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Amateur Astronomers
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Amy Lester  •
Location  •  Lake Front
Date  •  2019-08-04
Summary  •  Amy and Jade hang out at the lake front and discuss the issues of the day.

Amy is an athletic sort; and it's late afternoon which means she's out and about. If she even went to school that day. (To be fair, she goes most days, she just often skips out on the 'boring' classes.) But down by the beach has Amy running along. She's been swimming, by the look of her, but now she's got on her loose fitting pants and her good shoes and a simple white t-shirt. Apparently it's a moment to pause, because she's come to a stop, drinking from a bottle of water with quite the thirst.

Jade is wearing board shorts and a yellow t-shirt, because bright colors are in, and he's sitting on a bench along the running path, watching beachgoers, especially the guys with their shirts off. He's wearing shades, so it's not immediately apparent just who he's ogling. His gaze darts to Amy, and he tips down his shades to regard her more directly. Then he pushes them back into places and says, "Oh, hey, Amy." He's got a paper Pepsi cup that might contain Sprite, or water, or vodka, or some combination.

Crushing the bottle with her hand after draining it, Amy drops it in a nearby bin and glances over at Jade. "Jade," she says in that brusque tone of hers, stretching a little on the spot, catching her breath. "What are you doin'? Coming to actually get some excersize in, or more likely to be fuckin' watching the girls if you ask me." Look, she just calls it like she sees it, even if she sees it all wrong.

Jade smiles and says, "You say that as if it's a bad thing." Bless Amy and her assumptions. "You know I can't run for very long." He's always getting notes to get out of Phys. Ed. He was always sick as a kid. It's amazing he looks as good as he does. "I'm just enjoying some sunshine. Pretty soon this place is going to be plagued by Spring Breakers. College girls in bikinis. It'll be terrible, I say."

"Hey fair deal, I can't blame you," Amy says with a smirk of her own, casting her gaze over the beach and the people. "Yeah, tourist central, lake crowded with boats. I mean, I get it, but some of the best spots become lousy for fucking swimming." She glances back at Jade, inclining her head and offering, "You know, I couldn't run for very long once either. Just gotta keep at it." On one hand, Amy Lester might actually trying to be encouraging, but on the other, that might not really be how it works.

Jade considers over a drink of whatever's in his cup. "I get tired running, but I like swimming. Besides, running makes you sweat, and have you ever sweated with mousse in your hair? It melts the mousse and your hair goes limp, and it's gross." He wrinkles his nose. Not a fan of ruined hair. "You wouldn't understand, though, your hair always looks great no matter what you do."

"... 'sposed to fuckin' get tired, but hey, swimming's cool too." Amy notes and then sets into doing a few stretches to finish off her routine. "Healthy living," she comments on her hair. "And taking care of it. For all the fancy looks putting all that junk in your hair can't be good for it. Not that I'm against styling for the right occasions or anythin'."

"I use stuff from France that's super nourishing," Jade says, and he runs his fingers through his hair. "And I get lift with a volumizing powder. Of course that you have to wash out every day. If I don't do anything to it, it's flat." A fate worse than death, surely. "I'll stick to swimming, I think. I just wash my hair before, and it's slicked back so it doesn't matter if it's flat."

"Oh yeah," Amy says with a nod and a shrug. Fashion tips aren't really her thing. She has her look and it apparently works for her. "I reckon it's just so you can get out of things. Too busy washing your hair," she says with a smirk, shrugging her shoulders. "Like, every day, and then no fucking time for anything else yeah? Yeah." She nods, mystery solved. "So what's the deal with that Hector guy? Seems to be making a stir everywhere I turn lately."

Jade says wryly, "Yeah, I'm missing out on so much of life, doing my hair every day. So much action and adventure passing me by." He glances sidelong at a pair of guys way too old for him jogging by. "What about Hector?" he says. "He's Spear, Star, and Silver's half-brother, I think. He and Cash used to be a thing. Cash dumped Spear for him, got with Hector, then Hector dumped him. Then in December he moves here, and I guess everyone hates eveyrone now."

Amy nods gravely about missing out on life. This is a serious issue, the real fate worse than death. She notes the guys passing by too, just because she has a thing about being aware of her surroundings, as she finishes up her stretches. "Seems like he's pissed off a lot of people, yeah. Everyone's upset and there's just not enough calm around lately. Cash Freeland is upset, his sister is annoyed at it all, Spear was practically crying at the cafeteria the other day. I've got a feelin' like I might need to crack him again and proper now that I know what's going down."

"I don't think it's his fault," Jade says. "Not entirely. I mean Cash was a dick for dumping Spear like that. He need to make major amends. I say that as his friend. It's not something he doesn't already know. Hector's all right. He means well. I'm tired of all of it. People being miserable at each other is almost as annoying as people being happy."

There's a laugh from Amy there. "Come on Marchant, you can't have it both ways. Don't be happy, don't be miserable. What do you want just some kind of middle ground. A happy," she grins, "medium?" A shake of her head and she's continuing on. "Maybe Cash was a dick, I don't know. All I do know is I don't hate Cash, you know? So. Fuck everyone else."

"I'm not taking sides," Jade says. "And, in theory, I want people to be happy. But when I'm miserable and they're happy? I want them to go to hell and die there. And I'm usually miserable, so." He shrugs. Hey, he doesn't make the rules. "This is going to sound weird, but maybe you don't have to beat anyone up in this scenario. Just let them work it out."

"Well, sometimes you just have to take sides, Marchant. World doesn't really work that way. Cheer up," she shrugs, completely calm about everything, arching her brows. There's a grin from Amy. "You're right, that does sound weird. But hey, I let people work things out all the time, but lately everyone's just upset and it's a fucking downer, man."

"Sometimes you do," Jade agrees, "and sometimes you can think: do I fucking care about other people's romantic problems when I'm getting zero action and no one's into me? Cash fucked up, Hector fucked up. It's Spear I feel for. He didn't deserve any of this. He's a sweetheart. Frankly, I say lock Cash and Hector in a room til they're either fighting or fucking, and take Spear out for ice cream and find him someone hot and kind who won't pull bullshit on him.."

"Spear Thistle is a whiny little bitch." Amy says with a roll of her eyes. "And the more you're all like 'oh, poor Spear!'" Her voice rises in pitch with those words, "the more he'll be a whiny little bitch. He tried to get ice cream out of me even. And how you gonna find someone who won't pull bullshit on him anyway? Everyone does, sooner or later." She nods like it's a fact. "Maybe they did all screw up, but the point is I like Cash more than I like Hector, seems like a pretty simple line."

"Right now I don't like anyone," Jade points out. "Except Spear. And I kind of hope a meteor hits this town and makes all of us a smoldering crater." He takes another sip of his drink. "In light of that, I don't care what they do, as long as they don't do it around me. It's getting to where a decent, law-abiding citizen can't give another guy a ride home without being accused of fucking him."

"Ooh, check out Jade Marchant wishing death and destruction on everyone," Amy says almost like she's impressed by the whole thing. "Well, could be worse ways to go than a smouldering crater," she quips with a shrug of her shoulders. There's a sidelong glance though, something a touch more serious crossing her face. "Yeaaah, now that you mention it, I guess Cash did go a little wild the other night, huh?" Never mind Amy's own moment.

Jade smiles sweetly. "With all my heart," he says. "It would be quick, and the view would be pretty while it lasted." He shrugs a shoulder and admits, "He did apologize for dragging me into it. But yeah, he kind of lost his mind." He judiciously doesn't bring up Amy's moment. Water under the bridge for a guy who doesn't want to go home with a broken nose. "And I was just trying to be nice. You try to help someone out, and it comes back to bite you."

Amy almost looks apologetic for a moment, because she's thinking about her own moment, and she knows Jade is likely thinking about it too. But she's not great at apologies, having buried these sorts of feelings down for years now. "Yeah well that's the way of it isn't it. Can't fucking do anything without someone else fucking it all up. So fuck 'em up first, that's my motto. And then everythin' is just rad." A grin again.

Jade smiles and raises his cup to Amy to salute her motto. "My motto is yay meteor. It's enough to make me want to study astronomy. Just in case a meteor might be headed our way. I want to be the first to know. And to suggest a theme for prom. I call it 'flailing and screaming.'" He takes another drink, slurping on the straw, then says, "What are you doing after graduation, anyway?"

"Think you're just setting yourself up for disappointment if you decide to star gaze," Amy says dryly. She can't imagine a more boring thing to do with one's time. Staring at the stars when life is right there in front of you! "But it'd be a funny theme, that's for sure. Unfortunately, I'd come to the rescue, because I'm a fucking angel." She snorts, laughs, and shakes her head. "Dunno. Run, swim, something. Fight. Like, proper competitve matches and stuff. Get to the Olympics." A shrug. "Until then I guess I'll work at my mom's auto shop, you know."

Jade says dryly, "You're better than we deserve." He then says, "You've got a mean right hook. I could see you fighting professionally." He doesn't even seem to be mocking her when he says it. "Hell, I could see you beating most men, none of that foxy boxing stuff. You should go for it." He considers a moment, then says, "I have no idea what I'm going to do. I keep saying I'm going to be a choreographer, but let's be realistic. How many people actually grow up to be choreographers? My sisters have the real talent. I'll probably end up in business school." A proposition he says with a tone that reads 'kill me now.'

Amy shrugs. The truth is she hasn't really thought about life after high school all that much. But she does look quietly pleased at that little bit of praise, nodding her head with a touch more enthusiasm than she meant to show. "Yeah, maybe I will. That could be pretty great." There's a snort at the idea of being a choreographer, and a stare at Jade like she can't imagine how that's at all interesting to anyone, but hey. Different strokes and all that. "Ah," she says, nodding in understanding about business school, "This is how you circle back to meteors, isn't it?"

Jade clasps his hands together in prayer. "Here's to hoping," he says. "At least if I get a business degree, I'll be able to be a manager for Thea. She's the dancer. I could make sure no one tries to screw her over." This seems to satisfy him. Maybe the town doesn't have to go out in a blaze of glory after all. "I'll have to learn to litigate. God knows I can't throw a punch."

"Oh, it's not that hard." Amy says with another grin, shrugging her shoulders. "Should learn how to take a punch, you'd be surprised how many people'll back down after you just shrug off their hit like it's nothin'. It's not nothin', but if you can pretend good enough." She shrugs her shoulders, frowning at the idea of litigation. She misses being just a kid when she could solve a lot of her problems with violence. "Well Marchant, you've been a hoot and a half," she says dryly as just like that, she's about to leave. And probably kick over some kids sand castle.

"I don't know. I'm a bleeder," Jade says. "But I am an actor, so I could probably meet somewhere in the middle with this." He raises his drink to her again, and he says, "A pleasure as always, Amy." He doesn't take her sudden departure amiss. Amy keeps her own time. As she goes, his gaze returns to the beachgoers. Particularly the shirtless among them.