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Not everyone in the Sanctuary was born there or brought in as a child, but those who weren't are treated as outsiders and never truly belong. Not so much a caste in the way the others are, as they can only be joined as children, the Scavengers are those adults from the wasteland who provide enough goods and services over time to be offered the Sanctuary's protection and resources. People so useful that the Sanctuary literally lifts them up and takes them in. Most Scavengers come in small groups, but there are solo Scavengers as well.

They are given modest accommodations, usually a communal chamber to share with a number of small, private rooms off of it for personal quarters. Furnishings are basic and comfort is what you make of it. Any vehicles the group has are stored near the War Kids' vehicles, but Scavengers are responsible for their own upkeep and repairs, including acquiring parts. The Children of War are often willing to trade for interesting loot, though. In addition to quarters and vehicle storage, each individual Scavenger gets a ration of food and water like everyone else. They can earn luxury rations for good hauls or rare finds.

In return, Scavengers must provide for the Sanctuary on a regular basis. How they contribute is up to them. Many scour the wastes looking for abandoned goods and vehicles to loot, some ambush other dwellers of the wastes and simply take their shit, and some go after raiders and rival tribes to loot. A few are genuine merchants, trading things at various places around the wastes and bringing their haul back to the Sanctuary.

If a Scavenger or group goes long enough without providing anything of use, they run the risk of having their invitation revoked.


There are no ranks or structure except within each Scavenger group as it sees fit.

Character Creation

Scavengers can be pretty much anything from anywhere. Pure, contaminated, young or old, it's all up to you. All Scavengers get the Perk Self-Sufficient (10), letting them possess a vehicle, weapons and gear all their own. While they start with all of this, maintaining it must be done IC.

All Scavengers get the Quirk Outsider (10), meaning they can never belong to a real caste and are only going to be welcome in the Sanctuary for as long as they are useful. They regularly need to earn their keep.

Scavengers have no unified aesthetic or style, often adopting their own. Some borrow from the War Kids, others from the raider gangs or tribes they used to run with or belong to. Most just cobble together whatever they can.

Children of Scavengers are given child rations as long as the adults are earning their keep. They are given the option of joining a caste if young enough, but their family gives up all claim to them if accepted.

Vehicle Creation

Each Scavenger gets 10 points to build their personal vehicle from the aspects below. This is a standard car or truck of your choice of make and model.

Armor (1-5): Each level of armor a vehicle has can be used to soak SP damage meant for crew on the ride. Using it takes it out of play for the duration of the scene. Each level costs points equal to the level, so it gets more expensive as you go. A full five levels of armor costs all 15 points.

Extra Gunner Bay: All standard rides only have room for a driver and a single gunner to take actions, though passengers can be squeezed in (they just have no room to do anything). Additional places can be reinforced on the vehicle for more fighters. Cost is 4 points per bay.

Heavy Weaponry: A vehicle can have a heavy-ordinance weapon mounted to it, but such weapons are few in number and take up a lot of structural space. Costs 8 points, limit one.

Nitro Boosters: Many vehicles are equipped with nitro tanks to allow big bursts of speed. Burning a tank doubles SP gained on the driving roll that follows. Each tank is good for one boost, and costs 3 points per tank. Limit 5.

Ramming Weapons: Most vehicles have various weapons mounted or built into them intended to do damage to other vehicles. Spikes or blades on the sides or rims to shred chassis or tires, scoops or cow catchers to flip vehicles, and so on. These take away an opposing driver's action next round on a successful ramming or railroading attempt, and flip or crash the other vehicle on a 3MV roll or better. Costs 3 points.

Members and Associates


Shaitan (Archetype)

Role: The Wasteland Devil
Age: 28
Played by: India Gants

The last of the Far-Seeker scavenger tribe, she is known for mapping the Wasteland areas she goes to, being very sharp-witted, tactical, fierce, and clever, which has been the key to her survival out there. She drives a battered and chunked together vehicle which has a small hauling compartment in the rear for salvage. Her constant companion is a crow she simply calls "Bird".

Fatalist road.jpg

Hexeyed Charlie (Archetype)

Role: Booze Peddler, Storyteller, Shit Disturber
Age: Thirties
Played by: John Cusack

Bird (Supporting Role)

Role: Finder of Shiny Things
Age: 3
Played by: An American Crow

Bird is the constant companion of Shaitan. The crow knows a few commands, but is mostly just an asshole.


Fynch (Supporting Role)

Role: Moonshiner
Age: Twenties

Charlie's companion SR.


Maddy Funk (Archetype)

Role: Wanderer
Age: Late Twenties
Played by: Alexandra Daddario

A former Sanctuary Monitor who now roams the Wastes to scavenge something that will get her back in. Hopefully, before she gets sick or goes mad.

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