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on MUX as

The Fatalist


Maintenance Synthetic

Apparent Age

Appears 30

Played By

The Fatalist

Role in Alien Mutation

Benjamin is a standard industrial maintenance synthetic assigned to the Noc Refinery's reactor complex. He's served on the station since initial construction began, supplementing Working Joes as a coordinating unit. Since then he's served under a number of crew chiefs and science officers, many of whom have made small personal modifications over the years. This history comes with its quirks, although it has made 'Ben' almost a part of the station, feeling at home on it in a way that might be rare among his kind.

He continues his duties under Ian Brennan, who he finds tolerable company, perhaps because the man seems to get on poorly with his own kind.


Brawn: Good
+ Durable (Positive)

Built to tolerate unfavorable reactor conditions, this model features a variety of heat and radiation shielding and system redundancies.
+ Heavy Operations (Positive)

This model's actuators are designed to heavy physical tasks typical of construction; it is balanced to lift, push, pull, bend, unjam, and perform other feats of structural manipulation.
Finesse: Good
+ Fine Motor Control (Positive)

This model's manipulators are calibrated for precision repair tasks, such as spot-welding or circuit repair.
Brains: Good
+ Technician (Positive)

This model is programmed with technical specs relevant to its assignment, along with appropriate heuristics software for analyzing problems typical to the station's systems.
Spirit: Poor
- Uncanny Valley (Negative)

Synthetic life embodies symmetry and simple perfection that is unsettling to the biological.
- Industrial Model (Negative)

This model lacks both facial upgrades and social software designed to improve interaction. It is articulate, but lacks a range of expression or ability to emulate emotion.

No badges for Alien Mutation.

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