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Nahimana Munson

on MUX as



The Hunter


Medicine Woman

Apparent Age


Played By

Frankie Adams

Faction Membership

The Munson Family
Gabriel's (Native) Wife


I am the wolf in the dark.
I am the owl in the trees.
I will go into the darkness where others dare not tread.

Be my prey beast, man, or knowledge, I will track it to the ends of the earth and damn any who get in my way.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Stalking, tracking and observing, that's your trade. You go into the dangerous places and figure out what's going on. You rarely attack head-on, though. That's for heroes and idiots. You plan and use every advantage you can.

Role in Prosperity's Price

You were only eighteen when the Wounded Knee Massacre happened. You weren't there -- obviously -- but people you knew were. Maybe had it been some years before you wouldn't. Maybe had your tribe more readily resisted being moved into residence you wouldn't. Maybe...

But you did know them and it did happen. And it set off a fire within you. A dark fire that emanated from deep within the bowels of the earth and was fueled by the visions of the Ghost Dance itself. For you had not seen the visions Wovoka had, but had seen and spoken to ghosts themselves. You have witnessed portents in the flames of fires. After that day, your fate was sealed: you would be a medicine woman. You were good at it, too. Not just the spiritual side, but tending to the people of your tribe. Knowing the right herbs. Treating their ills. And when the time called for it? Finding the right curse, the right spirit, or the right path for their revenge on that which wronged them.

In your early-twenties, smallpox came to your people and you knew you had to do something about it. So you pleaded your case with the spirits. One answered the call.. or so you thought. Your people were saved from the illness, but something else dark and sinister had been invited into the village. The only way for them to be saved was to give in and move into residence and you? You were cast out to never return. You learned to fend for yourself and survive on the plains and it was out there you came across Gabriel Munson, half-dead: a white man, a herald for all things bad for your people. But something told you to help him all the same. And in doing so, you found you had common goals. So you became his guide on the plains and somewhere along the way, you became his wife.

Now he's returning home and bringing you with him. How will the people of Prosperity react to an outsider? How will you react to them?

* Animism - ...and Ghost Dancer. She communes with the Spirits.

  • Curses - Need/want revenge on someone or something? She can help with that.
  • Medicine Woman - Nahimana is a Sioux medicine woman and a good one at that. Need something outside the doctor's purview? Can't go to the doctor? Maybe she can help. If you can trust her...
  • Outsider - She is not just an outsider, but a very strange outsider. And she married the eldest son of one of the oldest families. What's going on there?!


Brawn: Normal
+ Tough (Positive)
- Knifed in Back (Negative)

Nahi was pregnant once. But a dangerous encounter left her very badly injured and the pregnancy lost. She has lingering issues from that wound, not the least of which is she'll never bear a child again.
Finesse: Normal
+ Cat-like Reflexes (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Survivalist (Positive)

The Sioux live off the land. They know it well. Nahimana is no different. She can hunt, fish, and track with the best of them.
+ Medicine Woman (Positive)

From a young age, Nahi was taught the ways of the land and how to tend to people using it. She is more than capable of treating wounds and even serving as a midwife. Sure, you may not trust someone who wasn't university educated (and is a woman, to boot), but she can certainly save your life. ...and may know a few tricks those fancy books never taught the surgeon.
- Native Education (Negative)

Or call it a lack thereof. From growing on the plains in a tribe that moved with the seasons to being forced into residence, Nahi may be as smart as they come when it comes to surviving off the land, but her education leaves much to be desired in the eyes of the white man.
- Untrusting (Negative)

The white man ruined her people. Other tribes have done just as bad, in some ways. There are very few that Nahi trusts and even then, she's careful about how far she trusts them.
Spirit: Good
+ Stubborn AF (Positive)

You don't take a Sioux woman out of her tribe and see her survive for years without her having nerves of steel.
+ Spiritualist (Positive)

'Shaman' is not a term her people use, but it might be the closest the white man has to what Nahimana is. Even then, it might not quite fit. She is a Ghost Dancer. She practices Animism. She sees portent in the flame. She parlays with spirits.
+ Sympathy Magic (Positive)

Call them curses. Call it witchcraft. Call it blood magic. Whatever it is, she can cast it on those she finds deserving... or those she's paid to if the price is right.
- Cruel (Negative)

Perhaps due to what happened to her people, Nahimana has a cruel streak. She sees no problem with things like torture. With allowing someone to suffer a little (or a lot). Some may see this as a strange thing in a healer, but fortunately it mostly seems pointed largely at those she deems an enemy. But when the 'white man' is so often the enemy...

Perks and Quirks

- Not of the Blood

Nahimana is a Lakota Sioux.
+ Trusty Horse

The Lakota are good with horses. Very good. Nahimana is no exception. (Trade-off w/Not of the Blood, to balance familied PCs getting free perk. Taken w/permission from TD.)
+ Artifact

Ceremonial Knife

This blade has been with Nahimana since she first came to womanhood. The bone handle of this knife is rather simple, as is the blade itself. The sheath is more ornate: leather itself with a bright quill-and-bead pattern. This blade is used in her work as a medicine woman, specifically in the nature of curses and other 'sympathy magic.' It has spilled a lot of blood over the years and not all of it that of animals for the hunt.

By spending 1 SP and 2 GP, Nahimana can bless or curse her intended target on their roll. A blessed target gains an automatic (1 pair) success. A cursed target fails the roll. The SP expenditure need not be her own (but the player giving it must do so voluntarily).
+ Divination

Mostly, Nahimana sees things in the flames. Be it a bonfire, cookfire, or the smoke on the horizon. Unlike most natives, she doesn't need psychoactive drugs to do it either. Sometimes the visions just come to her and sometimes she goes into a trance to call upon the spirits of beast and land.
- Devil's Bargain

Small pox was ravaging the tribes in the region and when it hit Nahimana's, she knew she had to do something. She called to the spirits and one came to her: Horse. It offered to heal and protect her tribe from the illness. Of course she accepted. How could she not?

But she did not know she had called upon something dark and sinister. Something that was not Horse at all. She had not protected herself properly. Nor the village. The spiritual leader of her people found out and found that she had saved them, yes, from small pox... but she'd also opened a doorway to potentially allow other things in after them.

In the end, the only way to ensure their safety was to leave their lands and move into residence, just as the white man wanted. Nahimana was shunned and turned away from her people for her reckless ways. Left to survive for herself on the plains. She knows even now the spirit that came to her still taunts her and she plans to someday get her revenge.

Heretic West.jpg


Pale Rider

For nearly ten years, it has been you and me versus the world. I know no matter what comes our way, I can trust you even if I can trust no one else. We have faced evil and loss. I see the way your people look at me (be it pity, distrust, or both) and I do not care because I have you by my side.

Prosperity Momoa.jpg

Bishop Orzibal (Prosperity's Price)

Stable Boy
After years of working odd jobs after growing up being his father's assistant in carpentry, Bishop realized he just didn't really fit in anywhere. Nothing could hold his interest for very long. He had a stint on the DeWitt's ranch. He'd tried helping at the church -- it's in his name, innit? -- and gave up on book learnin' right quick. There was even that terrible run at being on the fire brigade back in '89 that we won't ever talk about (ever, don't you dare, Petunia).

He just isn't cut out for much. He gets bored easy. He gets distracted. And more often than not, he'll wander off on his horse on some whim or another.

It was this last that led everyone to decide the stables were the best place for Bishop. He likes horses. He's good with horses. He's just not good enough to stick around a ranch because it's everything else on a ranch that makes fuck off to do something else.


Brigid McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

Brigid was just too easily distracted as a child. Then again as a teenager. She had a hard time focusing on any one thing for too much of her younger life. Too much to learn a trade like the rest of her family. Her mother was a Davis and she spent a lot of her teen years off with that side of the family, taking to the trapping and hunting quite well. Well enough, in fact, to learn her way around a gun and the wilderness pretty damn well.

When she came home, she spent a stint in the mines because wouldn't you know it, the big booms of the TNT just downright fascinated her. Her father didn't let that last long because he was just afraid for his little girl and really hoped that she'd settle down and find a husband (and because he was scared the Reapings would take her sooner than later if she spent too much time in and around those mines).

Instead, Brigid put her skills to use and went off with the Widows... which was an arguably far more dangerous decision, but it hasn't killed her yet.

No badges for Prosperity's Price.

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