The Fortunate Ones

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Survival in the wastes is brutal, and even in the Sanctuary there is plenty of hard work and physical labor. War Kids build vehicles and weapons and wage war. The Savvy work the crops and engineer new tech. But among the Fortunate, only the children toil and labor. Being a Fortunate One means living a life of relative comfort and luxury. They eat the finest food available, are given extra water rations for bathing, wear the finest clothing and are surrounded by music, art and culture. Theirs is a gilded cage, however. For all the comfort and luxury they get, there's one thing they are denied: Free will.

Their bodies are not their own, pure and perfect as they are - only the pure are chosen to be Fortunate. They give blood whenever it's needed. They give companionship to, or craft, create and perform for those who have earned luxury rewards. They breed whenever they're required to, with whomever they are told to. They are, in essence, always at the whim of others.

They are raised to believe that, as pure and healthy people, it's their honor and duty to perform these functions. They are more important, more valuable than most, and therefore must be protected from danger and help rebuild the gene pool. Only the pure can have children, after all. Most are fine with this, grateful for a life of safety and comfort deep within the Sanctuary. They truly feel fortunate. A few wear it like a mark of shame, so 'lucky' to exist for the enjoyment and needs of others, with no freedom to come and go or choose their path or partners. It can be a blessing or a curse, and is often both.


All children are affectionately called 'Meanies', as they perform all the menial labor of cleaning, cooking and the like. Along with these chores, they are taught art, music, sewing, crafts, dance, and as they get older, psychology and the pleasures of the flesh. At fourteen they begin to craft, create and perform, and while they are expected to be at least mildly proficient in all areas (and can be called on to do any of them at any time), they usually specialize in one field or another. The best physical specimens and most intelligent minds are primarily made Breeders, propagating the species and teaching the young until they are six and put in a caste. The best artists, crafters and performers become Artisans, creating and entertaining in their best disciplines. Those who most understand psychology and sexual pleasure become Companions, easing the burdens of the rest of the Sanctuary.

The true masters of each given discipline become Patrons, teaching the other Fortunate and advising the other castes as needed. They also serve as diplomats to the rest of the wasteland, but only travel under heavy guard.

Character Creation

All Fortunate Sons and Daughters must be pure. No exceptions. Each gets the Perk Gifted (10), which gives them a +1 in a specific artistic or creative discipline of their choice. Examples might be music, dance, crafting (garments), crafting (jewelry), and so on.

All Fortunate Ones also get the Quirk Gilded Cage (10), and cannot leave the Sanctuary without permission and escort, and have many 'duties' expected of them. While they are often required to perform for or sleep with whomever chooses them as a luxury, you ARE NOT required to RP this, nor are you required to RP it as a Breeder.

Fortune Ones are often very attractive, in no small part because they get to bathe regularly and have access to hair care and fine clothing. They can be outlandishly adorned, quite elegant, or boldly sexy, and are usually combinations of all three, on the cutting edge of fashion and style.

Members and Associates


Eden (Archetype)

Role: Patron Companion
Age: 26
Played by: Alison Brie

Cinder (Archetype)

Role: Companion
Age: Mid 20s
Played by: Sam Heughan

Cinder may be from the Wastes but he has all of the confidence and poise of someone born in Sanctuary proper. He's served as a Breeder, at first, and provided Pure children, strong and healthy. Later, he became Companion and this was where he shined. Now, he's one of the most popular male Companions. If the rumors are to be believed, he's next in line for a promotion to Patron. If he can shake his fear of the Wastes, that is.


Maylis (Supporting Role)

Role: Breeder/Artisan
Age: Mid 30s
Played by: Caitriona Balfe

Seamstress and Breeder, Maylis has a perfect record of Pure offspring. She is a natural nurturer and an amazing seamstress, occasionally working with Savvy to create new dyes or better threads and fabrics.

Beast LastRoad.jpg

Phoenix (Archetype)

Role: Companion
Age: 26
Played by: Thore Scholerman

Fire Performer

Beast Rook.jpg

Cavalier (Supporting Role)

Role: Artisan
Age: 28
Played by: Beast


Innocent Visa 2.jpg

Visa (Archetype)

Role: Artisan (Couturier)
Age: 20
Played by: Luma Grothe

Lele (Archetype)

Role: Former Breeder
Age: 20
Played by: Chloe Grace-Moretz

Lele was born into the Fortunate, raised amongst them, but when her role as a Breeder was found to... bear no fruit... she was able to be re-assigned, petitioning to move to the Savvy and become a Reaper.


Evelyn (Archetype)

Role: Artisan (Jewelry)
Age: 18
Played by: Avril Lavigne

Evelyn is Fortunate, or as she'd like to call it, un-Fortunately Fortunate. She makes pretty baubles, though.


Lyra (Supporting Role)

Role: Companion and Breeder
Age: 24
Played by: The Gambler

Harpist. A calming presence.

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