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The closest thing to a police or security force in the Sanctuary are the Monitors. Though they have no leader that sits on the Triumvirate, they are a true caste. The Triumvirate as a group oversees them and picks children to join their ranks. This lack of a singular leader and somewhat detached existence is intentional: they are supposed to be insular and remote.

They are raised and taught to believe that they are not like the others and are not supposed to be too close to them. They have a serious and solemn responsibility to keep the peace and fight corruption, and it's harder to do that when the ones you're keeping in check are your friends. There's more temptation to look the other way or let things slide when it's your buddy that's doing something wrong.

In return for this difficult service, they are not bound by rations. They get water whenever they are thirsty, eat food whenever hungry, get new clothing when they need it, and so on, and this includes all luxuries, not just clothing. They can get companionship as they like, or a performance, or liquor, or just about anything at all. They can only breed if they are pure, however, as normal. The other castes must grant them what they ask for, but if they abuse this privilege and ask for too much too often they can get in serious trouble. They are only supposed to take what they need in that moment. Violating this principle can result in severe consequences to serve as an example to others.


Children are called Tattle-Tales, or Tattlers. They can go anywhere in the Sanctuary at any time, and watch for theft, corruption, and any other bad behavior. No one is allowed to speak to a Tattler except for other Tattlers, Coppers (see below), and the Triumvirate. This is to prevent them from being intimidated, conned or swayed.

At fourteen they choose one of three paths: Keepers, who walk the Sanctuary and settle disputes and keep the peace, Counters, who keep stock of resources and account for use so nothing gets wasted or skimmed, or Confessors, who solve crimes and interrogate suspects. Monitors from all three can and often do accompany the War Rig on major trading hauls and go on any official diplomatic missions to help with security and prevent corruption.

The best in each field are made Coppers, named for their copper badges. They give the orders and oversee everything, answering directly to the Triumvirate.

Character Creation

Monitors can be pure or contaminated, but not sick. Too much is invested in their training to have them die young.

All Monitors get the Perk Taken Care Of (10), meaning they do not need or even use rations. Whatever they need is given to them. This way they cannot be bribed - whatever you might offer them they can just take.

All Monitors get the Quirk Isolated (10), which gives them a -1 on all social Spirit Rolls involving non-Monitors that isn't work-related, reflecting their detachment from the other castes. They aren't great at making friends, and the others are wary of them to begin with.

Monitors don't exactly have a uniform, but gray is their color and general old world police or soldier styles are common. They are also the only people openly carrying weapons around inside the Sanctuary.

Members and Associates


Locke (Archetype)

Role: Keeper Copper
Age: 32
Played by: Ben Barnes

Once punished unfairly for corruption early in his career as a Monitor, leaving him with a scarred face and psychological trauma due to that incident, Locke worked hard to redeem himself in the eyes of his caste. Years later, he tried the man, A Copper named Rand, who had accused him years before, for corruption. Rand was exiled from Sanctuary and Locke rose in esteem within Sanctuary. He eventually was promoted to a Copper himself.

Loner Mask1.jpg

Mask (Archetype)

Role: Confessor Copper
Age: Late 20s
Played by: Iain De Caestecker
Faustina Portrait.jpeg

Faustina (Archetype)

Role: Counter Copper
Age: Mid 30s
Played by: Christina Hendrix

Scrupulously, indeed almost painfully honest. Faustina knows numbers and remembers details most would forget. She has also devoted her life to understanding the systems which keep Sanctuary functioning and the resources they need to keep doing that. If someone needs to know how much of something Sanctuary has available, she is one of the people most likely to know. She also obsesses over potential problems and is constantly seeking ways to prevent and mitigate them.


Mark (Unknown)

Role: Keeper
Age: 42
Played by: The Gambler

Seconded to Faustina. He's there to provide muscle and a bit of social smoothing over when she ruffles feathers.

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