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About Spear
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Jade's Room
Date  •  2019-09-21
Summary  •  Hector comes to see Jade about Spear's increasingly concerning behavior.

Jade is accepting visitors on this, the day of the show. He doesn't feel much stage fright as a general rule, so he's just in his sitting room, cat on his lap, reading through the script out of habit since he already knows his lines. It's something to pass the time. Should Hector come knocking, this is where he will be led. "Come in," Jade says.

His sitting room has a couch and loveseat, stereo, bookshelves, and a television. There's a phone on an end table. Meezer lounges on his cat tree, paws tucked in. Jade's in jeans and a Breeders t-shirt, nowhere near ready to get to the school and get in costume.

Hector flashes him a smile, "Dangerous words." He offers Meezer his fingers in case he might want a sniff. He's not in costume either and has the pansy division tee instead. He shuffles a little, "Hey Jade." He closes his eyes taking the plunge, "I'm kind of worried about Spear and you both know him better and... know more bout some ohers things too. I'm trying to figure out if I have sensible concerns or if i'm just being over protective."

Meezer sniffs, then favors Hector with a rub of his chin. There, now Hector belongs to Meezer. Jade glances up and looks on with approval at his cat, who can do no wrong. "Hey, Hector. What's up?" He nods to the love seat to sit. "What's your concern?" he asks. "Is Spear okay? He's not being bullied again, is he?"

Hector attempts a proper scritchin'. He loves cats, but his life is too unsettled to adopt one. Then he moves to settle on the loveseat, tribute paid to the Great and glorious Meezer. He studies his hands. "The other day we found him in the cemetary really out of it. He wouldn't come inside. Said he'd sleep on the gravestone and the vampires wouldn't notice him. I ended up carrying him inside and getting him to eat, but he weighs practically nothing and lately mostly all he eats is smoke. I like a toke as much as the next person and he seemed like that when I first came here, but lately he's high almost all the time ad sometimes it's like he's trying to see if there's any upper limit. Like I know pot is not addictive and pretty safe but some of the things he's been saying scare me a little, you know?"

Meezer leans into the scritching and purrs. He's a friendly boy, and the human does come bearing the tribute of attention, as is proper. Jade listens, and his brow knits. "I don't know about his graveyard sleeping, or anything like that. He hasn't been acting all that unusual around me, but I'm, like, high all the time. He hasn't said anything to me that's all that worrying. Why, what has he told you?"

Hector studies him, "He's down on himself alot. He's... well, waiting for you to leave him for a... less Thistle model. Sort of. No amount of telling him he's amazing in his own right stops him thinking I'm just saying that because his brother. You're high all the time sure, but you're... I don't know, you seem fine. Hell, until recently I was high like half the week, but not in school. Not hit before school and smoking out at lunch and then smoking chain smoking joints and lying out with vampires around because I'm too out of it to grasp danger or make the walk home kind of high."

Jade squints at Hector. "I'm not going to leave him. I want the Thistle model. Is it something I've done to make him feel unwanted? Because I've tried to show him all the signs. We have fun together. I mean I think so, anyway." Only now he doesn't seem so sure. Is he not treating Spear right? He frowns. "I'll talk to him, and I'll try to keep an eye on him. He hasn't shown me any sign of being unhappy or anything."

Hector looks really distressed, "I keep trying to tell him you do. That you picked him on purpose. I think... it my fault, because of Cash. He thinks he has to have a different... body shape for people to want him. It's not you. I know you want him for him. I'm just worried, you know? He was so light in my arms I was half scared he'd blow away. He can't see him how we see him. It's like the bulliesare in his head now." He is quietly utterly white hot furious at the bullies.

"I'm going to ruin them," Jade says as an aside. Oh yes, remind me: ruin peoples' lives. "Well, fuck. I don't know what to do, Hector. I keep telling him I'm into him. I'm so looking forward to prom, you don't even know how much. I've been really busy with the show, but I've been trying not to neglect him. Maybe we need that night away together sooner rather than later."

Hector smiles a grim sort of smile, "I will happily help you." He nods, "It might be good to be... very clear about how much you.... Look, I'm his brother and I don't want to think about it too much, but I think modeling your new underwear for him might be a good idea, if yousee what I mean." He takes a breath, "He's looking forward to new York and I think getting him far the fuck away from here to a place where Thistle and Marchant are just names is going to be so good for him. Having you love him is the best thing that's happened to him in along time, and I mean that. Just... I don't know. I worry about keeping him safe and together until graduation."

Jade says wryly, "Yeah, I get your point. I'll give him some attention. I just never knew he was so unhappy. I feel like the worst boyfriend for not noticing. There's just been so much going on, but that's no excuse." He rakes his fingers through his hair. "Shit. Okay. Yeah, tell him I love him. I wanted him, and that's why I'm with him. Tell him I said so."

Hector shakes his head, "You aren't. I think he's really good at hiding, like a cat who's not feeling well." A wry smile, "Also, it's possible I'm making mountains out of molehills. I'm new at this Brother thing. I will, Jade, but I think it will always mean more coming from you." He takes a breath and says gingerly, "If he's...Um, hesitant about certain things? It's not because you aren't the best looking guy in this god forsaken town, it's the trying to not get his hopes up thing. And please, please don't tell him I said so." He meets his eyes, terribly serious, "I trust you with his heart, Jade Marchant."

"I'll tell him," Jade says. "I'll absolutely tell him." When unwell cats are mentioned, he eyes Meezer, who has dozed off. "I mean, hopefully, you're worrying over nothing. But just in case you aren't, I'll keep an eye on him. And I'll tell him how I feel. Man, once this is all over and we're in New York, it'll be so much better. I don't want him to worry about dating a Marchant. I just want him to be with me."

Hector laughs softly, "Of course you will. How could I be so foolish." He gives him a bright genuine smile, I'm sure it will be. This town and it's weight are so heavy on everyone's shoulders, but I think it's harder to notice the way it distorts for people who grew up here and never lived away. He's dreaming about a real future now he's with you, and that's what i want for him: a real future where he can be himself without all the weight of history wih someone who loves him back the way he deserves to be loved. I bet it'll be a whle new world for you too in the best of ways." He sighs, "This place...."

Jade is quiet a moment, then says, "Maybe that possibility of a real future is freaking him out a little. Like, when I was in rehab, and I started thinking about having a life beyond using, and when it seemed possible, it kind of made me feel, I dunno, overwhelmed. If you can succeed, then you can really crash hard, too. He needs to know it'll be okay. There's nothing to be scared of."

Hector gazes at him, "See? I knew you would understand better thn I ever could. That's... really clever and nothing I'd think of."

Jade inclines his head and says, "It wasn't entirely wasted time. Especially not if it'll help Spear. I'll try to get him to eat, too. He's always been kind of light, but he definitely needs to eat." He glances at his phone. "I'll call him after the show, if he's not there tonight."

Hector looks so terribly relieved, "He's vegetarian now, so your cook'll have to get creative. Thank you so much, Jade. It's a load off my mind knowing you've got it."

"No problem," Jade says. "We can make sure he gets vegetarian food. I guess I can't blame him, doing all that research on exsanguination. Poor guy. Yeah, I'll do what I can. Don't give up on supporting him, though. The more the merrier, you know?"

Hector offers him a one armed hug, "I am never giving up on him. I really like him, you know? And not just because we're related."

Jade returns the hug. "He's a sweetheart," Jade says. "He's such a good soul, and I admit, I was kind of jealous when he and Cash were together. I didn't really realize that's how I felt, but I did." He pats Hector on the back, then tells him, "He knows about sex, though. You don't have to educate him on everything." He winks.

Hector laughs, "He definately knows about sex. The little guy's big on research, apparently." He sobers, "I think for all the pain it took to get here, you and I are both with the right person."

"I think so, too," Jade says. "I like you, and I'm glad we're friends, but I think I would've throttled you by now." He smiles to soften the sting of the words. "For qualities that I think make Cash thrive. And Spear just makes the world seem nicer, to me. And interesting. He notices things I wouldn't think of, and I love what he shows me."

Hector laughs softly, "Oh, you definately would have, and not a court in the world would convict you. Somehow, cash hasn't noticed." He nods, "I just love listening to my brother talk. It's like a glimpse of somewhere magical I can only half see and only when he points it out."

"Exactly," Jade says. "It's like visiting some cool place you've never even thought about before, but you're glad you're there." He smiles. "I never want to leave. I love the weirdness. I love how different it is from my world."

Hector smiles fondly "I feel the same. I tried to tell him that, that day in the graveyard. He can't grasp how interesting he is." He studies his face, "You are going to blow his mind in that dress."

Jade laughs, sudden and delighted. "I hope so. Mona's working hard on our outfits, and they're going to go together really well. I won't give it away, but you'll see. And if any of the jocks give us grief, I'll pepper spray them."

Hector laughs, "And I'll happily kick 'em in the nads for you. We are all way too cool for Arizona!" He sobers, "Morrison is going to patrol the parking lot at Prom, and odds are your family will do extra security. I couldn't warn them they could fly, but I did make sure they know they are very fast, and they may attack in force from multiple entrances and hurt or kill anyone in the way. They wouldn't take us seriously if we said vampires, but I've hopes they'll havve sense to retreat when they see what they are up against."

"We'll have to hope that's enough," Jade says. Then he puffs out his cheeks and exhales slowly. "That's a lot to think about. I need to get my head in the right space for the show." He taps his script idly. "I'm going to give Spear a call, make sure he's okay."

Hector nods, "Thanks for listening to me and for being a friend. I'm just really happy Spear has you in his life." He casts a last look at Meeze and then goes to get ready for the show.