Log:A Quick Smoke

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A Quick Smoke
Characters  •   Spear Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Behind the School
Date  •  2019-08-03
Summary  •  Hector and Jade have a smoke.

With a smoker's instinct Hector has sussed out that one spot out by the dumpsters near the place only maintence goes where smokers can catch a quick break. The thrum of the generator can be heard, though muffled by the metal door. A concrete awning gives minimal, but essential cover in case of rain, or more likely too much sun once spring comes. Today it is just chilly enough for a light jacket. Hector de la Huerta is dressed much as he was the other night, leaning his back against the wall as he taps out a clove from the pack, mirrored shades reflecting the winter sun.

The smoker's area, one of the great equal zones at school. All walks of life gotta find somewhere to smoke. Jade steps out, placing a cigarette between his lips. He's in designer jeans, a t-shirt with broad, vertical green and white stripes, and a brown bomber-style jacket. He fishes a lighter from its pocket and lights up. After he inhales deeply and lets out a plume of smoke, he says, "Hey."

Hector lights his own and takes a relieved drag, then gives him an upnod, "Hey." The spot where the pink triangle should be is still conspiculously empty, "So, your parental units give you any grief about the other night?" The spicy sweet smell of his smoke starts to insinuate itself everywhere.

Jade shrugs and shakes his head. "Nah, I just went upstairs and crawled into bed." He glances toward the spot where the pink triangle pin was. "Why do you let Cash treat you like shit, anyway? He was way out of line. You can't let people treat you like that, because then it sends the message that everyone gets to treat you that way."

Hector studies him, ciggie hanging out of the corner of his mouth, "If it were anyone else I wouldn't. My... My sisters are angry because I won't fight back, but I can't. I can't to him any more harm on top of the harm I already did him. You know I can fight. You've seen me. Just trust me, anything he does to me, I deserve."

Jade squints at Hector. "Yeah, well if he slaps back at me for hanging out with you, I'm going to have words, so try to contain the mess, okay? Cash is a friend of mine, but that doesn't mean I won't fuck him up for yelling shit at the top of his lungs about fucking anyone. It's not my mess til it starts sloshing on my Guccis, then we've got a problem."

Hector thinks that over, flicking his ash, "That's fair." The mirrors reflect Jade's face back at him, "If it comes to me or him, pick him. If it comes to me or spear, pick Spear. I... I think a lot of people are about to be furious with me and our family is here. You have to live here; I just have to hang on until probate goes through. I'll try to keep my mess contained, but have you met my sisters?" He gives a wry smile, "I wouldn't want to be standing next to eitther of theem if they lose their shit."

"I'll hang out with whoever I want," Jade says. "Cash Freeland doesn't pick my friends, I do." He takes a drag off his cigarette, then says, "Frankly, I'd let them tear him a new one, because when he's doing that shit to you, in public in front of everyone, he's doing it to your family. I love the guy, but he's gotta learn. Especially in a town like this. You're never just messing with one person. You're always messing with their blood."

Another wry smile, "I'm coming to understand that." Hector stares out at the empty athletic field, "I'm used to it just being me and mom. I'm used to hanging with a gang of friends, but this whoole suddenly having a couple of brothers and sisters thing is... I feel like a space alien half the time, or like I wandered into the middle of some weird generational epic novel with no cliff notes. Everyone knows everyone and has forever and it's just... weird."

"I've always had my sisters," Jade says. "I can't imagine being alone. We all have our own normal, I guess. I don't know. This year's been weird. I used to hang around Tasha, mostly, and now it's like..." He shrugs and flicks ash. "Whatever. You'll make friends. You just have to give it some time. Come to our parties, you'll meet anyone who's anyone."

Hector says, “I'd like that. I could use a big fucking party right about now...." Something in the tilt of his head suggest he's working up to something, "So... I brought some things with me from home, but I'm running a little low on... something. Spear suggested you might be the guy to ask. I don't have a lot o cash, but I could trade. Would you be interested?"”

Jade shrugs and says, "I know lots of people who have lots of things. What've you got in mind?" He waves a hand, adding, "I don't need your money or whatever. You did me a solid in San Francisco. The least I can do is help you get settled here. Call it a 'welcome to Arizona' gift."

Hector looks sheepish, "I'm running low on weed, but I have a whole sheet of that good blotter they make up at Reed. It's really good stuff. I don't really have anyone to drop it with anyway, so..."

"I'll get you weed," Jade says. "Stop by my place after school. I got theater practice so let's say six, bring me a few tabs, and I'll have your weed." He keeps his voice low so it doesn't carry past himself and Hector. "If anyone asks, you're tutoring me in Spanish." He flicks ash and checks his wristwatch for the time. Daddy (or someone) got him a Rolex. He does like to wear his money. "So you got home okay after dropping me off?"

Hector says, “You know I'm not Spanish, right? Like I had to take it in school like everybody else." He nods, "I can be there. I'm maybe going to be on crew for you play anyway. I could come and watch and work on my homework." He flashes him a cocky grin, "It was fine. I'm used to getting around on my feet anyway." he looks at him sideways, "So... about that erotic massage thing, you know I was just teasing right? I mean, I know your straight."”

"Fine you're my Math tutor. Look, it's the language I'm taking, all right? I don't think my dad's going to demand to see your family tree." He flicks more ash off his cigarette. "I know," he says. He glances at the ground for a moment, then nods a little. "It's fine. You know I got no problem with it, right? It really wasn't cool for Cash to say what he did about AIDS. It's just that..." He stabs out his cigarette and exhales through his nostrils. "Men are assholes. That's all."

Hector nods, "I know." He drops his clove and grinds it out, "I like girls too, by the way, and I don't have... I'm not sick or anything." A crooked smile, "Oh, I'm definitely an asshole. Don't take more than two tabs. It's really strong, and even if you know what you're doing make sure have a sitter anyway."

"I don't like anyone," Jade says without venom. Then they half-smile and say, "I don't think you're sick. I think Cash was being a dick. Maybe you deserve it, maybe you don't." That smile fully unfurls, and he adds, "Why don't you come watch me the first time? Or maybe I'll see if Spear wants to. I like him. He's a trip. Besides, we just like to hang out."

Hector flashes him a grin full of sunshine and dimples, "I'd be so cool watching you both tripping together. It's a deal. You're all right, Jade Marchant."

Jade gives Hector a once-over and says, "Oh, I'm better than all right, de la Huerta. I'm amazing." They wink, then say, "Six, my place, bring a text book and pretend to tutor me in it." Then they turn to wander back into the school with the sure gait of someone who naturally assumes he owns the place.

Hector gives a bark of a laugh, "Definitely better than all right. I'll be there." He watches Jade walk away. Safely hidden behind his shades, he ogles to his heart's content.