The Fatalist

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The Fatalist

Known As

Martin Skinner
Ian Brennan
Rory McTavish
Zack Thomas

on MUX as

The Fatalist

Has Been

Tenochtitlan Science Chief
Frat Boy/Gamer

Apparent Age


Played By

Simon Pegg

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We're pretty much fucked.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You're all going to die. Just watch. This will never work out, and you told them so, but they ignored you. Anything that does work out is just setting you up for a bigger letdown later.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

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Alien Mutation

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Prosperity's Price

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Fatalist Chaz.jpg

Charles "Chaz" Thomas (Isle of Dread)

Aspiring more to Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoots than a Pulitzer or National Geographic award, Chaz's not-entirely illustrious career includes a variety of freelance work as paparazzo, TMZ correspondent, celebrity videographer, and general pain in the ass. A privileged Californian upbringing in the shadow of celebrity has cast him as the perpetual hanger-on, and he got his first break recording the exploits of a D-list skateboarder turned MTV star known for pranks and stunts. Since then, he's occasionally managed to leverage his connections to work for reputable publications like Rolling Stone. They've sent him to supply artwork for Martin Skinner's feature article on the festival.

Fatalist Ben.jpg

Benjamin (Alien Mutation)

Maintenance Synthetic
Benjamin is a standard industrial maintenance synthetic assigned to the Noc Refinery's reactor complex. He's served on the station since initial construction began, supplementing Working Joes as a coordinating unit. Since then he's served under a number of crew chiefs and science officers, many of whom have made small personal modifications over the years. This history comes with its quirks, although it has made 'Ben' almost a part of the station, feeling at home on it in a way that might be rare among his kind.

He continues his duties under Ian Brennan, who he finds tolerable company, perhaps because the man seems to get on poorly with his own kind.

Fatalist Monica.jpg

Monica Sullivan (Isle of Dread)

Personal Assistant
With a journalism degree from a top-tier school, Monica looked forward to a rewarding career in investigative journalism. She'd see the world, report on big stories, and eventually transition to a staff position at a major publication or network. Maybe she'd get her own show, like Anderson Cooper. Then the realities of the industry hit her. Competition. Changing media. And an entrenched workplace culture that was still more than a bit sexist. Dubbed 'Lawsuit Bait' at one of her first jobs, she left when it proved true. She's still working, but not documenting war zones or human rights atrocities. Instead, her current boss is an out-of-touch music reporter a decade out of touch. He treats her like a gopher and almost certainly has the hots for her, but mostly he seems too pathetic to do anything about it. She can't say the same for his douchebro of a photographer.


Martin Skinner (Isle of Dread)

You grew up loving music, but you sucked at it and no one ever makes it big, anyway, so you decided to write about it. You've met a lot of acts, almost all of them superficial hacks, and you never fail to be disappointed by them. It's not like they make good music anymore, so you're not surprised.

The magazine sent you to some rich kid festival on some shit hole island for thirty goddamned days, and you plan to drink your body weight in alcohol. It's the only thing that will keep you sane while you file your reports on how fake and exploitative the whole fiasco is.


Ian Brennan (Alien Mutation)

Space has thousands of possible ways it can kill you, and you know every single one of them. In fact, life persisting in the face of such ridiculous odds is almost a miracle. Everyone thinks you're a cynic, a 'Gloomy Gus', but you really aren't. You aren't afraid that everything will go to shit, or that you're all going to die. You KNOW it will and you are, because that's basic math and science. Everything ends. Entropy will out. But that also doesn't mean that it can't be delayed. There are always cheats and work-arounds for those that know how to find them. You are one such person.

You're the chief scientist on station, which means the fusion reactor and all the really complex systems are yours. Colby runs the reactor crew in the refinery level, but you oversee it all. Avery runs the repair crew, but you call the shots that keep the lights on, the air breathable. Every day the entire station doesn't die, screaming, you call a victory.


Rory McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

The youngest son of Seamus, he was always an odd sort. His father being gregarious and charming made it all the more strange that he should be, well, morbid. He was fascinated with dead things as a child, learning taxidermy from a member of the Davis clan, and apprenticing with the town undertaker at the time by the age of twelve. What really made it unusual was the delight and joy he found in such dark and sordid things. He truly seems to love his work with the dead. While he can show the families of the deceased the empathy and grace his father has in spades, it's always mixed with that jarring, cheery morbidness. It makes him difficult for many normal people to handle.

He knows a fair bit of medicine thanks to his work, and often consults on murders and strange deaths for local law enforcement. He can stitch a person up in a pinch, and knows more than most about anatomy, too. And for those in need of certain... questionable goods for occult practices? He's been known to deal.


Zack Thomas (Slasher)

Zack was allergic to everything as a kid. Everything. And he got sick regularly. His mother raised him by herself, and she did everything she could to protect him from the world. She wasn't going to lose him like she lost her husband. As he got older, Zack realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him and his mother was mentally ill. He graduated high school and got the fuck out of that house.

Nice thing is, he had an account waiting for him upon turning 18, put in place by his father before he passed. It came with a catch - he had to go to college and get a degree. So he did. He goes to college, is in a frat, and even attends his classes, but all of his free time is spent gaming. He never got to as a kid. He's still adjusting to the fact that everything he knew growing up was a lie, not to mention all the horrible diseases and ways to die that Mom filled his head with. It's hard to have much faith or belief in anything after that.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust

Out of the Woods

Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you

I don't think that I can really survive

I'll never break my promise or forget my vow

But God only knows what I can do right now

Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Welcome to Bizarro Land
(2018-09-17 • The Facility - Dining Room) Stoic's introduction to the crazy that is the Facility. Thankfully Fatalist has been through it already and is only mildly fatalistic about the situation.
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