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Based (nominally) out of a Motel 6 just outside Topock, North of LHC, this biker gang has a reputation in town for taking in runaways and black sheep. Drugs, theft, extortion, guns - they dabble in a lot of criminal activity but always seem to evade the law. Nothing sticks.

Some see them as a menace, nothing but hoods and ruffians. Others think of them as rogue heroes, fighting the establishment and taking in the lonely and lost. They don't often venture into town proper, but it's not unheard of.

Their symbol is a skull and crossed pills instead of bones.

Members and Associates


Robert 'Bubba' Payne (Central Casting)

Role: Leader
Age: 40s?
Played by: Central Casting

The ringleader of the gang (they're named after him in a sense), he's full of rockstar swagger and biker bravado. He was quite the skirt-chaser before Fran showed up, and some think she's got him whipped. Others are uneasy with how she pushes him to be more bold and aggressive in the gang's criminal activities. Up until she showed up, the crime was simply a way to get by and his focus was on the fun and family side of of gang life. One-on-one he's personable, charming, and it's easy to see why lost souls flock to him.


Francine 'Queen Fran' Sunderland (Central Casting)

Role: Second/Bubba's Old Lady
Age: 20s
Played by: Central Casting

'Queen Fran' showed up from London about three years back and quickly got in tight with Bubba. While others are recruited or lured in, she walked right up. It seems she and he have some shared history, but nothing is really known. As she's older than the others, there wasn't too much resistance or suspicion to her quick rise within the ranks, but some are quietly skeptical. She's brash, vulgar and at least a little bit crazy, and she's been a chaotic influence on everything.


Randall 'Raven' Fitzgerald (Central Casting)

Role: Bubba's Enforcer
Age: 20s
Played by: Central Casting

Raven is the oldest of the 'kids', in his early to mid twenties, and was seen as Bubba's right hand until Fran showed up. He is utterly loyal to Bubba and has not once questioned him or Fran's newfound influence, though. He's the strong, silent type, a perfect attack dog, and relentlessly devoted to the gang.


Georgia 'Gigi' Quinlan (Central Casting)

Role: Raven's Girl
Age: Late teens/Early 20s
Played by: Central Casting

Everyone in the gang knows Gigi's had her sights on Bubba from day one, but Fran came along at roughly the same time, so she switched her attention to Raven. She's definitely a social climber with ambition and regularly bickers with Fran. Some think she's working on Raven, trying to get him to turn against Bubba, or Fran at the least, but his loyalty is borderline fanatical. She's a party girl and wild child, always loud and gregarious.


Nolan 'Never' Boon (Unknown)

Role: Dealer/Fixer/Thief
Age: Late Teens/Early 20s
Played by: Central Casting

Nolan's father always told him all the things he'd never be and never do, so Never became his name and badge of honor. He's easily as charismatic as Bubba, a joker and prankster, and can sell anyone on anything. He's often considered the face or voice of the gang, and is certainly their mascot. He and Roo make for an odd couple as she's moody and he's always laughing, but they seem pretty tight.


Rooney 'Roo' Cross (Central Casting)

Role: Never's Girl
Age: Late teens
Played by: Central Casting

Moody, often angry, and quite unpredictable. Most chalk it up to her fundie parents and upbringing. Her uncle's a detective with LHCPD, which can be awkward, but she's a legal adult and he can't drag her home. Never seems like the only one who can calm her down, and sometimes even makes her smile. She's the baby of the group, having joined less than a year ago.


Steven 'Sly' Michaels (Central Casting)

Role: B&E Specialist
Age: 20s
Played by: Central Casting

In a gang of outcasts and misfits, Sly's the black sheep of black sheep. He's quiet and something of a loner, largely sitting in the corner and watching rather than joining in the fun. He's also a magician with locks and security systems, and that makes him highly valuable.


Lenore 'Nora' Winters (Central Casting)

Role: Bee's Girl
Age: Late teens/Early 20s
Played by: Central Casting

Nora is the tragic half of the tragic/romantic duo that is Nora and Bee. She's angsty, volatile, and prone to drama, and only Bee or Bubba can bring her down from her manic fits. She's quite a scrapper, though, and fiercely protective of the gang.


Bethany 'Bee' Burnett (Central Casting)

Role: Nora's Girl
Age: Late Teens/Early 20s
Played by: Central Casting

The romantic half of the tragic/romantic duo that is Nora and Bee. She's an odd duck, finding beauty in the strangest things, always reading or writing, and is strangely placid and serene even in a crisis. She's a hopeless romantic and often plays counselor to her fellow Painkillers, especially in relationship matters.

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(2019-09-02 • The Workshop) The Reed house is open to volunteers and those affected-by-drink. They enact teenage protection against monstrous intruders as a group during the Full Moon. No one but Silvio gets invited in.
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