Log:A Brother's Wisdom

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A Brother's Wisdom
Characters  •   Morrison Lester  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Big Ben's
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •  Lester Family  •
Date  •  2019-10-13
Summary  •  NEEDING to get out of the house Lucas decides to brave the sun and head out with Morrison for a bit, catch the release of Maverick (awesome) and some burgers. Unexpected advice and revelations about what Lucas thought he knew come when Morrison lays down some truths to help his brothers out.

Lucas is still not close enough to moving to LA. Still under 'house arrest' though things have been a bit easier to manage, but it's a struggle. Who knows how patient the painkillers are really going to be and whatever happens it's affecting people that would rather not be affected.

For Lucas it was a need to get out of the same thousand walls he's been roaming around in. Landon wasn't wrong to be concerned. It could get stifling and that made hitting Morrison up for an emergency trip 'out' for 'important errands' necessary. This errand was going and watching Maverick because he was not going to miss a film of a smartass gambling cowboy nor a chance to spend time with his big brother before... well... shit changed and he was, in fact, moving away. Movie sorted now there's the matter of food and waiting for things to feel normal again. "Man I never thought I would say this but Jodie Foster kicked a lot of ass." Grabbing his coffee he falls into a seat, sunglasses on, across from Morrison. "I know it's like... bad to be sentimental about stuff, but I kinda do and don't want to move in like a month. Not looking forward to figuring shit out all over again." His jaw sets but a faint impish grin forms and he adds, "You'll have to come out ya know. It's not like that far."

"It was a good flick," Morrison agrees as they sit at the table. He knows it's rough on the twins. He knows it's rough on all the kids, what's going on, and he doesn't seem to mind taking Lucas out of the house to do whatever he wants to do every once in a while in the interest of them not going stir crazy, or running off and doing something more stupid than what's already been done. He settles back in his seat and glances over at Lucas. It's then that he says, "Once you guys are off to college, I'm moving, too."

Lucas tries not to look surprised (he is). His head tilts to the side fading from all of life's little formalities. Really he's not a fan of change, but it happens and he's usually fine unless he's controlling it (he isn't). Curious he bites right into the question, "What- where... you going? You coming to LA with us because that' would be seriously bitchin. Can see you get a job as a Hollywood stuntman or something. What are you, um, wow. Leaving Karl's mad evil clutches and everything tooooo???" 'where' would be the missing word Landon's not here to add in. After a pause he frowns and it occurs to him only after the fact leaving him feeling like a bit of an ass, "You okay? I mean this... shit aside."

Morrison nods to the server who comes by to take their order, and he gets himself a burger and some fries along with a glass of iced tea. Then he answers Lucas' question. "I'm not sure yet. Vegas, maybe. Somewhere where I can get more fights on the amateur circuit, finish up the competitions I need to go pro. Somewhere that Theo can set up his own practice." He drapes one arm over the back of his chair, leaning against it comfortably and says, "This shit aside? I'm fine. This shit is, unfortunately, front and center until it's taken care of, though."

Lucas waits for to order a double bacon burger...with an egg on it. the greater number of meat types on there the better apparently. A grin forms, "Vegas? Still only a couple hours. Just be careful. All criminals out there I heard." Not from a reliable source but movies don't lie! Right? There's a pause though and he blinks, tired but more then half awake he asks, "Theodore's leaving too?" There's a long pause and an "Oh." Well that might make the twins' long term plans have a hiccup but then again they already are. "There's not really going to be a reason to come back after September is there except for Christmas is it?" If to keep up appearances. Maybe. Huh. His mom is to a point not enough of a reason. Beth can call. He might answer. It'll likely go to voicemail until he decides. "Maybe we'll come see you. Squid know?"

"Yes, though I don't think he's told anyone yet. I haven't either. Just you. So, keep it between you and Landon for now, hm?" Morrison then says, "I think we'll manage alright in Vegas. Though it's not 100% that's where we're going to go. But we are going to get out of here, head for a city where we can both make a fresh start." He shakes his head, "Honestly, I wouldn't come back here unless you have to." Then he says, "I'll tell Squid when the time comes. I'm going to recommend that he and Lennon, and all the rest of them, just go to school or go anywhere away from this place after all this is over."

Is Lucas preening internally right now at being told anything first? Oh, always. With a glance sidelong and back the smile hangs for he while and is cemented in place with a dip of a nod. "Your intel is safe with us." because Landon knows everything. "Look after Theodore for us? He's got like two feelings but they're important." He shrugs and concludes in that manner where he's trying to be formal or very official out of habit and it's for reasons of...efficiency and totally not self-interest there. "He's a valued asset to us." Which is a weird way of saying personal idol and role model. "I'm kinda glad he's starting again. I don't like him being left alone as a target here. And I don't... think whatever's happening here is going to stop just because we don't care for it. If that makes any sense?"

"Don't worry, I'll look after him," Morrison assures Lucas, a bit of that wolfish grin slipping over his features. Though one brow raises a little when Lucas calls him an asset. "Lucas, it's okay to care about people. You know that, right? Not everyone, because fuck most people, sure. But he's your cousin, and one who gives a shit about you." He shifts then, leaning forward against the table and resting his forearms on it as he studies Lucas. "He's not going to be left alone. I'm going to be with him. Just as I have been since high school."

Lucas sits silent when their food shows up. He considers this for a while, the words, and murmurs looking up to Morrison with a snort, "We know how well people stick around Morrison." Clearly present company excluded which stands understood. He eyes his burger and tries to reconcile the rest. There's a pause with one eye twitching looking back to his brother and re-states bitter words from an old war, "Yeah but then you try to care and people bail. I mean... granted this time it's part of the plan, but..." His head shakes and he scoops up half his burger, "I dunno. I'm just afraid like... we're going to go away and that'll be fine but then... like, we don't want to lose him too. He actually taught us most of the shit we know for business like you did for us just dealing with people and their BS." He knows better than to have that concern about Morrison or ever put that doubt there to which he informs, "We will, you know, hunt you down...and annoy you. We are superlative at it." To say the least. And then, tidal wave of teen existential angst over his brain adds up the math, pauses, and squints such a questioning look to Morrison. "Are you intending to imply what I think you just did or an I getting sun stroke?"

"That's why you choose really carefully the ones that you give a shit about," Morrison points out. "Like you, and Landon, Amy, George, Squid, Lennon, Sebastian." He lists off his cousins, his siblings, the ones that he gives a shit about. Not his parents, mind. Not his aunts, uncles, save Sebastian, definitely not his father. "But you /do/ give a shit, Lucas. Yes, people bail. Those who do bail out on you and toss you aside aren't worth your time." Particularly those who cast aside the twins when their parentage came to light. "You're not going to lose him. You're not going to lose either of us. We'll come and see you. And you can come out and see us." He lets Lucas do that mental math, and waits for him to come to the conclusion that he'd been leading him to. "I am."

Lucas really lets all of that stew for a long bit and seems to find some method of processing it into usable format The last bit though gets a blink. He stares quietly and watches his brother watch him back and says mystified, "I knew it... He's going to employ you as a bodyguard and become a Vegas loan shark." It was a long shot guess... and one that is utterly based on Lucas trying to screw with Morrison there. There's finally a faint wry grin but still, that baffles him. He eats is burger with a "Huh!" He shews and sorts his own priorities out in his head and sees where the applied life lessons wander off to which will be done likely later. Right now? Food. "Well... you got me on that one and the world will hear nothing of it from me. It will.... make holidays easier so I appreciate you thinking of Landon and my needs." Because he's a selfish little shit and this is how he shows support.

"We're going to find a place where we can just be us, without worrying about what others think about it, and focus on what we want in life," Morrison says. "But now's not really a good time, considering everything that happened with Brenda." Coming out with a new relationship when the supposed 'fiancee' is still missing and potentially dead is more than a little suspicious. Which is why he hasn't said anything other than privately. "Don't wait as long as I did," he advises Lucas. "Make sure you are being who /you/ want to be and that you're doing what /you/ want to do." He then smirks again and says, "Yeah well, you know me. Self-sacrificing and all that."

Lucas listens, carefully, trying to pick up on the whys and how. It's leaving him a lot to think about that he was already thinking about but with new reason. Distantly he nods and agrees, "Maybe. I'm... We're working on it." He doesn't specify which 'we' he's referring to and maybe many.

The advice gets a chuckle and he eyes up the next bite of his burger, "Yeah? Well when we figure out who the hell that is I'll do that." The snarky comment about Morrison's self-sacrificing gets a wry grin, amused, and every bit fond of one of those very very few very very important people, "Yeah, well, can't always be perfect." If he gets his chair kicked or finds himself in a head lock later because? Well it'll be worth it. "Morrison? Thanks" Neither one of them are anything close to a Hallmark card so he punctuates only with the important sentiment, "We'll make sure we don't mess it up."

"You've got time," Morrison tells him. "But use your time in college to figure that out. I know you idolize Theo, and being like him isn't a bad thing. But yeah, allow yourself some room to figure that out." He doesn't kick Lucas' chair, but he does pick up a fry and throws it at him, getting it in his hair. Then he goes right on back to eating his burger. "Yeah?" he says at the question that is his name. Then he nods and says, "Anytime." Then he chuckles and says, "I know you sure as hell will try not to."