Hexeyed Charlie (The Fatalist)

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Hexeyed Charlie

on MUX as



The Fatalist


Booze Slinger, Storyteller, Shit Disturber

Apparent Age


Played By

John Cusack

Faction Membership

Booze Slinger

Archetype Roster Concept 

You're all going to die. Just watch. This will never work out, and you told them so, but they ignored you. Anything that does work out is just setting you up for a bigger letdown later.

Role in The Last Road

Hexeyed Charlie was born with nothing and you can't take it with you, so he's out to get some something while he's here.

He was semi-raised in Gastown, used and abused by his shitty father, a mean yet charismatic bastard named Devil Dog. Then DD managed to piss off everyone he knew in town, forcing himself and Charlie's mother, Bells -- desperately in love with DD, unfortunately -- out into the Wasteland and on the run. DD started a syndicate, a mean group of bastards known as the Bayonets, and they robbed, cheated, stole and killed all across the sands. Then DD, the drunken bastard, managed to get himself killed, too. Bells succumbed to contamination not long after, dying of her sickness. The kid, almost a teenager by now, would have to make his way on his own.

Scrambling together odd jobs, he darted in and out of several Scavenger groups along the way. At some point during his adolescence, the voices and the extreme mood swings started. More trouble followed as it's wont to do when you're talking to people others can't see and going without sleep for days on end. Having learned a little chemistry from an ex-Savvy, he took to brewing his own moonshine and stealing it whenever he couldn't make it. Drinking was a good way to cope with the voices, though sometimes it made things worse. It certainly didn't help his natural recklessness. It did encourage his natural tendency to tell stories and tall tales, something he's known for to this day.

A survivor out of sheer spite, he's managed to live awhile this way: moving from group to group in his souped-up ice cream van, peddling wares of all kinds, but especially alcohol and the things that go into making it. He even managed to stumble upon a group of Scavengers led by some ex-Bayonets, now known as Mashers. Acting like they respected him for his old man's rep, they attempted to swindle him. But clever Charlie got the upper hand, making off with highly valuable white mold and some of their stash before high-tailing it off to Sanctuary. It won't be long before they come to get their dues, however...

Hooks? Oh yeah, we got 'em:

  • Booze Peddler (and Drinker): Charlie's a Scavenger who sells lots of shit, but he's known for his booze. Fond of this particular kind of Lux? He's got you covered.
  • Something's Wrong With That Guy: He sees things. He hears things. His temper can be scary. He can go from very depressed for days on end to impulsive and sleepless to days on end. He's a wreck, albeit frequently a charming one. (Note: Charlie has what we'd call Schizoaffective Disorder in our world.)
  • Quite the Storyteller: Charlie's also known for being good at telling tall tales, stories around the fire, and just plain ol' bullshitting. He's not got so much a silver tongue as a loudmouth with a gift for turns of phrase.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Normal
Spirit: Normal


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Kitten owes him a big damn favor.





Hot Math (The Last Road)

Bean Counter
Like the name says, Hot Math has a head for numbers. Even among the Savvy, he distinguished himself early on through his quick ability to grasp abstract concepts and complex systems, to say nothing of his rapid calculations. He counts and plans supplies for the Sanctuary.

Since becoming contaminated, his official duties have diminished. In his free time, which is to say, when he's not feeling too hale, Hot Math has been coming across various ways of expanding his mental experience while his body deteriorates. His connection with Hexeyed Charlie, to whom he trades accounting and bookkeeping support for who-knows-what, must be one of these.


Fynch (The Last Road)

Fynch won't say where she's come from, hell: she won't say much of anything at all. It isn't like the woman can't speak, it's only just that she seems to be saving her breath. Besides; why would she? Her reckless companion Hexeyed Charlie's always going on about something, freeing Fynch up to go about making moonshine rather than conversation - hearing things that might otherwise get lost... Small, swift, and secretive, she's just about survived as a Scavenger - but like a bright spark deprived of oxygen, it may not be for much longer.

No badges for The Last Road.

This Feather's Seen Things
(2019-11-13 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Central) Phoenix goes to find Charlie to pick up some booze for trade later, and asks if he's got any feathers for Visa.
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Charlie's Ride: It's a souped-up ice cream van that plays a severely out-of-tune rendition of "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain." Here's the stats: Armor - 2 (3) Nitro Booster (3) Ramming Weapons - Spikes (3) (I've got one point leftover!)