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The stars of the big top, side shows, and even the 10-in-1 are called Faces, and they are the celebrities of the show and biggest money makers.

Members and Associates


Áine (Archetype)

Role: Eve the Ringmistress
Age: Timeless

October, 1929: The Crash came, but so did Veles. She was one of his first, made of magic and inspiration for the wonder of the Big Top. Eternally grateful, she takes her role seriously, sometimes at expense to herself.

Known as Eve, she started as a main draw act, an illusionist with unearthly beauty and feats the rubes had never seen the likes of, leaving them starstruck. Taken under Veles' wing, she was groomed to extend that magic while directing the show as Ringmistress, priming the audience for wonder and awe to help sustain the growing ensemble of performers under their banner. Sometimes, she puts out more magic than performances can compensate, all to ensure the rest of the Big Top gets their due.

Hanged Man.jpg

Osiris (Archetype)

Role: Stage Magician
Age: 25



Nike (Archetype)

Role: Motivational Singer w/ Band
Age: 25


BV3 Sun 01.jpg

Daring Dean Devereaux (Archetype)

Age: Mid-late 20s



Mermaid (Archetype)

Role: Mermaid
Age: 22

Alecto (Archetype)

Role: Whip Artist
Age: 20s



Baldr (Archetype)

Role: The Unbreakable Man
Age: 27

Baldr occasionally takes his true form and performs on the midway as the Unbreakable Man. Rubes can pay money to throw things at him and watch them bounce off.


Hodr (Archetype)

Role: Knife Thrower
Age: 27

Hodr's Blind Marksman Act has been a side show mainstay for a long while.

Unicorn rado 1.png

The Unicorn (Archetype)

Role: Reclusive Mentalist
Age: 40s
Played by: Matthew McConaughey

Mentalist act, healer.


Hypnos (Archetype)

Role: Retired Hypnotist
Age: 40

Once a relatively prestigious performer under the none-too-subtle stage name of Hypnos the Hypnotist, his performances have been scarce since the disappearance of his brother the previous year. Instead, he's ceded the limelight to others and focuses on his apothecary.


'Kit Cody' (Archetype)

Role: Lead Sideshow Bally
Age: 35
Played by: Leo DiCaprio

No one loves the sideshow acts more than this man, and he wants the rubes to love what he loves. With a fantastic stage presence and dauntless gift of gab he gets the masses wanting to see the shows. He could sell eggs to a chicken if he wanted to.


Twila Estelle (Archetype)

Role: North Star Dance Troupe Leader
Age: late teens

Settled in a private tent, the North Star Dance Troupe does a dance performance that relays hints of the near future of the area where the Carnival is currently playing. Twila is only present for the dusk and evening shows, while the troupe does a simpler performance during the day. The daytime show is fully family-friendly, while the dusk show is more akin to classical bellydance, and the late performance is the most potentially racy or violent.

Loner Mesingw 3.jpg

Missing (Archetype)

Role: Bear Tamer
Age: Mid 20s
Played by: Martin Sensmeier
Yifei liu as excellent 1.png

Excellent Jiang (Supporting Role)

Role: Contortionist and Acrobat
Age: 20
Played by: Yifei Liu

One of Colorado's followers. Excellent is a contortionist in the Chinese tradition. She cycles through the 10-in-1. Charming and kinda wild.

Tabria majors as holly 1.png

Holly Majors (Supporting Role)

Role: Lovely Assistant
Age: 30
Played by: Tabria Majors

One of Colorado's followers. Holly has two jobs. She's the real face of Colorado's act, working the crowd and selecting who gets to see him. Her other job is as a fortune teller. Steel magnolia, persuasive.

Scholar 2 sr olivia carnival.jpg

Olivia Isaacson (Supporting Role)

Role: Acrobat
Age: Early 20s
Played by: Erin Kellymen

A devoted of Sebastian's, she performs a number of acrobatic tricks in the 10-in-1. She's also a seamstress.

Scholar 2 sr dashiel carnival.jpg

Dashiel Hogarth (Supporting Role)

Role: Sleight of Hand Magician / Trick Contraption Maker
Age: Mid 20s
Played by: Tyler Hoechlin

Dash builds amusing Rube Goldberg machines to entertain Midway goers. He also performs sleight of hand in the Midway. He's only so-so at that.

Scholar 2 sr sachin carnival.png

Sachin Joshi (Supporting Role)

Role: Animal act
Age: Mid 20s
Played by: Dev Patel

One of Sebastianus', he has a trained binturong he does tricks with in the Midway. He also helps cook.


Dubheasa "Fox" Deoradhán (Supporting Role)

Role: North Star Dance Troupe
Age: early 20s

Kamilla Galli ( The North Star)

Role: North Star Dance Troupe
Age: early 30s
Played by: Theda Bara

Lily Justin ( The North Star)

Role: North Star Dance Troupe
Age: 20s

Greta Hellstrom/The Jotunn (Supporting Role)

Role: Freakshow Giant
Age: 30
Played by: Gwendoline Christie

In her act, she presents herself as a Jotunn, a giantess of Norse mythology. She wears armor and carries a sword and shield, all stage props of course, and is chained by her ankle to a wall, so she can't reach the patrons. She snarls and threatens, looks fierce, and declares a desire to eat the children. It's entirely the opposite of the sweet, gentle woman off stage.


Gunter Hellstrom/ Lit the Dwarf (Supporting Role)

Role: Freakshow Dwarf
Age: 28
Played by: Peter Dinklage

In his act, he declares himself to be Lit, a Dwarf from Norse Mythology, known for having attended the funeral of Baldr, and being kicked into the Pyre by Thor. He dresses in 'fantasy' garb, and has props of a hammer and anvil which he uses to strike metal items to punctuate parts of the story. He basically tells of the life and death of Baldr as his act, while people are really there to gawk at the midget. He is charming and witty on stage, and cantankerous and crotchety off stage.

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Talk on a Hill
(2019-03-23 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Three gods converge on a hill to talk about this, that, and the world.
Cast  •   Shea  •  Mesingw  •  Thunderbird  •
About a Cat
(2019-04-19 • Outside Paradise, MI) Itchy and Olivia discuss a certain manticore.
Cast  •   Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Olivia Isaacson  •
Smaller Things Grow Larger
(2019-04-30 • The Bacchanal) Dean and Kemen discuss Plans.
Cast  •   Dionysus (as David)  •  Osiris  •
Down in the Valley
(2019-04-23 • Valley Forge) After that close call in Industry's warehouses, Kemen, Leona, Diamanto, and Sebastianus go on a hunt.
Cast  •   Diamond Devil  •  Sekhmet  •  Manticore  •  Osiris  •
Chance and Strategy
(2019-04-20 • Carnival of Wonders - Illuminated Sheepwagon) Kemen meets Shashthi, teaches Sebastianus a boardgame.
Cast  •   Osiris (as Kemen)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •
Extra Extra
(2019-04-17 • Town Store) Some of the carnies go into town to get supplies before the caravan moves out. It very much does not go as expected.
Cast  •   Hodr  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Baldr  •  Director1/  •  Dashiel Hogarth  •
How to calm a unicorn
(2019-04-12 • Ignota's Tent) Kemen and Sebastianus visit Colorado to calm him in the wake of the trip to the cinema.
Cast  •   Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Osiris (as Kemen)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •
Four of Wands
(2019-04-12 • Carnival of Wonders - Ignota's Tent) Rattled by what she heard when Urania spoke to the wonders of her dream and their coming choices, Olivia goes to Holly for a reading.
Cast  •   Holly Majors  •  Olivia Isaacson  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Excellent Jiang  •
Girl's Night Out
(2019-04-05 • Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico) Holly, Excellent, and Olivia go for a night of bathing in town.
Cast  •   Excellent Jiang  •  Holly Majors  •  Olivia Isaacson  •
On the Hunt
(2019-04-05 • In the New Mexico Desert) Two great cats stalk one another in the desert.
Cast  •   Sekhmet  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •
An Understanding
(2019-04-03 • On the Road to Truth or Consequences, NM) Sebastianus runs something by Colorado, because he's polite.
Cast  •   The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •
April Showers Bring May Flowers
(1934-05-17 • Kemen's Camp) A group gathers to share news around Kemen's camp
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •  Diamond Devil  •  Hodr  •  Sekhmet  •  Manticore  •
Devil's Dance Floor
(2019-04-02 • Carnival Grounds - Cooch Tent) Itchy is called to fix some broken lights in the Cooch Tent. It goes about as one would expect. Soundtrack: Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor, Camille Saint-Saens - Danse Bacchanale
Cast  •   Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Mermaid (as Callie)  •
Beauty of the Unhidden Heart
(2019-03-30 • Villeneuve Farmhouse and environs, Nowhere, Colorado) The unicorn seeks out Sally Villeneuve. Soundtrack: The Beauty of the Unhidden Heart - The Glitch Mob
Cast  •   The Unicorn  •  Manticore (as Sally, George, Aurelia, Grandmother Villeneuve)  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •
The Feast
(2019-03-31 • Farms and grazing land outside Nowhere, Colorado) In which the hungry bellies of three hunters are filled under Kemen's watchful eye.
Cast  •   Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Osiris (as Kemen)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Ouroboras (as Oh)  •
Tempting Consequences
(2019-03-31 • Truth or Consequences) Nikki drives Lorraine and Cedric and a few others to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico ahead of the rest to drum up some interest for the Carnival's arrival.
Cast  •   La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •
Old Dog, No Tricks
(2019-03-30 • Staff Camp - Callie's Tent) Kit pays Callie a visit giving her a rather generous gift in exchange for something he missed.
Cast  •   Coyote  •  Mermaid  •
The Cruelest Month
(2019-03-27 • Foothills near Nowhere, Colorado) The unicorn thanks the manticore for his assistance.
Cast  •   Manticore  •  The Unicorn  •
A Trunk Full of Treasures
(2019-03-29 • Carnie Camp - Illuminated Sheepwagon) Sebastianus and Kemen chat over tea, and the manticore shows Kemen some of the contents of his personal trunk.
Cast  •   Osiris (as Kemen)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •
Breakfast with a Mermaid
(2019-03-30 • Mermaid's Tent) Cedric pays Callie a visit with his breakfast in hand. He asks about her last meal and fills her in on the current buzz that's been going around the carnival grounds.
Cast  •   Mermaid  •  Mad Sweeney  •
You Know My Name
(2019-03-29 • Ignota and Mysteria's Side Show) Come one, come all, to see Ignota, the Hidden Master of the Mind, and his assistant Madame Mysteria.
Cast  •   Coyote (as Tybalt)  •  Holly Majors  •  The Unicorn  •  Manticore (as Joseph, The Thompsons, George and Sally)  •
Shadow of the Colossus
(2019-03-27 • Carnival Grounds - Colossus) Kit seeks out Logan to ask about the encounter with Radio.
Cast  •   Coyote (as Kit Cody)  •  Baldr (as Logan Odinson)  •  Inali  •  Lars Holmgren  •
The Children of Nyx
(2019-03-26 • Apothecary Tent) Cedric and Eve bring news of the Radio to the Children of Nyx. Now they wonder whether the Association of American Avatars know what happened to Thanatos.
Cast  •   Áine  •  Nemesis  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Hypnos  •
All Together Now
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) A small gathering around the 'Egyptian' camp turns into a brain storming and deep talk.
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •  Sekhmet  •  Nike  •
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) The Big Top puts on a flashy show in Nowhere, Colorado to draw repeat visitors and spark belief in magic.
Cast  •   Dionysus (as Dean)  •  Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Sasha Savage (as audience)  •  La Llorona (as audience)  •  Thunderbird (as audience)  •  Mad Sweeney (as audience)  •  Taema and Tilafaiga (as Kiri)  •  Diamond Devil (as audience)  •  Osiris (as Kemen)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Manticore (as audience)  •  Theodore Walker  •  Aya Chione  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Kitsune (as The Tangerine Torpedo)  •
Bing Crosby's On Notice
(2019-03-23 • Miller Appliance and Repair - Nowhere, Colorado) Some of the carnies head into town to the address specified in the strange radio ad. They meet 'Radio'.
Cast  •   Kamilla Galli  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Baldr  •  Olivia Isaacson  •  Director1 (as Radio)  •
Justice is Served in Nowhere
(2019-03-22 • Carnival Grounds - Cooch Tent) Nemesis tracks down her prey and his young girl-toy to the Cooch Tent where she pulls the strings of Fate while weighing out his misdeeds. Meanwhile, the Burlesque show is going on with a Mermaid and the Diamond Devil as their guest performers. Some time after all is said and done, Cedric, Sky and Thomas have a discussion about an odd radio advert that Thomas had heard.
Cast  •   Mad Sweeney (as Cedric O'Donnellan)  •  Nemesis (as Adrasteia)  •  Mermaid (as Callie)  •  Diamond Devil (as Diamond Devil)  •  Osiris (as Thomas Mayne)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Zeus (as Sky)  •  Levi Freeman  •
Going Nowhere Fast
(2019-03-21 • Nowhere) Nikki shows off her car to Dean and Lorraine on a trip to Nowhere, where they run into Rana, Leona, and a more unexpected familiar face...
Cast  •   Dionysus (as Dean)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Zeus (as Sky)  •  Osiris (as Rana)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •
(2019-03-22 • Flying) As offered, Sebastianus takes Kemen for a flight.
Cast  •   Osiris (as Kemen)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •
An Afternoon in the 10-in-1
(2019-03-21 • Carnival Grounds - Ten in One) An afternoon in the 10-in-1, featuring Kit ballying for Greta, Gunter, Olivia, Excellent, and Oh.
Cast  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  The Director  •  Baldr (as Logan Odinson)  •  Coyote (as Kit)  •  Manticore (as Olivia)  •  Excellent Jiang  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Greta Hellstrom  •  Gunter Hellstrom  •
(2019-03-19 • Carnival of Wonders - Carnie Camp) In which a unicorn is rescued.
Cast  •   Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Theodore Walker  •  Baldr (as Logan)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Excellent Jiang  •  Holly Majors  •
Found in Wonder
(2019-03-19 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Logan, Gunter, Greta, Kit, and Inali return two wayward children to their parents. Follows Lost in Wonder.
Cast  •   Coyote (as Kit)  •  Manticore (as Stephen and Tina)  •  Baldr (as Logan)  •  Greta Hellstrom  •  Gunter Hellstrom  •
Lost in Wonder
(2019-03-19 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Two townie urchins sneak into the Carnie Camp. Chaos ensues. Conclusion: Found in Wonder
Cast  •   Osiris (as Aya-Kemen)  •  Coyote (as Kit)  •  Baldr (as Logan)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Greta Hellstrom  •  Gunter Hellstrom  •
A Visit To Nowhere
(2019-03-17 • Nowhere, Colorado) Kit brings some of the carnies into town to get supplies.
Cast  •   Olivia Isaacson  •  Dashiel Hogarth  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Coyote (as Kit Cody)  •  Baldr (as Logan Odinson)  •
Breakfast in Nowhere
(2019-03-16 • Carnival Grounds - Camp) The Carnival of Wonders rolls into Nowhere overnight, and the next morning breakfast is served before setup.
Cast  •   Coyote (as Kit Cody)  •  Hodr (as Holden Odinson)  •  Diamond Devil  •  Baldr (as Logan Odinson)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  Gran Brigitte (as Nightshade)  •  Erik Burton  •  Lars Holmgren  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Sachin Joshi  •
The Happy Clam (September, 1927)
(2019-03-14 • Atlantic City - Happy Clam CLub) Osiris and Nikki meet up before everyone gets depressed.
Cast  •   Nike  •  Osiris  •
I'm Shipping Up to Boston
(2019-03-14 • Boston, MA: O'Flannery Warehouse - Basement) In the Spring of '31, The Queen of the Fairies and Kit Cody hit up Boston in search of a Leprechaun when the Carnival of Wonders reaches Massachusetts
Cast  •   Áine (as Eve)  •  Coyote (as Kit Cody)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •