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The Fatalist

Role in The Last Road

Fynch won't say where she's come from, hell: she won't say much of anything at all. It isn't like the woman can't speak, it's only just that she seems to be saving her breath. Besides; why would she? Her reckless companion Hexeyed Charlie's always going on about something, freeing Fynch up to go about making moonshine rather than conversation - hearing things that might otherwise get lost... Small, swift, and secretive, she's just about survived as a Scavenger - but like a bright spark deprived of oxygen, it may not be for much longer.

Fynch's hooks:

  • Quiet, but listening: Fynch doesn't seem to say much, but she's known to be a good listener - lending an ear, and sharing a bottle when desired. Not that she drinks much herself...
  • Moon Shiner: It's not just moonshine, but the moon's shine itself that draws Fynch out. Maybe she's had some experiences with the Tribe of the Moon?
  • Slip of a Thing: Small and spry enough to get into - and out of - a tight spot. Drop a shiny down a grate? Don't worry, Fynch can grab it - surely no harm can come of that...


Brawn: Poor
- Breathless (Negative)

There's something wrong with this one's lungs.
Finesse: Normal
+ Getting Out of Tight Spots (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Weird Intuition (Positive)

She just has a right sense of things, sometimes.
+ Good Listener (Positive)

Being quiet also means she's good at listening. They don't always go hand in hand.
Spirit: Normal

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