Jonny Lester (The Heretic)

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Jonny Lester

on MUX as

The Heretic


The Heretic


High School Senior

Apparent Age


Played By

Adam Driver

Faction Membership


Everyone else is a phony, a joke, or a loser. I'm just pointing it out. You're all thinking it, but none of you has the balls to say it. Well I do. They're enormous. My doctor says it might be a problem one of these days.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You're a troll, a provocateur, always saying what no one wants to hear. Someone has to, because people need to hear it. You're the devil's advocate of every situation.

Role in Bonds of Blood


Brawn: Good
+ Wrestler (Positive)
+ Cracked Out on Jolt Cola (Positive)

All the sugar, twice the caffeine.
Finesse: Poor
- Gangly Klutz (Negative)
- Illegible Handwriting (Negative)

Good luck reading anything Jonny wrote down. He can barely make it out himself.
Brains: Normal
+ Boy Scout Skills (Positive)

Jonny was in the Boy Scouts until he was kicked out for tying another scout up and leaving him in the woods overnight.
+ Observant (Positive)
- Cracked out on Jolt Cola (Negative)

All the sugar, TWICE THE CAFFEINE.
- Near-Sighted (Negative)

Jonny needs glasses to see things that are far away. Jonny's glasses aren't his glasses.
Spirit: Good
+ Conviction (Positive)

Jonny is unshakable in his beliefs.
+ Debater (Positive)
+ Fast Talker (Positive)
- Donkey-Brained (Negative)

Jonny is UNSHAKABLE in his beliefs.
- Bad Musician (Negative)

You may have had the misfortune of being assaulted by Jonny's music, or may yet suffer the same.
- Misanthropic (Negative)
- Pessimist (Negative)

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No badges for Bonds of Blood.

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