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on MUX as

The Gambler


Companion and Breeder

Apparent Age


Played By

The Gambler

Faction Membership

The Fortunate Ones
Companion and Breeder

Role in The Last Road

As a companion she specializes in playing folk harp, either to accompany singers or other solo instruments or as soothing background music.

She's friendly and sweet. Soothing is a word which is frequently used for her. As a breeder, she has two children already, A five-year-old girl with Cinder named 'Aloy', and a two-year-old boy. Discussions about who the father of her next child should be are underway.

Musician - do you need an accompanist? Do you really like harp music?

Breeder - The Patrons are discussing with whom she should next have a child. I don't currently have a named father for her two year old.


Brawn: Poor
+ Good Health (Positive)

Lyra is hardly ever sick and seems to heal easily
- Petite (Negative)

Lyra is relatively small and delicate - she's not up for lifting heavy things or even reaching things too high up.
Finesse: Normal
+ Nimble Fingers (Positive)

Lyra has a lot of manual dexterity
Brains: Normal
+ Improvisation (Positive)

Lyra is good at adapting quickly, particularly when playing music
Spirit: Good
+ Soothing (Positive)

Lyra is especially good at calming people down
- Biddable (Negative)

Lyra is not very good at confrontation and so will tend to just do as she's told.

Perks and Quirks

+ Gifted - Music

She specializes in playing folk harp, but can play a number of other instruments.
+ Area of Expertise - Instrument Repair

She's learned the most likely things which need to be repaired and maintained on her own instrument and sometimes helps others with theirs.
+ Good Luck
- Gilded Cage
- Can't Shoot




Father of her daughter, Aloy.

No badges for The Last Road.

(2019-12-11 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Xavier frets; Lyra and Zephyr are patient.
Cast  •   Xavier  •  Zephyr  •  Lyra  •
The Ancients Were Assholes
(2019-12-09 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Xavier and Timmy listen to Lyra play and talk about past and future.
Cast  •   Xavier  •  Lyra  •  Timmy  •
Family Therapy
(2019-11-25 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Lyra, Zephyr and Eden discuss Fortunate business.
Cast  •   Zephyr  •  Lyra  •  Eden  •  Faustina  •  Mark  •
Hold This
(2019-11-23 • Curtained Alcove) Cinder and Lyra catch up
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In the Bazaar
(2019-11-19 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) A gathering of folks talk in the Fortunate Bazaar.
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Flashing the Bazaar
(2019-11-15 • Bazaar) A gathering of people meet at the bazaar. Trades are made, conversations are had, and a few people get flashed.
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