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While the Children of War only take the sick and the Fortunate only take the pure, the Savvy welcome any child that shows curiosity and an interest in learning. It's somewhat ironic then that the Sanctuary's policies on breeding and pregnancy are the work of the Green Man. Make no mistake, he is a staunch eugenicist who believes that only the pure should procreate, but that's for long-term survival as a species. In the short-term, everyone has value and can contribute somewhere.

All Savvy are given a solid understanding of farming, biology and practical engineering and have instilled in them the core belief that they are the ones who will heal the world. Everything they learn and everything they do is for the species. Mankind's survival is bigger and more important than any one person, and they must put the good of all before their own self interests. What they study can never be lost or forgotten.

This philosophy guides the Savvy in all things, making them a bit more stoic and contemplative than most. They share everything they have and help each other when in need without keeping score or tallying favors. Like all castes they receive luxuries for good work, but they often give them to those who need them rather than treat themselves - a comrade in need of new clothes may be given the reward from a week of hard work, as an example. They can and will use it for their own needs or interests when there is not a greater need, but Savvy put themselves as individuals second to the group.


All children start as Greenthumbs, doing basic labor in the hydroponic fields and attending classes on math and science. Their aptitude and interest determines their path. At fourteen they either become Reapers, tending the hydroponic crops and seeking ways to increase the harvest, Etherites, researching old world science and technology in the hopes of reviving them and putting them to use, or they follow one of the two branches of human medicine as Healing Hands or Organic Mechanics. Hands mend injuries, treat disease and manage sickness, while Mechanics handle body modification such as tattooing, piercing, amputation and prosthetics.

The most skilled in each field become Professors, the teachers who train the Savvy and make sure that all knowledge is passed down.

Character Creation

All Savvy can be pure or contaminated as they choose. There are no restrictions.

Each one of of the Savvy gets the Perk Area of Expertise (10), giving them a +1 in a chosen area of knowledge or training. This Perk does not count against the Area of Expertise limit of one per character, allowing them to have two Areas of Expertise.

All Savvy get the Quirk Communal Mindset (10), meaning that they don't get things like jealousy, competition and profit. This can result in them making sacrifices that may not be strictly necessary, and often makes them seem callous to the feelings and desires of others.

The Savvy favor natural hair (long, often dreds, facial hair for men) and cotton and other fibers for clothing over leather, fur and metal. They can be quite decorative, however. Many are strictly vegetarian, not even eating the protein cakes made from insects that they themselves produce as a part of the Sanctuary's food supply.

Members and Associates


Arachne (Archetype)

Role: Organic Mechanic
Age: 20s
Played by: Amandla Stenberg

Lele (Archetype)

Role: Reaper
Age: 20
Played by: Chloe Grace-Moretz

She's fairly new to the life of the Savvy, but has put all her heart and soul into her work.


Kat (Archetype)

Role: Healing Hand
Age: 26
Played by: Ana de Armas
ExpSR Catch.png

Catch (Supporting Role)

Role: Midhusband/Obgin
Age: Frakkin' Old
Played by: Nathan Fillion

Started as a Reaper way back, then got sucked into midhusbandry. (Don't call him a midwife. Makes him tetchy.) Useful SR.

Scholar 2 olivia mm.png

Zayith (Supporting Role)

Role: Reaper
Age: 20
Played by: Erin Kellyman

(Useful SR)


Hot Math (Supporting Role)

Role: Reaper
Age: Twenties
Played by: Rami Malek

(Useful SR)


KissThisThen (Archetype)

Role: Reaper
Age: 25

He was a Breeder, then a failed War Child - now he's an obsessive mycologist.


Xavier (Archetype)

Role: Chemist/Biochemist
Age: 32
Played by: Oscar Issac

Timmy (Supporting Role)

Role: Assistant Chemist
Age: 26
Played by: Jessica Parker Kennedy

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