Log:An Injured Kitten

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An Injured Kitten
Characters  •   Xavier  •  Kitten  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Garage - Sick Room
Date  •  2019-12-21
Summary  •  Xavier rushes to Kitten's shelf side.

This is where they bring War Kids to get blood transfusions, and Kitten is in their vinyl dress, and their leg is bandaged, purplish and swollen. They've got a tube in their arm, blood flowing into them from a Fortunate who looks resigned to their duty. Kitten is a universal recipient, and so they chose based on robustness, not blood type. Kitten lies very still, gazing up at the ceiling as the huge fans circulate air overhead.

X is dressed in their purple tunic over mushroom coloured loose trousers. They have forgotten their head wrap in their haste and are pocketing their gloves as they rush in all wild eyed and frantic to see Kitten. They freeze right before launching themself into the sickbed for fear of hurting the mechanic and stand, lip quivering,hugging themself to keep from grabbing Kitten, "They... they sad a snake bit you?" Their eyes flit to the leg, to the fortunate, and back to Kitten's face. "Is it... is it bad?"

'Bed' is a generous term. More like a shelf. It's cool, though, and that feels nice. Their gaze shifts to Xavier, and they smile lazily. "Hey," they say. "They say I could've been a goner. There's no glory in dying in the back of a rig from a snakebite. But now they think I'm probably going to pull through. I can't really wiggle my toes, but I sure can feel them now."

X looks wildly relieved, like someone learning they aren't sick, sick, but have something curable with a tincture. "Is it... May I touch you? If I'm careful of your leg and arm?" The give the Fortunate a sheepish smile. "Is there... is there anything you want? That the healing hands won't mnd you having, I mean?"

Kitten holds out their free arm to Xavier. "Come here," they say. "I'm okay. Hank here has been really nice." They nod toward the Fortunate who is giving them blood. "I don't really need anything. I've been sleeping a lot. Feels weird to sleep so much when there's work to be done, but they told me not to get up."

X presses right in under Kitten's arm and curls an arm over their chest, careful not to get too close to the tubing. "Than you fr helping kitten, hank. Kitten is irreplaceable." The slender chemist kisses their cheek, "Well then it's best to let people take good care of you." They wriggle as if they wish they could hug under kitten's skin, "I missed you so much and it was... I miss you. I bought the best pad I could find that would fit in my hut. If you wanted to come visit when you were feeling a little better and didn't want to be crowded. was it... really scary? The snake?"

"Kitten certainly is interesting," Hank says. Kitten draws Xavier in for a cuddle. "That sounds great," they say. "Once I'm up and about, I'll go visit." They plant a kiss against Xavier's hair. "It wasn't all that scary. Just a room full of snakes. They run when you pee on them. Or slither, I guess. Just one got backed into me and flipped out and bit. They weren't vicious, just confused and scared and hungry."

New Activity ---------

X kisses their jaw and presses their nose into the place jaw meets neck. They freeze, really alarmed, "A room full of snakes? I thought it was, like one or two? Wait, did you pee on snakes?"

Kitten nips at Xavier's earlobe. "Yeah," they say. "Because I remembered snakes don't like strong scents, like ammonia, and that there's ammonia in pee. There were too many of us to fight, so I wanted to shoo them away. Like I said, they weren't trying to kill us, they were just confused and scared."

X shivers at the nip, "You are so wicked bright, Babe. I'd... I'd have panicked probably. I'd never though to whip it out with all those snakes and people and fangs. I bet it was... um, kind of exciting?"

"Sure, it was," Kitten says. "Locke and Vishys were shiny and chrome, shooting snakes like they'd done it all their lives. Fighting's always exciting. When the raiders ambushed us, that was glorious. Rebar was received in Valhalla, and we all witnessed him. Anchor Man was thrown free of the wreckage, poor guy. Then he got bitten by a snake. It's not too late for him, though. He could ride again."

X shivers, half in terror, have in vicarious excitement. "I will miss Rebar, but I am happy for him in Valhalla. I hope Anchor Man does." They peer worriedly at Kitten, "What... what do you think happens to Etherites when they die, besides the serving as fertilizer part?

Kitten shakes their head as they admit, "I don't know. Maybe there's a place where things grow green forever, and all the knowledge you could ever hope for is there. Maybe it's a great library, and there are so many books you could read them for eternity and never finish them all."

X says, “That sounds incredibly nice, but I think it would be not as fun without you there. What is... what is Valhalla like?"”

"Oh, Valhalla is great," Kitten says. "There's no pain, no sickness. You're healthy and strong, and you can ride the Last Road forever. You just go out and ride. That's where Rebar is right now. It's why I'm not sad. I'll miss not having him around, but he's in a better place. None of those tumors are bothering him, and they never will again."

X draws delicate pictures on Kitten's skin with a bare finger tip, imaginary doodles of snakes and glassware and stick figure Kittens having stick figure adventures. "I feel the same way, pretty much. I would... I would really miss you if you went to Valhalla. I'm glad you are probably going to be okay. I... I don't have words the feelings are so big. I love you so much."

Kitten kisses Xavier's hair again, then angles for a kiss on the lips. "You don't need words," they say quietly. "Just stay with me. We can close our eyes and just enjoy the fact we're here."

X kisses kitten slow and warm, eyes drifting closed and fingers tugging gently at their hair. "There is no where I'd rather be right now, Babe."