It's loud enough that someone nearby might hear it, but he doesn't raise his voice, nor does he sound /upset/ per se, just curious what was said that actually warranted an apology to /him/ in particular. Though his gaze slides back over toward Cash when he approaches once more. It's Jade's mentioning Amy again and his own name that draws his attention that way, "Amy's good. I've been training her for years. And I'll be there. I'll check with Theodore to see if Tanner will be there, too." Because Tanner was the one who chased down Thea while he and Theo were dealing with Lucas. "The more hands the better."

Felicity scoots in so she's claimed the center of the horseshoe booth then shrugs out of her jacket and sets it beside her. Yeah, she really should have retired that shirt a couple of years ago. Also the placement of the words 'Tactile Dome' are questionable on her frame. She is, however, avoiding comment on... well everything. No comments. None. Oh, look, a menu. The menu is apparently fascinating.

Hector leans into Cash, and gently touches his cheek with his ring hand. The lad is clearly smitten. He nods to Jade, "Seriously, I feel the same." At Morrison's question he looks utterly contrite. "Exactly the wrong thing, apparently. It's sort of complicated." He leans in to murmur something else to the Lester, thentries to lead Cash by the hand to Felicity's booth.

Cash settles in beside Felicity and returning her previous nudge. "Thinking about that note? You can keep thinking. No rush." His voice is quiet but he's not intent on keeping this 'note' a secret. The fact that the entirety of this missive isn't known already is probably a miracle by itself. "I like everything here but I change it because I'm weird and picky sometimes. I like pickles but not /these/ pickles for whatever reason. And don't forget chips are fries..." He seems to remember something and looks to Jade. "Asshole isn't a medical condition, no. But the condition I have and being an asshole have certain parallels. It's not an excuse though. Just an explanation. I don't /mean/ to be an asshole most of the time. When I mean it, you sorta know it." Cash is serving big, innocent blue eyes that meet Jade's for a hot second. He's getting better, or trying.

Jade nods slowly. "Fair enough," he says. "As long as you're not using it as an excuse. It's not okay to hurt people, whether you mean to or not. You might not mean to step on someone's foot, but they're still in pain, and you're still responsible for that. It's on you to watch where you walk next time." He glances at his menu. "I learned that in rehab. Not all of those trips abroad were trips abroad." Of course it would be covered up, though, that he went to rehab.

Morrison listens to whatever it is that Hector has to say to him, and his expression flickers with something, a slight tightening of his jaw, a small flicker in his eyes, but aside from that, remains largely neutral. He nods then, and he reaches out and clasps Hector's shoulder briefly, just a light squeeze, then murmurs something back. After that, he pulls himself to his feet and tosses some money onto the table for his bill and a generous tip. "Try not to die, or drink any weird shit from open containers. See you tonight." That seems to be directed to all of them in general, and then he turns to head out.

Felicity winces slightly at the mention of the note, but leans over so her head is on Cash's shoulder. "We'll talk about it later. Not here. Which is not a 'no', just a... we'll talk later. 'Kay?" She flicks a glance towards Jade and raises an eyebrow and then she grins at Morrison. "Yeah. Not planning on any of that." Her smile fades again. "I think I want a grilled chicken sandwhich, whomever they've named that after here. And onion rings and a side salad. Everone else ready to order?"

Hector givescash a quizzical look about this mysterious note and then gets a wworried look as he starts to suspect what might be in it. "Not here sounds wise." He double takes, "You were in rehab, Jade?" Because he really hadn't guessed, despite his worries about the needle last full moon. He looks at Morrison with obvious guilt and distress and just a hint of longing. Softly he says, "I'm really sorry. I don't know how to undo it, but I'll try to do better. You have my word." He murmurs something and hangs his head, really ashamed of himself. After a long hesitation, "Billy Idol Shake, mushroom burger, fries, mozzarella sticks." he looks like he wants to sink into te floor.

Cash gives Felicity a little nod, satisfied with that response. He returns the little lean of the head. "Ginger mates for life, though." He looks to Jade and offers a sympathetic nod. "I was in the psych ward for 72 hours once. Long enough to take in a few group sessions. It helps when you understand what's wro--or, erm, different about you. Once you understand, you can tackle it. You can get the right tools and the right help. And Jade, I know I've not been an awesome person to you and I sincerely apologize for all of it, for the last time. The next sorrys will be for current affairs. I hope you gain understanding so you can get the right help and be there for Spear and your sisters, okay?" This is about the time he seems to sense Hector's distress and his eyes widen as he looks to him. "Hey...are you alright?" He looks over as Morrison leaves. "Later." That is not a request. "I'll take the orders up. I think I'm just going to get a shake and chips."

"We're cool," Jade says to Cash. He nods to Morrison and says, "See you tonight, man." Then he tells Hector, "Yeah, I was in residential, for awhile. It helped me clear my head. Obviously, it didn't take all the way, but I cut way back." With a little laugh, he says, "I'd probably be dead by now if I hadn't. And I guess I took some stuff from it philosophically. Like trying to be less of a dick." He skims the menu as he speaks. Then he closes it. "I'm cutting back even more for Spear. I want to be there for him."

Morrison heads towards Lake Havasu - English Village <O>.

Felicity is in the middle of one of the horseshoe booths, sitting next to Cash with Hector on his other side and Jade a bit further off on her other side, but there's probably room for two or three more if people are willing to squish. She'd been leaning her head on Cash's shoulder, but sits up a little to allow him to try to get out to order. "How did I end up the normal one?" She's wearing a faded shirt that's a size or two too small which says 'Exploratorium Tactile Dome' and has a sort of frame outline of a more or less round geodesic structure.

Hector looks up at Morrison, eyes suddenly hopeful that something might be still salvaged from the terrible mess he's made. There is no doubt Morrison's opinion still matters to him, even after everything. Possibly especially after everything. His eyes linger on his retreating form a long moment, and then his attention is back on the other three, "I'll never forgive myself for that, Cashew. My actions just keep biting everyone around me in the ass." He touches his arm lightly, just above the bracelets, "It's fine. I was the asshole this time, not him." He rubs the back of his neck, "I am sucking at being an adult, I think."

He listens to Jade with a seriousness and reaches across to touch his wrist, "Thank you. For everything. I mean it. And I know how hard it's been for me to quit smokes and weed and I wasn't... doing all that much comparitively. You're a good man, and it means the world to me that you make my brother so happy." He gets up to let Cash escape, trying his best not to look anywhere near the 'Tactile Dome.'

Silver comes into Ben's with the look of someone searching for someone else. Someone who is not there, but instead sees the crew at the big table. She heads over just in time to hear Hector's words. "We don't learn if we don't mess up," Is her comment as she leans against the booth, arms crossed, smiling. "Hi folks," She says more normally. "Anyone seen Silvio?" It sounds like she is pretty sure no one has.

"Aitch? If I took your word? You would /always/ be the asshole." Cash says, tilting his head a bit. "Listen, I'm ready to hear the whole thing when you are ready, okay? Let an outsider look in. Can't hurt." He's on his feet when it speaks to Jade. "Dude, I'm glad to hear you are working on yourself but, uh, do it for you, right? Because if something happens to you and Spear, me and you are the spiraling type. I went down one this year. So did you. So...be strong for Jaden and let the rest of us reap the benefits." A pause as Silver enters. "Hey, Sil. Want something? It's on me and no, no Silvio." Cash looks different in not just his cleaner haircut and ring finger tattoo. He's standing up straight and despite some mild furrowing of the brow, he looks very...happy. Pleasant. Open. Tall. He's wearing a simple dark shirt on black jean outfit but minus his leather jacket. A stack of leather bracelets on his right wrist are the replacement.

Jade remains seated and laid back. He closes his menu and says, "I just want some fries." Then he tips a salute to Cash and says, "I'll take care of myself. When I spiral, I got people to catch me." It doesn't suck being rich, even if it doesn't buy happiness. To Silver, he says, "I haven't seen him. You coming over tonight? We're having a night in of ball-gags, duct tape, and a contest of wills."

Felicity eyes Hector, but doesn't say anything. She seems to have decided that discretion or at least being quiet is the better part of valor. She gives Silver a little wave, but shakes her head.

Hector peers up at his sister, and says, "I really am sorry." The he shakes his head no, "I haven't seen him since the time he almot got eaten. In his place, I'd probably be hiding. Or Drinking. Or likely both." Hector, who is currently dancing aling the edge of a guilt spiral listens to Jade and Cash talk. The bandage is off his ring finger and his hair has grown long enough to curl up top. He gives Felicity a week smile, "It's okay, really. Just if a Lester who isn't Morrison shows up to punch me, I deserve it."

Silver looks Cash up and down. It is a quick thing but what she sees makes her flash a toothy smile at him. "Oh, strawberry shake and mozarella sticks. Thank you kindly," She says before moving to slide in next to Jade. And then she blinks at him. "Oh...right...full moon," And she wrinkles her nose before turning to look at her brother. The smile is gentle and she says, "Ehh...yeah, despite what I said you may still get punched. Though likely from Landon, if I were to place a bet." She shrugs her shoulder sympathetically. "But look, you're doing better than most of the fopdoodles at our school. Most of them wouldn't give a shit and find some excuse for it," She leans back into the cushions and slips her bag off her shoulders.

"Fopdoodle." Cash laughs from the counter. He rattles off everyone's order from memory, easy as anything. Instead of waiting, he floats back to the table and squats near Hector. "You are doing that...thing." He frowns. "I wanna hear the story now. Spare nothing. Get it off your chest. You are no good to me miserable." Cash is firm. He even has his firm face on.

Jade eyes Hector. "I don't know what your deal is," he admits. "But if a Lester shows up and punches you, I'll give them a high-five. For you, because we're friends." He nods solemnly. He leans lightly, shoulder to shoulder with Silver. He winks at Felicity. "You're being quiet," he observes. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Felicity snorts at Hector's statement about getting punched and flashes Cash a quick smile and then Jade is asking for her thoughts and her eyes go very, very wide. "That... would be a horrible idea right now. And with that crytic statement, Felicity looks back to Hector. "Here, sit next to me and Cash can be on the other side of you. And then you can tell us all what you did and we will not punch you, but may roll our eyes." Danger. Redirect. Redirect!

Hector nods, "Full moon. Lock in at the Marchants. Morrison is coming to help." Which last hasa complex freight of meaning. He sighs, "That's completely fair. Either twin comes for me, I'll take my punishment fair and square. Morrison knows what I did. He loves them. It might help. If I could undo it, I would." Ne nods, "I should have asked more questions ahead of time. It's my fault and I'm not going to make excuses for my own thoughtlessness." He looks at her sideway, "How bad did I screw up your thing?" He gives a weak smile, "Fopdoddle." He takes a breath, "It's not my thing to tell. I said exactly the wrong thing to someone in a way that did real harm. The fact that I didn't mean harm doesn't undo the damage, so I accept the concequences of my action." Jade wins a real smile from him though and he offers him a high five now. He explains, "Anyway, I am assured I have a very punchable face." He gives a bark of laughter at Felicity's response. Still he squiches up closer to her.

Silver shoots Jade a little smile at the shoulder bump, returning it lightly. Cash gets a grin and says, "It's one of my favorite old English insults. Much better than just calling people fuckers or assholes, right?" Which she very rarely does, probably for just that reason. Returning her attention to Hector as he vaguely lays it out she can't help but smirk. "Yeah, well, you were trying to be a 'Brother' and I get that. Just...well, you didn't screw anything up for me. We're friends. Good friends. Besties even. And...I don't need a romantic someone to hold on too in all this. I'm surrounded by family, friends, and I got a full scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth, so I'm not likely to fuck that up." A pause as she purses her lips. "I appreciate the concern, though." She adds after a beat.

Cash scowls. Not a normal look for him. It vanishes and returns to furrowed worry. "Keeping confidence is important. Mind you, saying the wrong sh--thing at the wrong time to the wrong people is literally how I've lived my life since I started talking back to people at seven years old." He looks sidelong at Silver. "I'm trying to curse less. Also, congratulations on VCU! It's a good school, I hear. Virginia gets snow too!" Cash gives Silver a quick side hug. From him, it's all warm and snuggly and genuine. Cash never smelled bad but he smells...nice. Like leather, wood, and lavender. And faintly, cloves. He holds onto Silver while talking to Hector. "Aitch? Please, please just don't do that...you thing. That take it all on yourself thing. You have other here for a reason. I changed my /name/ to yours. You have me if no one else, okay? Don't let it get to be too much." Someone calls Cash as the orders begin to come together. He lets Silver go and says, "Watch him."

Jade leans in to deliver Hector a crisp high-five. He's not going to leave the man hanging. Then he settles back and tells Felicity, "Well now I know it's good, whatever it is." He jerks a thumb at Cash and tells Hector, "He's not wrong, you know. Don't do that thing. So you said something that upset someone, and they might punch you about it. You're making it sound like you gave a bunch of babies cholera at a world fair. If a bunch of babies aren't going to die because of what you said? You're probably doing way better than you think you are." Look, he models. He doesn't give public speeches.

Felicity leans in against Hector. And eyes Jade warily. "Maybe. It's currently very amorphous and needs more consideration and weighing of pros and cons and risks. Once I've made a decision, maybe I'll share, but not right now. Because I am not working out that particular tought process out loud in the middle of a restaurant." Then she gives Silver a bright smile. "Congrats! That's awesome. And it is a cool insult."

Hector looks Silver in the eyes, "I worry about you. A lot. You are important to me." He binks at Cash and then nods, "Alright Cash Ian de la Huerta. We should probably be mentally preparing for tonight anyway." He grins and takes the high five. "Have I mentioned lately that I adore you Jade?" He leans gently back, clearly fond of Felicity. "If you are thinking what I suspect you are thinking, there is no hurry or expectation."

Silver beams at the table and looks quite happy. "Thanks! My parents are happy too," She says before turning to look at Hector. "I know. And it's sweet. And I appreciate the worry. But best to stay out of what you consider my love life," And she gives a little giggle, shaking her head at something. Then returns to the conversation at hand. "There's a college fund and all, but it means I can get a better dorm situation probably. Or even live off campus with some other people. I dunno, that seems better to me than a dorm. What do you guys think? Spear is going to be in New York and...Star hasn't really told us what she is going to do. It'll be weird being apart." She wrinkles her nose in distaste and then perks up as the arrival of food and shake is imminent.

Between Cash, who has surely done his fair share of shifts here in a pinch, and an actual employee, food arrives. Once everyone is served, Cash sits between Hector and Felicity and says, "Like he said, no hurry or expectation. Or anything at all. I--nevermind, I'll shut up now." He settled on just a chocolate shake. "Virginia to New York isn't a terrible drive, I'm told. East coast highways aren't pretty but efficient. I mean, it's doable. Spend the extra money on...a nice place off-campus and a car that runs well. I have discovered an extra nest egg for my education and I got a small scholarship but I want to do the dorm thing for the experience. So, I'll probably buy a car that's better on gas. The Regal is a guzzler, sadly." He pouts. "But next year, Hector and I can find us a nice spot off campus. Maybe near the water." He looks dreamy-eyed as he talks about that. "Didja hear what he called me. de la Huerta? I love the sound."

Jade smiles blithely at Felicity. He doesn't push. She can talk or not, whatever she wants, but there's a glint of pleasure in his eyes that hints he'd welcome chaos, damn the odds. "I think it's great, Silver," he says, "That you're getting a full ride. You're pretty smart, and Cash is right, you won't be all that far from Spear. I love to go on roadtrips, and I bet he'd love to come with me."

Felicity smiles warmly up at Hector, her eyes gone slightly mischevious and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "That was stated. But thank you for confirming." And then she's shifting so Cash can reclaim his place between the two of them and he also gets a kiss on the cheek before she turns her attention to her sandwich, which does, sadly, necessitate sitting upright and not leaning. "Caltech requires living on campus as a freshman. We'll see how things work out after that." Pause. "If they still let me in, but I think I did well on the APs, so hopefully." She grins. "Road trips are fun."

Hector smiles ruefully, "I have learned my lesson." He looks at Cash, "Definately dorm the first year, especially with off campus housing costs. There's a small trust, but I don't want to strain it and there'll be more money after probate for us to spend on housing." His expression softens as he tells Silver, "None of us will forget you and there'll still be phones and vacations. I know it's not the same, but you'll always have us even if you can't see us.... See? Jade will use his superpower!" He smiles back at Felicity, pleased. He makes room for Cash and puts ketchup on his burger.

Silver nods her head. "There's a good train network too. I just am torn. I'm not the kind of person who will thrive on the 'full experience'. I need to be able to shut myself away and study furiously. Plus I'm pretty sure most dorms won't allow snakes and tarantulas." Here she rolls her eyes. As if finding it ridiculous. Of course pets are generally not allowed period. As the shakes and mozzy arrives she cheerfully pulls them to her. Picking up a stick she dunks it and seems to savor the too-hot bite. Blowing on it as the cheesiness stretches away. "Thanks Jade. I'm really excited and scared and thrilled and...too many words to describe the butterflies yeah?" Then she looks at Felicity, Hector, and Cash. And maybe she looks a little sad. "You guys will be all the way on the west coast. That'll be rough. If you don't call at least once a month I'll send a spook to remind you," And she shakes her half-eaten mozzie stick at Hector specifically.

"I love road trips as well. I mean...we could spend Spring Break together somewhere, for example. I can drive cross country like I've always wanted. We all meet in New York...or Miami." Cash smirks. "We'll stay in touch. Ash is probably going to an Ivy. Harvard, most likely so, I'll want to be out there. It just...sucks a little? You grow up with these people...the years that make you and then it's all ripped apart and called adulthood." He shrugs and frowns. "I didn't have many friends until this year too so...it's a little stranger for me, I think. I will call, write, send photos of my gnarly vocal nodules I will no doubt get." He smiles though, content and peaceful. "Can't believe they took me on vocals. I thought piano, for sure."

"There's always email," Jade says. "That's immediate. You don't even have to wait for a letter, and I bet your schools will have computers in the library." He doesn't expect everyone to have a PC, just like he doesn't expect everyone to have a sauna or a home theater. He's careful not to bring up anything at all in regards to how much of a financial hit college will be for him. A brownstone in Manhattan probably isn't what his friends who work for a living want to hear about right now. "That's awesome, man," he says to Cash. "You've got the talent."

Felicity shrugs. "I figure you're all used to missing me at this point, but yes, there will be phones and email and vacations. Things can be arranged. And if I've got Hector and Cash not too far away, I suspect they'll remind me." She sets down her sandwich for a bit and reaches past Cash to grab the ketchup from Hector for her onion rings.

Hector rolls his eyes, "People are so weird! Snakes and Spiders are cool and low maintenence!" He unconsciously dunks his own stick in unisin wih his younger sister. He's not a triplet, but in small ways, he's moving more in tune with them without noticing. "Every week, more likely." He blows on his stick, but doesn't yet bite, waving it to cool a little. "whatever you want, Cash. I know Spear's worried about missing people too. So big road trip. And we can stay with our friends back home in the summer too. Surf every morning like we used to.... You sing like and angel. Of course they took you on vocals.... Oh right! Email and bulletin boards!" He slides the stick into his mouth then starts in on the burger, "we definately should visit back and forth, Felicity."

Silver acts like she hasn't eaten in forever. However she switches between shake and hot mozzy. Which seems to fend off the dreaded brain freeze. It is clear she is enjoying the food as she kind of dances in her seat, humming very softly around a mouthful of the fried cheesy goodness. To Cash she says, "You always were your own worst critic, dude." As she finishes up she glances at the time. "Hmmm...I'm going to swing by the Paper and see how Silvio is. Or check on him back at their place. He -saw- them so, you know, that probably means he is even more at risk than others of our fam and friends." And she leans in to hug Jade, before scootching out to give the others quick hugs, that want them, as well. "See you tonight."

Cash is left quiet and blushing. "I have good vocal range. A lot of work still needs to be done." He says, mostly to his milkshake. "And a carefully cultivated falsetto, which is vital in Pop music, I feel." He thinks for a moment. "Maybe we can set up like...a bulletin board or a chatroom for ourselves. A fast way to communicate on our tuition money." He looks to Jade and smiles. He looks like he might keep it to himself but he says, "Dude, you and Spear are going to be sitting fucking pretty in New York. I'd be jealous but my parents have always saved for us. When I started working, half my checks went into a fund. When I'm being punished, my entire check goes into that fund I can't touch until I move out. Ms. Hellenbrand hasn't charged me for a full lesson since I was seven. She's tucked away part of my lesson fees for college. And Hector has his part. We'll do okay. Maybe we can afford a computer."

"Yeah, let's make a bulletin board, and we can alternate coasts for whatever the occasion, or meet up when we're in town for the holidays, or whatever we end up doing." Jade munches on his fries. "Me and my sisters are getting a place together in New York, and Spear and I are going to share a room. We'll use the subway to get around. No one drives in New York. But I'll keep my car for road trips. We're not going to do anything fancy. I just want to live really low key for awhile." So maybe only a dozen parties per term instead of the usual fifty.

Felicity grins at Cash and then laughs and does that lean-nudge shoulder thing. "A bulletin board could be cool. I'm pretty sure I can get that set up without a problem. So we have a plan (TM). Excellent. Survive summer. Create place on which we can exchange messages. Don't be strangers. And hang out with people whenever possible. This works. And if Cal Tech decides they don't want me, maybe I'll see if there's some place in L.A. that will give me a job anyway. There's gotta be something."

Hector returns the hug, "Take care, Sil, okay? And be there well before dark." Smiles gently, "Well see what the lines are like in the computer lab and where out fiances are. Sufficient to the day are the evils therein. I do like the bulletin board idea." He munches some fries, "Sounds like a good plan, Jade. I really like the stuff you choreographed for us." He rolls his eyes, "They'd be fools not to take yoou felicity.

"Felicity, did you consider MIT? Gosh." Cash rolls his eyes. "If CalTech rejects you or...whatever, just, uh, cool your heels in L.A. at community college for a semester. You'll be set then. High school stops mattering the moment you have the diploma in your hand." Beat. "Academically, I mean." He steals fries from Hector's plate, as is the custom of the One Who Doesn't Order Food. "I spent a lot of time thinking about college and stuff before I met Hector. I didn't know what I wanted to do. I can easily stay here and work with my dad. I don't have to even work on a roof if I don't want to at that point. I can be flooring. I can be the in-house electrician. I mean, I kinda am already but, like, I need a certificate. Point is, until I met Hector, music was something I loved but it didn't seem like a viable thing. Now, it doesn't matter if its viable. I want to make music. My lyrics are improving...somewhat. Hector is an amazing composer. I got the voice. It'll be like A Star Is Born. With more college and less jealousy and death."

"I just always assumed I was going to go to Columbia," Jade says. "It's a good school in the greatest city in the world. The culture is amazing." He makes steady progress through his fries. "I should head out soon," he says, "to make the house ready for tonight. It's not exactly the kind of party I would normally plan, but we'll try to make it fun."

Felicity rolls her eyes. "I applied early admission. So yes, I considered MIT, but didn't end up completing applications because of timing. And yes, I could go to community college for a semester or year or whatever and transfer, but at that point, I'd almost rather get a job." And then she frowns. "No death. I absolutely forbid any death." She gives Jade a little wave. "See you soon. I'm sure we'll be over shortly."

Hector nudges his plate closer to Cash and plcidly chomps his burger, "Mrs. hellenbrand made me promise you're going away to college and I intend not to break my word to her. We are most definately going. I do vote for more college and no jealousy and death if I've got a say." He flashes Jade a quick smile, "I have faith in you, Man, and a third of the guests are going to be literally tied up anyway." He grumbles, "It's so stupid they kicked you out. i mean, I'm really glad I got to meet you, but they really threw your academics in the air and it wasn't like you were hurting ayone." He agrees agin, "no death. I nsist.

"Jade, you were born to be in New York City. You will bloom like a flower, man. Especially with your pocket pack of sunshine with you." Cash grins. "Have fun prepping for the nightmare of the Calling." He shakes his head and looks to Felicity. "Stop. You /have/ to go to college. You are too fucking smart not to put some letters behind your name and get legit. So if I have to go, so do you." And that's that as far as Cash is concerned. He leans on Hector then. "College is going to be the time of our lives. Freedom, man. Just...freedom." He sighs, happily.

Jade finishes off his fries, then stands up to give Felicity a hug, then Hector and Cash. "At least the food will be good in Hell tonight. Show up before sundown so we can get to the bondage early. Just think, three more after this one, then we're all free as birds." He beams, then heads out.

Felicity winces. "Well, except Gavin. I swear I... never mind." Then she snorts at Cash and smiles sunnily at him again. "If I go the job route, I'm going into the kind of fields that don't so much care about letters after your name; they care if you can do the work. And I can. I promise. I'll be fine. Degree or not." Jade gets a slightly distracted wave as she studies Cash.

Hector hugs Jade, "Especially with those looks to open doors for you and the talent to back it up, Jade." He curls an arm around Cash, "It'll be perfect. Better even than last Summer." He studies Cash, careful not to meet his eyes, "One more night and their hold on you will be gone." He narrows his eyes, "What... Oh right. Well not fatally. And Gavin knew the risks."

Cash accepts the hug from Jade, after a tiny flinch. "Not you." He says, as always, by rote. "Get something to cut the duct tape. Keep your teeth nice." He winks before eyeing Felicity. "I don't doubt you. Not for a second. I only want you at your full potential. I could go to New York, Nashville, Austin, Vegas, Seattle, or L.A. and just try and hustle a music career but I can do better than that." A pause, then a nod. "Yeah. I can do better. So, I will."

Felicity laughs softly. "You can use some of the polishing that a degree will get you. For me... two paths are diverging. I'll walk one or the other. If I get a degree, it will be more theoretical and more prestigious, but quite possibly less money. If I don't... maybe I'll change the world instead. There's a lot of opportunity right now for people with my skill set that a more formal education may not actually help at all. This isn't me not wanting to be my best. This is... maybe luck decided I needed to be doing something different. We'll see." She takes a deep breath and considers the remnants left of her food. "Okay. I'm full. Let's go... somewhere else. I should grab my backpack and a change of clothes and things anyway."

Hector ruffles Cash's hair, "Nothing but the best for you, Angel Love." And he flashes a smile at Felicity, "And you are awesome and deserve the very, very best, whatever that ends up being." He waits patietly for Jade to be well out of ear shoot before asking, "You wrote her a note?" He watches Felicity out of the corners of his eyes trying to guage the notes effect. He snags the last two mozzarella sticks and eats them quick, then scoots out, "Wherever you want... That is, if you want me along. It's cool if just the two of you want to talk it over without me. Or whatever without me." He does seem to mean it.

"Uh...yeah." Cash begins, looking suddenly very sheepish. His face flushes and the leaning on Hector straightens up. Adult time. Adult face. "So, uh, I have never kissed a girl, like really kissed. I kissed some Lester girl on the playground when I was tiny and I think she kicked me, it's fuzzy and doesn't count." He takes a moment. Deep breath. He peers over his shoulder. Making sure no relatives are working. "I've only been intimate with you, Hector. And I am curious. Very, very curious. When your sister's into seafood, you kinda wonder what the draw is. And I am not Gay, I'm Bi, but I've made a commitment to you and I take that commitment seriously. But, I am still curious." He turns a little, facing the center of the table moreso than Hector. "I was fine with not knowing what it would be like with a woman. But Felicity showed up. And..."

Cash steal a side glance. "Filled out. L-L-Like I did. You know. We were awkward, scrawny weirdos last we saw one another. Now we are adults. And Felicity is my friend and I trust her and I hoped that she would approach a proposal of sex for science the way I would. Not devoid of feeling and emotion, but distanced enough that I can get it out of my system and sate the curiosity without getting into drunken trouble in college with some harpist named Sandra from Utah." Breathe. "So I wrote her a letter, asking her just that. Sex. For science." Cash presents this all very slowly, clearly and plainly.