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Charles "Chaz" Thomas

on MUX as

The Fatalist



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Played By

The Fatalist

Role in Isle of Dread

Aspiring more to Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoots than a Pulitzer or National Geographic award, Chaz's not-entirely illustrious career includes a variety of freelance work as paparazzo, TMZ correspondent, celebrity videographer, and general pain in the ass. A privileged Californian upbringing in the shadow of celebrity has cast him as the perpetual hanger-on, and he got his first break recording the exploits of a D-list skateboarder turned MTV star known for pranks and stunts. Since then, he's occasionally managed to leverage his connections to work for reputable publications like Rolling Stone. They've sent him to supply artwork for Martin Skinner's feature article on the festival.


Brawn: Good
+ Prank Survival (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Can Actually Take a Photo (Positive)
Brains: Poor
Spirit: Normal
+ Charming Until You Get to Know Him (Positive)
- Douchey Poser (Negative)


Martin Skinner


Chaz was sent to supply artwork for his feature article on the festival.

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