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Rory McTavish

on MUX as

The Fatalist


The Fatalist



Apparent Age


Played By

Simon Pegg

We're pretty much fucked.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You're all going to die. Just watch. This will never work out, and you told them so, but they ignored you. Anything that does work out is just setting you up for a bigger letdown later.

Role in Prosperity's Price

The youngest son of Seamus, he was always an odd sort. His father being gregarious and charming made it all the more strange that he should be, well, morbid. He was fascinated with dead things as a child, learning taxidermy from a member of the Davis clan, and apprenticing with the town undertaker at the time by the age of twelve. What really made it unusual was the delight and joy he found in such dark and sordid things. He truly seems to love his work with the dead. While he can show the families of the deceased the empathy and grace his father has in spades, it's always mixed with that jarring, cheery morbidness. It makes him difficult for many normal people to handle.

He knows a fair bit of medicine thanks to his work, and often consults on murders and strange deaths for local law enforcement. He can stitch a person up in a pinch, and knows more than most about anatomy, too. And for those in need of certain... questionable goods for occult practices? He's been known to deal.



Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Normal
Spirit: Normal

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