The Healer

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The Healer

Known As

Veronique Summers
Dr. Olivia Ashlund

on MUX as

The Healer

Has Been

New Age Healer
Weyland-Yutani Medical Officer

Apparent Age


Played By

Liv Tyler

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She is the woman that would stand out in a crowd even if you put a sign on her back that said 'Don't look at me.' The kind of woman who is kind, yet sometimes hard in whatever setting she is. She is the woman who is strong, except when she's not, and sometimes she's not even that. She's one who is wearing the latest fashion but doesn't really care. It's just a thing for her. She doesn't try to look pretty or do her face, she just is.

You're driven to fix others, body, mind or spirit. You can't stand to see others suffer or in distress. Do what you can for those in need and make the world a better place one person at a time.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

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Alien Mutation

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Andria Simpson (Isle of Dread)

Rich Attendee
She's a rich bitch with lots of money. It doesn't matter where she came from, she came to the festival to have fun and party hard. Though she wears the latest fashion and always carries a phone somewhere on her person, she is usually too absorbed in what is happening on the latest media feed. Her Father has money, so she is a spender, hence the festival spending for coming to this island.


Selene Ambros (Isle of Dread)

Selene is a woman who knows what she wants, until it comes to Veronique and then she goes off the rails. Strong, passionate, and loving is she. She wears beautiful clothing and makeup to make her beauty even more so, and has a protective streak when it comes to the woman she works for.


Danella "Danny" Charles (Isle of Dread)

Kind of like nurse Jacky, except she takes Zannex. She's a smart ass and good at what she does, but it's a bit like predicting the weather. You don't know what type of mood she'll be in, and her mood is usually set on sarcasm. Though this could get the woman through the day, and her pills. Always her pills.


Shae Thompson (Alien Mutation)

Medical Assistant
She has been working with Olivia from the beginning and knows her moods and temperment, often the one who is a peaceful situationalist, she is close with Olivia, but they are friends, not lovers. Shae has a daughter somewhere on another station and a husband who isn't in the picture.


Hannah Gibbons (Alien Mutation)

Waitress for the casino
Hannah is a Waitress for the casino. She took this job to earn a few extra credits, though she's unmarried and has no children of her own. She is part of the Casino's staff, though not a large part, serving drinks to customers and trying to ignore the goings on behind the sceens.


Serina Gold (Alien Mutation)

flustered nurse
Serina didn't intend to be a nurse and working with Doctor Olivia Ashlund and her stunning assistant Shae, but she is because she has been friends with the two since collige and has a professional background as a nurse on other ships. She is here because she is a follower of her best friends, and she is a good listener, though she is flustered quite easily. It is said Shae and Serina have a secret love affair, though whether that is true is anyone's guess.


Veronique Summers (Isle of Dread)

You seek to help nurture natural, healthy healing. That's why you dropped out of med school - much to your family's dismay. You studied yoga, the chakras, reiki, meditative healing, herbalism, dream therapy and every other new age and 'traditional' medicine you could find. Do you believe in all of it? Not entirely, but there are elements in all of it that can help and do good. Health, ultimately, comes down to happiness and state of mind. All of those things help reduce stress, eat and live better, and feel better. Isn't that what really matters?

You're at the festival as a compliment to the medical staff, not in competition or opposition. They handle dehydration, cuts and sprains, things like that. You help with day-to-day wellness. You can tell that some of them think you're a hippy loon peddling snake oil, but you don't care. And if things get messy, you DID go to med school for several years and have much of the same training they do.


Dr. Olivia Ashlund (Alien Mutation)

You come from a good family, attended the best medical schools, and were hired by The Company straight out of university. You've had several posts - on a 'shake and bake' colony doing research on the effect of alien worlds on the human body, in a weapons lab studying damage and damage prevention of different weapons and armor, and now as the medical officer for The Project. Project 937 is the most secret of secrets, and you were chosen because you're efficient, rational, and young enough to not have a lot of friends to leak information to. You are responsible for the health of everyone on The Project.

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