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Thomas Bloomquist

on MUX as



The Idealist


High School Student

Apparent Age


Played By

James Franco

The Idealist dreams of the perfect world and engages action and commitment to make it a reality. He rejects the idea that we should accept life the way it is; he knows it can be shaped and changed, that the future can be better, if we are brave enough to dream it and bold enough to bring it about. He is driven by doing the Right Thing, and he has a keen sense of precisely what that means. He might be found waxing philosophical about the nature of morality, or rushing off to champion some downtrodden cause. Because in a perfect world, there is The Idealist.

Every story has a moral, and finding and furthering it is what you do. You believe firmly in something and you seek to show others that truth, no matter the cost.

Role in Bonds of Blood

Tommy's parents Claire and Geoffrey are very busy people, with important jobs that keep them out of town a lot, so he's been dumped on his cousin Ellen for her to worry about. A little bit of a troublemaker, Tommy is just a little too smart and spirited for his own good. When he gets an idea it just takes him over! He's the kind of annoying student that clears great grades without even breaking a sweat, and he'll talk to anybody at school, especially if there's a good lead to be had for the school paper. Open and friendly, but fringey because of his exuberant belief in most conspiracy theories. His latest soapbox is the approaching end of the world -- everyone knows it's all over after 1999, baby!

And your hooks.


Brawn: Poor
Finesse: Poor
Brains: Good
Spirit: Good


The Awesomesauce

High School Student

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