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6 Feet Under
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Martyr  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Crusader  •  The Explorer  •  The Gambler  •
Location  •  The Facility - Hall of Rooms
Date  •  2019-10-27
Summary  •  The Thrill-Seeker realizes that The Advisor's door is blank now.

The sound of kicking and loud distress quiets quick enough. Toes hurt when a door doesn't budge after a few kicks. The fourth door down the hall and on the right is blank. And sure the door looks scuffed and banged and maybe even cracked. But it didn't give. And Cheer?

The woman is curled into a ball sitting in front of it. Head buried and hands resting on the back of her neck and head. Soft little sounds that are probably muted crying come from the cave of her posture. The occassional, "Fuck!" Softly cursed amid them.

The Martyr meets Briar's eyes, then pads over to sit next to Cheer and curl an arm around her shoulders, producing a lavander handkerchief and offering it to her.

Briar hangs back, taking in the door and its damage, and the realization that in the next cycle it will be pristine again, and they frown faintly. Then they shift their gaze to Hector and Cheer.

"He's gone," Comes Cheer's weak and rough voice when she feels the presence beside her. She's fairly sure she knows who it is, but she doesn't really budge much. There's a little lean back against Dare, but her head doesn't come up. "I was the only one who cared about him. And he's gone now. He was with us last time. How can he be gone now?" Her voice is tiny and pained and confused.

The Martyr rubs her back gently, "I lived him when we were in the carnivale, but I never really got to know him. I'm sorry, Cheer. I really am. Maybe he finished what he was here to do and he's out there somewhere to find when you finish here. Let's hope so, okay?"

"Maybe they've moved him to another Facility," Briar says gently. "Or he got out somehow." They come over and sit beside Cheer, their back against the wall. "I'm sorry. What can we do?"

The Thrill-Seeker sucks in a shakey breath and then lifts her tear-stained face. Looking from Dare to Briar before she shakes her head at the question. Looking back down at the floor. "I don't think anyone can do anything...unless you can bring him back," And there is a hollow and grim laugh that followers before she turns to finally take the hanky. Blowing her nose before resting head on arms again. "Kimmy loved him so hard. Stupid girl..."

The Martyr winces, "For you, I wish I could." He keeps rubbing her back, "Kimmy was good at love, I think. You still are, Cheer. It was good he had someone who loved him like that. Wherever he is, he still has that, right? And you have the memory of the best version of him he could be, because I'm sure that's what he gave Kiimmy."

The Addict says quietly, "I liked him, but he never noticed me. I thought he was funny. Kind of a shit, but it made me laugh." They draw their knees to their chest, wrapping their arms around. "Love is never wasted. Your time with him mattered, and wherever he is, he remembers."

The Thrill-Seeker gives another few sobs at those words. They are the kind of words that help but hurt and she doesn't try to keep quiet now. Or really stop. "Here...he was quiet. He didn't...I don't know. He just preferred to stay away," She says in that sad, but less defeated, voice. "That first time is so remote now. Hard to grasp at. He was barely there other times. I don't want to lose the few memories I have, but they're already so thin..."

The Martyr meets the Addict's eyes over her shoulders and mouths, 'I love you.' Then he kisses the top of Cheer's head, "So share the ones that aren't x-rated. Talk about them so you don't lose them."

The Addict smiles softly at Dare, though there's a pinched look of pain in the expression. "Yeah, let's keep him alive that way. In stories."

The Gambler arrives from The Facility - Parlor.

The Gambler seems to be trying to sneak by, but... She is, sort of inherrently not sneaky. And she can't help but glance over, trying to see what's going on. And she's doing that exagerated 'I'm sneaking!' thing which... really only draws more attention. So bad at sneaking.

"I...uhhh...mmmmm," Cheer goes quiet from her ball of self, curled at the base of a blank door. They're four doors down on the right, a door that is almost opposite the Thrill-Seeker's own. Arms resting on her knees, head resting on arms, she can be heard to be crying. But it's soft. And then there is a pause when Briar asks for a something without sex. "He...didn't laugh at me when I was jumping at literal shadows. They were too. Having seen the ghosts there. He was friendly. Kind. Though as soon as I wave the flirt flag all bets were off." A moment of happiness in her voice. Gambler isn't noticed with her head down. But the other two....

The Martyr eyes Felicity and raises his eyebrows and cocks his head. Quietly he tells, "He was right to be scared. It was a terrifying place. The first time I saw a ghost, I fainted and Seb had to carry me to safety. I was so sorry we lost him when he ran back into the tunnel. I wonder if he survived? I wish I had gotten to know him here."

Briar glances up at Felicity, and they smiles softly. Yes, the redhead has been seen, sneaking badly. Briar waves fingertips at them and murmurs, "How are you holding up?" They then say to Cheer, "I remember how into you he was. I liked that, because you needed someone who treated you nice."

The Gambler freezes, first because she hears the crying and then she sees the look from Martyr and she looks kind of like a kid being caught sneaking in late. "Wasn't sure if I would help or hurt or just be in the way." There's a glance down the hall... her room is so far away. She looks back at the little grouping and says to Briar, "I'm...not crying? I feel like we've had this coversation before. I can stay, I just didn't want to interrupt, but didn't really want to be in the parlor anymore."

The Thrill-Seeker sniffs and lifts her head to wipe at her nose again. That is when she sees The Gambler. She doesn't freeze just nods very faintly, looking horribly sad. "You won't interrupt...just...someone is gone who had been here for awhile. Even if remotely. And...one of me loved him more than anything and he didn't come back with us from last time..." And she sighs and blows her nose. Turning to look at Briar after with the faintest of smiles. "He...did. He proposed actually..." She bites her lip and squeezes her eyes shut. Like that will stop the tears welling behind her eyes. "Fuck. I...it shouldn't happen here too." She says in a high, tight, and pained tone. "The loss."

The Martyr is still gently rubbing Cheer's back, but he pats the spot on the foor next to him invitingly, "I wouldn't be surprised is Kimmy was the best thinh that ever happened to him. You were like sunshine, you know?" He shakes his head, "But still we mourn so very, very often. You have a right to mourn someone you loved and miss.

The Addict leans against Cheer and rests hteir head against hers. "Do you want to go to an anywhere room sometime and we can have a proper memorial?" they ask. "We can have it somewhere nice. Maybe at the lake, if you want. There won't be any ghosts there. Just us. I'd be Danny again. Dare would be Finn. You'd be Cheer. Or we could have it somewhere else." To the Gambler, they say, "You can join us if you want."

The Gambler sighs softly and comes over to sit by Martyr's side, leaning in against him. "I'm sorry." It's a soft whisper. "I don't think I knew him, but I don't mind listening to stories about someone." She starts to say something else and then seems to think better of it and just closes her eyes for a moment.

The Thrill-Seeker reaches up and rubs at her eyes with the heel of her hand. Wiping tears away with weak anger. "An empty-headed coked up bit of sunshine, but yeah," She says with a wry chuckle. Another shake of her head and she sighs sadly. Lower lip trembles as she tries to control herself. Briar's lean is returned with her turning to plant a kiss on that head, before leaning back. "I don't know...maybe. But not the Lake. He...really hated that place. But a beach. Maybe Santa Montica or something...You guys remember him last time at all? Zane's older brother. Well, one of them. The one that worked at the newspaper?" She glances around at the small group hopefully. "Silvio..." Sadly, lovingly, is that name said. "Raul...The Chiva," She remembers all the names.

The Martyr says, “Last time Fizz and I did that for a friend who didn't come back after Icarus. We went back to the thirties and mixed Egyptian rites for the dead with Baccanal. It helped. To properly solemnize her going, but also to celebrate her life with more lie, if that makes sense."

He curls an arm around the Gambler, "He was... Oh right, that was the Moon before you came. Amy saved him. I think that was most of what I saw of him that time around.... I liked the Chiva though. he's come and sit with Oh and me by the fire late at night and chat. I think you were mostly out hunting, but Arcade will remember him too. He knew him better than I did, i think." He tells Cheer, "Yes, but Finn was really fond of her. After you died, he tried to put it into words. Something about Kimmy being like a cat, all in the moment and entirely free and entirely herself."”

Briar says, "I remember, that night at Esme's house." They smiles softly at the kiss. "We'll go to a beach, sure. We'll have a barbecue or something. Something he'd like." They hold a hand out to Felicity. "This is why it's so important we treasure what we have while we have it. We're in constant flux, and people come and go."

The Gambler frowns and glances over. "I have... water color, blury memories of him, but nothing clear. All from before I... came back? Showed up?" She reaches over and takes Briar's hand with a whistful smile. "I... yeah, someone earlier said that there wasn't always a next time and you couldn't trust in it, even when it felt like you ought to be able to. Was he Matthew, too? Or was that someone different?"

The Thrill-Seeker leans the lavender kerchief on her knee and moves to slip her arms around Briar and Dare's shoulders. Fingers reaching to brush at Gambler too. Her head nodding at Briar's words she looks at them. Happier but still sad. Then turns to look at Dare and Gambler before closing her eyes and sighing. "I love you guys. I'm lucky to have you. I'm going to try and remember to tell you every day we are here..." She is quiet until the question. Lifting her head she shakes her head and then frowns, trying to dredge up the memory. A sniff. Another tear falls.

The Martyr gives Cheer and Felicity a gentle squeeze, eyes meeting briar's over Cheer's bowed head, "I love all of you so much. I hope... when we go, we all go together."

The Addict hugs Cheer around the shoulders. "When I go, I hope you all take care of one another. But let's not think about that." They give Cheer a squeeze, then they get to their feet, and they hug the Gambler. "I think I need to get ready for bed," they say with regret in their voice. Then they lean down to give Martyr a kiss. "Good night, lovelies."

The Crusader arrives from The Facility - Parlor.

The Gambler smiles a little more. "I love you all, too. Even if I haven't been here that long." Most of them are on the floor in front of a blank door. Dare in the middle, Cheer and Gambler on either side of him, Briar first hugging Gambler and then kissing Dare. She sighs, "I... don't know what to hope, at the moment. I'm still busy trying to figure out what being here means at all." She hugs Briar back, very tightly. "I'm sure we'll talk more later." And then she's settling back into place against Dare.

The Thrill-Seeker releases Briar after a last little squeeze of her hand. Smiling sadly and thankfully up at them. "You're amazing, no matter your guise. Go rest and thank you," She says before turning to look at the other two. The door used to belong to the Advisor and she leans her head back against it as she says, "We're all still trying to figure out what this means. And some of us have been here a long time now..." Trailing off she closes her eyes before lowly getting to her feet. "I think now is when I go stuff my face with cookies and lie in bed. This floor is uncomfortable," And she scuffs at the floor and idly kicks the blank door. The unyielding door, beating on a bit already, gets a glare before she turns to take the few steps to her own door to disappear inside.

The Martyr tangles his fingers in their hair, something profound in his eyes as they kiss. He looks worriedly at Cheer, then gives Briar and extra look. Then he's smiling crookedly at Felicity, "I didn't mean to lay quite so much on you last night. Gods and Monsters. Layered lives. All of this. The names...." He takes a breath, "If I... It was a lot and when you want to talk, I very much want to listen." He rises to follow Cheer, but the door closes. "Shit, that's rough."

Even as Thrill's words about some of us being here a long while are still vibrating air molecules, from down the hall comes a "It means..."

The Crusader comes up the hallway, bare feet padding on the floor as he eats fruity pebbles from a salad bowl, "...free tattoos." Boom. Finger pistol. Right at the Gambler. "Kachow." The charismatic note adding to his jovial tone. "Also. I know where to get weed." He doesn't seem all that worried about people coming or going even as he leans against the door opposite the blank one. This one intricately carved with prometheus' tale. Though something about it seems cyclical... as if he were pushing the boulder up the mountain to grant the fire to his followers who strip him of his armor along the way.

The Gambler sighs softly and gets slowly to her feet. "Weirdly, I think it actually helped. It was... joyful. I needed something joyful." There's a small pause as she watches the door close. "We could talk now, if you wanted. Or not. I could show you my room. I could probably use more cuddling, but... " She sighs and sort of waves a hand vaguely. "There's a lot. And it's okay if other people have precedence." She kind of blinks at The Crusader. "I... don't want weed? Or a tattoo? At the moment? I mean, maybe sometime, but I'm way too unsettled for one right now."

"You are?" The Crusader asks the Gambler with some confusion, he offers her his giant bowl of fruity pebbles with chocolate milk as if that might be the solution. "Oh.... oh!" His eyes go wider. "This is your first night here, yeah? You haven't... woken up... yet?" He flicks his gaze to the others that remain with something slimly sliding between cunning and curiousity.

The Explorer arrives from off the beaten path.

The Martyr rises and takes Fellicity's hand, "I think she needs a little space. I'll check on her in a bit, maybe tuck her in and look after her for a bit, but for now, I'd love to see your room and give you the cuddles." He smiles crookedly. "I should explain the temprary PDA thing too. It's kind of a Cash sitution with Briar right now." He eyes Heck, "You should warn it'll be gone in the morning. It's a lot of pain for a few yours of tattoo. Her second night, actually."

The Explorer's door is yanked open, and she hurries out, though she stops in her tracks once she sees the others. Her eyes are reddened, glistening with the same tears that have fashioned trails of wet down her cheeks. Her gaze settles on Dare, locks there for a long moment as she struggles to swallow past a lump in her throat. Then she just gives her head the tiniest shake, and turns to rush off down the hall toward the parlor.

The Optimist arrives from The Facility - Parlor.

The Explorer heads towards The Facility - Parlor


The Gambler shakes her head. "Second. But last night was... a lot." They're standing in front of the blank door which used to belong to the Advisor. She takes Dare's hand and sighs. "I should have known, but... okay. Sure. I owe Briar something for dealing with me that last little bit anyway. Yeah, talking would be good. Tell me the rules. I'm okay with rules." And then the Explorer is running by and she sighs. "Or... that. It can wait." She sounds a little uncertain of that last bit, but like she's resigned to it.

Immediately the Crusader transitions from offering the cereal to one tender soul, to the other, when the Explorer arrives. He seems a little more invested in her stress than the others, however. "Mmm...." He frowns tightly and says, "I think... you guys got this part?" He motions to those gathered in the hallway. "I'll investigate that one?" He points towards the parlor. "Also... when you get the joke." He's looking at the Gambler now, "...I'll show you the punchline." Then off he wanders.

The Crusader heads towards The Facility - Parlor <P>.

The Optimist heads towards The Facility - Parlor <P>.

The Martyr lifts her hand to his lips, "Don't worry, it's no where even close to as strict. Briar's just needing a little extra TLC right now. For example? Last night was perfectly acceptable under the new rules." He looks concerned as Explorer runs by, "Shit! That doesn't bode well for Chance." He closes his eyes, "want cuddles or to go check on more wounded?"

The Gambler looks first towards her door and then back towards the parlor, then sighs. "I want cuddles and quiet talk, but if you need to go check on her, I understand. I think I'll just go hide in my room then. Unless... you think it's likely to be something I should know about." She rubs at her eyes with her free hand. "I don't know. I need a wheel to spin or something."

The Martyr bends to kiss her getly on he lips, "Did you know i used to be a stage magician? I can do close magic too still, though I'm not dressed for it. Magic was very formal in those days." He keeps hold of her hand, "Show me your room and lets take breather from all the...muchness of this place, yes?"

The Gambler kisses him back softly and sniffles a little and nods, then leads the way off to her room.