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All Mixed Up
Characters  •   Silver Luna Thistle  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •
Location  •  Backscene: Big Ben's Cafe
Date  •  2019-08-05
Summary  •  The newspaper crew have breakfast at the cafe when they notice that Esme Reed is totally out of it, so as investigative reporter types do, they inquire.

It's Sunday mid-morning. Churches haven't let out yet and the early riser or pre-church rush in Big Ben's that's largely senior citizen on Sundays, it's pretty over with. There's a bit of a lull here in this mid-morning hour leading into brunch and lunch, tables and booths at a little less than half-occupancy, so it's pretty quiet save for the music that's playing as befits the theme of the diner. Right now it's laying out the wail of some Cranberries in the backdrop, which Esme Reed is singing quietly along to while carrying two shortstack plates of pancakes to some college kids.

Esme, who works nearly every Sunday morning and lunch shift to cash in with tips and visit with the regulars, she seems off today. It's subtle at first, though, and would take someone who knows or pays mind to her typical demeanor to see it. It's not because she looks sick or anything-- in fact, she's adorable, as she always is, hair bound in a high ponytail that she's taken time to curl, despite having to wake up extra early to ensure it's done before shift. She's wearing rose red lipstick today, even, and it's pretty flashy when her teeth show white, neat, and bright with smile. She's wearing her little apron with fitted flare jeans and the standard waitress advertisement tee tucked in and her sneakers have darling black and white flowers on them. Esme even wears minimal jewelry to work in for the sake of being extra pretty because it's just the way she is, and today's no exception, stranded charm bracelet at her wrist with a personalized sterling silver collection of dangling trinkets, her sweet sixteen diamond studs and pendant necklace donned, and she smells wonderful, like sweet cream lotion and floral perfume.

Esme Reed looks put together and lovely, see. That's the same. But that's also what makes the bits that are different stand out too. Her animation that typically goes with such a pretty package is missing. Though healthy, she looks like she's having trouble staying awake on her feet, steps more of a meander than a quick clip of efficiency and bounce to the music while working. She keeps forgetting things, people keep asking her for the things she's forgetting, and lo and behold, she looks ANNOYED when people ask her to fetch refills. That's strange. In fact, it's so strange, her mother comes behind her with the pancake plates carrying the things she forgot from the tray to go with the pancakes and looks skeptically at her daughter, offering to take over tables so she can have a break. But Esme shakes her head and plows on, as if she can't even be bothered with a break. She's distracted, her mind is elsewhere, her posture is lacking.

Esme is not the town darling today.

What fills a Sunday morning for Silver? Why going through photos and edits for the newpaper! Usually there is breakfast first, to see who didn't get shit in on time and what fluff they need to fill with. And as always she is early with her messenger bag beside her. Camera on the table. Strawberry milkshake giving her a brain freeze. It's missing the chocolate swirl she asked for, but she didn't harp on it. Instead eyeing Esme as she grudgingly got someone else a refill. Is it any surprise that she picks up the camera and snaps a picture of the perfect surly waitress? Curious things and pictures of them are her specialty.

Lounging back against the wall so he's taking up a whole booth rudely with one leg extended out and the other crooked at the knee, Landon is proof-reading a few articles that were just turned and ready for print. Having had his fill of food, which Esme so kindly dropped off earlier, he's slowly going through his own rootbeer float in the process. It's when Esme dropped off their orders that he'd taken notice of distracted state that she's in. In fact, at this moment, he's sipping through that straw, eyes lifting to watch her for a moment before he returns back to the paper at hand.

While he's not wearing a tie today, he is wearing a polo shirt beneath a navy blazer and a pair of cargo pants. As he goes through another sentence of text, he'll call out whenever Esme is nearby, "Want to take a break? Have a sat and chat?" He even pulls his legs in to sit proper-like, to give her room if she wants to join them.

Lucas is late. Well... damn. Out of breath from, yeah he ran, he pulls up a chair to sit at the end of the booth rather than make Landon move his foot. This should surprise no one as he always opts out of sitting in the booth. Landon knows why, but hey, he'll absolutely sell this as a courtesy for other people's comforts. Like not crowding Silver. See? Nice, but not before he does a cruise by Esme, "Mornin, pretty lady. Hashbrowns? Burned to a crisp? Onions? I'll be your best friend." Dropping into the seat he nudges Silver's foot with his and gives her a wink before unslinging his messenger bag to dig through it.

Esme looks over at Silver just as her picture is snapped, and the moment that follows probably would have made an even better picture if the photographer is looking to document the strange and unusual because... instead of flashing a smile or automatically striking a pose like she tends to do any time someone has a camera out, she makes an 'ugh' noise, scowls, then complains, "I wasn't ready!" Duh, that was the point, she knows that, but she's not really thinking of the moment of rare agitation that was captured or being ready to strike poses.

She's thinking of other things. Esme is thinking about the bonfire last night, the echo moments remaining, the woman, the dreams, oh the dreams! She's also longing, yearning, aching to do it all over again despite what she feels like, to have...

Someone asks for a refill. She stares at the portly man and thinks he's had enough soda since nine-fourty-five-fricking-am, but she's still Esme, offbeat demeanor aside. She doesn't SAY that, she goes to fill 'er up for the guy (after clearly thinking it with an up and down pointed eye survey of his sugar gut). On the way back, though, it's hello teenage hormones. Landon Marchant is asking her to sit down a spell and chat, to take a break. Her mother literally just offered her a break, which she of course dismissed, but when LANDON asks and even adjusts so they can sit together, it's a different ballgame, guys.

"Mom? Okay. You can take over a bit. Going to sit with the newspaper crew and timeout." But before she does that, she jots down the ol' food standby for Lucas breezing in to drop off, then comes to drop down with the others at seating, "Gotcha, Luke, be just a few. Morning, guys and gal. Ready for weekly print yet?"

Silver briefly glances from her camera and smiles warmly as Lucas arrives out of breath. One brow raises at his slightly out-of-breath state. "Sleeping in, you make it an art," She says softly as he slips into the booth. Esme's complaint is met with a sweet smile and a wiggle of her nose. Then up comes camera again and she takes another picture of the grumpier version. Comparison is a good thing.

The camera is set down and reaches out to stab one of her remaining sausages from her 'Piggy Platter'. Steak with bacon -and- links with eggs is her standard. Sometimes with hashbrowns, sometimes with pancakes. Today it's hashbrowns. "Hello Esme. Were you up late with the ghasts and ghouls?" She asks Esme before taking a bite of her sausage. Bad timing to tap Lucas' foot in turn probably, but that she does.

"About time." Landon muses at Lucas' entrance, but he's mainly joking. They all have shit to do and he's here now. "You're eating real food." He says with a laugh at his brother ordering actual breakfast fare and not a rootbeer float for breakfast. A document is then set down on the table and pushed in Lucas' direction: It's an article about how it's not Lake Havasu High's fault for the vandalization of a rival school's Mascot costume. It's an accusation they all know full well about. "It's more of an opinion piece which might not sit well for those wanting facts. But obviously, it shows us in a really good light." He doesn't seem to care whether it's fact or not as he leans forward in his seat, "Want to give it the go-ahead or send it back for a rewrite? I'm thinking, let it print."

When Esme comes to join them, he's watching her very closely, that smile on his lips, "Worried about the big test before Spring Break?" He'll ask her, before shooting a glance at Silver when she makes her own inquiries. "And ready or not, I'm sure you look just fine. Not that you don't have a say in what gets printed or not. Even if candid pics make great yearbook fodder."

Lucas shakes his head, "I was maybe out late and was out saving a bus full of nuns so they could make morning mass." Boldfaced lie. Well... he was out late and there's no mention if he's actually been home yet. Odds are fair. When Esme says the magic words, Gotcha, Luke both hands come up in prayer formation and point to her, "You... are the best." Looking back to his twin he grins, "I actually was running, thanks. Hungry as hell too."

He takes the folder with a slap of his hand and a small grin comes to his face. It falters and there's a frown. "Awww did we do that" He pauses and tilts his head. He thumbs through it and considers this for a long silent moment before nodding with slow confidence still taking it apart what there is to work with. "I like the poll on feelings. I'm gonna go with push it back and have them drop in a paragraph on expectation and social peer pressure led by our fore-bearers in the 80s. Possible focus on how to develop healthier role models. It'll support that piece we gave Lana about bullying to work on. Also takes blame off any side and distract to bigger issues we can run a follow up piece on" Scratch sales, he might need to be someone's campaign manager some day. He shrugs, "Or print it, but I think we can do that in a paragraph and it'll totally shift blame off the athletics department." He doesn't comment on the test but looks up, then an eyebrow up trying to get a read on this lethargy. He looks to Silver and nudges her foot back arching the other eyebrow curious.

"No. There's plenty of time to study for it if I can get my eyes straight." It's off the cuff and dismissive, though she's probably admittedly looking at Landon more than she's thinking about what he actually asked. She smiles some. Anyway, Esme is smart enough, she's not a prodigy or anything, she does study and work, but you know what she mostly does when she wants to pass a test/class or get out of an assignment? She sucks up and charms on the sly. Also her parents possibly think scale grading is an inaccurate and flawed representation of what an education means or should be because hippies, man. It's not like she's going to get in trouble or anything for failing, so no worries about tests, no. Most people ever see her stress even on deadline is when her column questions sent in all blow to answer in a way people want to read because she seriously gets a lot of trolling and real stupid questions between the useable ones asking for advice.

Just as she opens her mouth to answer to what she was doing the night before, though, her mother drops off Lucas' food and her mouth clamps shut. Oh ho. Whatever it is must be a doozy, because she doesn't want mommy to know, despite the whole best-friend-mom parental schtick. Then she moves on and Esme waits a few beats before leaning on the table edge and playing with her charm bracelet, "I was doing yoga on the beach with ghosts and goblins, not ghouls, thanksverymuch." The cute smartassery for Silver is short-lived and lackluster without the charm and wit and good nature it usually has, though. Then she adds, "But after that... well, someone on the beach had a bonfire going, so I... checked it out." Yeah, she's going to make them fish for it because suddenly she's reminded she's starving, she's been starving, but nothing bloody well tastes good. Nevertheless, she tries with a piece of toast from the edge of the other girl's plate with reach, bites, then makes a face that really implies she's about to spit it back out, but she washes down with someone's water glass instead, "Ugh. I am starving but everything tastes like garbage. Anyway. There was a lady. School peeps too, I don't know, can't remember who all was there hanging, some of them had already graduated, though, I think."

Then, sighing out wistful noise, she gets distracted again and leans her head briefly on Landon's shoulder nearby because holding the damn head up sucks just as much as walking around, and when did it get so damn BRIGHT in this place? Yeah, she's going to take some verbal poking to get to the point, missing her talkative animation, as such. It's a bit like she's reliving the moment mentally now instead of talking about it.

"Oh, do we have a picture of the costume? I can see if I can get one from their newspaper photographer," Silver says, her brows going up curiously. She waits as Lucas thumbs through it and says, "I liked it. It's very obviously an opinion piece, which helps I think." The milkshake calls her name and she takes another pull on her straw. "MMmm! I got a really good picture for the bully piece." And she slips a picture of Cash bent over the blur of another figure. Clearly doing something untowards, one arm back. "Tada!" She looks triumphant as it is slid to the middle of the table. Apparently she has forgotten Cash is Esme's cousin? It's not as clear as it could be in some areas, but it is clear enough on someone being bullied by the Freeland. As Silver moves back to eating her sausage she glances around the table. Watching Esme thoughtfully as she chews. A glance at Lucas and one shoulder twitches upwards in a shrug at something. When Esme makes that face she pushes her plate towards her. There's still a couple of neatly cut pieces of bloody steak there. "Maybe you need meat. I had that when my anemia was super bad," She says with a nod. "Ice cubes tasting good?"

Taking up the report to scan it once more, Landon considers thoughtfully, "Maybe run both. An opinion piece for school pride and then something actually beneficial... which I might just write up myself." Because he trusts himself to do a good job at it. At Silver's question, he turns to look through his book bag to see if he has a picture. "I think we have one, but you might get a better shot from their photographer," A pause, "I mean, if they aren't too sore over this assault."

Feeling Esme's head resting against his he turns in her direction with a smile on his lips, "Are you sure you're okay?" Not that he minds, of course. Then Silver pulls out photographs of Cash Freeland and this brings a lift to Landon's brows, "Huh. Nice shot actually." He only partially turns in Esme's direction, "Probably best to blur out his face," Though he's sure they all know that by now, but he also has to ask, eyes peering across the way at Silver, "Did campus security do anything about it? I'm just asking to see if it was reported or not and whether Freeland was disciplined because of it. Otherwise-- This could open up a whole can of worms."

He then finds a shot of the other school's mascot at a weird angle and sets this down in front of Silver. That's when Esme starts talking about yoga, which isn't all that interesting, but a bonfire? Sure. It's then that he watches her eat, noticing that the expression on her face after taking a bite. "This is some of the best food in town." Though whatever she just ate was just toast. "Who were they? At the bonfire? Anything interesting happen?"

Lucas gives 'Mom' that wins for a moment before turning away and is into his food. "Yoga? You find religion or something?" But there's the more of the story and he digs into his hashbrows with a grunt of approval "Think you could, Lan." Because that frees him up to do other shit too. Not that he won't be handed it to proof because that's how it usually goes. "Do it." He cuts back, "I'd hold on the photo and yeah, go for the mascot or A mascot." He reaches across and asks curiously, "We have the negatives of this? They in the folio or you hanging onto it?" Arching an eyebrow at the bonfire he looks back with a wry grin, "Same one Justin was trying to get me to go to? Shit, Neither of us ended up going. How was it?"

Really, Esme should be paying attention to all the article and photo stuff going between the crew at the table between food plates, but she's just not. She makes an 'mmhmm' at Landon's shoulder with her eyes closed to keep the light out for a good few beats of reprieve. Plus when you time it like that, it's as flirty as it is companionable and restful, but today that's probably less deliberate girly wiles, "I feel like I went on a bender, but not regular sick, promise no germs. Probably just need more sleep. Dreams were strangely vivid last night and I'm not sure how much actual sleep happens when people are lucid dreaming."

Then she pulls her head back up to focus and try to explain, though she does a bit of a double take on seeing Cash's familiar image on... you know what? Esme totally doesn't care today. She's so distracted and she tries a bite of the steak that goes over marginally better, though it seems to disinterest her too and she doesn't try again, shrugging helplessly at Silver with a thanks-but-no-thanks gesture to the plate so the other gal can polish it all off. She eyes Lucas' plate a beat to see if anything looks good there, but A: She doesn't want to pull back a nub from a hungry teenage boy and B: It all looks like trash too, so it's just a fleeting moment before she goes on with a glance to make sure her mom isn't wandering at the tables nearby. Why's she being so shady about saying things where mom can hear? Usually she's in the realm of being able to say she smoked pot, drank, or 'tried things' freely because don't you know, experimentation is a natural part of youth according to zenparentals. So a bender can't honestly be it, can it?

Nah. She goes reflective and serious and leans forward with sudden divulging, "Guys. I don't remember getting drunk or anything, but I... seriously don't remember who all was there, I mostly remember the lady and the bonfire and her laugh." A pause, "It was the best laugh, you know? Like..." Esme actually kind of has one of those laughs because of course Little Miss Charisma does, but not in the way she can't quite explain to them now when it comes to bonfire company and the draw of it, "I don't know, you just go to someone who laughs like that, they make everything better and they're fun. And she -was- those things. I wish... I had gotten her number or something... she could do this cool trick where she told you things about yourself that... people generally ah. Don't know."

And there for a tick, Esme-doesn't-ruffle-easily downright squirms with shame, even if she can't remember exactly why or what was said about her that's making her respond in such a way, "I don't know if it was psychic cold reading or what, but she just... didn't even matter if they were bad things, you know? She made it better. But then this big pissed off man came and chased us off." How did the woman make it better again? What was her name? Does it matter? Will it happen again? She wants it to happen again! She plans on going right where the bonfire was after work, in fact, though she knows it's probably futile.

Then she poses a very serious question, suddenly, "Do you guys believe in lucid dreaming?"

Silver raises a brow at Landon's suggestion of blurring faces. "I suppose we could. But no, happened off-campus. At the Taco Hell," She says as she draws the mascot picture towards her. Giving it a looking over. "I'll see what I can do. Vandalism isn't okay. Those suits are expensive!" She frowns down at the picture before sticking it in with her bits and pieces. "I've the negative of course. I took it. They ran off before Aunty N got there. I don't think the offended party wants it to be public...which is exactly why it should be. Hiding bullying isn't okay, am I right?"

There is another smile; first at Esme and then the other two. The talk of the bonfire does draw Silver's attention and she quiets down to write a few notes. "Bonfires huh? Bunch of people drinking I'll wager. Where there is a bonfire there is booze it seems. At least in every story I've heard..." CHOMP and there goes the last sausage, all in one big bite. Om nom nom. She didn't hear about any bonfire, but that is no surprise. Being invited to things isn't something that happens, except from the paper club. But as Esme lays it out more her brow furrows while she chews. "That...that sounds like some kinda mickey. Roofie. Something is not right..." There is no more smile and concern is the cornerstone of her expression now. The plate is slid back to her and she stabs a bit of bloody steak. She doesn't comment on lucid dreaming, merely shrugs her shoulders non-commitally. Instead she talks to her food, "Come to mama you beautiful bloody bitty."

ROLL: Landon rolls brains+1 for: [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [7]: x2 (Pair) [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 8 7 5 7 4 -- d8)

Landon catches sight of Silver's raised brow, thus turning his attention to his brother to gauge what his thoughts are. "I wouldn't fault you for wanting to blast Cash Freeland all over the school newspaper for something this despicable." Bullying wasn't his thing-- Not overt bullying anyway. Nothing like what is in this photograph. "What do you think, Lucas?" He then leans forward to sip at his float. He won't say much on the topic. He's 'related' to a bunch of hardcore bullies as it is! "Should we punish Freeland in this way or should we bring it up to the principle?" He doesn't seem to mind too much either way!

Listening to Esme though, he leans in towards her now that much of the shuffling papers and photographs is out of the way. "What were they serving?" He asks out of mild curiosity, but he wears a smile nevertheless. There's then this furrow of his brow, "They sound like..." He's about to say Thistles, but Silver is seated RIGHT THERE. "Lucid dreaming though? Eh.. I don't know. If I've ever had a lucid dream, I don't recall. And believe me, I remember most of what I dream." He then ponders, "So they invited you guys over and then talked about your secrets? Is that what we're getting at? And even though they spoken them out loud, no one was upset or anything?" Interesting.

Lucas is listening curious at what he missed out on and then back to Silver getting high on justice. A slight grin forms and an eyebrow lifts. He munches his toast with a curious grin and words that just may get him kicked under the table, "Can you get it to me?" A hand goes up to quickly clarify, "The negative?" He looks back to Landon and considers his brother's query for a moment, but the negtive is hers technically so Silver gets the offer, "I will definitely trade you to go see Ace Ventura when it comes out Friday." Never know unless you ask. "BEsides, I think we can use this to a- turn this situation around, and put Mr. Freeland's skills to better use... or we turn it over to the paper. I mean that's going to what? Get him expelled and get nothing done."

There's a pause and he pauses considering the math, "Eeeeh if it was that it wouldn't be a a crap ton of people, and I think that puts you to sleep or something. It isn't like, ok it sounds like some sort of drug. Lucky for us? We have someone who is something of an expert and we can totally ask em." Because the slacker photographer on their team can likely answer, or get, any drug within reason they want to know about or talk about it...eventually. He blinks at Esme, curious, and concerned. He tells her tiredly, "Don't be aenemic. You have to take the damn iron supplements and don't get me started on teh spinach salad pushers. It's not... fun." He'd know. in equal derisive tone he stabs at his breakfast, "Ruins salad... so why don't we see if there's something to this? I mean it affects a bunch of students and maybe the lady is some weird cultist like those vegitarians or whatever."

"Oh. Movies. That reminds me, I still haven't seen Reality Bites. Killer soundtrack." Esme and her butterfly attention span for today touches on that because teenager and maybe dropping hints. She dumped the guy iwith the motorcycle that graduated last year back over Christmas-time and he came to play his guitar and sing on the sidewalk for like a week outside the cafe like a heartsick busker before finding a new girl to try his Cobain emo bad boy on. He was nice looking, but dumb as a rock. Anyway, she doesn't quite look at Landon while saying that, but there is a little slip of side-eye, especially with him leaning in to listen along with the other two.

To Silver's comment about a roofie, then Lucas' supposing theory, she opens her mouth as if to protest and starts off that way before stopping short and breathing out a noise of longing she can't quite seem to control or maybe even notice. THAT makes her look perfectly and intensely animated for a beat. For as lackluster as her demeanor is today, she clearly thinks it worth the experience, assuming she's even relating it at all, "I had one beer I don't think I finished and opened it myself, so if--" Pause, "Oh. Mm. She had something else, but I--"

Esme swallows down a touch thickly, as if she's downright thirsting after that longing moment, and she steals some water before continuing to nod a few times fast at Landon's summary, "I remember getting home, though, Silver. But... I did feel amazing before sleep. And mmhm, Landon, pretty much like that. It was fascinating. If you guys could find her, though, you'd see what I mean, I'm sure she's local, she was hanging with a few former students, forget who. Older, though." Then she looks at Lucas a bit hopefully. Maybe he can find the woman, hell, guy's like a dog with a bone when he gets dug in with an enterprising idea. After a bat of her lashes to put herself back on track, she remembers where she was going with the dream thing, suddenly.

Buuuut hey, flirt with Landon first. When she looks at him directly again, there's a slight smile as she wonders, "Who's kicking around in your dreams to make you remember them all? I'm jealous." Then she's back to serious and explains with a sudden intensity before trailing off to sit back against the booth cushioning so she can look between all three and gauge their reaction.

"I ask about the dreams because I've never had it happen like that, they were... so real and FELT, you know? Scary and exciting. But not scary because I was in danger, I WAS the danger, I was the hunter. And that's so... wild and raw and free and man. No wonder I'm tired. But I want it to happen again really bad. I liked it."

Silver considers Lucas' offer thoughtfully. Tapping her lip thoughtfully as she chews her bite of steak. "Mmmm, I need to make some copies. But yeah, sure," She says with a bob of her head. Then it's back to eating. For as willowy as she is she sure can put it away.

Her green eyes lock on Esme and she seems thoughtful. "Mmmm...lucid dreaming, I've read about it a bit. I've certainly tried to realize I was dreaming a time or two. It's harder than it looks!" She says finally, picking up her shake and slurping the last dredges up. "I don't have anything to do after this, guy, if you wanna go and check out the beach? Weather isn't too horrible for it." She glances outside and then back before stabbing the last steak bite and chewing it with relish as she considers the last bit about Esme being a hunter. "Huh...neat."

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 2 4 5 3 -- d6)

Lucas and Landon tend to be on the same page on many things, this way to handle a possible bully by blackmail is right up Landon's alley. It also doesn't seem like Esme seems to care about her cousin's fate, so there's that. "We'll talk to 'em." He casts a glance over at Silver, "Showing him the evidence will probably really push the fact that he should be working to make amends for his barbaric behavior." Nevermind that much of his family are Lesters and they are barbaric enough to most!

The idea of taking something or experiencing something that pretty much sounds like drugs makes Landon slightly wary. Another look is given Landon over this, being the more cautious of the two. One might say the more responsible, but he was gung-ho about printing that opinion piece of the mascot vandalism for laughs. "Sure, we can check it out." Another look is then given Esme when she brings a movie she's interested in... one that he probably isn't interested in, but he'll ask around the room, "Sure, I mean, Ace Ventura first," Seems like he's a little more interested in that, "Then we can go and do that thing." He probably means as a group, because if he has to see it, then Lucas will have to as well!

This talk of this dreams, has him shaking his head, breathing in deeply through the nose, "Nothing exciting, but yours? Being dangerous?" Esme Reed, Hunter? He's trying not to look too skeptical, thus his smile widens, "That's gotta be something. But sure, we'll check it out. If someone is passing out drugs, we'll get the dirt on it."

Lucas can't help but be insanely curious for answers and he nudges Silver's foot under the table giving her the Eyebrows of Suggestion(tm) which is either: a. we neeeeeeed to check this out. b. Seriously, movie, wanna go? c. flirting and having too much fun flirting with her for the same of it. Possibly just Yes. "We can just scrap Friday night and do it. I mean it's my weekend for borrowing he car but I'd like to think it is for a noble cause." Noble being wildly entertained while enabling whatever is happening on that side of the table.

The story goes on about being the hunter and that? Oh shit that interest s him, and the grin hangs, "That's bad ass. The lady sounds cool but that definitely sounds like peyote. I mean you weren't hurt right? And, objectivly, the old get off my lawn guy kinda sounds like the buzz kill. Soooo, maybe she's like one of those shaman or something you hear about with the yurt in the desert that does like spirit walks and stuff. Saw that in Young Guns. Looked cool. Kinda always wanted to try it." He looks to Landon and Silver admitting, "For scientist. Important journalism. Also to see if something happened to Esme and friends we either a- should report, or b- are missing out on." Sure, the shiny red button pushing voice of reason speaks up.

You know. You can have cool hippie parents and still find them mildly embarrassing as a teenager, because the second Lucas starts talking about a yurt, Esme's mom wanders by and probably has a story about a yurt from when she went backpacking in blahblahblah and there's probably something about healing crystals and a peyote experience, but since she's covering her ailing daughter's tables, she doesn't hang around to tell. Maybe Esme didn't want to hear hippie theory on her dreams, or maybe she didn't want to confess that she's not so gentle and darling zen somewhere inside to her mother-- it might be awkward confessing that she wants to dream of being a predator again moreso than potential drinking and roofies with strangers, honestly. But the reaction around the table to what seems like an uncharacteristic dream to both have and yearn for again knowing how Esme generally is as a person and peacekeeper...

Well. She likes it enough because she grins some with her pretty rose red lips at standout against her neat teeth there for a beat, knowing how it sounds to the others and she's a little eager to have them on the search now and interested too, "After I get off work, I'll show you where the fire was, at least, so you know where to poke around at night, maybe." She extends the offering after Silver's suggestion and looks at Landon and Lucas with inclusion before starting to reluctantly rise up with a tiny ugh, "I should get up before my mom makes me go home to drink obscure herbal concoctions a friend gave her because she thinks I'm sick. I'm saving for a new purse." Esme likes designer handbags but you never catch her in the cafe or around the house with one out for too much notice. Mostly she flounces around with them at school to enjoy on the sly, despite being outwardly zen and understanding and a little humble from working for what she wants.

She's forgotten that secret streak of princess flaunt avarice and vanity is exactly what Fran went calling her on, last night. She remembers the other parts and it's working her over more than she's letting on to everyone.

"But yes. Movies? Movies." Group, no group, whatever, Landon is hot. After a pat of hand down on the table decisively with pretty pink painted nails, she sluggishly gets up and returns to work. When her shift is over, she points out the fire spot.

Silver smiles and blushes a bit, chin dipping, at Lucas brow wiggling. Looking down at her little notepad she scribbles as she bobs her head. "Yeah. We should check it out," She says agreably. It could be to movies or the general plan. "I think I need another shake though. This time with a scoop of chocolate too pretty please?" She bats her eyes at Esme prettily. "I think...Ace Ventura might actually have a matinee showing at noon..." She looks at Lucas sideways as she fishes out the cherry and pops it into her mouth.