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A Commercial on the Radio
Characters  •   The Loner  •  The Creepshow  •  The Rogue  •  The Scholar  •  The Coward  •  The Pedagogue  •
Location  •  Parlor
Date  •  2019-03-08
Summary  •  Creepshow shows up with a new face, the radio plays an advertisement, people question what this place even is.

The Loner does on occasion come out of his room. Usually a week or so after they return he gets restless and comes out into the parlor more and more often. Luckily, he's found a time where the parlor is mostly empty. A bottle of scotch sits on the table in front of his seat on the couch, a bowl of something that smells like curry is in his hand, and he glares at the radio between bites of food. The radio is currently playing some murder mystery story, which frankly Loner doesn't look like he's enjoying, but there's only so many options available.

Down the hall comes a young woman of mixed race, short and curvy, dressed in a sharp, black on white suit and tie that blurs the genderline a bit. Her hair is an explosion of frizzy black curls, a barely tamed mane of natural ethnic perfection. A septum ring is the only visible jewelry she wears. She moves with a casual, languid grace, hands in her pants pockets as she heads for the dispensary. Seeing Loner, however, she slows and alters course

"Callum," she greets. "Or, uh... Julian this last time, yeah? Good to see you out."

"Whatever works." the Loner states, his usual reaction to when people start going through the list of names he's borne. Still seems like he hasn't decided to pick one himself. Though when he looks over at Creepshow, he squints. One thing he always has is a very good memory. And that seems to carry over into the facility for the mostpart. But he's having trouble placing the face he's looking at. "New arri.. no. Not if you know Callum." He gets that mildly sheepish look some people get when they can't quite put a name to a face, or even remember a face. He stalls by sticking a spoonful of curry in his mouth, awkwardly averting his eyes to the radio, then back after swallowing. "I, uh, sorry, but I can't place, uh." He pauses again. "You."

"Yeah," Creepy says with a little smile. "I, uh... look different now. It wasn't what I was trying to do, but it's the end result. I was Ramona. Bella. Max. I had a bit of a multi-life crisis after Max and, well. New me. It's all really fucking strange and complicated."

Loner just sort of stares at Creepy, shoveling another spoonful of food into his mouth as he does so. He doesn't look startled, or stunned, or confused. He lets out a sigh and shakes his head. "Well, that's a bloody new level of fucking weird. I've given up being shocked by this place." He reaches over and picks up his bottle of scotch and holds it out towards Creepy with a slosh of the liquid in it. "Fancy a nip? I'd need it in your shoes."

She's not a scotch drinker, but she knows how rare it is for him to feel sociable and make an offer like that, so she nods and moves to sit beside him. "Sure."

She takes the bottle and knocks back a bit before handing it over again. "What I am here, what this place makes me feel and want to do and say? Not fun. And after being Max, who was actually sweet and gentle and fragile under the prickly surface and all that FX gore and props, I just couldn't keep it together. Four lives now, and I've come to care about people here from each one, but I wake up here and want to hurt them. Push their buttons. Drive them away. It wasn't working."

"I kind of know how you feel." Loner says as he takes the bottle back and take a swig of the amber liquid himself. "Every time we go out there I.." He presses his lips together. "I find more people I like. Then I come back here and most of them I want to drive off. But I find myself less able to do that everytime." He closes his eyes after a second swig of scotch, setting the bottle down on the table. "Didn't go to quite the drastic, um, measures, you did though." He arches a brow and shakes his head with a faint smile. "I wonder how long it will last." He mutters as his smile fades.

Creepshow listens and nods, very much getting it. "I just... wanted to die. To never wake up here again. I started having these dreams that, if I could get someone who cared about me to help me... move on, I would. Finally, someone agreed to do it, and a few others came to see me off. I dunno what I actually thought would happen. I was hoping I'd die and not reset the next day, I think. I expected I would reset anyway, but maybe feel a bit better over the symbolic death, of being let go of by those I care about. None of that happened. I... guess I turned into a bright fucking light, and when it was gone, I was in this body, now. I still rememberr all of my lives, all of my time here. My door symbol didn't change. I guess I'm still me, but it feels different."

A smirk. "Yeah. I'm waiting to see how fast I regret it."

Loner mutters something under his breath that sounds a lot like. "Bloody fucking Doctor, up and getting a new body just because the director was a nimrod." He snorts and finishes off the food in his bowl, setting the dish on the table, perfectly content to leave his dirty dishes around until the reset takes care of them. "Hmm.. we've never really bumped into each other much in those lives." He says, tilting his head to the side. "But, I can get wanting to leave this place, but this has to be new. Wonder if we'll come back in new bodies now if we die here? We should experiment. Might be a new property of this place."

Speaking of one of those offenders that wont leave Loner alone...The Rogue has either done soul searching or it is laundry day. Somewhere in his mess of shit in his closet and his bug out bags he found a leather jacket with paint on the back, cargo pants, and mercifully a pair of Vans. Lyle lives? The conversation brings his feet to a stop a distance away. Coffee is on that side and tentatively his people are here. He may never get over this hang-up he has about getting close to people but given the temperature of the conversation? "Not alone there." Yeah hi, Rogue. Manners, bru. Apparently that thought crosses his mind as his quiet interjection is followed up with a , "Hey. Well... for what it counts for, I'm lad you're both here. Won't say I'm not conflicted, but... I can get it. I wish we knew how better to get you what you need."

The Scholar comes into the parlor from the Hall of Rooms, dressed for comfort in an dark gray, Oregon State University hoodie with some sort of snug black t-shirt under it, denim jeans, and hard-soled slippers. He's angling towards the dispensers, but pauses when he sees the other three. His gaze lingers on Creepshow a moment, then he points at the dispensers and asks, "Anyone want anything?" glancing between each of them.

Creepshow sits next to Loner on the sofa, dressed in a sharp, black on white suit and tie that blurs the genderline a bit. Her hair is an explosion of frizzy black curls, a barely tamed mane of natural ethnic perfection. A septum ring is the only visible jewelry she wears. "Well, I killed myself a few resets earlier and nothing like this happened, so I dunno if it's a new thing like that."

She considers. "...I guess I could let you kill me and see what happens, though. I'd never presumee you want to try dying in here. Most don't. Gotta be honest, though - kinda liking this body. The face and hair, too."

Rogue's greeting gets a little smile. "You did help. You were there for me. Thank you." She looks past him to Scholar, smiling a bit more. "My rum punch. You'll know it on the menu when you see it."

"Coffee." Loner calls out at the offer. "Well, I'd offer to die to try it out but even knowing I'd come back Connor would never let me." He sounds half pleased with that turn of events and half annoyed. "He's never really gotten over the bodyguard thing." He sits in his usual facility outfit of black pajama pants and a grey sweater. Dude always looks like he's lounging around the house here. "A large mug of coffee." He amends with another looks to Scholar.

The Rogue lifts a look to Bastian and considers that a moment. When Loner puts in his request though he nods, "Yeha, Coffee's good. Clean. I need to clear my head, not crack it open on the concrete." Someone set some stunt goals out for themselves. His eyes hold on his brother-in-law...boss... surrogate one time dad in a pinch?! (Who are we, Roen?) The Rogue jsut watches the Scholar for a longer moment with a genuine nod of thanks. Still Wendy's answer brings his attention back to her and as much as he might look like he is considering starting an arson fan club that faint look, touched, cuts through his general woes and dissonant bullshit. A smile warms to her, "Over the years you've done a lot for me. It meant something. Still does, and... matters to me. I mean... it was hard. Is. I'm glad I can be there for you and that you know that." Looking to Loner he jsut asks curiously, "When you gonna run your game anyways?"

"Run punch; coffee, a lot; more coffee," the Scholar repeats. He gives the Rogue a long look; he seems rested, and at the very least a lot better than he had the prior reset. Whatever he and the Coward wandered off to do, it did him a world of good. "Be right back," he says, and heads to the dispensers. He returns in short order with a tray bearing two coffee mugs and a large coffee pot that smells rich and fragrant; a carafe of the rum punch and a glass to pour it in; and a plate of breakfast hash with dark brown toast a comically large mug of some sort of spicy tea. He sets it on the coffee table and takes the plate and tea for himself, leaving the others to grab what they requested.

"It sounds like it was more related to your specific situation," he says to the Creepshow. "You weren't in a good place and needed to change. Maybe if someone else felt the same way they could accomplish it as well, but I don't expect it's as simple as dying." He shrugs. "Could be worth testing, if people are willing."

"Game?" Creepy perks a bit at that. "Dude, with the way the doors work now? Craziest. DnD Game. Ever. I think I just got wet thinking about it."

She looks up and nods to Scholar when he returns and addresses her. "No, yeah. I think it's different for everyone. I think if you get to where I was at, maybe you just... kinda feel your way through it? Like, it just felt to me like what I needed. I'd think it's something different for each of us. Guess we won't know until it comes up again." She pours herself a drink and settles back in. The radio gets eyed.

"So have we kinda decided that's telling us we're headed to the 30's or so? I heard some talk about it."

"I ran the game, not my fault you missed it." Loner says with only a mild tease to Rogue, knowing very well why Lucas missed the game. He leans forward and takes a coffee mug off the tray, pouring a splash of scotch from the bottle in front of him into the mug before even taking a sip. He looks over to the doors to the anywhere room and squints. "I'll pass on the live action D&D, thanks. At least until our overlords stick us in one. Fantasy is bound to happen eventually." He rolls his eyes.

His expression settles into a frown. "But appearance has been the static. Even with the slight changes we are who we are. So without that.. who the hell are we?" He taps the side of his coffee mug. "Thirties?" His eyes go to the radio with a wince. "I guess so. That'll be fun."

The Rogue leans over to get his coffee meeting Loner's jab at him with a dimpled, wry grin. "Well, then run another one. Be a shite storyteller if you only had one good gab to tell." He winks bcause he can, and the statement both compliment and challenge. In earnest it's a reason to socialize from a position Loner can steer too. Not a bad gig.

The skate punk drinks his coffee with a flinch remembering only now that he might want to let it cool off first. To Wendy and Bastian, since they weren't there he adds, "Yeah right before shit got right fucked I was showing him how to build traps that I learned," he nods to Scholar, "from you to arm his dungeon with. That was honestly a lot of fun for me. Hell jsut make the anywhere room some ultimate table room and run it from there. No funhouse, just fancy equipment, bru." Man he almost sips his coffee giving the Philico a side glance. "If it's fun they'll find a way to take a kak on that too." Looking back to them he says, "Look whatever happens, I...apoloize ahead of time and no hard feelings. Just in case."

"DeeEnDee ghame?" The Scholar repeats the phrase phonetically since he's not entirely sure what Creepshow or Loner have just said. He has a few bites of the breakfast hash, eyes following the Loner's glance to the Anywhere Room. 'Live action' does nothing to explain it to him, and the Rogue's commentary on traps only confuses him more. "You're setting snares for a game?" Unable to assemble this into a coherent subject, he focuses on his breakfast and the other topic at hand.

"If the last two are any indication," he means the Westerns and the 80s videos, "I'd guess so. Or, somewhere around there." He grimaces in agreement with the Loner. "The Great Depression, the run up to the Second World War..." He sighs. Well, it won't be the early 1900s, at least.

"...Yeah, fun," Creepy says with a wry smirk. "Fun, says the girl who now looks like this. A mixed-race girl in the 1930's? I'm sure nothing bad will happen. Pretty much any historical setting just got way shittier for me going forward. Before I could generally pass as white." A big, deep gulp is taken of her rum punch. "I used to think our invisible overlords were racist with so many white people in here. Now I'm thinking they were being kind. We get enough shit dumped on us without adding race into it."

The murder mystery on the radio goes into a commercial break.

"Everybody loves a carnival!" an announcer enthuses in that cheery, old-timey way. "Come and see a World of Wonders! There are games and rides for kids. A ten-in-one you won't want to miss! And under the big top, the real magic happens! Coming to a town near you, a World of Wonders awaits you!"

"D&D. Dungeons and Dragons. Roleplaying games. They're fun." He motions with his mug at Bastian. "Well, Ancient Egypt might be pretty badass for you." Loner does say that with a bit of a chipper tone that is very much unlike him. "I know what you mean though. Used to be me and Rogue with our accents were the most variety this place had." He snorts before taking yet another sip of coffee. He pauses and stares at the radio. "Was that an ad? Does it do ads?" He makes a distinct frown at the radio. "Oh bloody, fucking hell, no. You stop that!" He shouts at the ceiling. "You stop that right now!"

The Rogue looks to Wendy with a wry, smart-ass dimpled grin, "Yeha and since you look human I bet a bunch of future ones do too." HUGE help. He makes come clicking trills like the Xenomorphs do. Bad taste, but hey, he smacked one with his computer, he's earned a piece at their expenses. Finally, coffee. He adds to Loner's list, "Eish, ya call me? I mean... sure" Considering how much shit he gets up to of the unspecified nature? Yeah he'll own that one. He does add, "Connor's a Brit." Okay, three of them. He lifts his cup to salute Loner in the people need a translater for them half the tme when they get going Club(tm).

Looking to the radio he mimics the advert in a dramatized fashion, "Ah yes! The wonders of the world await YOU! For only the low low proce of your soul and peace of mind that you weren't using and weren't going to get that's such a deal"

The Scholar winces, gives Creepshow a sympathetic look. His face eases with comprehension at the Loner's explanation--Bastian might not have ever played any D&D, but he knew what roleplaying games were in the general sense--only to furrow back into a frown. "Ancient Egypt?" he asks, sounding confused again. He looks from the Rogue to the Creepshow, maybe hoping for some explanation there.

The radio's ad earns it a quick glance. "I don't remember there being any ads during 80s music videos," he murmurs, thoughtful. He smiles at the Rogue's mockery of the announcer, has a few more bites of his breakfast hash.

Creepshow quirks a 'brow at Loner's outburst, just watching as he gets it out of his system. Another good drink is taken from her glass.

"Yeah, I guess there are a few exceptions to the rule. Do you really see them throwing all these white folks into ancient Egypt, though? Based on what we've seen so far, I fucking don't." She's seated next to Loner on the sofa, drinking rum punch, dressed in a sharp suit and tie. Her hair is big and frizzy.

The Loner keeps glaring at the ceiling. It was a very Andrew-esque outburst. He grumbles under his breath and buries his face in his mug. The Scotsman always did know how to bellow once in a while. He just shrugs at Rogue at the question, then arches his brow at Creepy. "Well, the Romans could always be invading. The Romans were very good at that. Besides, a gladius would look really nice on my wall. Starting to get a nice collection going." His eyes fix on the radio though, giving it an evil glare that could kill, if radios could die.

The Coward strides on in, his expression quizzical. "Heard somethin' about a carnival?" He looks at everybody in turn, lingering on the Creepshow. To her, he touches the brim of his hat, stupidly gallant. "My, that suit looks fine on you, Miss Wendy."

The Rogue arches an eyebrow, "Eish, the Romans got their own fekkin continent. They can leave ours alone." He does have his skater gear on and a leather jacket with the A for Anarchy painted on the back Someone's hellbent on getting his skate on today. yes, Vans are a go. He found a pair. Mug is lifted to Rado musing, "Don't she though?" Looking back to teh radio he muses, "I hope we don't have to do battle against evil clowns that steal our voices in our sleep and leave us as catatonic hosts for their master's plans. I'm really over things being possessed."

The Pedagogue comes in, wearing tan cargo shorts and a green field shirt, with hiking boots much like Professor Drake might have on a dig. It was the closest thing in his closet to casual California skate park wear. Clearly he got Rogue's note. He gives those gathered a small smile. "Hey."

On the topic of being a Roman, the Scholar says, "Sebastian is a Turkish name by way of Latin," chasing it with a shrug. He finishes up his plate of breakfast hash just as the Coward come in, smiles a hello and gathers up his plate and mug of tea. "Back to my books," he says, and goes to deposit his plate by the dispensers. On his way to the hall he pauses to lean down and give Creepshow a light kiss to the temple, then does the same for the Coward. He shuffles off, nursing that huge mug of tea as he goes. He raises the mug to the Pedagogue in a greeting as he passes him.

A shrug and a nod from Creepshow as she finishes her drink. She holds off on pouring a refill, getting up and stretching. She accepts the kiss from Scholar happily. "If you'll excuse me a moment," she says with an apologetic smile. "New body, new bladder. I'll be back." She trots off into the hall, heading for her room. Colorado gets a smile and waggle of fingers in passing. "Thanks, Rado." Ethan also gets a wave.

Loner nods to both of the new arrivals from where he sits, drinking coffee with a strong smell of scotch wafting off of it. He looks between Ethan and Lucas, furrowing his brow a little at the attrire both of them are wearing and just sort of shakes his head without comment. Though frowns more at Lucas than anything. "Did you have to bring up evil clowns?"

The Coward, not so restrained, grabs the Scholar's face to smooch his cheek before he lets him go. He smiles dopily at the Creepshow as she goes by. "Bye, now, you two." Then he raises his eyebrows at Ethan and the Rogue, making it really obvious that he's noticing they're dressed for skating. "You boys want company on the concrete?" He glances at Julian, saying wryly, "Did you have to go and mention evil clowns again? I was tryin' to ignore it."

The Rogue turns and gives Ethan a once over pausing on the cargo shorts, "You find those on my floor?" They have enough ockets to belong to the once smuggler. Shaking his head he tacks on, "You can later. It's fine." He takes one last sip and offers his coffee, half drank to the professor as he joins. It's not even a conscious thought, it's just automatic. Clorado gets an amused look, "Oh you are definiately going back to Calli. both LL's, myself and Cool J, would be fekkin remiss if you didn't." Looking to Loner there's a shrug, "Because when it inevitably comes you have someone squarely to blame for it. Besides after the last bullshit? We got this. We'll get the next thing too and come back here, rally, and bitch about it."

"I don't know how much skating I'll be doing. Probably more watching than anything. Drake was a cars guy, not a skater guy," the Pedagogue reminds them with a faint grin. Last night took something out of him, and he's a little slow to bounce back today. He accepts the half-consumed coffee without a thought and drinks the remainder. "I think these were dig shorts, for the Professor. Maybe he just started dressing like you in his old age." There //were// Hawaiian shirts.

"Speaking of.." Loner chimes up with a look for Ethan. "Did the Professor have memories of the Lodge or is this a Star Wars episode 1, 2, and 3 sort of thing? I really don't like the idea of our overlords making prequels." He scoffs as he sips at his drink. "Never trust prequels." He squints faintly. "I'm also sorry that Andrew called the Professor a stodgy old dingbat with a lolita complex behind your back. He was cool when he was younger."

The Coward sputters laughing at Julian's apology and has to pretend he's coughing, covering his mouth. Yeah, he's not fooling anybody. "I'll, ah, I'll go change. Back in a flash." He jogs off towards his room.

The Rogue arches the eyebrow higher, the pass missed, or left alone. Being savvy was always Ethan's domain, not his. Lyle's just the solutions guy. Colorado gets an encouraging nod, but his hand comes to rest n Ethan's back. Hey, he had to kill Max. It's been a day. "Sooo speaking of that island where apparently I'm haunting the bonus features... what's this I hear about you bein a Primadonna rockstar from Cillian?"

The Pedagogue runs a hand through his short-cropped hair, much shorter than young Ethan's, much less grey in it than Professor Drake's. He chuckles at Julian. "Well, I was a hell of a lot older than most everyone at that event. And I did have some relationship issues, but now I think I understand why." He looks over at the Rogue with a gentler smile. He'd never loved anyone like he'd loved Lyle. "As to whether or not I had memories of the Lodge? I did, sort of. Everything outside of the time on Grey Island was like postcards, remember? Same with the everything before the college kids arrived at the Lodge. I //think// I remembered? But it might be something they implanted in me, like those postcards. Maybe they couldn't fool me like that if I'd met Lyle in the Facility before this lifetime. So the answer is, I really have no idea."

Loner looks at Ethan, then shrugs. "Bummer. I was plunging my own memories trying to see if I could piece out anything that might be fodder for a future menace. No luck." Then again, he's never been out of his twenties. He looks at Lucas with a frown, narrowing his eyes. "I was not a primadonna! Conrad is just angry because I laced my contract with a few.. annoying demands." He snorts. "It was more a test to see if they read the damn thing." Then he mutters. "Never did get my M&Ms."

The Coward returns, appropriately dressed. Loose pants, a tank top with a rainbow unicorn on it, and the requisite Vans. Rainbow-glossy Oakleys hang from the collar of the shirt. "Now boys, don't fight, you're both pretty." He's only caught the tail end of the Loner muttering.

The Rogue gives Ethan a wink. Nope. Not going anywhere. Of all the conflicts he's been having adjusting, this one isn't in the list. Oh yeah he still fucking preens at the sompliment. "Awww, you say the nicest shit to me." Looking to Julian his free hand comes up in defense clearly on his side here, "Hey, he's your brother. I ain't gettin punched for gettin in the middle of it, man. I'm on your side here. The fine print's the fruit of it."

The Pedagogue squeezes the Loner's shoulder, if he allows. He was his baby brother once upon a lifetime. "We still need to play more D&D. I miss it." Well he thinks he misses it. More postcard memories. He grins at Colorado and slides an arm around Lyle's shoulders.

"Cousin. He was my cousin." Loner points at Ethan. "He's my brother. Was my brother." He squints as he looks over at Ethan with a sigh, then relaxes a little at the squeeze on his shoulder. "I think we had a fun time with D&D.. fine." He shakes his head with a sigh. "I'll try to do a game, if we don't end up getting foisted off into a new life before hand."

"Those memories can get you," the Coward says, dropping onto the couch and manspreading like there's no tomorrow. "Got so many from a life time with Cale. Now..." he clicks his tongue, wry, and glances at the Rogue. "Tough to sort 'em out, sometimes."

The Rogue slides the arm around Ethan's waist when he gets the lean-into. The syphining out which one is hte brother and which one is the cousin jsut gets a nod and he says, almost sounding like Prosperity again, "Our families were too damn big." With more amusement to the three of them he counters, "And brothers again, well, where the frat's concerned." And then Colorado's looking at him with that smirk and Lyle's head hangs murmuring a laugh, "Rado... I can always count n you to make my shit awkward, can't I, boet?" He sighs murmuring something which is likely known to he and him aloe but carries the weight if never living that down.

"Cillian was more brother to me than cousin," the Pedagogue points out. "All the McTavishes were close. Even when we were far apart," he says cryptically. All trying, in their own ways, to stop the curse. He holds the Rogue close, comfortably, despite being 15 years older in these bodies.

"Yeah, well, you two were always close." Loner's accent actually slips a little as he talks, the Scottish falling off in favor of Glenn's western accent, though it quickly snaps back to normal. And he doesn't even seem to notice. "Well, most of us were close, anyway." He shakes his head and leans back, still cradling his coffee in his hands. He glances over to Colorado with a smirk. "There was something about having family though that was nice. Maybe that's why I had Gus... Before Glenn. Andrew hated his family and Callum didn't have any."

The Coward grins back at Rogue. "What else are friends and big brothers for, 'manito?" Oh, so awkward. He nods in agreement with the Loner. "Being a Colton was mighty fine. Even...with what I am. Yellow to the bone."

The Rogue nods looking to Colorado with a warm grin, "And we'll put any man in teh ground for steppin up on one of ours." He sghsshaking his head admitting, "Still mad as hell about what happened to Pierce, man." Looking to COlorado he asks curious, "I ever apologize for stickin your salt pillar ass up in the hall? Cause I ain't gonna." Looking to Loner tehre's a quiet comisseration, "Sinclair never had one. Orphean and a drifter all his life. Caleb? Well he had the best one one could have. Messed that up. I still feel like he was bein punished." His eyes find Colorado's briefly before looking down at his once older brother'sa nd then...something else entirely's knee. If he looks up Colorado will see though him like the whelp brother he was growing up and if he doesnt? Well it jsut conirms it really. A wry dimpled smirk does warm his face. "Man Cillian wanted me to go back to see Lyle's family? Oh. hell no. I want them to suffer. Verily man. My folks your pa, and your pa."

"We were your family, not the assholes who donated their genetic material to create you," Pedagogue points out to Rogue. "You had a family of choice, one that loved you so much we kept you with us as a ghost even."

"Then again, I did kill my father." Loner cruls his lips in annoyance at the memory. Or lack of memory. He rubs the back of his neck and sighs heavily. "Definitely have dad issues ever time, except Callum." He shakes his head and squints. "Wonder if that means anything." He just keeps muttering to himself, now stuck on a puzzle he needs to figure out. Though eventually he pulls himself back and looks at the other three. "I wonder if we even have genetic material."

"No, you ain't apologized." The Coward shakes his head, bemused. "I can't imagine why you'd think I'd ever expect you to. I've met you. ...Ethan's right. We were your family." He looks at the Loner, eyes widening. "After what I saw happen to Max? I can't take anything as a given."

The Rogue warms an earlier smile, genuine and not coky or put on. The assurance? Well that may never be not needed but it's appreciated now all the same as it ever was. "I miss Dash." yeah he said it out loud. Looking back to Ethan with an eyebrow arched he glances to Colorado and nods to Julian. "Yeah saw I got to haunt all three of you. And you are my fmaily. Shit, here? I'm willing to say that here too. I don't need DNA to tell me who my people are. I just..." He sighs and shakes his head with a rueful smile, "Rado?... That apology ain't never gonna come neither." NOW he looks and sounds like the steel handed head of the Colton family. "They can try to take my brother away, but they ain' gonna succeed." Stll in discussing Max it's Ethan he looks to. The armaround his waist silent, supportive. "You need more coffee?" Which was as good as any way of asking how he was holding up with that.

"My leading theory is that we exist somewhere, outside of this place. And that we're plugged into some kind of computer simulation. The Facility is some sort of 'rest mode' for our consciousness," the Pedagogue explains. "It's the only thing I can think of that would allow for some of the things that happen here, like the resets, not being able to die, a food creator that instantly makes any food you think of, and especially with Max, er, Wendy's change last night. Those things defy all laws of physics, but are readily accomplished with computerized special effects." He rubs his free hand on his jaw thoughtfully. "I think it's the only reason I was able to do what I did last night. But I also think in doing so, I forced their hands. They had to adapt to something they didn't expect would happen. We tested their mythology of this place and showed that they are not infalliable, which means this isn't Purgatory and no God is pulling our strings here." He smiles at the Rogue. "I'm good on the coffee. My brain has been too awake since last night I think."

"Don't bring family too much into it. It'll make things creepy if we end up shagging in another life." Loner shakes his head with a sigh. "The way this shit goes it's only a matter of time before everyone has slept with everyone else." He wrinkles his nose and downs his coffee. He looks at Ethan a bit confused, likely not having heard of whatever happened last night. But instead of asking he gets to his feet. "I'm going to go lay down. Maybe think on a game to run."

The Coward scratches his nose and does not comment. "All right, Julian, you take it easy now, my friend."

The Rogue wrinkles his nose to Loner murmuring, "Ain't that the damned truth. Fine. People? our people? our... cadre? Posse?... Whaever it is it's fuckin ours." A nod of support is iven to Loner, "Shit, since I'm gonna play find me something where I can use those trap set skills." They got a D&D class for that right?

Looking to Colorado and Ethan he looks... disappointed? Relieved? Silent. He's not arguing the theory. "Think you're right." He stayed up with Ethan all last night. He's well aware. "I'm sorry it had to come to that."

"Now that I think I roughly know what this is around us, I feel a little less," Ethan looks for a word, "like my teeth are on edge here all the time. Do I want us all free of this? Of course. But this isn't some sort of religious punishment. And if it's a prison, why treat us this well here in the Facility? So I don't think we're being punished for something we did outside of here either. Does that make sense? Mostly, this is NOT our fault."

The Loner nods to Colorado as he heads for the hallway. He looks to Lucas and arches his brow. "Yes, that would be a rogue. Or a very weird bard. Bard would probably try to fuck the lock open." He mutters under his breath, still heading to the hallway. He stops gor a moment and looks over to Ethan. "Great, so we're being punished for nothing at all? Loads better." He sighs and heads down the hallway. "I'll catch you guys later."

"It's not our fault. I try to remember that." The Coward watches the Loner go. "Don't think we're bein' punished," he says, to both him and the Rogue, "anymore'n a little kid thinks he's punishing ants with a magnifying glass."

The Rogue jsut blinks at Ethan like his head is rotating 360* on him. He blinks again. "I dunno I've ever not been in trouble for that to remotely occur to me." Hey, he's honest. Looking back to Julian the shrug and expression suggest, eeeeh might be on to something there. "Catch you in a bit, bru." Looking back to them he falls quiet considering this. "Guys...just..." He shakes his head and says, "If that's true and any of us get out? We find the rest." His fingers curls around the fabric of the cargo pants at Ethan's hip where everthing is absolutely casual. Everything's fine, dammit! Yeah, that rapidfire brain of his is running wild right now but he's still got the sense to keep his yap shut. "well then we find things to like here. We take it and make it ours."

"It also explains how one of these scenarios was from something we know to be a fictional franchise," Pedagogue adds. He rubs at his face with his free hand. "We find each other, and we make it ours. Agreed. I'm gonna go grab a hat from my room, I'll meet you guys in the California room?" he offers. He leans in to kiss the Rogue's cheek and squeeze a Rado shoulder in passing.

The Coward grips Ethan's wrist. "Don't think I thanked you, brother. Well, thank you. From me and Bastian." He lets him go. To the Rogue, he nods. "If I can," he murmurs. "Can't promise anything." Melancholy settles over his face. He slaps his own cheek and stands up. "C'mon! We're hittin' the skate park."

The Rogue just takes the pause to rest the other hand on Ethan's other hip, holding him there just a moment so the world stands fucking still and stops whirling at mach 2. For the scary ride his ind just went on that seems to have been all he needed. Fingers squeese in lieu of a hug, but he's always been one for subtle habits instead of grand gesture. "Don't keep me waitin, babe." Looking to Colorado a wry grin warms in that perfectly L.L. fashion "I'm glad you guys are in for teh ride. We get a hell of a rush. He gets a hell of a view. Everyone wins." And that? That Colorado, gets a high five and in too familiar rote calls out, loudly, "COLTOOOOONS...let's ride!" And with that they head to California to abscond with a skate park.