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2nd Moon Gathering
Characters  •   Lana Reed  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Amy Lester  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Spear Thistle  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Cash Freeland  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Sky Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Marchant House
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •  Marchant Family  •  Thistle Family  •  Lester Family  •  Freeland Family  •
Date  •  2019-09-18
Summary  •  A lot of the senior students gather at the Marchant house this time under the guise of another party to hide from the Painkillers. They're left alone by the vampires.

Dusk. The full moon is a known thing these days, what with everything going on, and the plan this time is to have everyone gather at the Marchant house to be safe from the Painkillers. Amy's feeling the moon especially, though now she can at least explain away her irritability. Even if it's still weird to think of things like werewolves and vampires. She's arrived with Ashley Freeland, though Ash has excused herself almost immediately. Amy herself is dressed in her black nine inch nails t-shirt, has her sunglasses on (or off now, as she steps inside) and her black jeans along with her boots.

She's ready to make sure no one feels that call and decides to go frolicking around the town at night and right into a set of fangs. Though she's not necessarily looking forward to dealing with Fran again.

Lana pulls up to the Marchant House after getting off of work in her beat up Dodge Colt, The car seems so out of place anywhere near this house, but it is what she has. She heads up to the front door and knocks, though she knows to just let herself in tonight. After the polite gesture, she enters, walking in with her yellow and black plaid skirt, black sweater vest over a white collared shirt and doc martens on her feet. She seems to be mixing her two styles tonight, black cat eyes drawn in liquid eyeliner making her bright eyes stand out all the more.

"Oh! Hey, Amy," she says when she spots her. "Am I early?"

Left alone while Ashley goes off to 'freshen up' or whatever, Amy just kind of starts to move towards that main living room/theater that was the big hang out last time she was here. Maybe there'll be some more of those gourmet burgers which are just great. She pauses though before moving out of sight, glancing back. "Hey," she says with her usual amount of enthusiasm, which isn't a whole lot. She's got an irritated look to her features, and opens her mouth before pausing, shaking her head and sighing. "Sorry." She suddenly apologises for ... who knows what reason, really. And then shrugs. "I dunno. Sun's not quite gone down yet so I suppose. Dunno where folks are right now."

"Well, there better get their asses here soon," Lana says, walking further in and looking as if she is going to follow Amy into the main area. "We need to discuss our plan for the night, who is going to watch who, tie up who, sit on who... all that." She frowns, crossing her arms and looking toward the door worriedly.

"Hey fuckers," George offers as casual greeting to the room at large, as she shoves open the Marchant door and strolls inside. Hey, she isn't a vampire and doesn't need an invitation! Speaking of, guess who is quite happily embracing their lupine side this full moon? If folks didn't think she was crazy before, she's been doubling down on her reputation and school and around town.

"Yeah. I never thought about them not actually getting here. Huh. But those princesses Lucas and Landon live here, so." Amy shrugs her shoulders again. The L boys are always princesses to her. "I'm sure it'll all get fucking figured out." She shifts a little, glaring at George as her cousin comes on through the door, brows lifting up a little. "Sup, bitch," she greets casually enough.

At the greeting cursed out from the door, Lana turns and grins crookedly at George. "Hey there. Welcome to the party." Nodding towards Amy, Lana says, "yeah... but James doesn't, the Thistles don't... Esme, though for all I know she's here with Landon somewhere already." She lets out a sigh and nods. "It will, it will work out."

George claps her hands together once and then looks around. "So. I'm here to fuck vamp shit up and maybe save a few people, in that order." It's quiet though. "Jesus, don't people even want to be rescued anymore?" She shrugs and looks back to Amy and Lana. "Neither of you drank the fucked up wine, right? So... who wants to find a liquor cabinet to raid or something?"

"Oh please George, I'd love to see you try to fuck up any vampires." Amy says with a roll of her eyes and a brief grin, though makes a face at the liquour cabinet, shrugging her shoulders. She's not that kind of bad girl, apparently. "Well if James and the other Thistles don't show up I guess we'll have to go the fuck out there and get them. But they should be here." SHe nods to Lana.

"So... let me get this straight.... So far, the only people here, are the ones that don't need to be watched?" Lana sighs and shakes her head. "I... as much as I want people to fuck up vampires, I am not sure any one of us can. I saw them last month.. Silvio was lucky to get away." She looks towards the liquor cabinet too. "Mmm. Go ahead. I'll catch up later. I want to be like, clear, in case."

"Hey, fuck you, bitch," George says, but with no real heat in her tone. And considering the full moon, there would be plenty of heat if she'd taken any real offence. "Nah, I'm just here to watch your dumb butt go running out after them. Again," she adds with her own grin. "Okay, so if you two won't drink and there's no one to save, what exactly are we doing? Like... literally. You guys want to braid each other's hair? Play truth or dare? What?" She's being a little sarcastic, but a little serious too. How are they going to kill the time?

Amy says, "Hey! I fucking saved Silvio's life by running out after them. I'm a god damn hero. Treat me with some fucking respect." Amy says with that same sort of tone as George. This is just standard Lester conversation, apparently. She grins though. "Ashley's around somewhere, I'm sure she'd braid your hair." She does look around with a bit of a frown. "I'm sure folks are somewhere. This house is so fucking big, that's the problem, that who knows where they actually are.""

"You are!" Lana says to Amy, though she doesn't seem to be bothered by the tone of either of the Lesters. Perhaps she's used to it in most circumstances. "Also, really lucky. But, I didn't get to see all of it. I was trying to keep Esme and James where they were. So weird putting a ball gag on my sister...." Her eyes go wide as she shakes her head. Looking around the house then, she says, "maybe they don't even realize we are here." She takes a breath and calls out loudly, using her diaphragm as she was taught in drama. "Hello? Who's here????" Then, smiling at George, she asks, "you wanna braid my hair? Bet no one would believe it if I told them you did."

"You're a goddamn idiot, is what you are," George retorts to Amy in that self-same tone. "Respect, ha!" And Amy is one of the relatives she actually quite likes! At least partly because she can be a proper bitch and know Amy isn't stupid enough to take it seriously. She winces a bit as Lana shouts, but has to grant, with a tilt of her head, that it was not a bad idea to give a summons to the house at large. "Well... Either braid it or set it on fire. I haven't quite decide yet," she muses, pretending(?) to contemplate Lana's hair.

"A goddamned idiot hero, thank you very much," Amy says loftily, standing taller for a second as though above it all. "And Silvio didn't even say peep to me afterwards, that's what I fucking get so maybe you're right. Next time you can be the one to go fuck up vampire shit." She grins a little at the idea of George braiding Lana's hair, her head whipping around when Lana's calling out. "Wow. Also the ball gag thing? Hi-fucking-larious."

Jade comes traipsing into the media room. "It's me!" he says. "I'm here." He's in black jeans and a black The Cure t-shirt. His hair is damp from a recent shower. "Where did everyone go?" He looks around, frowning. "I swear to God, I'm going to start tagging people with radio collars." He wanders over to where the drinks are laid out, and he grabs himself another diet Coke.

Lana looks at George with a squint. "Nevermind. Setting hair on fire is so last year anyway." They all know the story about how Jennifer Vandermade set her poof bangs on fire when she got too close to the bunsen burner in Biology the year before. Turning to Amy, she laughs. "Idiot hero. I like it. I'll make you a button." She frowns after. "He didn't? Bastard. Uh... what? No. I will not fuck up a Vampire. Not sure I can, though I do have fire, and holy water in a squirt gun... I'd rather not have to use it." Then, here comes Jade. "Well, good! Hi! I have no idea where everyone else went... Are they here?" Pause. "Radio collars sound like a good idea at this point."

"Fuckin' ingrates," George mutters, to the idea of Silvio not thanking Amy after her service. Seems she'll accept 'Idiot Hero', since she doesn't argue. "I mean, there's gotta be a better way to fuck 'em up than punching them in the face though, I'm saying." Hell if she knows what it is though. "Your loss," she just shrugs at Lana. As Jade appears, she turns to side-eye him. "Well, at least you belong here, but we still don't have anyone to actually fucking protect." She heaves an annoyed sigh. "Radio collars or maybe we just leave them chained up between the moons too. This place have a dungeon or two we can use?" Mansion, castle, same diff.

"Hey fire and a squirt gun full of holy water, that sounds fucking better than anything I tried," Amy says with a grin at Lana. "Though I'm not sure how you 'have' fire." She shrugs, peering at Jade. "Hey Marchant. I dunno where folks are. Ashley went off to freshen up or whatever. Maybe she got fucking lost. To be fair your place is ridiculously huge." She finds a spot to flop down lazily on a couch, and yes, she takes up the whole damn thing. "I'm all itching to do ... something." She mutters. "Does it feel weird now to want to complain about the moon? That's fucking weird."

"I just called Spear," Jade says. "He'll be on his way over soon, but yeah, he doesn't need protected either." He shakes his head. "Herding cats. No, at least sometimes cats listen. Meezer is upstairs in my room. I don't want him seeing any of this. You know, in case she shows up with her friends." Because, in all this, of course he's thinking about his cat.

That's when the caterers start coming in with covered food trays piping hot. There's the scent of savory meats and roasted goodness. Dinner is finally starting to arrive. Jade steps out of the caterers' way so they can set things up. They're quick, efficient, and soon enough on their way out.

Lana pats her black leather fanny pack she borrowed from her father, which holds all her Vampire hurting paraphenalia. "Lighter and hair spray," she says. "A few lighters, actually. Just in case. A zippo, an orange bic, one of those long things I don't know why I included it, fuckers never seem to light..." Listening to Jade, Lana seems to be contemplating something. "Don't cats have like, some super natural vamp killing ability? I dunno. Maybe Meezer will save us all."

Then, there's food being brought in, and Lana watches with an 'oooh' upon her lips.

"Jesus, ain't you a Girl Scout, being prepared and all," George says to Lana, in a tone that could be an insult or a compliment... probably both. She snorts to Amy's comment. "'Fucking weird' is the least of our problems," she notes wryly. "No teeth or claws, just the world's worst PMS." Not that she hasn't threatened to bite more than a few people since learning about her werewolf heritage. "Fuck yes..." she mutters as the food appears. "Do cats have anti-vamp powers? Get the pussy then, Jade," she suggests, already drifting towards the food.

Caterers. Yes. Food. Amy is up again after only just flopping down. Food! "Lighter and hairspray. That's fuckin' hardcore, Lana," Amy decides after a moment as she ends up right by where George is, drifting towards the food. "Hey, that's my line," she says with a smirk before glancing at Jade, "Though seriously, I'm sad you locked that cat up. We were becoming great friends last time."

It appears to be a sandwich bar, but not just cold cuts on white bread. In each covered tray there are cuts of roasted beef, sliced ham, and chicken breast so tender it falls apart, with homemade hogie rolls, and various sauces and condiments. There are vegetables sliced thin to top the sandwiches, including grilled onion. For sides, there's mac and cheese not out of a box, mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, half-cobs of corn, buttered and roasted. It's like a picnic brought indoors. There are also little pastries and petit fours to nibble on for dessert.

Once the caterers are gone, Jade says, "Oh, fuck yeah, sammiches. Dig in, folks." He grabs a plate so he can assemble something with roasted beef, grilled onions, and horseradish. The munchies have hit.

"Well... James gave me the squirt gun. Lucas told me to have the hairspray and lighter. So.. " Lana shrugs. She is kind of the girl scout anyway. Looking to the spread of food, she holds one finger up. "I am going to use the restroom and see if I can find anyone else. I'll grab a sandwich when I get back... if I don't get lost."

George doesn't need to be invited to dig in, she's already there. A bit of this, a blob of that; one has to wonder where she puts it all, but hey, this is quality free grub and she isn't letting it go to waste. Once she's got a bit of everything, she plops herself down on the arm of a couch. "So... that's a no on the cat then?" she asks, mouth full.

Hector arrives from Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue.

"If you run into Ashley let her know where I am," Amy says with a wave to Lana, helping herself to a sandwhich too. And one of those bits of corn, hell yes. "God at least we can still eat something like a civilized person," Amy mutters in regards to the 'wolf' like talk. She follows George back over, sets herself down nearby and digs into her sandwhich. One of the chicken ones, for sure. "I think that's a no on the cat. It's okay." She asides to George.

Someone who (still) does not mind wandering around at all times of the night and day is Spear, who only just now is heading on up to the Marchants. He has a big taxidermied magpie on his top hat, but everything else is more or less normal. Ish. Black Bauhaus t-shirt and ripped black jeans, and giant powderpuff of hair. He also has a basket in his arms, because mum sends cookies with the Thistles.

Jade sits himself down in a chair and says, "I have no idea if cats have any kind of supernatural vampire fighting abilities, but I don't want to find out the hard way they don't. Meezer is already the best cat around, not to mention the scourge of mice and bugs. I don't want to put too much of a burden on him. He's already got to deal with being awesome 24/7." Spear is directed to the media room, and the magpie is eyed politely. The help finds somewhere else to be, quickly.

Felicity slips back into the main room from wherever she ran off to earlier. She's leading Hector and Cash in, holding one of Hector's hands and seems to be laughing about something, then looks towards the room and blinks. "Wow, it's like a whole different set of people. Oooh, and the food is out!"

Hector returns from a sojourn in the depths of the house, each of his hands holding the hand of a red head, smiling like the house may not face imminent vampire attack, "We should probably feed Cash before bondage time comes." he looks his brother over, "Sharp! You do that yourself?" he sounds entirely sincere and rather impressed. "I vote no cats get harmed in the filming of this episode. They are all inside, i hope?"

Cash has never looked so...relaxed. Not a care in the world. Full moon ain't no thang. Spear brings a lazy smile to his face. "I will never get over a stuffed bird on a hat. I love it." He does head for the food. He is a growing boy still. Somehow.

"Okay," George just replies to Amy with a shrug. "Hey, being wolves, are we supposed to even like cats?" she wonders aloud. Since they're kinda dog-like. Question for another time, maybe. She rips into her sandwich, letting it spill out down her chin and onto her plate, at Amy's comment of being civilized. "I'm not saying we should fuck the cat up, but definitely let's look into the whole fighting vampires angle. 'Cause I wanna terrorize Fran with a kitten," she decides, mouth full again. "Fuckin' finally!" she adds, as people start showing up.

"It's not about harming the cat I just wanted to kind of hang out with Meezer again, I see how it is," Amy mock glares at Jade. "You can't keep us apart forever, Marchant." She blinks as others show up, staring at Cash and Hector. She might be about to say something when suddenly -- she's looking sidelong at George. "Why can't wolves like cats. Who says anyway. I like cats but also I'm not actually a wolf so who even knows." Look, civilized eating is relative, because Amy's style might be pretty similar to George's own. But at least they're not out hunting down rabbits or something. "I dunno about cats and vampires though, that sounds like bullshit to me."

Jade grins at Amy. "If all's well by midnight, I'll let him out. I wouldn't dream of cramping his style." He's got much more decorum about eating, taking dainty bites. "I've seen dogs that like cats. I don't see why wolves would be that much different." As people file in, he says, "Finally. I'm going to get radio collars. Track you bastards in the wild." He gestures to the newly delivered, piping hot food. "Chow down. Please."

Hector eyes George, "To pet, chase, or eat?" He too heads right for the food, helping himself to a chicken sandwich. he laughs at the 'can't keep us apart. "You tell 'im, Amy!" More seriously he says, "You're people. People get to decide what they're like, a little something wild in the blood or not. Anyone says you can't like cats, fuck 'em." He winks at Jade, "Or you could just tie us down."

"Yes!" says Spear, who quite fancies making hats. He adjusts it on top of his head at a jaunty angle and then he makes his way over to give Jade a hug. He sweeps him up - skinny he might be, but Jade is very slight, and Spear is taller. Was Jade eating? Never mind! Spear says "I could make hats for everyone. Maybe with...garlic inside?"

George shrugs to Hector's question, and Amy's retort. "Just spit-balling here. Fuck, I just want this shit to mean more than moon-PMS, so sue me," she adds, rolling her eyes and then chomping another bite. "See? We keep 'em tied up all month long, like I said," she notes to Jade, like this just somehow proved her earlier point. "I will take a garlic hat, but no dead birds."

Felicity lets go of Hector's hand as he and Cash pull away, then trails after them towards the food. She's gone quiet again, but she looks happy, at least. Spear, Amy, and George each get a wave, and then she notes to Jade, "We were just down the hall. In the... umm... laundry room. I think." Okay, maybe down a few halls.

Cash is stuffing his face furiously as he steps back into conversation and actually noticing people. "Okay. So." He pauses to swallow because, of course his manners are terrible. "So who wants to tie down the big redheaded weirdo? I...feel fine, really..." He adds. "And please don't chain me up for a month. Fuck that. I have a musical and a fuckin' Prom and I hate being bound so...there's that."

"Eh you've had moon-PMS for as long as you can remember what does it fucking matter. At least now you know why, kinda," Amy says with a shrug, devouring her corn as she goes. "And it does mean more, remember, vampires are fuckin' terrified of us. Just growl at 'em, cuz, and you'll do fucking fine." She snickers a little at something or another, leanng back. "We don't need to tie people down unless they start getting antsy, remember. But I'm really not in the mood to deal with people pleading to get out or trying to, tonight so if any of you fuckers that need to be watched don't play nice I will get unpleasant this time." She levels a gaze at Cash and nods the once.

Hector grins at his brother, "Perfect for prom. Maybe we could hide holy water squirt guns in them too." He studies George as he munches, "It clearly does. I mean, I'm faced vampires myself. No way would they have reacted to me the way they did Amy. I beieve Lesters are or best defense against that, but I thought that long before last full moon.... I'm fine with a dead bird or bat, Spear. I trust your taste. We're going with a purple and black tgheme on our prom clothes. You know formal gothwear." His expression softens as he looks at felicity, "Sometimes a ittle quiet's good before the storm hits." He eats with more manners than his husband, but with an honest enthusiasm. He strokes the back of Cash's neck with a single fingertip, "I will. One last time before you're really clean." hHe shakes his head, "Premptives safer. One of them almost got out last time."

Landon arrives from off the beaten path.

Lucas arrives from off the beaten path.

"It matters because... it fucking matters," George replies, sounding a little frustrated and on edge. "You're the Idiot Hero. I'm not rushing to test that theory." Despite marching in here insisting she was here to fuck vamp shit all kinds of up. Now someone is just being contrary to be contrary. "If you don't want to be tied up all month, then don't go pulling fucking disappearing acts on the full moon," she replies to Cash, rolling her eyes. "Laundry room orgies need to wait."

Jade laughs as Spear sweeps him up. "Careful, my dinner," he says, though he sets the plate aside in time. Then he drags Spear down onto the chair with him. "Meezer would try to eat that hat," he informs him as he tries to take Spear's hat to put on his own head. "If you go around wearing prey, you reap the whirlwind."

Felicity collects her food and heads over towards Cash and Hector. "I'll help tie you up if you need," she says to Cash and then blinks. "There was NO orgy in the laundry room!"

"The dead birds are part of it," says Spear most seriously to George. He adds "They are dead for a reason. If I put live birds on the hats, that would be cruel." As Hector speaks, Spear hesitates, thinking, then says "We could erm, see if we could get a lot of blessed water to make the prom punch out of?" He frowns, Spear does, and he finally says "It's going to be very dumb if vampires show up to ruin Prom. We should all work out how to lift the lights and flood the area so we can see properly if we need to. And yes, I can make more taxidermied anima-" He is dragged down, and he sits next to Jade, a lanky scarecrow of a teen with a bright grin - that does falter at 'orgies'. Spear's eyes widen.

Sky THOUGHT he was going to enjoy the rest of his night after his shift was completely done for the day, but then Ellen informed him that Felicity did not come home after saying she would be at a friends house for just ONE night. Not fucking TWO. So, Sky is pleaded with to go to where she was last scene and at least make sure she's alright. If she's not alright, fuck up whatever did what.

Spurred by the moment, Sky gets into his car and goes for a drive. THe group inside of the house might hear the sounds of an engine outside...

"Hey Spear, here's an idea, just stop for a fucking second and think about this." Amy pauses, setting her plate down and spreading her hands, "How about no birds on the hat." WOah! She looks at him with wide eyes and then grins a little, glancing sidelong at George. "Well sure, I guess it fucking matters. But suck it up because you're probably not gonna get anything on that front." Because sometimes she just has this urge to needle people. She shrugs, picks up her plate and finishes off her sammich. "Fucking laundry orgies, that explains everything," she mutters between bites.

Cash's chill is exiting and flinching tension is coming back in. He finishes whatever he's eating and vaguely gestures. "Where do you want me?" He looks around to check the time. "Guys, I feel fine. I swear. Like...fine." Cash has the ear for engines and stops pacing. "Someone's here. Drove up. Anyway, uh, no tape, no metal. No need to burrito me. I'm okay. Better. Just...I'm faster than I am strong. I know, crazy because I'm a giant but I'm more likely to outrun that out, uh, gun?" He shrugs and snaps, "No orgies in the laundry room. Fuck all of you." Beat. "But really, I'm fine."

Lucas follos Landon in, maybe dragging his heels. Maybe he's going to try to bolt again, or maybe he's staying out of that room as long as humanly possible. He tacks onto Spear's words, "Pool." His finger lift in more of a vague gesture, "We should bless teh water in the pool. More of a protective mote. Super soakers. And that's if it works... prolly brought up already." His words not so tight and pointed as they generally are, but he is on a sedative. Not that he'll admit this ever, but he's got support for the direction of the idea. He lets Landon find a spot and he drops down beside his brother praying for this to just be over... soon. Yet. Entirely.

Hector rolls his eyes, "An orgy would have taken a Lot longer." He looks at Felicity and Cash, "A thing worth doing's worth doing right." He grins at Jade, "So entertainment to go with the restraints. Excellent." he nods to Spear, "I did vote for no nimal cruelty." He eyes Spear, "I will have to raid a lot of baptismal fonts, and is that water clean?" He looks at Amy, baffled, "But birds are cool." He reassures Cash, "I have the leather and the fuzzy cuffs. What would you like to be cuffed to?" He gives Lucas an upnod. "Hey." he watches Landon ou of the corner of his eyes for sudden moves.

Jade tips the bird hat at a jaunty angle on his head and says, "Spear's gotta be Spear, birds and all." He offers Spear half his sandwich. "I don't even know where the laundry room is," he admits. "Good for you, finding it all by yourself. Still, I'm going to have to bell you people if you keep wandering off. We'll be finding townies for weeks." Whether there be orgies or not doesn't concern him. It's not like he has to clean up the laundry room.

Spear pauses and beams at Amy, listening to her, and then he says "...you know, you're right, Amy. You are pretty smart!" He turns his head and says to George and Hector both "Bats. I'll put dead bats on the hats." Then he says to Cash "It's okay, they're all just ragging. If you get too excited about it all, they'll just, you know, do it like five times as much." As Lucas speaks, Spear says "I wonder if I could become a priest. Then it would work! But like, the entry requirements. No, maybe not a priest. And I don't know, Hector, but I'd rather drink bathwater any day than tango with a vampire." Tangle, Spear. Tangle. He grins at Jade as the man reacts to the hat, and he takes the sandwich with delight. Spear, thank God, soon has his mouth full "Somefun," he says "Go offer whathgh weth found outh in th' theance!"

George points to Amy as she tosses out her wild idea, nodding her head. "I mean, we all start wearing dead birds on our heads and your style game is dead, man." Because that was her main concern. Humour fades a bit though as she looks at Amy for her needling now. "Nope, no plans to suck it up. Gonna rage against that machine." The orgy denial just makes her snort in disbelief. "No judgement." She looks over as her not-brothers finally wander in. "Nice of you two to fuckin' show up. You know what, next month I'm bringing a tranq gun."

Footsteps approach the door and Sky yawns a little bit before he knocks on it. Rhythmically. Bum bum bah-bum bum. Bum Bum. He then puts his hands in his coat pockets, apparently not worried about anything that might grab him in the night. Instead, he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth while he waits patiently for someone to possibly answer the door.

Felicity turns wide eyes on Hector and blushes deeply, then looks around for her backpack and the card decks next to it. Well, she's not running away, but she is going to reach into her backpack and pull out a slinky which she starts to bounce back and forth between her hands. 'Shng* *shng* "Does someone... who isn't in danger of running away, want to go see who's outside or are we just presuming that someone else will get it?"

After a shower, a change of clothes and probably a discussion regarding this evening's event, the Marchant twins make their way down the steps to join the others with Silver in tow. Landon is wearing a white short sleeved buttoned down shirt which he's only now starting to button in full and a pair of jeans. His hair is still slick from a recent shower. Often, he's a rather gregarious sort, but he's wearing a slightly more solemn expression this evening and for good reason. As they descend the stairs and Lucas brings up the pool, he partially turns towards that direction, before looking on at the others, "So are we all ready for movies or what?" Looks like he's ready to pick a couple of the best seats in the place, "Heard it was gonna be Big Trouble in Little China." He says /nothing/ about the need for some of them to be secured down into their chairs. Not yet. Any looks or nods of acknowledgment given them is returned in kind, but he has far too many things on his mind when he takes his seat.

However when the sound of a car is heard outside, he exchanges this look with Lucas. It's... night time now. But he vamps, hell, he wasn't at the Reeds when the vampires descended upon them. For all he knew, they could've driven up in a car or motorcycle. They weren't supposed to let anyone else in. No invitations right. It really should be him or any of the others who tasted blood to go checking to see who the new arrival is. Hell, people should be trying to hold them back right about now! But he'll venture in that direction, which might make the others think that he's trying to escape or let the vampires in. Either way, he's in no hurry. Just curious.

"Why can't a hat just be a hat without a fucking animal on it!" Amy says irritably when Spear just switches over to bats. What the fuck! She rolls her eyes a little and then points at Cash. "Hey. All this stuff about feeling fine and not wanting to go is what you said last time, and you were a lying liar that time." She eyes him very firmly. "Your sister may actually murder me if I let you escape so." She glances sideling at George but is distracted by the appearance of the L-Twins and Landon's distraction with the door knocking. "Hey," she says, bounding up to her feet. She's all pent up with moon-energy or something. "Where are you going Landon," she says. For once she didn't call him Princess.

"Leather. It'll comfort me." Cash sort of deadpans and sits, pouting. He has ditched the Linus style leather jacket in the heat but he's wearing a stack of leather bracelets. He won't put up a fight but insists, again, that he's /fine/. "I'm a bad liar though so...you knew I was full of shit. But, it's alright. But...after the peak of the night? Let's check in, yeah?"

Lucas answers the greeting to him with a nod. Putting his pillow down in the recliner he picks their camping out spot wearing his team t-shirt and basketball shorts. They're damn comfy but he looks a bit more like himself most are used to seeing... or maybe he's wrinkle adverse for his dress clothes. "I know that's not directed at me." when cuffing is brought up. His head rolls to George, "Already beat you to it, sis." And from that look he's telling the truth. It's when Landon goes to move though that's when Lucas stops stone still. They weren't expecting others. His hand snaps out and grabs Landon's wrist which could be: Don't wander off, I'll hold on if something tries to grab you, or making sure one is not leaving the other behind. It could simply be fear. Really only they may know, but if the pope himself shows to bless all of the shirt he's still not wandering out of arm's reach. That is how that shit happens in the movies!.

Hector cocks his head at George, "I bet Jade has one somewhere." He is watching Felicity blush with an expression that suggest orgies may not be out of the question after all. Still he goes to the duffle, pulling out straps and a leather jacket, which he leaves on the seat to drape like he did the night of the burrito. "Leather it is." He starts buckling Cash in, Watching his face for sigs of strees without meeting his eyes. "Felicity, want to come see how I'm doing this in case he needs out for the bathroom later?"

Shadows gather, returning old paths to darkness.

Sky is still waiting outside, though he does lift his arm to look at his wrist, checking the time. "Hm. I hear voices in there." He mutters to himself. "Maybe they're just tryin' to hide the drugs." So Sky decides to be a little bit more patient with it.

Felicity nods and hops up, though she brings her slinky with her as she head over to Cash and Hector. "Yeah. Yeah, I should." She glances over to the twins. "Is there a window or a security feed or something?"

Esme's been pretty quiet and a wallflower seated far away from windows and doors prior to binding time or disappearing to talk to Lana in spells or check in on James, so on. And while her sister is occupied, she sits prepared with her book, already half-tied at the wrist and ankle, duct tape and cloth for any precautionary gag orders nearby. But when there's a visitor, her attention snaps up from whatever she's curled up with reading through all the noise and she shoots a paranoid kind of look toward Lucas and Landon before watching with a bare, knit frown. Then for some reason, she checks to see where Amy is through the crowded room after she hears the question pipe up. Because clearly, after last time, Amy is alphawolf or something as far as she knows given what they're told. Also, it's Amy, so.

What those around him might now know, Landon isn't feeling the compulsion to run, no matter what it looks like. There's no frantic need to escape. No dash towards the door. Just incredibly cautious slow steps towards the front door. In fact, if anyone were to open the door, it would be one of the Marchant servants. In fact, one of them actually makes their way in that direction which makes Landon's forward crawl simply stop. That and the feel of Lucas' hand on his arm. Amy's question is left unanswered.

There's this moment where he's holding in his breath in the case that it is vampires trying to get in. They would need to take action, they would need to hurry and shut that door... they would need...

The hired help inquires with Sky, looking the man over, "What can I help you with this evening? It's terribly late and we weren't expecting guests." In fact, the Marchant household does have some security patrolling it on the regular.

"Oh, how did that go?" Jade asks Spear. "Sorry I couldn't make it. I was buried under math, and I figured you'd prefer I graduate." He wraps his arms around Spear and gives him a cuddle, all the while rocking that bird hat. "Don't worry, Amy. When I let Meezer out, he'll come eat this hat, and it won't offend you anymore." He greets his cousins with a wave, then waves them toward the sandwich bar laid out. Not just coldcuts and bread. It's all succulent, roasted meats, fancy rolls, picnicky sides. All fancy stuff. "Don't forget to eat something before we tie everyone up," he says.

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit-1 for: [1]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 1 4 5 -- d6)

ROLL: Cash rolls spirit for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [2]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 5 2 1 -- d6)

Well she tried to be nice, but her question was left unanswered. "Hello!" Amy says irritably, clicking her fingers right there in Landon's face. She does glance at the opening door though, staring at the staff. She didn't count on that bit. Who the fuck has staff! Not her, that's for sure. She glances briefly at Jade and shakes her head a moment before peering back at the door to see Sky beyond. Well it's not Fran hey.

Tying down Cash? Well..."I hear the train a comin'//It's rolling round the bend//And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when//I'm stuck in Marchant prison, and time keeps draggin' on..." The kid literally named for Johnny Cash does a pretty dead on impression of his namesake. A singing Cash is a happy Cash and even though he's about to spend the night strapped in for a movie and resisting the call of the blood, he is actually in a decent mood still. Good even.

Lucas peeks around Landon at the door, not letting him go. He looks back to Esme and Sil in some quiet conversation checking to see if people are alright. Maybe? Yes? shitshitshitshit this might be that time. Was it a good idea to dose himself before this? What if they have to fight?! He was fine until that car, the doorbell, Landon poking his head around the corner. He was managing with his head doing 280 in his chest with that sense that anything can go wrong. And then? And then Jade say it. That one thing out loud.

Both of Lucas' hands grab the back of Landon's shoulders and his twin is now being pulled back into the room as a living barricade between he and the world. His forehead presses to the back of his neck trying not to silently hyperventilate. Everything was a terrible idea from drinking desert hobo wine to coming out of his room. Visions of him not just being made to ride the roller coaster, but being strapped to it flood his lucid and over-reactive imagination. He is oping the hell out on this one. With utterly uneven confidence he unconvincingly assures, "I'm sure they... they have it."

Hector shows Feliciy what he's doin nd lets her take a turn if she wants to practice. He responds to the singing with a gentle kiss, "See if that's comfortable, but fim enough to keep you in place, Love." He looks up, startled at the small fracus at the media room door, but seeing what it is, his shoulders relax a little." He drapes the leather jacket, so Cashcan smell it, covering the leather restraints, "you need anything, cashew, we'll get it. More snacks, soda with a bendy straw, it's all yours."

Sky bloomquist exhales some smoke when the help opens the door. "Hi there. My name is detective Sky Bloomquist." He shows a badge. Its legit. He puts the badge away. "I'm looking for Felicity Bloomquist, about yay high and a lovely personality? She here?"

Felicity watches Hector, but lets him handle it, though she curls her fingers into one of Cash's hands, watching him with a tinge of concern. Before something about the voice, or maybe her name registers and she looks up, eyes gone wide and then she's straightening up and heading towards the door. "Sky! What?! I left a note!" just a teeny bit defensive.

ROLL: Esme rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 4 6 6 6 1 -- d6)

Landon just frowns at Amy when she's snapping her fingers in his face. It's short-lived, however, because Jeeves had answered the door as he's paid to do and just seeing the front door swung open in that ominous way is enough to draw all of Landon's attention to it, even as he feels Lucas pulling him away with more fervor now. Turning to speak quiet tones to both Amy and Lucas now, Landon murmurs, "What if... What if it's the vampires and they are let in?"

The servant leans forward to squint at the badge presented, then looks up at the man with this stiff upper lip, "I see. My apologies then, Detective Bloomquist. As you may have heard, perhaps not, there is a party going on here, but I can check for you. Do come in." There's then this roll of his eyes when the Bloomquist name is mentioned. If it's not Bloomquists it's Thistles. This town is full of them.

Just those words make Landon's blood run cold. That invitation. From his angle, he doesn't have a very good look outside.

Jeeves proceeds in before shutting the door behind the detective as he makes his way towards the media room, "Is there a Miss Felicity presen--" His words are cut short "Very good then." He says with a clap of his white gloved covered hands. "Shall I retrieve your coat for you?" He asks Felicity as if she were departing for the night. And as if she left a coat in the coat room!

Anyway, now that that is out of the way and it seems like Detective Sky Bloomquist isn't a vampire, Landon looks incredibly relieved. "We aren't expecting any more guests for the rest of the evening." He calls out the help. "If anyone else shows up at that door, we don't want any. Or just don't answer." His gaze looks between Felicity and Sky now as the Bloomquists are reunited. It almost looks as if Landon might want to say something to the cop, but for now, he'll let them talk.

Spear has been very quiet, but he now perks up "Yeah, we can talk about the Seance - we got a _tonne_ of really useful information from it on how to cause those jerks problems."

Esme can't see or hear at the door, exactly, given the distance and population and space of the main house room from where she's seated. But she leans forward a little bit and quietly takes to observing the reactions of the people she can see there at the door and waits for the reactions of others to ripple around the room. Then when Felicity pipes up, she bats her lashes with a mix of relief and confusion there for a moment before relaxing her hands and arms and settling back in her seat.

And although the quiet caution and out of the way demeanor doesn't much change, she's seated there with the ties dangling from one wrist and ankle with her little book calm and thoughtful as can be, despite the vaguely bothered downward tick of her brow and a glance at the clock. She looks where Cash is singing, then breathes out a puff of air over her lips to make sure he's still not bolting like last time, then at the last moment, she casts the smallest and realest of genuine smiles to Lucas' glance to reassure him over near Landon.

Amy stares at Landon, even as Lucas is trying to drag him away but she quickly realizes that her not-quite-cousin isn't in a state to go dashing out an open door. Excellent. She does glance aside with a narrowing gaze as Landon mentions the possibility. It was on her mind too, but now it's spoken out loud. "Then get ready to run. Or fight. Or both." She says quietly. Because there's not a lot of other options, is there.

She's staring, jaw clenched, teeth on edge, kind of just glaring at Sky for a few long moments until that same relief falls over her. There's a bit of a grin. "Uh oh, Flick's in trouble!" She calls out in a teasing sort of tone. "Detective Bloomquist is here!" She practically shouts at the other room, eyeing Felicity but also giving people plenty of warning just in case!

Jade wolfwhistles at Cash's rendition of 'Marchant Prison Blues.' "Just call me the warden," he says. He then tells Spear, "Give us the skinny." Then he says, "Shit, the cops." He looks around wide-eyed, then relaxes. "Wait, I'm sober." He doesn't even have his drugs laid out tonight. Or obvious alcohol. He just said no, just like Nancy suggested. "I mean, I guess it's okay if he comes in? He's not, you know..." He makes fangs with his fingers and brings them to his lips.

SKy looks to the help as he lets him in. "Thank you kindly. Oh, sure." He offers the fellow his coat before Felicity apparently very quickly makes herself known. "Well, that was easy. Hey punk! Ellen was worried about ya! She sent me ahead. The fuck you doin' here on extended time?" There might've been a misunderstanding on Ellen's part, but come on.

Hector tugs the coat to make the restraints less visible to the newlty arrived policemen, and hisses "Not in front of the cops" at Spear. He gives Jade an amused look and Amy a grateful one. He straightens and puts on his polite young mn face and aproaches the adult interloper with his most charming smile, until he is even with Felicity, as a sort of morl support. He trusts felicity to deal with this, so keeps his mouth shut for now.

Caution around older people hearing his weirdness has never slowed Spear Thistle down - why would it? His mama and papa taught him how to _hold_ seances. He literally has no comprehension of how odd he might look to outsiders. And although others are worried about vampire attacks, Spear just...is not. As Hector speaks, he eyes him oddly "The cops should know," he says, and then Spear says to Jade "Okay, so we got a bunch of Thistles together and names of all the exsanguinated corpses that rocked up in town over the last few decades. We put the call out and Alice answered. So basically summarising it - it was long - she said the key to taking out vampires without risking Lesters is that they _really_ fight amongst themselves.

"Bubba - the current leader - is loyal to the guy tied to the stone. It looks like he _doesn't know_ what Fran is doing - Fran seems to be trying to put together a group of super-vampires from our blood, maybe to take Bubba out? So decades ago all the vampires turned on each other and only Bubba survived. The current crop are from him. Bubba slaughtered the others as they were betraying Swindon, the guy who's trapped at the bridge. So he takes it real serious. Also, Swindon is trapped _at_ the bridge, not _in it_. He can _move around_. He's just stuck near the stone that links him."

Spear takes a breath "Bubba stays away from 'the Prodigal Families' - that's what we are. Probably Swindon did too. But Fran's fucking with it all."

Felicity glances back towards the Media room where most of the people are and all the chaos there in and then says, "We're having a sort of giant study session because Finals are coming up, but there's the show between now and then, so we can't do it those nights. And I need extra help because I don't always know what was covered in the classes here instead of at my old school or if there's certain phrases or key words they want. Plus, if we have it here, then it's catered and the foods really good. But I may have just said I was staying over and not really explained. The invitation was sort of last minute and I just dashed through to grab my backpack and a change of clothes and write a note and stuff." She's innocent. Innocent, I tell you!

Cash looks over at the Bloomquist Detective's entrance as Hector makes with the covering. He snorts and rolls his eyes. "Dude. Dude. DUDE..." Between his friendship with Felicity, a few petty thefts and an obsession with breaking, entering, and trespassing that really only ended after he began dating Spear, Cash knows the cops. He knows the Bloomquists. Well acquainted. "Felicity is trying to reconnect with her people. Way to kill a vibe." And then....Spear starts up. "Fuck me sideways." He'd facepalm but his palms are out of commission.

Feeling Lucas' anxiety rising, Landon's muscles remain tense, perhaps due to that fact, but he continues to linger between the media room and the entry way in the case that stupid Jeeves opens that damned door again to let anyone out. To Amy, he murmurs, "I'm going to settle Lucas in." He doesn't look on his brother full on, merely watching him from out of the corner of his eyes and he can clearly feel how amped up his twin's stress level is-- which in turn, is making his rise as well. "If that freakin' door opens again, make sure it's shut. Make sure it's LOCKED." Nevermind that Jeeves is still lingering in the foyer waiting to see if either Felicity or Sky is ready to depart.

With that said, he carefully ushers Lucas into the media room so that he they can turn on Big Trouble in Little China and be all comfy in their recliner chairs. So far, so good. He hasn't felt the urge yet. When in the media room, that's when he notices Esme with Lana and decides to take a seat near there. Noticing that she's already been tied down, he casts a glance over to the exit and into the hallway, "Detective Bloomquist is here and uh..." He leans forward to help undo Esme's binds for now, "This might be considered a little bit questionable." IF the cop ventures into this room.

Staring at Spear from where she is, she glances back at Landon and Felicity a moment before sighing and stomping forward. She has an idea but she's also pissed off at Spear for forcing her to do things and it just means she's staring down at him. "You know, Spear, people actually say things for reasons, and when they say to shut up, maybe you should actually shut the fuck up." It kind of sounds like a threat, but it's also just ominous Amy dealing with the full moon beating down on her. Figuratively speaking.

Hector smiles at the nice officer, "And Zane is here in case you feel she needs a chaperone. It is a large group study sesson and sleep over. She's perfectly safe." He loves his brother, but he is right now wishing they'd deployed the ball gags after all. He is also ready to risk Amy's fists if he lays hands on his brother. It's a dilemna.

"Okay. A detective just showing up is kind of weird, is Felicity in trouble or something and being dragged home? And is this... possibly a good thing in case... well, we wanted a cop after the fact, last time, so maybe if..." Esme says to Landon in a hush after staring at Spear, the dark haired guy's arrival jarring her out of processing all of that with a few quick blinks. Then after Landon explains the arrival and leans to undo her bindings so it doesn't look like weirdness in where she's seated, she leans to stuff the things in the chair with her and her book.

After a pause, she tips her head toward Spear, "You hear the Thistle things that just came out over that way?"

"Thistles gonna Thistle," Jade says. He gives Spear a kiss on the cheek, then slithers out from under him, perches the bird hat back upon his head, and makes his way over to Sky. "Hello, how's it going. Detective Bloomquist, right? Is there anything I can help you with?" He offers his hand to shake. "Jade Marchant. Can I get you something to drink? We've got food, too." There's a delicious-looking sandwich bar and soft drinks.

Sky crosses his arms as he looks at Felicity, moving over to her but stopping a safe distance away so they didn't have to scream. "Certainly doesn't sound like a study group. You're not doing drugs in there are you?" He knows Felicity isn't dumb, but...when kids are all together...you know. But then he looks up at the call that apparently Zane is there. "Oh good, then you can tell him to stop stealing my smokes!" He says to Hector, but then he looks at Jade when she comes out. "Hello, Miss Marchant. Just checking in and making sure everything alright. A relative of Felicity's is worried about her. A soft drink will be fine, but I'm probably not staying long, let the kids have their fun and all that." Clearly he is unaware of any danger.

"No," says Spear to Amy "People tell me not to share things all the time, and if I obeyed that, then I'd be keeping secrets from you guys. I don't like doing secrets -" A bird hat is popped onto his head and he says "I don't care if people want me to pee into a cup, nothing is gonna show up. And my parents know I'm not crazy and will stand up for me. And so will you guys." Spear is wearing a hat with a stuffed magpie on the top. And is eating the remains of Jade's sammich. He eyes Sky "Hi!" he says brightly. Spear is a weirdo. But he is a harmless weirdo who has never been arrested.

This is a moment. Cash says nothing else. He keeps his mouth shut and lets the non-bound teenagers carry this conversation. He is last summer's runaway teen and has been arrested so, /tactfully/, he settles down and sniffs his jacket. Who /is/ this person?

Oh look, the young master of the house approaches even if it's just Jade. Jeeves lingers for a moment longer his eyes looking the young Marchant over, "I shall leave you to our guests then, Master Devereaux. Do let me know if you are in need of my services, but for now, I will check on the sandwich bar and ensure that it remains fully stocked." And there he goes, even if he will nosily listen to all the teenage conversation and this discussion with this police officer because like all staff, he's all ears and probably Robert's spy. If Landon heard any mention of what Spear had said, he says nothing!

"Yeah, it's Mr. Silvio Bloomquist's brother, I think. Uh... Zane and Art's older brother too." They all have big convoluted families. When she draws attention to Spear, he nods slowly, "I mean," He half turns, once one of Esme's restraints is undone, "Spear is a Thistle and people are used to their brand of crazy." Look, he came out and said it, "Or that's what I'll assume the cop to think. But it is something to ponder, huh?" There, he finishes removing her second restraint. Continuing in hushed tones, he asks, "Do you feel anything strange? Any urges to, I don't know, escape. Drink again?"

Felicity winces and glances kind of guiltily back towards the media room. "We're having a tiny break and playing a role-playing game, but I promise we'll be back to studying soon. We just needed a break after Silver and I were helping people with calculus." She looks back to Sky with her big blue eyes of guilelessness. "So we're having dinner and playing a little and will then go right back. No drugs." Still she steps forward and hugs Sky. "Tell Ellen I'm sorry I didn't have more notice and explain more, okay? And I'll see you around. We're fine. I'll be home tomorrow."

Hector looks the cop in the eyes and says, "I give my word I haven't even had a cigarette in nearly a month, let alone anything stronger. My brother is eccentric, and original even, but he's harmless."

"Just wait a fucking couple of minutes before spilling your guts out, dude," Amy hisses out a whisper, shaking her head as she glares further at Spear. She does glance at Hector, because she knows she's being watched, and just kind of smirks at him. That's bait. Amy is just itching for action.

Just Jade? There's no such thing as just Jade. Jade, even in a t-shirt and jeans, carries himself resplendently, head held high. He's a Marchant. They're born with presence. While he's never been arrested per se, he has been told 'go home before and sober up, next time I'll tell your dad' because being rich and powerful doesn't suck. He's a known drug user and at least borderline alcoholic. Yet here he is, bright-eyed and sober, exuding warm welcome as he says, "Sure thing. We're playing games and telling stories in the media room." He leads Sky to the media room. BELLY OF THE BEAST. Look alive, people, there's a lawman around. He gestures to the array of soft drinks beside the sandwich bar set up. The Marchants know how to throw a study session, apparently. He doesn't correct Sky about being a 'miss' or 'mister.' His eyes are bright with delight. Clearly no offense taken. He's got on eyeliner, and he's fine-featured. It's a mistake that has been made before.

"People run in and out all the time, I gotta do my updates when I can," mutters Spear "No appreciation you guys. Man, what's the point of even explainin' the risks. It's like _none_ of you have ever -" Summoned the dead? Spear sighs and gets up for the sandwich bar "Last time I -" mutter mutter, under his breath. It will not be the last time. Spear will forget he was ever annoyed in about five minutes. Right now he is focused on making a towering abomination of a sanga.

Cash looks up, eyes wide as Jade brings the Fuzz into the media room. Horror is on that kid's face. "Jade, oh, my god..." He whispers. "What--" He stops, chews his lip and just leans into his jacket. Nice, calming leather. Which is better than comments on bacon or donuts or N.W.A albums, which is his usual attitude, the toothless rebel that he is.

"Certainly something. I did wonder the same sort, that she was going completely rogue, but never got confirmation really." Esme murmurs to Landon while watching some of the others in the room, her head tilted close to his for quiet conversation under the din of people talking around. Once she's good and free, she nestles up with draw of legs into the chair with her and leans his way so they're shoulder to shoulder. And briefly, like that, she turns her face to catch him on the cheek with a little kiss of reassurance and possible hope after she's done quietly speculating.

"... no. Even though I controlled myself last time, it took... effort and focus on other things, a lot of mental punishing with potential consequences when I got weak and tried to justify..." A pause, "But this time, I'm just me. I don't know. It's kind of weird for the time. Maybe... it's diluted enough in us now because we're... special blooded? Maybe. Figures, now that we have an adult witness party, doesn't it?"

Oh look, Jade brings the cop to the media room! It's a good thing Landon got Esme out of her restraints or that would be awkward. Now that Esme is free, however, and they are both standing there watching as Jade gives Sky the tour of their fancy theater room, he's surprised at the kiss at his cheek, but it brings out this long-absent smile to his lips. Ever since nightfall, Landon's been pretty darn tense awaiting some sort of assault on the place.

"Same here. Maybe it is waning, but that wouldn't stop Them from showing up right?" The media room has no windows, which is why it was chosen this evening to entertain and distract all the teenagers gathered. Do you remember what time they showed up last month? And when they finally decided to leave you all alone?" It's all quiet talk between the pair of them. Hopefully, no other kids are still restrained in their comfy chairs for the cop to take notice of. "It's one thing, a good thing, that we're not going berserk right now. But if the Painkillers do show, then yes. We have a reliable adult here." Along with the Marchant household and staff and redshirts... security outside.

Whether or not Jade is a man or a woman is literally something that Sky does not know. If he had evidence or even a smattering of a trail to go off of, he could make an educated guess. "I think that'd be pretty fun, thanks. See what you kids are up to." Then suddenly he's being hugged by Felicity, which he returns. "Don't worry, don't worry, you're not in trouble. At least not yet. Yay for no drugs, then I'd have to kill ya." He fingerguns at her playfully in that kind of older-brother like mentality that he finds amusing. "But anyway, go have fun. I'll find time to call Ellen so she doesn't rip your head off when you come home. You have her worried."

But then he seems to put his hands in his pockets when he sees everyone in the media room. "Okay, you're all busted." He waits. 
"For clearly not having enough fun. You all look stiff, especially that guy over there." He points at Cash. He probably has a file on that kid somewhere.

Hector smiles at the cop again, "He's just waiting for the movie to start. He's fine. Itt was nice meeting you, Sir." He goes to sit beside Cash, so very, very casual.

Cash narrows his eyes, opens his mouth to backtalk Sky. You can telegraph the smart assery. No guile. Cash stops and looks at his dear husband. "Hector?" He trills the R, sweetly. "I'm fine, dude. Not craving shit. Can I get up now? The pig sniffed me out like a truffle." He smiles. Good humor. He kids!

Felicity beams at Sky with one of her sunniest smiles. "Thank you. I know... I know. I messed up. I'm being good, now. I promise. Thank you in advance for talking Ellen down." She does freeze a little at his note about Cash and starts to say something, then shrugs. "Anyway. Have a good night. We'll go for rings at Big Ben soon or something."

Jade watches Spear walk toward his room with a mountainous sandwich. His brow furrows, but he says nothing. Meezer is probably going to get a share of that sandwich, c'est la vie. Jade says with a light laugh, "No, no drugs. My dad would kill me." For doing them at home in front of cops. "We're watching Big Trouble in Little China tonight," he says. "A classic. Here." He gives Sky a Coke. "Felicity is in good hands. Safe as houses." He grabs himself a diet Coke.

Zane emerges from... somewhere! Probably the bathroom or something, because he has definitely been down here the whole time. Well, since very shortly after the sun set and well before the time the call kicked in last time, at least. And he's suitably dressed for badass vampire hunting, so you know, leather mostly. The only bit that doesn't really pass for normal is the bandoleer of... small somethings. Definitely not bullets, though. Ten styles are weird, amirite?

He's humming something quietly to himself, and pauses, startled, when he spots the latest arrival to the party. "Sherlock!" he greets his elder brother, giving him a brilliant grin that says absolutely nothing about any cigarettes that might or might not be missing. "Are you here to watch the movie?"

Esme takes a moment to look at the detective coming in, fiddling with a piece of hair over her shoulder as she considers Landon's question and words after a beat of distraction. Carrying on in close murmur of conversation, she says thoughtfully, "I was clock watching a lot, so I remember it was past nine before I had to concentrate on other things than the tick of the clock... but not yet close to ten. And time is weird around the time things started happening, it seems fast and slow at the same time. And it took a bit of people trying to escape before they showed. But..."

The brunette teen pauses here to tug on her hair and knit her brows with a hint of frustration, "They were maybe actually at the house that we //know// of about twenty minutes between skirmish and scare tactics? Doesn't mean they weren't out there before and after, though, waiting quiet for one of us to slip and get out or leave or something." Then she pauses, considering the sheer number of adult people around compared to the scene at her house, "You know, maybe it's just... being behind and around enough people to make it too risky?"

Amy has been quiet since Spear wandered away from her outburst and just kind of wandered to the food table to agressively eat something. She frustrated and on edge now, just kind of waiting for something -- anything -- to happen and really needs to be up and doing rather than just waiting around. It's weird now that she can blame it on the moon and is somewhat more aware of it than usual. It means she's shutting up and just looking very grumpy.

Sky gives a nod to Hector, and oh yes, he can FEEL the backtalk about to come out of Cash's mouth and Sky gives him that look like 'lets see where that goes for you, Johnny Cash'. But now it seems that Felicity is trying to tell him that she's being good and that he can take off. "Ah, Felicity probably wants me to take off. Though I do have about eighty-two embarassing stories." He looks at Zane then as he arrives.

"Hey punk. Having fun? You good?" He's not going to try and analyze his little brother to see if he's stealing his stuff again, but he does look to be in one piece. Which is always a very good sign. "Big trouble, huh? I like that movie...okay, I might stick around a little bit if people don't mind." He accepts the coke, and he looks at Zane. "Okay, since you asked." he then looks over at Amy. He ponders for a minute of her but doesn't make a scene. So instead, he looks over at Esme. Then his eyes explore further. 
Everyone looks on edge for some weird reason. Kids these days.

Hector links his pinky with cash's when the cop stop looking at them and gives him a reassuring smile.

It's funny that several kids seem to be trying to usher the detective out when Zane shows up and invites him to stay! This brings a somewhat amused smile to Landon's lips. He has nothing to hide from a cop and as far as he knows, this was a clean party. Just you know, vampires might show up at any moment. With them all being cooped up and away from the doors and windows, Lucas is at least a touch calmer than he was earlier, and the fact that he's not being forced into restraints. Landon will make sure of that.

"Want me to grab you a sandwich and a drink?" He turns to ask Esme, even though food hasn't been the most satisfying thing to eat for the past few months. At least, unless it was some bloody meat dish. "Feel free to kick and enjoy the movie, Detective Bloomquist." He pipes up far too cheerily. "I think after this one, we might be watching Indiana Jones." Yes, it was a multiple movie night. It would have to last until they fall asleep anyway.

Felicity's eyes track over to Cash and then back to Sky and now she's starting to look slightly grumpy. "Okay. You two are NOT allowed to start sniping at each other. Cash is my..." And there's a pause in which she seems to discard several word choices before settling on, "friend. Maybe even best friend at least in town. And Cash, no calling my favorite cousin names." And then she's stomping back over towards Cash and Hector.

Ffft, that's not a cop, that's Zane's brother! ...who's a cop. Look, Zane has many good qualities but a quick grasp of all the variable and possibilities in a situation is not one of them. And they're not doing anything wrong! Whether tying up and gagging your twin brother counts as doing something wrong might be more likely to be a question in his mind if Art were visible from here right now, but after last time no chances are being taken until they know what's going on, right?

So, "Cool," he says, giving Sky a grin, and strolls over to the various food options himself, though he pauses when there to give Felicity a wounded look. "Hey," he protests, and puts an extra slice of cake on his plate to drown these shiny new sorrows in. Also, because cake.

With the confidence of a man who knows his drugs are secured and no one here is technically doing anything illegal, Jade says, "Why don't I dim the lights and we'll get the movie started?" He grabs the remote. He then pads over to the recliner he had a moment ago. "Everyone, please eat up to your heart's content." He pauses, dims the lights, then snags his chair. There, hoodlums, the cop can't see anyone all that clearly now.

Esme finally catches on they're being kind of lame and weird as a group with the detective kicking around, especially while she's murmuring to Landon over there in front of the movie screen so serious and thoughtfully while eyeing the room. So after nuzzling with turn of her face in brief to make it look like they're just being cozy and talking oh so serious drama teen stuff in the end, she considers the movie screen for a beat with the question of food, "As long as it's not about to show the guy with the gross long fingernails, hard enough to keep an appetite these days and ohmygawd. They're like... the worst."

Then she flashes a little smile at Sky while resettling in her seat and checking with Lana and Lucas while Landon goes off to get them some movie munchies. You know, assuming that part of the movie isn't coming up, and all. In fact, she starts gauging the screen with a vague, pensive squint before visibly deciding it's probably safe.

"Clear." Cash says and he looks at Hector and then to Felicity. "I...I'm fine. So, so fine. Normal. Cool. Chill." He pauses a beat and looks from one love to the other. "Aitch? Eff? Since we can't hit up the lawn, I can sing you both to sleep in one overpriced, overdecorated guest room. I'm fine. It's quiet. I'm in a good mood."

Landon's seen the flick several times as it is, so he knows that at some point, Esme will be confronted by those... gross long fingernails. "Sodas it is." Though in truth, sodas are usually a bit to sweet for him, but Coke gives some kick, so he'll bring a few bottles of those. He will scour the sandwiches for ones which the most meat, hopefully something like pastrami or something, but anything will do, and bring those along as well.

Hearing Esme's time line of the attack last month, while he's carrying these snacks over, he checks his watch. It's already past the time that the first attack started and so far, as his eyes now scan the already darkened room, no one was freaking out. Despite the cop being present.

Returning to his seat and not having heard any commotion from the staff or anything of that sort, while he is seemingly relaxed, he's still quietly on edge even with the blood urge. Settling down beside Esme and Lucas, he hands the both of them a Coke. While he might not have an urge to escape, he constantly checks his watch to see how much time has passed. "So you've seen this one already? One of my favorites."

Once the nice officer is gone, Hector gently strokes Cash's hair, beaming at him, "You are amazing, you know that right?" He takes a breath and eyes the others, "The brdge ghosts didn't know anything useful. Anyone have ideas about how we safely warn Bubba what fFran's up to? He sleeps at the same hotel the others do during the day."

Silver has been bustling in and out of the kitchen making various foods all night. When no immediate danger reared its head she started with bacon wrapped cocktail sausages. Then she started on croissants for the morning. Now? Now she comes back wiping her hands on the apron she has absconded with from the kitchen. "What I miss?" She asks cheerfully as she moves to grab one of the bacon-wieners. Hector's question appears to be her answer and she purses her lips. "Why not just send a letter to the motel addressed to him? Annonymous like."

Jade lets Jeeves escort Sky to the door. He stretches out and watches the movie. "Nice fellow, the detective." Who now has no reason to come back for the evening, because everything is on the up and up. "Silver, glad you could join us. Do you want some of the food the caterers made? I promise none of it's poisoned." He gestures to the sandwich bar. "It's good stuff."

Felicity rolls her eyes and snorts at Zane. "You are an awesome cousin, but you did not teach me the Mentos and Diet Coke trick or buy me my first Rubick's Cube. He wins. Sorry." Once she reaches Cash and Hector she stands there studying Cash for a bit, then looks over her shoulder to make sure Sky took off and left the teens to their teen-things, before leaning down to kiss Cash's cheek. "I'm not sure we're out of the woods, yet. So if you can handle hanging around with the others I think that would be better. Plus, there are some things we all ought to discuss at some point."

Silver's comment make her straighten up again. "Oh. Right! Motel! So I did some calculations. If we do want to burn down the Motal, I'm pretty sure we totally can, but there's almost no cover so setting anything up will be dangerous, and I'm not sure we can only burn down part of it; I think it's not entirely up to current code. On the other hand, there's nothing really near by so the damage would likely be restricted to the motel itself. Did we every figure out if everyone there was a vampire or a servant for them or if there were, like, normal people there, too?"

"Stop. Stop, stop, stop." Cash says, firmly, slowly. "Everyone just stop talking because I feel fine. And when I say fine? I mean normal as fuck, okay? So, how about we just say fuck it, and not plan on kicking a nest filled with killer bees carrying fire ant paratroopers? We are almost done with senior year! Finals soon! Musical first. Prom! College..." He blinks a few times. "Burning the motel is swerving out of our lane guys." And when a Freeland advises caution....

"My dad loves it. I think it's secret aggression relief to watch anything kung-fu fighting related while living with three women. Plus Kurt Russell, so like..." Esme says to Landon of her laid back dad and how many times she might have actually been subject to seeing those fingernails. After taking the coke and snack load portion off of Landon's hand with thanks to balance on her lap cross-legged while eating and drinking, she settles in to watch the movie like everyone else while the detective is there. And when finished eating, she leans on Landon's shoulder and arm, occasionally stealing helpless paranoid glances to try and see his watch too.

But eventually, the detective is along his way and the conversation between movies is taking a hard right turn when arson is brought up. For now, though, she merely pulls her head up to blink at Landon before listening to the others. She does smile a bit when Cash voices what she's clearly thinking, though.

Zane gives Felicity the big sad puppy eyes, which is amongst his talent set, but then gives a small shrug and has to allow, "The Mentos and Diet Coke trick is pretty awesome." Rubik's Cubes maybe less so; he's never gotten more than one face of one to be a single colour at a time. He finds his chair and settles into it with his plate and drink, listening to the others; it's Cash's remarks that really make his brow furrow though, like something about them is poking at his brain. "...okay," he says slowly, "but... didn't you only drink it the one time? And everyone else did more? So... what if it's just pretty much worn off on you?" A look to some of the others who've drunk, 'cause surely they'll know if they feel like last time. The ones who held it off then, anyway.

Hector looks at Felicity, expression serious, and nods agreement. "We haven't done the serveilance as far as I know and we really ought to contact Bubba before doing anything drastic. Anybody want to volunteer to write the note?" He strokes Cash's cheek, "Zane's right. Even if nothing happens tonight, we'll be vulnerable for Spider Woman performances and Prom, and the others will still be vulnerable to call all Summer. They could attack prom and kill us all."

As long as people weren't talking during the movie, Landon is happy. Or else he would've turned the volume the fuck up. Just as Jade and Jeeves sees to the detective when he departs, despite his better judgement and with Lucas ever being so close that they are practically attached to one another, Landon takes a quick look outside of one of the windows. Perhaps to observe as Sky departs or maybe to ensure that there's no one skulking around out there while they were distracted with movies.

He soon joins the others to resettle back into his chair where he can feel Esme's warmth against him. "You're wanting to blow up an entire motel?" He then openly asks. "Sure, we don't know the guy who owns the place personally, but I'd inquired about," His shoulders lift into a shrug, "whether their mortal servants live there or not, but no one seems to be interested in investigating." That's when he scans the room for Morrison's presence. He seems to be with the other adults! "And we," Lucas and himself, "Weren't allowed to get involved in that mess. I was /hoping/ that Mr. Bloomquist," He's talking about Silvio here, "Would talk to his brother," The dude that just left, "in regards to that, since he was witness to the last attack."

However when Zane pipes up, Landon looks to the others who had also tasted the blood, "I don't know... the urge that I sort of felt the last time was nowhere to be found. And we're at the point Cash was at last month and from what I'm told, he still tried to escape." Then Hector mentions the Prom. That's something he had considered as well, so he adds nothing more to it.

Felicity gives Cash a slightly hurt look. "I didn't say we actually wanted to burn down the motel. Especially with the information from the seance. I was going to advise against it. But people needed to know that I'd considered things and done the calculations because I said I would, and, if we decided it was still best, I had sort of a couple best options for how, but I didn't say we should." That said she sort of flumps down on the floor and leans her head on Cash's knee.

"I'm sorry, Jade. Cooking and stuff settles my nerves and there has been plenty tonight. I'm done now, though, I think," Silver says with a lopsided smile. Taking a bite of the wiener before snagging a sandwich and slabbing more mayo onto it. Her chewing slows at Felicia's words. Then, through a mouthful of sandwich, she says, "That's a terrible idea. As a crime scene investigator wannabe, I strongly advise against it. Also we can't guarantee there won't be a random traveller. And if we kill anyone innocent then we're just as bad as Fran and her gang." With that said she goes and fetches herself a coke, popping it and eyeing the area for a seat to wedge herself into. "I suppose I can type up the note. Why write when we've the news room?"

"I'd like to add in this little detail too. A reminder for some of you all." Cash takes care to speak slowly, deliberately. "They came from me. Jade and Hector happened to be there. -I- was a target. All I did was make phone calls from payphones across town and one from across the state fff..." Pause. Breathe. "I went to California to make a call. And while the fine details of that evening have faded, the fear and horror and the heat from the engine near my face remain."

Cash flexes, his neck pops. "So, yeah, I've considered Prom. I've considered everything and my conclusion is that Fran wanted us turned. We aren't turned. What good are we dead? Unless we are a threat and...burnin' the homestead feels like provocation. So. Perhaps if we sit down and shut the fuck up, we might come away clean." He looks down at Felicity. "Oh. Babe, not you. You're late to this bullshit. Not you." Hector gets a ghost of a scowl. Brief displeasure. "You still have my wrists strapped down...so, what can I even say?"

"This time isn't... like last time, I think. Somehow. Maybe she has to activate it or something crazy thrall-related. But..." Esme trails off in favor of hanging on the note idea, suddenly, seeming both wary and kind of okay with it at the same time, "Okay. But what's the note going to say? I mean, I guess the worst that happens is Fran intercepts and she's already pissed at us, so that's... much less drastic, but still in the lane of try to defend ourselves by trying to break the trouble down from the inside or whatever. Speaking of Prom, though..." Esme looks at Landon, "Have you looked at the calendar by chance? Is prom on a full moon?" Then she extends a look to everyone else, "Anyone have a pocket planner in their purse or something to look at and check?"

Mona doesn't always make an entrance, but when she does, it tends to be the sort that makes a head or two snap in her direction. At least this time is a mix of good and bad news. "Prom isn't on a full moon," she says clearly enough, a look of concern on her face, "but if she still needs a Freeland, she'll be going after you, Esme, even harder." She's still more or less wearing the same as she had been earlier: cropped Gaultier bustier in black and white with graffiti print, black leather pants, goth boots. She's thrown the not-really-flannel rayon shirt in a black and white flannel pattern over it all. "Let us know if we can do anything, OK?"

Hector reaches down to gently squeeze Felicity's shoulder, then cuddles up against Cash a bit more. "Will you do it, Sil? In the news room, so i's harder to trace?" He looks into that scowling face with sad eyes, "Do you want me to free you? Or get you anything? And you definately get a say. I admit, I think arson is very risky and should be a last resort." He nods in Esme's direction, "Alerting Bubba though? Still a risk, but safer than the alternative, I think." He turns at Mona's entrance, "Thank you."

"Thrall?" Landon blinks when Esme uses that word in particular, but his attention returns the rest of the conversation. "Prom is actually coming up shortly." He starts to say just as Mona steps in to confirm his words. "Next full moon will be Fran's last chance. I mean, unless she looks for new blood to infect." He's not so arrogant as to think that Fran needs /them/ in particular, "The town is full of people from our families. From our bloodlines." That said, he also knows that, strangely, they were the youngest of the bunch.

"So what we know of this Bubba is that he's hella old and.. may or may not have come over here with this Swindon character? And Swindon doesn't go very far from the bridge? Does that mean he's roaming around in town somewhere?" There's a lift of his brow at this now.

Spear comes wandering back out, it has to be said. Because he is not getting smoochies. Where _are_ his smoochies? Surely Jade was gonna sneak aw...he eyes Jade, asleep in his chair "...damnit," mutters Spear "Neverrrr. Neverrrrrrrrr. I have no amount of luck at all."

Silver finally settles in on the other side of the dozing Lucas. Sandwich being munched and soda being drank. "Sure. It'll be simple and easy. Fran is plotting to over throw you. She has given the Families two drinks and threatened them if they don't take a third. Or something simple and along those lines," She says with a shrug. Spear's arrival has her grinning. "Spear!" She says like someone would on Cheers. "I made bacon wrapped cocktail weenies!"

Cash shakes his head. He's getting flustered and spits out, too quickly, "You cut me loose and I might slap the shit outta you." He deflates right away. "I'm sorry but I'm pissin' in the wind. I've been pissin' in the wind and letting you all tell me it's rain." He takes a deep breath and levels those big blues at Hector's dark. "I forbid you to continue to fuck with these vampires!" Cash seemed surprised at his own demand. "It'll get you killed." His voice lowers, tone softens.

Felicity looks somewhat molified by Cash's comment and Hector's hand and shifts a little so she's slightly more between them, but still curled up against their legs. She locates her previously discarded slinky and goes back to playing with it. "Okay. So we're agreed. Not burning down the motel unless something changes. If something does, we'll still have the calculations and know what we'll need to do it." Then she nods to Landon. "Yeah. He's somewhere in town, but we don't know where or... apparently what he currently looks like. I think someone said about ten miles, but maybe I'm making that up."

And then Cash is upset and she looks up, frowning. "Cash. Sweetheart. I don't think you can forbid us like that. Suggest, ask, yes. Forbid... no. We're talking. We're not doing, yet."

Hector's figers absently play with felicity's hair, "I think the ghost said ten mile radius for Swindon, as Felicity said. Bubba strongly supports Swindon and murdered all the other vampires in town once for rebelling. I am seriously worried thatswindon is wandering around town and he could be nearly anyone. Fran has some sunlight resistance, and so might he... Did I misunderstand? I thought it was something like three months for every drink, which means you'll be doing full moon lock ins all summer if we don't do something about Fran.... Oh man do I love weenies!"

his voice softens as he gazes back as Cash, "I'm trying to keep you and Silver safe the best way I can think of. I hear you. I understand you don'rt agree, but as felicity says, you can't forbd. I promised to love, but I didn't promise to obey. I'm sorry.""

Zane is right? He gives Hector a pleased and maybe just slightly surprised look for that, though it goes more serious as they're, you know, still talking about vampires maybe trying to kill everyone. The idea that it might need 'activating' is interesting, and so is the arrival of his favourite Marchant triplet (sorry, Jade and Thea). "Hey!" he greets Mona brightly, and shifts slightly in the chair he's claimed to make some room to invite her over. Spear gets a sympathetic look. Otherwise, he's just listening (and eating) quietly for the moment, with a pause to stare at Cash for a few moments in there.

"Closest I'm ever gonna get, Silver," says Spear, and he arrives to sit next to her, and reaches out for one "These are still awesome." And then he eyes Cash "Aww, man, don't be a colossal dick. And Felicity, you're right - about ten miles from the stone he was bound to." He spreads his hands "So Alice said. But she can only tell us what she knows, or has picked up from watching them. I don't think she'd lie. But it's like talking to a person. Not to something compelled. I don't like forcin' folks." He coughs "The older they get, the more resistance they have. So less like, I dunno...less like a game, and more like Anne Rice. For those of you who've read Anne Rice. And I don't mean the Sleeping Beauty series." A pause "You look great, Mona." Hey. He notices goth girls. And then he sighs "It's sure going to be hard running for presidency with all of these shit sucking vampires around."

"I did a double check on which guest rooms, but nobody aired them," Mona notes a bit glumly as she strolls toward Zane's chair, and hovers there a moment. "There are some spare pillows and the likes up there, though, so if anybody needs something, it's no trouble." The relative quiet of the evening isn't lost on her, but it doesn't exactly make her more calm. There's a sympathetic look for Spear, and she raises her shoulders in a helpless little shrug. "We've been stressed to fuck over tonight, so. Probably caught up with him, finally." There's fondness for both of them in her tone, and actual empathy for both problems at once.

Grinning over to Silver, she asks, "Is that what smells so heavenly? Damn, woman. No wonder the cook was giving me some major stink-eye on the way down. That man's jealous, I tell you. Swearing in French and everything when he snagged something off one of the trays to try it." The tension amongst Hector, Cash, and Felicity is not her issue, but the newly returned redhead gets that same look again: part wince, a weak attempt at a smile.

"Hey, people?" She sinks to a lean against the arm of the chair, propping her backside there. "We managed to fend them off with last time with determination and the world's most awkward shopping trip. There's no guarantee it will ever be that easy-" And from the look on her face, 'easy' is not a word she uses lightly here, but they did all survive with minimal damage. "-again -- including tonight -- so let's try to keep our heads. That's how we got through it, and it's how we will get through this." And then she tumbles into the chair and buries her face in Zane's shoulder to groan a little over having to attempt adulting right there for a minute.

Esme looks at Landon to kind of nod at his assessment in brief and speculation there, which flashes some relative amount of unease over her features to go with the unease made by Mona's commentary prior. She breathes out a quiet sigh of frustration, then, and leans in against Landon's arm to murmur a question to him after looking at Lana for a long moment, "... can I use your phone to call and check on mom? She's probably up unwinding or whatever, and I just... I think it'd make me feel better with this much quiet around this place. Makes me paranoid after the threats that something is happening elsewhere, suddenly."

Cash's posture stiffens and he nods at Hector. "I know. I understand." He pauses and swallows. "Cut me loose, Hector." His words are cold, drained, distant. "I'll just be...in a linen closet, okay? No running. I promised you that."

Silver glances at Cash and says, "The ghosts said that they're weakness is themselves. Starting an internal power struggle will probably get Fran's mind off us entirely. And if we do it right, a note to the right person which is easy, then they take each other out," She explains to Cash. "I'm fine for writing it up and getting it delivered."

Mona's praise has Silver smiling even as she lets Spear raid her plate. "Thanks. There'll be croissaints in the morning too. Half chocolate, half plain. Hopefully he won't complain too much." At least she cleans up after herself. She quickly turns back to her brother, glancing up at him and says, "You know there's a whole platter..." She glances at the food spread, "Okay half a platter left."

There's this cautious look that Landon gives Silver when she tells him and the rest of the room just what she'd write down in this note to Bubba. "Yeah... if Fran or any of her lackeys gets that before Bubba does, whether she realizes who the sender is or not, she's going to think that it's one of us. So unless we find a way that we're sure Bubba will be the one receiving the note OR ensure that everyone, including him gets it, we might want to hold off on that one." He will come out and admit, "But you're right. He needs to know. We just need to find a way to reach out to him and only him." At this point, he doesn't really trust any of the other Painkillers, though there is a look that he gives to Esme now. That's about the moment when she asks to use their phone. Rising from his seat, he looks over at Lucas, remembering the promise that they made. It's this promise that makes him nudge his brother awake to let him know that he's allowing Esme to use their phone and if he wants, he come with.

Right now he feels alright, but he's being incredibly cautious still. "Let's find Morrison." He knows that their older brother doesn't want either twin going anywhere alone.

Felicity looks up at Cash, then her gaze flicks to Hector, then back to Cash, around to the other people who've apparently drunk, none of whom are restrained. She sets her slinky in her lap and reaches to start undoing the wrist that's further from Hector. "Couldn't you stay here with us? I'd be happier if you were here with us, Cash."

"Oh my _God_, Cash," says Spear, and he gets up and and then he takes his magpie-covered taxidermied hat off, kisses it, and puts it right over Cash's face "The _drama_," he says "Can't we all just have a moment instead for the fact that at this rate I'm gonna die a virgin? A virgin goth. I mean, that's a waste of blood that could keep someone young forever." And then he says "I bet you're able to use one of their phones, Esme, they have dozens. We should all check on people, even if it's just for ourselves. We should take care of ourselves. You too, Cash." He reaches out for another sausage treat and he says "Silver, let's just live together and you cook and I sew. It'll be perfect." And then he says to Landon "Hmm. I don't know about that, but we could actually just publish it in the personals section of the paper: 'Hey Bubba. Thought you'd wanna know. Fran keeps makin' underage drinkers out of prodigals. Looks like she wants to sass Swindon. Kisses, people who'd prefer you in charge'." He adds "You're right, we might wanna hold off, but it's definitely possible to hit 'em all."

Hector flashes Zane aquick grin. He agrees with his brother, "consent matters, even with the dead. Mabe especially then." He flashes on sam Kenison's homosexual necrophilia routine. He carefully does not comment on any thing to do with Cash and Dicks. he does inform his brother, "The bridge ghosts didn't know antthing useful. Sorry.... Wait, Anne Rice wrote fairy tales too?" Because he's more into Poppy Z. Brite, and hasn't poked around the erotica section. "You're running for President? Aren't you like 18 years too young?" He gives Mona an admiring look, "Thank you for doing it. Braving your fatther for the care packages."

His expression is sad at Cash's expression, but he starts the unbuckling process. "Thank you, Sil." He rubs his forehead, "The other option would be a phone call to his room. I'm not sure that's safe either." His eyes flick to Landon at the mention of Morrison and away. He nods his aggreement with Felicity, "I would too." The he's blinking up at his brother, "How have you not pounced Jade yet?" He blinks several times at the personals suggesion.

Silver can't help but giggle at Spear's antics. Even as Landon pulls the sleepy Lucas away. She eyes them thoughtfully. Almost seeming like she wants to follow. But for the moment she stays put and takes another thoughtful bite of her food. Watching the Cash situation thoughtfully before eyeing her brother. "Dude...this will not stand. Drag that man up to his room, neither of you drank after all!" And she points to the dozing form of Jade. And then she takes another bite of bacon wrapped sausage. Chomp.

Zane laughs at Spear's hat-work, shifting to catch the tumbling Mona and give her a comforting squeeze for all that horrible semi-adulting she was working on for a minute there. "You're not gonna die, Spear, we won't let you," he assures the self-proclaimed virgin goth, but pauses, eyes widening. "Um. Virgin blood isn't-- vampires don't particularly want that, right? They don't care, that's... some other kinds of monsters? Like. Dragons? Or do we need to be watching out specially for whoever, uh, qualifies still?" Another pause, gaining a shade of pink, "Or making sure people don't qualify? Or. Something." He is going to eat this brownie now, that seems like a good idea.

"Cash, for what it's worth, if you're dead set on this... " Mona sucks in a quick breath as she glances over to him. The problem isn't lost on her. "We have better options than a linen closet. There's a sauna -- no need to turn it on, obviously, and if you want to bring some sleeping bags and pillows in there to make it comfortable, that was one of the options we had in our back pocket if somebody needed to be confined with a generous amount of space around them, no chains or rope, and, well. Enough room to have a few people sit with them. Damn thing seats 12 easy, so there's enough room on the wraparound bench for three sleeping bags." Not the most comfortable option, but better than a closet.

The mention of chocolate croissants, however, has her making a noise that's almost poetic unto itself. "That tears it, if some night some of us have to flee to the apartment in Paris for a full moon, you're getting kidnapped to come with so we can properly spoil you back." Spear's observation, however, has her choking audibly and burying her face in the chair, with a tiny mumble of something inaudible. Helpful Mona is thankfully the variant that mumbles a clearer, quick, "There's a cordless down here for the main private house line, I can collect mine in a minute if we want some more of them in here, just in case. May snag Jade's, doubt he'd mind."

"Did we ever figure out the specifics on this 'prodigal' thing? Because I noticed something a little... odd. Or at least, I think it's odd." Uncurling slightly to settle into the notch between Zane and chair, despite some notable overlap, she tries to get her strategy face on. "The term is odd. We know the Marchants were once subject to working with vampires, but the use of that phrase, it... suggests that maybe all of our families were once specifically under Swindon's thumb specifically." The mention of dragons, though, that has her paling a fraction. "Look, if we escalate to 'orgy', that is going to require a lot more pillows and... really a whole lot more liquor."

Cash can't even muster up a grin for Spear and Cash loves dead birds on hats. Instead, gives a weak swat and a slight rise of the corner of his mouth. He's on his feet and wincing. He's grown so much, so fast, he aches at times. And it makes him look and feel very old for just a moment. "I'll take that offer, Mona. Thank you. I just need..." He doesn't know. But he looks afraid. The kind of deep existential fear he can't describe yet. And as he is wont to do, he simply exits, stopping to nudge Mona's shoulder in appreciation and nothing more.

Hector agrees with his siter, "Seriously, Spear, take him upstairs and show him how much you want him." And then he's staring at Zane, wide eyed, "This town really needs better pamphlets." Then he's blushing a little, "Thank you, Mona.... What Prodigal thing?" He cocks his head, "that might be more of a victory celebration activity." He eyes cash worriedly, "Might we come? To keep you company, cashew?"

Spear eats a bacon wrapped tidbit in Zane's general direction "Are you volunteering to take the virgins out of the equation?" he asks him. And then he says "I probably shouldn't like, talk about stuff with poor Jade dozing off there. Oh, you went and asked ghosts at the bridge, Hector?" he rubs his chin, and then he just flops down in a chair "I guess I am kind of tired. And I can't drag Jade up, he needs to sleep. It's all cool...just, Cash. Cash, cool down and find somewhere comfortable to sleep. You're all...thingy, you know. You need to just sleep it all off-" But Cash is heading out, and Spear says "I don't know, Prodigal also means 'special' sometimes?"

Cash has to think on Hector's request, but only a moment. He nods. "Come on."

"There's plenty of room in there that somebody doesn't need to be closed in alone, yeah," Mona replies to Hector with a subtle warming of her smile. "We can make sure there are a couple other spaces like that, but for now, it's a good one -- comfy enough, clean, no clutter, and no exterior doors or windows."

Felicity scrambles to her feet and then bends to grab her slinky, following after Cash and Hector. Hey, Hector said 'we'. She flashes Mona a warm smile. "Thanks." A glance to the others. "Sorry."

Hector starts loading a plate of Silver's cooking, "We'll grab some pillows and blankets on the way. Thanks, Mona. It really is perfect." He eyes his brother, then Zane, "Carpe diem dudes. We could all ie tomorrow." he holds out a hand to Felicity, "Nap sound good?" He meant we, it seems.

"There are pamphlets about vampires?" Zane asks Hector, "Or. Blood-eating monsters in general? 'cause either way..." He's still blushing slightly, and then a level less slightly when Spear asks that. "Jade!" he says, pointing to the guy in question, as though Spear might have forgotten somehow, and hesitates before adding, "...but I mean, I guess if it'd save lives we'd have to, wouldn't we?" Probably not specific we, but. And no one has assured this is not the case yet, so that's unsettling. "...anyway. We won't let any of us die. We already decided that, so, I'm stickin' with it." A firm nod, and he lifts a hand to wish the Hector/Felicity/Cash conglomerate a good night as they head saunaward.

"As to the prodigal thing, it... Alice told us it was 'prodigal families'. Us, I'd understand, if we betrayed our vampire overlords -- but she described us all that way. There are some interesting implications to all of that, if you ask me." Spear's explanation of the alternate meaning has her thinking, which is probably good because picturing Zane taking down a line of volunteer virgins may have cracked her brain like an egg, otherwise. "OK, can we maybe all just agree that bondage gear was a good idea, but a vampire-repelling orgy probably really wouldn't be? Besides, I, uh, don't know if all the people they went for were virgins. I don't... know. I don't, you know. Nose into that."

"Orgy?" Silver really should sound more startled than excited, but that's how the word comes out. Even if she is blushing and looking down at her plate. Quickly she busies her mouth with food so she doesn't say something...untoward. Yep, food good. She watches Cash head off and then glances at Felicity and Hector. Nope, she is staying right here for a moment. Though she -does- glance after Landon, Lucas, and Esme again. As the three head off she gets up and grabs more food. "Take Care Cash," She calls as she picks at the food table. Piling her plate with food. "I don't think being a virgin matters, Zane..." She tries to assure people with a little shake of her head. When she turns around she is pink and looking a bit pink herself.

"I am ready for the pamphlets about monsters," says Spear, who actually sounds excited by this "I wanna hear about the - aww, are they really crashing?" And then he laughs, and he glances over at Jade fondly, before he shrugs "People around here do a _lot_ of interrupting," he says. And he folds his arms, and then he says "Prodigal families - we're all in that group - anyway, I...man. I dunno how. To help Cash feel better."

Felicity grabs one of the sleeping bags and her backpack and Hector's hand, but is not commenting on orgies or pamplets or who is or isn't a virgin, though she is blushing again.

Hector lifts Felicity's hand to brush lips across her knuckles, then turns back at Zane's questions, "Sex. There are accurate and helpful pamphlets about sex. Foreplay. Safe sex. Safe Bondage. Cunnilingus. All kinds of things. For vampires all we have is Mr. Chen. who I sincerely hope isn't Swindon." Then he's laughing, "Oh, the bondage gear was a brilliant idea and also proof that the Marchant super power of money is very effective. Thanks again, Mona, and no the people the vampires went after were definately not all virgins." He looks at his brother, "We'll think of something. Don' worry." He eyes Silver, "A vampire repelling orgy could be complicated given familial connections anyway. we'd llikely need some sort of seating chart at minimum. Probably best not attempt it." Because while he is fond of his siblings he's not That Fond. He wanders after Cash, humming Tom Leher's 'Oedipus rex' softly to himself.

Silver turns a lovely dark ruddy shade and just stares at Hector. "OUT! How dare you put such thoughts in my brain! Shoo you fiend!" She suddenly mock-yells at him. Pointing towards the sauna and wrinkles her nose. "GAH! I'm going to go and find some brain bleach now. In the form of proper conversation with Lucas and Landon," And continuing to make a -face- she struts off after the twins. "Ew. Ew. Ew."

A strong wind blows from the ocean, showing a new way.

Mona goes off the beaten path to MB.

Zane goes off the beaten path to MB.