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Sky Bloomquist

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The Hunter



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Played By

Sebastian Stan

It's a wonder how one can go through life as if on a hunt. There are no allies, only those who will aid you in the goal of hunting the prey. Only those who will distract the eyes of many while you move in the shadows, ever ready to spring the trap.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Stalking, tracking and observing, that's your trade. You go into the dangerous places and figure out what's going on. You rarely attack head-on, though. That's for heroes and idiots. You plan and use every advantage you can.

Role in Bonds of Blood

Sky Bloomquist is the older brother of twins Art and Zane and the second oldest of the sons of Erik and Stina.

Sky was always the protective older brother to the twins. Though only behind Silvio by one year, Sky is always someone who's always been intrigued by the world, always seeking questions to mysteries and answers to situations that seem to be non-existant. Stoic and tough, he tried to keep the twins out of trouble as best as he could, though it usually ends up being him rolling his eyes and just toughing it out.

Fascinated by reading Sherlock Holmes novels as a child and through annoyance of the media always asking questions instead of seeking out the answers, and with a natural inclination for heroics, when Sky became old enough, he went to college and later the Police Academy, coming out of it with a tried and true detective position.

While he has a solid track record for solving crimes, Sky is also someone who snoops around places he likely shouldn't be snooping around. Yet, through all, he's always there for his family and tries to at least keep a protective eye on everybody, lest they get into too much trouble.

Detective - Sky is a detective and works with the police. He solves crime cases. Need something solved? He's your guy. Need a criminal busted? Give him a call.

Bloomquist - Sky is the second-oldest son of Erik and Stina Bloomquist. Protective member of the family, he's always looking out for everyone. Very reliable, but has his own demons.

The Twins - Sky is usually being dragged into the antics of Arthur and Zane Bloomquist. Which means he can sometimes be seen at the high school.


Brawn: Normal
+ Athletic (Positive)
+ Strong (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Sharpshooter (Positive)

He's particularly good with handguns.
+ Kickboxing (Positive)

Did it when he was young, still skillful with it.
Brains: Normal
+ Genius (Positive)

He's always been extremely smart. The kid who was at the top of his class in just about everything.
+ Inquisitive (Positive)

He asks the questions that should/need to be asked. He looks for answers and he's good at finding them.
- Smarter Than You (Negative)

Sky often thinks he's the smartest person in the room at any given moment.
Spirit: Good
+ Iron Will (Positive)

Sky doesn't back down from much, if anything. Even if he sees something out of the ordinary or downright terrifying, chances are he won't shrivel up and run away screaming.
- Cynical (Negative)
- Foolhardy (Negative)

Sometimes Sky is brave to the point of being stupid.

Sky Bloomquist is a 6'1" tall gentleman with dark brown hair and crystalline blue eyes. A gentle beard grazes his face, but otherwise his features are sharp and strong. A smile is just as quick to appear as a scowl.

Athletically, he's fit and active. He tends to wear dark-shaded suits with longcoats over it. At times, he will wear a fedora and a nice watch will usually cover his right wrist. In his mouth or at least on his person is usually a cigarette, which he constantly smokes.

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