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Tama "Tommy" Bell

on MUX as

The Judge


The Judge


Event Security

Apparent Age

late 20s

Played By

Nuufolau Seanoa

Mistakes are made every day. Sometimes they can be made right, sometimes they can't. Sometimes it's his job to make them right, but whether or not it's his problem, justice is his responsibility. If only justice meant the same thing to everyone...

Right and wrong is pretty simple, and you always know it when you see it. Others might think you're self-righteous or quick to judge, but they don't have the moral compass that you do.

Role in Isle of Dread

Looking at him, it would be easy to mistake Tommy for a native, but he's from Seattle. Born and raised on the mainland, generations ago his family had roots in the Pacific, but the only islands he'd ever been to as a kid were in the Puget Sound. His family wasn't wealthy, but they instilled in him a strong sense of right and wrong and duty to others. He went into the service out of high school, shortly after his dad passed, and was stationed in Hawaii and Korea over the following years, when he also lost his mom. Without any remaining ties to the mainland when his time in uniform was up, Tommy made made the Pacific Islands, including these, his home.

Tommy isn't a native, but he has become something of a local over the past several years. As such, he isn't impressed with the Wellsons - they're the same as every rich family he's ever known, thinking their money can buy anything they want. Like an island that's supposed to be sacred and off limits. Still, the natives can use the money, and Big Tommy is here to help Maata keep things cool.

* Non-Native Local: He's not from here, but he's been around a few years. Decent guy, respects the natives.

  • Moral Code: He has one. Very few shades of gray.


Brawn: Good
+ Tough as Hell (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Sure-Handed (Positive)
Brains: Poor
+ Common Sense (Positive)
Spirit: Good
+ Iron Resolve (Positive)
- Short-Tempered (Negative)


Maata Kahloa

Head of Security

The boss lady. She talks to the rich folk so I don't have to.


Hiwa Lahnai

Head of Hospitality

Good heart. She wants to do good for her home, I just hope some assholes don't ruin her good intentions any worse than they have, already.


Conrad Wellson

Wyred Fest Coordinator

More money than brains, man.




She's weird. Not what you'd expect. Funny, though.



This one time, two marines picked a fight with him. Beat them both up, threw them in their own trunk and tipped the car over. Specializes in holding chairs down these days, but just wait til someone pisses him off, it's hilarious.


Haku Oroiti (Isle of Dread)

Barroom legend

A native of the islands who has lived his entire life without leaving, apart from one trip to Hawaii in his youth, where- if stories are to be believed- he isn't welcome back. He tells stories of having done everything from biting a man's nose off, to snapping police handcuffs with a shrug, and headbutting a palm tree until it fell over. Some stories are repeated by other people, which makes them more true. He's here taking a break from the hard work of keeping his cousin's bar on the Big Island from floating away to make some money working security.

No badges for Isle of Dread.

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