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on MUX as



The Gambler


Copper (Was a Counter)

Apparent Age

late 30s

Played By

Christina Hendricks

Faction Membership


I Am a Rock

And a rock feels no pain and an island never cries.

Worried One

I am the worried one watching from the corner.

Tie your shoes and don't fall down 'til someone knocks you over.


If you have a choice between lucky and good, always choose lucky.

Life is a game, if you're not going to play, why are you here? At the end of the day, you place your bet and you take your chances. It's not that one shouldn't know the odds - one should always know the odds; It's that sometimes the potential pay-off means that even long odds are worth the chance. And sometimes, sometimes, you just have a feeling. A little voice that says 'roll the dice'. Win or lose at least you played. And sure, sometimes you make calculated cover bets or hedge and sometimes you go all in. The trick, the true essence, is knowing when to do each and then not turning back. So figure out what you're willing to risk, make your choice, and let the dice fall as they may. And when your bet is called, hope you're not left holding aces and eights.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You can't win if you don't play, as the saying goes. Risk brings reward, and you're the one willing to get the biggest rewards. Sometimes it all goes wrong, but that's luck for you.

Role in The Last Road


Faustina was born in Sanctuary. The oldest of several half-siblings from the same mother. Xavier being the next youngest. She was often told when she was small to watch after and take care of her younger half-siblings, particularly Xavier and Eponine, who were twins. Unfortunately, there's a reason that eight-year-olds shouldn't be left in charge of two five-year-olds. Faustina became distracted enough by something that the two had enough time to wander off and Eponine fell off a wall they were playing on and died. Faustina has never quite forgiven herself for not anticipating this and preventing it.

She's always been odd, but her talent for math and her obsession with details meant that she was assigned to the Monitors as a tattler to be trained towards being a counter.

Her contamination didn't really become obvious until later - she has asthma of a sort, mostly triggered by physical activity. She can climb stairs, but climbing too quickly leaves her out of breath. She can run for a short time, but sustained running will cause her to start gasping for air. She's more sensitive to certain kinds of fumes than most. Cold air can exacerbate the other problems.

She is an absolute true believer in Sanctuary as the best hope for the continuation of humanity and will, as such, ruthlessly protect it. She is also scrupulously honest and lacks any kind of tact at all. She will say what she thinks as she thinks it with very little in the way of filters or softening.

She plans obsessively for the future, looking for potential disasters to circumvent or mitigate. As such, she is very invested in efficiency and in backup plans and safety margins. Though she cares about safety margins for the society, not so much for the individual. Individuals are only worth what they contribute towards the greater good.

Counter - While she is now a Copper, she still primarily oversees Counter activities. She also spent years doing the work of a Counter. Maybe she audited you. Maybe she believed in your personal project and signed off on extra resources going towards it in the short term. Maybe you've just gotten used to seeing her around double checking inventories and doing spot inspections.

Long Term Planning - Faustina spends a certain amount of her time working on understanding potential future problems for Sanctuary. She will be interested in supply chains, sources of various materials and resources, and potential new (or rediscovered old) technologies which might impact the chance for society to survive. As part of this, she will collect stories of what is out in the wasteland to better known where trouble is likely to come from and what leads on resources might be worth exploring.

Half-siblings - Her mother was a Pure Breeder with children by a number of fathers. Faustina was the oldest, Xavier next, but there could be younger half-siblings as well.


Brawn: Poor
+ Tireless (Positive)

As long as she's not running or going up too many stairs, she can just keep plodding along. She also doesn't need much sleep.
- Exercise Induced Asthma (Negative)

Running, too many stairs, chemicals in the air, all may cause her to start gasping for breath, though being able to just stop and breathe usually restores her.
Finesse: Normal
+ Trained with Guns (Positive)

They don't actually expect her to do much in the way of enforcement per se, but since she was going to have a gun, they made sure she can aim.
Brains: Good
+ Eidetic Memory (Positive)

Her memory may not be truly photographic, but it is close. Particularly if she was actively trying to memorize something.
+ Lightning Calculator (Positive)

She does math in her head. Even very complex math. Distressingly quickly.
+ Scrupulous (Positive)

She is extremely thorough and exact with an eye to detail and how small changes can have large effects.
- Hyperfocus (Negative)

When she is working on something, particularly something complex, it can be very difficult to get her attention. When she's really working, you could probably build a structure around her without her noticing.
Spirit: Good
+ Stubborn (Positive)

She will just keep pushing forward, step by step, little by little, with whatever she has decided needs to be done.
- Tactlessly Honest (Negative)

Faustina does not lie. It takes direct evidence to that effect for her to consider that other people are actively lying rather than mistaken. She also has no tact. She will say what she thinks, and usually precisely what she thinks. She's not deliberately cruel, but there is no attempt to soften anything.

Perks and Quirks

+ Taken Care Of
+ Area of Expertise: Sanctuary Operations

She has made a detailed study of how Sanctuary functions and what keeps it doing so. She knows things like how much of which supplies they go through in an average week and both what current reserves are and what level they try to keep in stock. She knows the supply chains and the bottlenecks and how things work.
+ Wasteland Lore

She focuses most heavily on potential resources and potential threats to current suppliers, but the more she knows about the wasteland, the more potential problems she can see before they get here.
+ Danger Sense
- Doomed
- Two Left Feet

She could be so pretty if she smiled. Or, indeed showed any emotion. The way she stares, studying the people in front of her like she's picking out every fault. Or worse, when she seems to almost look through them at something else entirely. The red hair and the body are nice, but even for a Monitor, she's cold and a little off-putting.




Younger half-brother. Faustina was told so often to look after him. She failed their sister, Eponine, though. And has never quite forgiven herself for it.



Born Again Gardener

His ideas have merit and potential if self-sustainability can be achieved.




It is unclear how anyone could so regularly lose tools clearly labeled as theirs, and yet, if I see that they are returned the work goes so much more efficiently.




The father of one of our brighter tattlers.



Copper (Keeper)

We came up through the tattlers around the same time. The evidence against him seemed potentially in error at the time. He may have learned the wrong lesson from that.

Scholar 2 madmax 3.png


Imperator (Charioteer)

A potentially useful source of information on the needs of the War Children and bits of Wasteland Lore.



Imperator of Arms

Another important source of information about the current state of resources for the Children of War.

Innocent Visa.png


Artisan (Couturier)

Much younger half-sister on her Father's side. Sweet, but focused on very different things.


Lyra (The Last Road)

Companion and Breeder
As a companion she specializes in playing folk harp, either to accompany singers or other solo instruments or as soothing background music.

She's friendly and sweet. Soothing is a word which is frequently used for her. As a breeder, she has two children already, A five-year-old girl with Cinder named 'Aloy', and a two-year-old boy. Discussions about who the father of her next child should be are underway.


Mark (The Last Road)

A keeper more or less seconded to Faustina. Part bodyguard, part errand guy, part person who tries to smooth things over when she offends someone. He's not terribly bright, but his job is largely to do what she needs him to do, so that works out.

He's generally affable and friendly, until he needs to be intimidating.

No badges for The Last Road.

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