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The Innocent


Artisan (Couturier)

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The Fortunate Ones
Artisan (Couturier)

They say that to cherish innocence is to possess knowledge that will make it forever unattainable. Unlike virtue or chastity which may be strived for, innocence is perpetually unaware of itself, an endangered thing in need of sheltering from the wicked winds and whims of the world.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You're in over your head and not prepared for any of this. You look for others to protect you and keep you safe, and your naivete only makes that harder.

Role in The Last Road

Born in Sanctuary, hers was always a soft and coddled life. Her father was a prestigious Copper that'd been tapped several times in life for breeding, and one of Visa's favorite half-siblings was Faustina, another Copper of note. She herself was not destined for the Monitors however; her sweet smiles and perfect health, untainted by time in the wastelands during those crucial initial years, marked her as a Fortunate One.

Even a childhood of toil and labor was no hardship; she flitted here and there on errands, earning pretty baubles, fanciful tales, and sweet treats she enjoyed at the feet of musicians while they played or amongst the skirts of beautifully dressed Fortunates as they prepared to entertain. And oh, how she loved their clothing, like costumes to transform them into the beautiful butterflies and fairies in the tattered picture books bestowed on her by kindly scavengers.

Naturally, she gravitated toward the needle and thread as she grew older, her dextrous fingers and a vivid imagination weaving a story into every piece of clothing she made. Though she eventually learned that fairies weren't real and that butterflies weren't born from laughter but instead from gross caterpillars, she never lost her sense of wonder - nor the facepalm-worthy levels of gullibility that made her a favored Companion of those with a mean streak or wicked sense of humor.

She knows that life outside of Sanctuary is no fairytale, but so too does she know is it full of adventure and love and wonder, and so long as she's accompanied by handsome knights in shining armor - or sexy, scarred War Children in bloodstained chariots as is so often the case instead - she'll find all the beauty this world has to offer to one so Fortunate as she.


Brawn: Poor
+ Can Take A Hit (Positive)

She's learned to play rough in her time as a Fortunate Companion, and can take a knock or two despite her diminutive size.
- Soft Hands (Negative)

Unfortunately, being able to take a hit does not directly translate into being able to land one in most cases.
Finesse: Good
+ Steady Hands (Positive)

From threading a needle to locking onto a target, she's got steady hands and knows how to use them.
+ Swift as a Bird (Positive)

There is a time to fight and a time to flee to safety, and she's damned proficient at fleeing if need be.
Brains: Good
+ Creative Thinker (Positive)

Sometimes one simply has to make do with what they have, and to that end she's good at thinking outside the box in both life and fashion.
+ Well Read (Positive)

When her head isn't in the clouds it's in a book, and she's got something for almost any situation.
- Gullible (Negative)

She's not stupid, but without strong evidence to the contrary, she's an easy mark for someone looking to spin a falsehood.
Spirit: Normal
+ Brute Whisperer (Positive)

She's good at diffusing tensions, her charm and charisma a salve on even the wildest hearts.
- Crushed by Disappointment (Negative)

When hurt or betrayed by those she trusts - and boy does she ever trust easily, she suffers a heaviness of spirit that affects her deeply.

Perks and Quirks

+ Couturier

Fortunate's Perk
+ Wasteland Lore
+ Danger Sense
+ Found Item
- Gilded Cage

Fortunate's Quirk
- Big Favor

The Capitalist
- Faint Hearted
- Two Left Feet



Copper (Keeper)

On a trip to a trade outpost where the caravan was attacked by raiders, Locke rescued an unconscious Visa when all might have otherwise been lost; he's definitely knight-in-shining-armor status. Still, she wonders if the scarred Copper might not need saving from himself in turn.

Fatalist road3.gif


Booze Slinger, Storyteller, Shit Disturber

Once after an argument, Charlie made a 'peace offering' of some of his strongest booze, spinning a tall tale about how it was so well-made she wouldn't get drunk and then had a good laugh when the gullible Fortunate promptly drank herself under the table. She was hungover and sulky for days, prompting a rare show of contrition from the Scavenger, who brought her shiny little trinkets until her smile returned.




After a caravan raid in which Visa was quite badly injured, she gravitated toward Cinder to talk about her nightmares and he kindly offered to sketch the monster for her, to get it out of her mind and onto paper. This helped and the nightmares stopped - but the drawing was too frightening for her to keep, and he promised to keep it safe for her should she ever need to see it again.

Faustina Portrait.jpeg


Copper (Was a Counter)

Visa has fond memories of following her older half-sister around and probably being a sweetly-smiling pain in the ass at Faustina's heels.




Though they aren't related by blood, Xavier and Visa share a sister in common. Visa enjoys spending time with them when she can, especially if she can get into their recreational stash.

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