Log:Acquiring Barney

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Acquiring Barney
Characters  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Ashley Freeland  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Freeland House
Date  •  2019-09-22
Summary  •  Ashley decides to ask Felicity her intentions towards Cash

It's the morning after senior ditch day down in Phoenix. They dropped off anyone else in the car and then the four of them came home to discover that Ashley and Cash's parents had gone out for the evening. But now it's early morning. And Felicity is trying to quietly gather her stuff and put her shoes back on. Thank god for the sound proofing on Cash's room last night.

There may be soundproofing but it's not as if Ashley didn't know what was going on in there. Thankfully, they didn't knock the radio broadcast equipment on and let the whole town hear. And when Felicity finally opens the bedroom door and tries to sneak out, Ashley is waiting. Leaning up against the wall, dressed and made-up immaculately despite the early hour, lips pursed as she studies the redhead. A curl of her finger before gesturing for Felicity to join her in her, very pink, bedroom.

Felicity's eyes go wide and she blushes, glancing over her shoulder at whatever scene she left in bedroom behind her, but she follows as quietly as possible.

Ashely, polite smile affixed to her face, closes the bedroom door behind the pair once they are inside. It might feel like being in a womb with all that pink...and pop/movie star posters. She gestures to the stuffed animal covered bed for Felicity to sit before she asks, "Would you like some coffee? Juice? You need to get your energy back" she smiles sweetly.

Felicity drops her backpack and shoes by the bed and sits on it, then carefully selects a stuffed animal to hug. "Um.. No. That's okay. Thank you. I think I'm fine." She's watching Ashley like she's not quite sure what's coming next, all big eyes and slight worry.

"Of course" Ashley smiles warmly at the rejection of sustenance before she settles down on the chair in front of her study desk. Legs together, hands resting demurely on her lap. "So, I understand that you participate in threesomes now" she states clearly in a very formal tone before adding, "What's it like?"

Felicity blushes even more and looks in the direction of Cash's room as if she could see through a wall and bathroom to the other room. "I... umm.. yes? Well..." She thinks, "Okay.. I guess technically yes, plural." Then a startled look, like she just heard what she said. "Not that it's anyone different in the threesome, just it's happened more than once and I am not really sure I should be discussing it with you. I mean, it's good, but... the people are what make it... umm.. shutting up, now." Yeah, there's a reason Felicity and Cash were always friends.

Ashley offers a patient and understanding smile to Felicity's desire not to say anything. "I don't want to know details" she laughs. "I mean, it's my brother. Ewww. But, in all seriousness, you've known him a long time. You know he's...fragile sometimes. He wants to experience everything but then sometimes has a hard time dealing with it all. I know he couldn't be in better...hands...than with you, but I don't want to see him hurt and even more confused. I don't want him ending up like his hero." A worried frown at the Kurt Cobain reference.

Felicity blinks a few times and then shakes her head. "I'm not leaving him. We're being careful with each other. It's... new, but..." She gives a hopeless little shrug. "I love him. I think I always did, just..." She's petting the bear repeatedly and sort of looking off somewhere not here. "He's like coming home. Properly home. I think Hector's mostly amused by us. Well, and likes red heads."

"What's not to like, you're gorgeous" Ashley shrugs to Felicity though there is a curious arch of an eyebrow about the 'l' word. "Does he love you? You know that they've committed to each other, rings and everything, but you could always marry Cash legally and you'd have a pretty fun group house going." A beat. "Or should that be 'grope' house? Only teasing." A wink for the redhead who filled out so well. "That's Barney" she notes about the bear.

Felicity does that look towards the other room, again. "He says he does. And house together is currently the plan, yes. And I am quite aware that they're married, yes. And... maybe. We'll see. On the legal marriage. I think..." She shakes her head as if dismissing something and then looks back to Ashley. "We'll figure out what legal things need to be done to get the results we want." Eventually she looks down to the bear she's been petting. "Oh. Sorry. I..." She freezes and starts to set the bear carefully aside.

"Barney likes cuddles so don't you dare stop" Ashley grins. "You seem nervous, Flick. Don't be. This makes us sisters. Just like I'm Hector's sister, I'm your sister too now. And sisters look out for each other." A tilt of her head. "And sisters tell each other everything. So...is everything okay? Really? Are you happy?"

Felicity pulls the bear back to her chest and hugs him again. "Sometimes I miss social cues and people get mad at me about things I didn't realize were a problem. So... I worry. But sisters are good. I never had a sister." Then she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out, smiling so brightly. "I am. Yes. We are. So happy."

"You have no control over how others react, only how you do. No point worrying about others. That being said, if you do need advice on how best to get through life socially, then you couldn't have a better sister to guide you" Ashley grins. "I am glad that you're all happy. Oh, another thing sisters do is share. And I think Barney would love to go home with you."

Felicity laughs. "It's... when I'm being very careful and thinking about it, I'm usually okay. But it takes energy and attention that I don't always have. So maybe, just, if you see me crossing lines I shouldn't, pull me back? Hector said he'd try, too." There's a sort of tender smile for Ashley as well. "I don't think any of us expected this, precisely, but it works, somehow." She laughs again. "I could show you the letter Cash sent." Slight frown. "I mean if you want to see it. That might be too many details." She's back to petting Barney, though there's a quick flicker of a smile as Ashley suggests she take him home.

"I've seen the letter" Ashley whispers with a wink. "That you didn't punch him when you saw him proves to me that there were feelings there all along. I mean, really, asking someone for sex via a letter? Hardly the most personal of touches...if you excuse the pun. You sure you don't want some breakfast? Oh...that's exactly what we'll do. Let's go out for breakfast and leave the stinky boys to their snoring. You can bring Barney."

Felicity blushes and laughs, then shakes her head. "I love the letter. The letter is adorable and entirely Cash-like. I mean, I had to think about it, but..." She shrugs. "The rewards definitely out weighed the risks." There are a few moments of thought and then she shrugs. "Sure. Breakfast. At this point, I figure Ellen's going to be upset with me or not anyway. I did mean to go home last night. Sometime. We fell asleep."

"And how long exactly did you think about it? Hmm?" Ashley teases with arched eyebrow before jumping to her feet. "Let's go eat. I'll actually wait until you put your shoes on rather than expecting you to do a walk of shame." She grabs her tiny backpack and slips it on while waiting.

Felicity puts on her shoes, adds bear to backpack. "Most of an afternoon?" is the comment on how long she tought about it.

-+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--[ end of log ]-+--+--