Yves Bloomquist (The Fool)

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Yves Bloomquist

on MUX as



The Fool


High School Senior

Apparent Age


Played By

Jason Ralph

Faction Membership

Bloomquist Family
Ellen's Ward
(Idealist?)'s Twin

Life isn't free, it's not just some hobby. Life is the career, man, be excellent at it - or why bother?

Archetype Roster Concept 

You daydream through life, walking off of cliffs following butterflies. There's a certain wisdom and serenity to your blissful reverie, a freedom that others don't get. Oh well.

Role in Bonds of Blood

A child prodigy with robotics, Yves has semi-taken over his father's robotics team going from mascot to driving force when he started tinkering with the team's projects. Now The Silicon Warriors are a top contending team in the emerging hobby of fighting robots for sport and bragging rights. They hope national attention will grow it into a TV sensation but that's a few years off yet. When he's not gliding through his classes, he can be found hanging with the drama kids on occasion but tends to get to his robots as fast as possible.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Good
Spirit: Normal

Perks and Quirks

+ Family Trait (Bloomquist, Free)

Luck and charm. Get +1 on for luck ONLY on rolls where they have no positive quality or bonus of any kind, and get +1 on roles to charm their way into or out of something.
+ Bloodline Boon (Bloomquist, 20)
- Bloodline Taint (Bloomquist, -10)

Curiosity. The Director will tell you when this is triggered, or you can choose in non-directed scenes. Once triggered, you will go to great lengths to get the answer.
+ Youthful Exuberance (Free)

Your 3GP cost for a re-roll is waived. Obviously you're young and indestructible.
- Unreliable (Required, -10)

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