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The Healer

Known As

Li Ting

on MUX as

The Healer

Has Been

Crew Biometrics Officer

Apparent Age


Played By

姚晨 (Yao Chen)

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There is much more to healing than mere reassembly of the body. This Healer is obsessed with the holistic. It begins with the purely blood-and-flesh as a skilled MD (or equivalent), but it continues with advanced studies in psychiatry (or equivalent) to aid her in assisting people in mental health. Once that is accomplished, her devout belief in a Pure Land tradition of Buddhism has her committed to aiding people's "spirit" (for want of a better term), bringing them into harmony with themselves. This is, after all, the final step toward a life of harmony with all others.

This is an overwhelming task she has set for herself and thus she is sometimes overwhelmed. At times like these who will tell the Healer to look her own way?...

You're driven to fix others, body, mind or spirit. You can't stand to see others suffer or in distress. Do what you can for those in need and make the world a better place one person at a time.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

In groups, aloof, observing from the sideline, occasionally making incisive, scalpel-sharp comments that cut to the core of things as she sees them. In private far more open, still primarily a listener, but a participatory one. In all situations, however, a little bit of the "ice queen" ... a barrier against true intimacy it takes work to penetrate.

Things That Linger

I would like this character to have a pendant and a bracelet in the vein of those in the gallery in any story where this kind of thing might be plausible.

The Healer's Door

A stylized line drawing of a monk in robes sitting before a lake with a lotus blossom. A tear drips from the eye of a giant figure's head into the pool to generate a ring of waves before him.

Memento Mori

Project Icarus

No memento mori from this story yet.

Calm. Cool. Aloof. Detatched. Polished with precision like a fine gem, and approximately as cold. The Healer, dressed as immaculately as circumstance allows, hair and face done up as stylishly as circumstance allows, gazes out from behind coal-black eyes at the world around her, always observing, always analyzing, seemingly always judging. Her wardrobe is simple, usually black, flattering of her slim figure, and lacks adornment but for the yellow and orange pendant hanging suspended by red silk cord around her neck and the omnipresent, always-clicking white prayer beads wrapped around her left wrist.


Pendant.jpg Bracelet.jpg

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Li Ting (Project Icarus)

Li Ting was last in her class in medical school. (She barely passed.) Of course her class was the Number 1 class at the prestigious Fudan University, Shanghai--still in the top tier despite its venerable age--so this doesn't say much about her abilities. Her abilities are further amplified by her continuing said education after her residency and picking up psychiatric credentials as well.

Still, being last, no matter how prestigious the class, puts a bit of a damper on career options. No matter how good your subsequent performance, that puts a long shadow on your life. It's not that anybody thought she was bad at what she did. It's just that other people seemed better bets.

And it didn't help that she took two years after university to "reevaluate" and "reorient" as a novice in Baotong Temple in Central China.

Still, she carved a niche for herself. A rare niche where her unorthodox blend of physical medicine, psychiatric knowledge, and spiritual equanimity was an edge instead of a burden, for although everybody who worked with her thought she was a weirdo, they couldn't argue with the results.

Individual in teams she monitored tended to survive hazardous missions more often than teams monitored by others. The reasons speculated have ranged from her being an exceptional physician (which she is), to her having a good grasp of team dynamics and thus keeping communications with them clear--despite this not technically being her job (which she does), to her own crackpot reason: she brings them spiritual balance that keeps them on the level in a crisis. Whatever the reasons, what she did worked and teams she was assigned to performed better, lived longer, and came out healthier in body and mind (and, in her view, spirit).

It was practically a given that, although she'd never advance to heading divisions, she'd always be on the bleeding edge of exploratory and combat operations, calmly monitoring her wards and adding a side dollop of equanimity and calm.

When Project Icarus was formulated she was on the shortlist for Crew Biometrics. At the top.

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