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Hot Math

on MUX as

The Fatalist


Bean Counter

Apparent Age


Played By

The Fatalist

Faction Membership

The Savvy

Role in The Last Road

Like the name says, Hot Math has a head for numbers. Even among the Savvy, he distinguished himself early on through his quick ability to grasp abstract concepts and complex systems, to say nothing of his rapid calculations. He counts and plans supplies for the Sanctuary.

Since becoming contaminated, his official duties have diminished. In his free time, which is to say, when he's not feeling too hale, Hot Math has been coming across various ways of expanding his mental experience while his body deteriorates. His connection with Hexeyed Charlie, to whom he trades accounting and bookkeeping support for who-knows-what, must be one of these.

Hot Math's Hooks:

  • Fishy stare: Hot Math avoids eye contact, but doesn't seem to blink much, either. The offputting impression that results gives him a bit of a reptilian look, like he's in a permanent staring contest with space.
  • Human abacus: How many X would it take to Y in Z time/distance/etc? If you've got questions like this, Hot Math has got answers.
  • Missing pieces: Spend much time around Hot Math, and you might get the impression that he's not all 'there.' Hard to say where the ghost has got to inside the machine. Let's just say for now that it's somewhere -- or someone -- else.
  • Go/no-go: Just how did Hot Math end up hanging around someone like Hexeyed Charlie, again? They must have something in common. But what's in the middle of the Venn diagram?


Brawn: Poor
- Contaminated (Negative)

Hot Math is sick and getting sicker. There isn't a cure, don't you know.
Finesse: Normal
- Brittle (Negative)

He used to be faster. Now he's not.
Brains: Good
+ Fast Learner (Positive)

He catches on quick.
+ Mental Calculator (Positive)

No one can do figures as fast as Hot Math.
Spirit: Normal
+ Independent Thinker (Positive)

Among the consensus-minded Savvy, Hot Math has a natural tendency to think for himself. Perhaps that's why he and Hexeyed Charlie get along.

No badges for The Last Road.

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