The Gambler

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The Gambler

Known As

Sophia Wallson

on MUX as

The Gambler

Has Been

Spacecraft Pilot

Apparent Age


Played By

Taylor Momsen

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People call gambling an addiction. They're wrong. It's not the gambling itself, it's the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Whether it's a high stakes game of poker or betting the blonde's going to be the first one to die in a movie, the Gambler will take you up on it. They have a somewhat jaded perspective on life, truly embracing the 'I have nothing to lose' culture at least on the surface. The Gambler is sharp though, smart. Always calculating the odds of every situation, figuring out which side of a bet will help them to better come out on top. After all, sometimes the brunette has to die first instead for a bigger payout.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You can't win if you don't play, as the saying goes. Risk brings reward, and you're the one willing to get the biggest rewards. Sometimes it all goes wrong, but that's luck for you.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

In the facility, the Gambler is oddly quiet. More observant than talkative. They'll engage in conversation easily enough but it's clear that they're judging you. Trying to decide if you're someone who's worth it, or just dead weight.

Things That Linger

Always has a gilded poker chip, though the design in the middle is always different to match the setting.

Memento Mori

Project Icarus

No memento mori from this story yet.

Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. She kind of looks like she'll kick your ass if you look at her the wrong way. Might want to be careful.

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Sophia Wallson (Project Icarus)

Sophia Wallson comes from a long line of mercenaries and mauraders. Her family has always been on the wrong side of the tracks. They work for the highest bidder and don't beat around the bush. While under your employ, a Wallson is loyal - maybe to a fault. But that loyalty vanishes once the job is done and the payment settled. They could be robbing you blind just a few days later. Sophia wanted to try and break the mold. Staying the straight and narrow path - though she couldn't help but inherit some typical Wallson traits such as not tolerating bullshit. She had always loved spacecrafts and learned to the basics at a young age from her father. Eventually her path took her through the necessary flight schools and landing a job on transport detail with an up and coming corporation called Mangosys at the age of 20.

Mangosys. A well known corporation for all the wrong reasons. Roughly 5 years ago one of their top pilots - Sophia Wallson, 25 -returned to one of their many outposts in a barely functioning pod. She and her crew had been transporting a rather expensive shipment, halfway to their destination when they were bombarded by mauraders. They knew all the ships weak spots and Sophia barely escaped before the whole ship blew. She wasn't able to save anyone else. Mangosys's internal investigation found the wreck - sans anything that would be able to really cooberate Sophia's story, and some of the cargo. It didn't take long for Sophia to be put under arrest for a numerous number of charges such as Conspiracy, Theft, and Murder.

Now, after 3 years of prison with no real end in sight, Sophia has been 'leased out' to pilot this mission for Penumbra. She doesn't know who and she doesn't know why, but she'd rather be behind the nav console than prison bars any day.

(2019-05-25 • Facility Common Area) The Gambler, The Addict, the Martyr, and the Competitor contemplate local reality and resulting traumas.
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Just Checking In
(2019-05-23 • Facility Dining Hall) Various people meet over breakfast, including someone new and several who haven't seen ech other since they got back.
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