The Gambler

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Known As

Felicity Bloomquist

on MUX as

The Gambler

Has Been

Copper (Was a Counter)

Apparent Age

Late-20's or Early-30's

Played By

Christina Hendricks

Flying Feels Like Falling

That very first prom night, how I floated to your car

With flowers and delusions tied so tight upon my wrists

I remember how your hair smelled, how my heart beat, how you scared me

Into clinging to the lawn with perfect prom nails & white-knuckled fists

I thought I’d float away

And I didn’t want to go

Tumbling off the earth, into the deep, into the dark

Out of control

Because flying feels like falling, flying feels like falling

When I close my eyes…

Mandelbrot Set

If you ever lose your way,

A butterfly will flap its wings;

From a million miles away

A little miracle will come to take you home.


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If you have a choice between lucky and good, always choose lucky.

Life is a game, if you're not going to play, why are you here? At the end of the day, you place your bet and you take your chances. It's not that one shouldn't know the odds - one should always know the odds; It's that sometimes the potential pay-off means that even long odds are worth the chance. And sometimes, sometimes, you just have a feeling. A little voice that says 'roll the dice'. Win or lose at least you played. And sure, sometimes you make calculated cover bets or hedge and sometimes you go all in. The trick, the true essence, is knowing when to do each and then not turning back. So figure out what you're willing to risk, make your choice, and let the dice fall as they may. And when your bet is called, hope you're not left holding aces and eights.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You can't win if you don't play, as the saying goes. Risk brings reward, and you're the one willing to get the biggest rewards. Sometimes it all goes wrong, but that's luck for you.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

If you sit still long enough, she will probably try to get you to play a game with her. Bright, cheerful, willing to try things. Also, seriously, pick a game, any game. She'll play. (Except maybe the Ungame, but that is specifically not actually a game.)

The Gambler's Door

For some reason, there's an X at the top of the door. In the center is an American roulette wheel surrounded by the playing card suits. A club to the left, a diamond on top, heart to the right, spade beneath. In the center of the roulette wheel where there would normally be the handle to spin it, instead there are a pair of dice, cocked against each other, rather than showing a result.

The Gambler's Room

One entire wall of the room is just shelves filled with games and cards and dice. From all different eras, in all different styles. Go, next to Arkham Horror, next to cribbage, next to Scrabble. Stacks of decks of cards with different styles - bridge sets and pinochle decks and tarot decks and Uno. Boxes and bags of dice all different shapes and sizes and colors and materials. It's like an unorganized game store run by a magpie.

Set a little out from this is a large oblong table which could easily seat 8, maybe more if they were willing to squish. The top can be pulled off to reveal a sunken section lined in felt. Little pullout shelves and cubbies line the sides of the table, giving those around the table space to rest things when the play surface is revealed.

The bed takes up a full corner of the room, oversized and square, it looks more like someone took one of those corner couches you'd find in lounges and extended it out, complete with cushioned backrests around the two sides against the wall. It's covered in sheets and blankets and pillows in a riot of colors and weights and fabrics, though all soft, pet-able kinds of things - lots of velvet and plush and soft knits and fleece and satin.

There's a dresser, the top covered with jewelry on various stands and in boxes and a small desk covered in enough desk toys that there's barely space to write. Next to the desk, the wall is taken up with a large white board and a bunch of colors and ticknesses of markers for it.

The closet is stuffed full of clothes in bright colors and prints and soft, drape-y fabrics, there's no particular organization or reason.

The bathroom seems almost an after-thought. I mean, there's all the usual things and a nice shower head in the shower, but it's definitely a room for use and not for lingering, though there is a shelf full of oversized very soft towels and wash cloths and hand towels and other things one might need.

Memento Mori

Bonds of Blood

A ring made to look like a gold half-hitch and a silver half-hitch tied through each other to form one band from two.

The Last Road

No memento mori from this story yet.


The Gambler has, now, suggested Flick as a use name for the Facility, though certain people may still have individual nicknames for her. She'll answer to Felicity, as well, though.

Deep red hair, blue eyes, and a quick-silver smile. She's got the kind of figure that gets noticed, even when she'd rather it wouldn't. Her clothing tends towards comfort, but can vary from modest to risque depending on her mood, though usually in bright colors and patterns. On one finger she wears a silver and gold band made to look like half-hitch knots tying the two bands together.


Felicity's ring.jpg



Sometimes flying is like falling. Not-quite-husband-ish. Or something like that.



He'll probably end up unintentionally hurting me again at some point, but I don't know how to do anything but love him.



Pure sunshine in human form.



When a goddess asks you to dance, say yes.




The Beast 1.jpg


A voice of slightly grumpy reason.





Briar, Dia

There are hugs for them whenever they want them.


Heck, Nick

Don't drink the coffee.



I'm sorry. It's not my fault and I couldn't fix it even if it were, but I'm sorry she ended up hurt.






She gave me my use name.


Cassandra, Cassie



Lyra (The Last Road)

Companion and Breeder
As a companion she specializes in playing folk harp, either to accompany singers or other solo instruments or as soothing background music.

She's friendly and sweet. Soothing is a word which is frequently used for her. As a breeder, she has two children already, A five-year-old girl with Cinder named 'Aloy', and a two-year-old boy. Discussions about who the father of her next child should be are underway.


Mark (The Last Road)

A keeper more or less seconded to Faustina. Part bodyguard, part errand guy, part person who tries to smooth things over when she offends someone. He's not terribly bright, but his job is largely to do what she needs him to do, so that works out.

He's generally affable and friendly, until he needs to be intimidating.


Felicity Bloomquist (Bonds of Blood)

Did you hear Felicity's back?
Didn't she move away with her parents to San Francisco or something a couple of years ago?
Yeah, well, she's back, apparently and no one is saying why, but it has to have been something serious for them to transfer her right at the end of senior year like that and pack her off to live with a cousin.
Well, it is Felicity. She was always a little wild. Not stupid, but wild. I mean, she'd sit there and calculate how likely she was to be injured jumping off a cliff and then just go do it because apparently a two point five percent likelihood of breaking a bone was worth it. She actually said that to me once. So who's she staying with if her parents aren't back, too?
I heard Ellen's going to be taking care of her.

Someone has to take the risks, and Felicity has always been one of the people willing to do just that. I mean, not if she felt the reward wasn't worth it, but she always had a disturbing tendency to calculate the odds, look at the reward, look at the risk, and make a choice. Oh, and she does math in her head. When she says she's calculating the odds, she really is and will likely tell you what they are if you ask. Sometimes even if you don't. She also had some odd ideas about what constituted a reasonable reward for a given risk.

At least when she was younger, she loved games and would always play to win, but was gracious in defeat. She could be sweet or mischievous, and could often charm the adults into letting her get away with things she shouldn't by either her smile or her sheer precociousness.

Now she's back and there's no sign that her brilliance is dimmed any, though there might be a harder edge to it. Time will tell.

In terms of the families - well She's a Bloomquist with all the charm and luck that goes with that, even if she's a second cousin or is it third? Second once removed?

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