The Staff of the Eager Beaver

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Small town locals from neighboring areas often find work at the Eager Beaver consistent and stable year round, and younger locals flock to it for Summer jobs. A mix of long-time residents and kids making Summer cash, the staff of the lodge are the only ones that know about its sordid history.

This faction is for players who want a direct tie into the plot and a reason to be involved in pretty much anything. Can be young or older. Perfect for players that have a hard time getting pulled in or often feel left out. They get the Local Lore Perk free, and are the only ones who can buy it without Director permission.

Additional Notes

Local Lore

This section is for things all employees would know without needing to roll. This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg of what they might know. That's where the Perk comes in - rolling for additional lore. None of this is exactly secret, but in pre-internet days, it wasn't exactly public either. Locals know, and it spreads by word of mouth over the years.

  • The lodge was built in the early thirties as a resort for the wealthy, mostly those from California. It originally consisted of the main lodge building and a boathouse. The boathouse was later converted into additional lodging.
  • A third building was constructed in 1952, the Lakeview building. It was a 'retreat' where wealthy families sent their 'troubled' kids to convalesce. Word is that the owner had a child that, in today's terminology, was special needs and wanted to give them and others a place they could be taken care of in peace and tranquility.
  • The 'kids' ranged in age from fairly young - 6 - to actual adults with child-level development. There were few of these older patients, but there were some. Most were 6-18.
  • Their conditions ranged from the physically disabled to the developmentally disabled and the mentally ill, often all lumped together at that time. You could have a ten year old with CP eating at a table with a twenty-five year old with Downs Syndrome and a 'perfectly healthy' eighteen year old with bipolar and suicidal tendencies.
  • Over the 50's, a number of kids died under mysterious circumstances. Each death was kept quiet and ruled either a suicide or accident at the time. All were later tied to a ring of five staff members that abused and provoked them.
  • In the Summer of '59, the patients revolted, citing ongoing and persistent abuse at the hands of a number of non-medical staff. Four staff were killed in the chaos, a dozen patients injured, and the Lakeview building was badly damaged by fire.
  • A fifth staff member, James Michael Mahoney - the chief groundskeeper for the entire lodge - was cornered by police with one of the patients as a hostage. He died in a hail of gunfire after killing her. It's believed he was the ringleader of the abusive staff. The other four were janitors and orderlies.
  • Lawsuits and police investigations ground on for years, and the Lakeview building was eventually fenced off and left alone rather than demolished or renovated.
  • The bad rep and lawsuits shut the whole lodge down by 1965, and it was abandoned for several years. New owners bought the lodge in 1971 and left the building be. No locals would set foot inside to demolish it. The woods around it have been allowed to largely take it over, and it's said to be haunted.

This is additional lore that the locals may know of the non-monster variety:

  • Big Jenny: There's a resident beaver around the lake and island, known by the staff as The Eager Beaver, also Big Jenny, Big Tooth, and other monikers. 'Jenny' is a North American beaver of considerable heft; she's seldom spotted in person but her activities are hard to miss, including chewed cables and fence posts, toppled saplings of larger than average size, huge tracks, etc. Bastian's estimate is that Jenny is close to 5' in length and over 80 lbs, so she probably has gigantism. She's not been too destructive and since stories of her seem to amuse the guests the Lodge hasn't asked local rangers for a permit to trap and remove her just yet. That could change, of course...
  • Ol' Murky: Stories of Ol' Murky a.k.a Ol' Murk Eye, more recently known as 'JAWS' or 'Garfield', have been circulating ever since the lodge opened. Reportedly a catfish of ridiculous proportions with one blind eye (as described by a fisherman who claims to have almost landed him), guests who visited regularly to fish in the Lodge's early years would always have a tale to tell of Murky stealing their bait or catch, and generally being a nuisance. Prior to the shutdown numerous anglers would come to try their hand at catching him. During the time the Lodge was shut down the lake was still fished regularly, and stories of the catfish's antics persisted. He was renamed to JAWS and then Garfield as time passed and new anglers came to try their hand at fishing in the lake.
  • Logan: Although wolverines are all but extinct in the lower 48, the Lodge staff have seen signs of one on the island grounds over the last few years. Like Big Jenny it's almost never seen spotted directly, just tracks and other indicators. It's been dubbed 'Logan' by the younger, comic-reading crowd.
  • Sully's Claim: George Sullivan, who went by Sully, was a prospector searching for gold in the area around the Lodge before the dam went up and formed the lake and island, during the gold rush. He claimed to have become lost in a fierce snowstorm and sheltered in a cave where he found an enormous gold vein. When the weather cleared he marked the cave and made his way back to town with several nuggets in his pocket as proof. He couldn't convince anyone to come with him, so he struck out alone with a pack mule and supplies, never to return. Supposedly the cave entrance is under the lake's waterline somewhere, or in one of the hills just outside the lake's shoreline. Hikers occasionally report hearing a man's voice scolding a recalcitrant mule when it snows.

Members and Associates


Tony Dini (Central Casting)

Role: Lodge General Manager
Age: 40s

The neurotic, finicky, micro-managing GM of the Eager Beaver Lodge, the one everyone avoids as best they can. Taking problems to Bastian or Raul is almost always better.


Christine Lake (Archetype)

Role: "Resort Director"
Age: 22

There's the real world, and there's the world according to Christine. In her world, she's a beautiful, smart, kind and virtuous princess making her land a better place. She's stern but fair to those that serve her, rewarding loyalty and innovation, and she's always benevolent to her subjects. All she wants is the best for everyone.

It's not all her fault. She grew up spoiled and wealthy, given almost everything she asked for. What others had or did better, she worked her ass off to beat them. She always wins. Now out of college with a degree in hospitality management, she's the Director of Guest Services at her family's lodge, which they bought in 1971. Her title is largely meaningless, something Daddy gave her to make her feel happy and busy. Tony Dini runs the place and calls the shots, but he's careful to make those decisions sound like they are her ideas so she doesn't call Daddy and cause him headaches. The rest of the staff try to stay on her good side as well - angering her means Dini gets an earful. That never ends well.

Scholar 2 roen.png

Bastian Roen (Archetype)

Role: Chief Groundskeeper
Age: 40

The prototypical taciturn old guy living in the woods, Bastian Roen has been the Chief Groundskeeper for a little over two years now. Unlike much of the rest of the staff, he stays on site all year, and lives in a small cabin on the island. He's not open about his past, which means the rumor mill has run hog wild, but he's also not a hard ass with his employees.


Addison Barrett (Archetype)

Role: Concierge
Age: 28

Addison Barrett worked his way up to concierge from the front desk, and now helping people find and get what they want is his job. He lives onsite year-round, taking a special interest in the history of the Eager Beaver and the old Lakeview building in particular.

Pedro Pascal Slasher.jpeg

Raul Santiago (Archetype)

Role: Lodge Overnight Manager
Age: 33

Always a groomsman, never a groom. That's been Raul's life in a sentence. He comes from money and power, but he's a middle child, so none of it will be his in the end. He did good in school, but others always did slightly better. He was a track star for a time, but blew his knee out in college. Rinse, repeat.

He reads a lot. Travels a lot. Writes and even acts, but he's better at coaching others than doing it himself. He goes from place to place, doing whatever work he can get, then eventually gets bored and moves on. At present he's the overnight manager at the Eager Beaver Lodge, which mostly means he does some bookkeeping and watches reruns on late-night TV. It's not terribly exciting, but it leaves him time to write!


Ethan Drake (Archetype)

Role: Junior Groundskeeper
Age: 21

Right after high school he got a job at the Lodge, over 90 miles from home, living on the premises and doing grounds and maintenance work, while working on his 1969 Camaro, "Tawny". This was supposed to be a "gap" year to save up for community college but that year has turned into three and doesn't seem to have an end in sight. The tourists think his name is "Bobby", like on his coveralls. It keeps them from looking him up after his one night stands. He seems to be having a run of bad luck with things breaking or going missing, but his buddy Lyle is always there to console him.


Lyle Lucas (Archetype)

Role: Maintenance + Plumbing
Age: 20

Now he's out of school, has no interest in college and even less in being home - Mom or Dad's - so he fucked off and got a job fixing plumbing at the Eager Beaver Lodge because why not? He continues his greatest passion, lifting various things from guests as they come and go. His big boss knows about it but doesn't seem to mind, so in return he helps the old Vet out here and there. It's not a career path or a way of life, butt it's enough for now. He is constantly being haunted by Candice from housekeeping and is often found hiding from her.

The Heretic.jpg

Thomas Hill (Archetype)

Role: Office
Age: 20

Thomas Hill works at the Lodge in the summers. He works inside; his twin sister, Amy, works outside. He has an unpleasant reputation.


Willow Darragh (Archetype)

Role: Camp Medic
Age: Mid 20s

Willow has worked at the Lodge for a couple of years now. She keeps to herself a little, especially when guests are around. The staff all know her, and know that she's a bit shy, until she gets to know people. Rumor has it that she grew up in the middle of nowhere, so maybe it's not surprising. Still, she's good at her job, if someone gets injured or sick, she's on call 24-7, and she can fix them up!


Colorado Jones (Archetype)

Role: Half-Naked Bartender
Age: 25

A wild party boy from Texas by way of Los Angeles, Colorado is a bartender with flair. (He's also an exotic dancer, but the Lodge isn't that kind of place. Ask him about his private rates!) He's an entertainer at heart. Never turns down a dare. Weirdly easy to talk to, given all those other things. Come on by the bar, he won't card you.


Mallory Miller (Archetype)

Role: Trail Guide
Age: 21

Mallory is great in the woods and not so good with people. She doesn't mess around and she doesn't let things slide, either. She's standoffish and doesn't make friends easily, and she's kind of a killjoy. She also keeps her professional life and her personal life separate.


Cassandra Wei (Archetype)

Role: Lodge Security
Age: 32

An ex-military who worked in private security for a couple of years before landing a pretty cush job at the Lodge. She is slow to warm up to people and can be a bit of a buzzkill, but she takes her job seriously.

Rogue Candice2.png

Candice Flick (Supporting Role)

Role: Housekeeping & Model Employee
Age: 21

Have you ever met someone disgustingly good at their job. Candice has been busting her rump making 'high quality service' an art form. She's always punctual, fantastic at diplomacy, and firmly believes God put her here to help others. while a prude her sensibilities are iron clad and more than once has she had to over up a co-worker passed out drunk with a tea towel to ask them who is watching the front desk. She had two goals: one, to make her boss Mr. Barrett (Deviant) super proud of her work. Two- to reform her current 'project', Lyle Lucas. That latter one is going to be a forever uphill battle. nicest stalker you're going to find though. Most aren't deathly concerned with your poor life choices.

Scholar 2 sr slasher.jpg

Dashiel Bauer (Supporting Role)

Role: NFS Intern/Groundskeeperling
Age: 22

Dash is interning at the Lodge as part of a National Forest Service program. He's destined for a job managing with the NFS or Department of the Interior, and wants to get more hands-on experience in the wilderness. A summer in Middle of Nowhere, Oregon is the perfect way to get that experience, he figures, and there's all kinds of fun and spooky rumors about that place. Win/win.


Donna Blaine (Supporting Role)

Role: Medical Assistant
Age: 20

Willow's BFF, she's got a job as a medical assistant, probably only because she's Willow's friend. Smart she's not. She is an avid hiker and climber, and is very outgoing and personable.


Terry "Snare" Snarelli (Supporting Role)

Role: Janitor/"Other"
Age: 40-something

Everyone calls Terry Snarelli "Snare" -- it's been true ever since he started playing drums in some garage band in the '60s. He claims he toured with several major bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s, but that could be all the drugs talking. And oh, how Snare has done a lot of drugs. Rumor has it that he actually spent a large chunk of time at a mental institution, and when he got out, his mind was so fried from years of drugs and electroshock therapy that all he can do now is push around a broom and worship Addison, who always seems to have a use for him — no matter how useless he may seem. Snare, hyper and childlike as he is, still loves music and particularly adores “the hard stuff.” He’ll try to drum on things whenever he can, though a sharp word from Addison tends to shut him up.

Rachel Linwood.jpg

Rachel Linwood (Supporting Role)

Role: Cook
Age: 30

Rachel has been a cook at the Eager Beaver for the past couple of years. She's a bit on the ill-tempered side and quick to anger, and really really good with those knives. She's a great cook though and she takes her job seriously. She doesn't believe in ghost stories and hoodoo. Tends to avoid both the lake and the pool.


Paige North (Supporting Role)

Role: Housekeeper
Age: 27

The new girl hitchhiked out to Eager Beaver to work as a glorified maid. She sounds like she may be from New England but she's not one to talk much about herself

Add Member


Home on Deranged
(2019-03-03 • Anywhere Room - Eugene, OR - 1990) PDG and Coward take Rogue and Scholar to see what the boys did with Lyle's inheritance in 1990.
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Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Ethan Drake  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Julian McQueen  •  Colorado Jones  •  Sonya Queen  •  Emily Reed  •  Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Justin Tanner  •
The Killing Moon
(2019-02-28 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) The ritual to counter Mahoney concludes the deadly and dangerous trio of ventures on the fateful New Moon. The world is safe. For now, at least. And it's not without cost.
Cast  •   Victoria Duchamp  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Christine Lake  •  Scott Dixon  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Sonya Queen  •  Michael Black  •  Justin Tanner  •
Chain of Fools
(2019-02-26 • Tunnel Leading to Freezer) Cassandra leads a group into the bunker to burn the bodies and if need be, to distract Mahoney from the counter-ritual. With some heavy losses, they accomplish their mission.
Cast  •   Cassandra Wei  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Colorado Jones  •  Sasha Savage  •  Julian McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Dashiel Bauer  •  Kirk Patterson  •
I Think We're Alone Now
(2019-02-21 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) In the pre-dawn of the 'Final Day', Christine and Emily discuss life.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Emily Reed  •
The Final Countdown
(2019-02-24 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Final plans, pep-talks, shocking news, it's all happening on the morning of the 'Final Day'.
Cast  •   Cassandra Wei  •  Christine Lake  •  Danny Novak  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Ghost in You
(2019-02-24 • Main Lodge - Room 212) Julian is left alone with his drink, the ghost of his friend, and his thoughts...too, 'too many thoughts.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Sign Your Name Across My Heart
(2019-02-21 • Main Lodge - Room 114) Colorado digs through Candice's diary and confronts a lot of his own feelings which he talks out with his late best friend.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Church of Your Heart
(2019-02-21 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Candice's Diary) Colorado found his late girlfriend's diary and cracks the cover on it.
Cast  •   Candice Flick  •  Colorado Jones  •
Enjoy the Silence
(2019-02-17 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bastian's Cabin) Bastian's cabin is broken into by Ethan and Colorado, who is now having hallucinations of his own.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
We're Ready
(2019-02-17 • Lodge: Great Hall) Multiple people gather in the Great Hall in the AM to touch base with planning and they prepare to use the last two items with the last two ghosts soon. Other avenues and methods work way into the original planning frame with collective offering and brainstorming.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Ranier "Rat" Tattersall  •  Ethan Drake  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Saffie De Angelis  •  Emily Reed  •  Scott Dixon  •  Danny Novak  •  Sonya Queen  •  Gretchen West  •
What Have I Done to Deserve This
(2019-02-15 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Christine asks Cassandra to drop by to discuss new staff positions while Laine pops in with a plan.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Cassandra Wei  •
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
(2019-02-16 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Sonya drops buy Christine's office to discuss the ritual.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Sonya Queen  •
Mirror Mirror Mon Armour
(2019-02-17 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Christine and Emily call upon Gash to offer her a special mirror.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •
Every Breath You Take
(2019-02-17 • Room 114) Ethan hallucinates Lyle some more.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •
Midnight Snack
(1989-07-27 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Cassandra, Mallory, and Warren catch up over sandwiches and talk of missing corpses.
Cast  •   Cassandra Wei  •  Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •
With Or Without You
(2019-02-15 • Dining Hall) Sonya discusses the ritual to stop Mahoney. Addison wants in, and everyone has an opinion about it.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Sonya Queen  •  Scott Dixon  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christine Lake  •
You're the Inspiration
(2019-02-12 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Emily drops in on Christine after Buzzsaw is defeated. Things get soppy.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •
Ride the Lightning
(2019-02-15 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) Freak and Nails are defeated, Princess is freed...and many lives are lost.
Cast  •   Cassandra Wei  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Colorado Jones  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Evaline Mitchell  •
Run To You
(2019-02-13 • Mahoney's Hole) A few people head over to Mahoney's Hole to replace the films and torch the altar room. On the way out, they run into Mahoney. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it out alive, and Misty is killed.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Raul Santiago  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Derek Bloom  •  Paige North  •  Misty Alvarez  •
Mirror in the Bathroom
(2019-02-14 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian and Christine return to the boathouse to pick up a few things for Finn and to do a search for anything of interest.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Christian Price  •
Walk of LIfe
(2019-02-06 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Over breakfast Lyle talks with Scott about hooking him up with gear. Roxie's got some of her own ideas.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Scott Dixon  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Map of the Problematique
(2019-02-13 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Finn, Max, and Bastian discuss various things, including maps. Later, Christine drops by.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Christine Lake  •
The Violence of Summer
(2019-02-10 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Radio Room) Tensions ramp up as [Julian and Addison go toe to toe] and the Radio team now gets the Freak to worry about.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Mallory Miller  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •  Addison Barrett  •
Talk Talk
(2019-02-10 • Christine's Office - Eager Beaver) Christine chats to Addison about his attitude and how he can further help around the Lodge. Warning - philosophical discussion present.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Christine Lake  •
Wherever You're Goin' (It's Alright)
(2019-02-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Ethan and Lyle have an oddly unexciting time guarding the Book. The Bedlam Boys make some plans involving running distractions to cover for the raid group, explosive coffee, the Camaro, and dogs. 0 things happen withthe book. Banner fucking morning.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Breakfast at Tiffany's
(2019-02-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Tallulah helps Lyle carry breakfast back, and He asks her for help with a decoy for the boat test.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Tallulah Bennett  •
Hashing Things Out
(2019-02-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Kitchen) After refueling the generator, Bastian cooks Max some lunch.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
(2019-02-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Maintenance Shed) Refueling the emergency generator: part deux.
Cast  •   Evaline Mitchell  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Marc Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Jackson Ryder  •   Finn O'Neil  •
Toy Soldiers
(2019-02-10 • Main Lodge - Security Office) Lyle picks Cass' brain on just how to fucking deal.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Cassandra Wei  •
(2019-02-10 • Eager Beaver Lodge) After the mission to retrieve Danica and Oz, our weary would-be heroes convene at the lodge. Success and failure are measured, and the newlyweds are taken to the infirmary.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Julian McQueen  •  Addison Barrett  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Christine Lake  •
Deep Down Trauma Hounds
(2019-02-09 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Kitchen) Lyle recruits Snare into a Bedlam Boys Revenge Plan(tm)
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
(2019-02-10 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dini's Bunker is explored, Danica and Oz are rescued...and an epiphany is had.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Scott Dixon  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Derek Bloom  •  Julian McQueen  •  Michael Black  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Message in a Bottle
(2019-02-08 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Radio Room) Sending out an S.O.S.
The Radio Crew finally sends the broadcast and hits mainland! They also find the issue is bigger than they perceived right before someone tries to crash their party.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Julian McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Evaline Mitchell  •
One Day At A Time
(2019-02-08 • Study Room) Bastian checks on Max as she studies the Book of Dagon.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
Here Comes Mr. Cottontail
(2019-02-08 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dolly is reunited with Mr. Cottontail.
Cast  •   Kirk Patterson  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Sasha Savage  •  Colorado Jones  •  Emily Reed  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Michael Black  •  Mallory Miller  •  Derek Bloom  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
All Through the Night
(2019-02-07 • Main Lodge - Room 114) After dealing with the ghosts (and a long overdue nap) Ethan and Lyle hash out their 'Ride or Die' end of the world plan, discuss weird dreams, opportunity, and the long overdue truth.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Don't Give Up
(2019-02-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Radio Room) Roen drops in on the Bedlam Boys to have a talk about what comes next and making some good choices with what they have.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •
Look out Any Window
(2019-02-06 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) In which two film students are swapped for some patient files, a rubber duck, and a stuffed rabbit. Fair trade?
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Evaline Mitchell  •  Mallory Miller  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •
(2018-02-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Gazebo) Hyacinth calls Addison out about the book, Finn O'Neill, the Book of Dagon, and getting their shit together.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •
Second Nature
(2019-02-04 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Christine, Finn, and Bastian discuss various upcoming plans and concerns.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Bastian Roen  •  Christine Lake  •
Cruel Summer
(2019-02-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Raul gets his distributor caps while Lyle starts working on teh Lost + Found board. The late night crew convenes on ghosts, fears of bias, fears of failure, and fears of...a book? When things go to hell who are the lucky ones?
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Raul Santiago  •  Mallory Miller  •  Ethan Drake  •  Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Saffie De Angelis  •
Shake Me
(2019-02-03 • A hallway in the Lodge) Colorado is feeling the lack of, well, everything.
Cast  •   Dashiel Bauer  •  Colorado Jones  •
Smalltown Boy
(2019-02-03 • Main Lodge - Radio Room) Julian brings his roommates to talk to Lyle about Emily's idea for Alvin's seance. Marc confides a truth, and Matt shares his experiences that play parallel to the present predicament.
Cast  •   Matthew Pryce  •  Julian McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Lyle Lucas  •
The Dead Next Door
(2019-02-03 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Lyle gets a visit on break from the radio from Mallory. They weigh the pros and cons of their past and other people's futures, and futures denied.
Cast  •   Mallory Miller  •  Lyle Lucas  •
I'm Coming Out
(2019-02-02 • Dining Hall) Later in the morning, a discussion about ethics vs. art in documentary making, and a rather public hashing out of Danny and Finn's relationship details.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Addison Barrett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Reno Fisher  •  Sasha Savage  •  Chuck Taylor  •
Late at Night
(2019-01-31 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) People gather in the Great Room to discuss the ghosts. Little Custer makes an appearance.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Addison Barrett  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Saffie De Angelis  •  Paige North  •
Stranger Than Earth
(2019-01-31 • Christine's Office) Bastian tells Addison about Laine's revelations.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Bastian Roen  •
The Spirit of Radio
(2019-01-31 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Radio Central (Christine's Office)) Julian and Lyle work on the radio at 0'too early in the morning before dawn while Ethan and Saiph sleep in the corner. Truths come out, and some important decisions are decided. Sometimes they have to help others heal, and sometimes they have to let themselves heal.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •
So Emotional
(2019-01-30 • Main Lodge - Room 114 - Wake) Colorado tries to find solace by opening up the bar in 114 to host an Irish wake for his late girlfriend. Injuries are babysat. New plans are formed with new information.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Mallory Miller  •  Christine Lake  •
Lunatic Fringe
(2019-01-31 • Infirmary) There's a lot of emotion and commotion that continues in the infirmary through the evening before Laine is dosed harder. She does remember a few more things, though, narcotic confessions and trauma aside.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Scott Dixon  •  Danny Novak  •  Christine Lake  •  Kirk Wachowski  •
(2019-01-31 • Lodge Grounds/Infirmary) Laine's not dead. She's not real together either, and people aren't sure what to do with that, but eventually she forces out the things that need to be heard so plans can be made.
Cast  •   Michael Black  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Dirge Without Music
(2019-01-28 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Lodge Grounds) Candice and Tommy receive their fond farewells.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Bastian Roen  •  Danny Novak  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •
Return to Sender
(2019-01-29 • Main Lodge - Room 114) Before heading into improvised surgery he hands Cassandra a note to give to Ethan when it's said and done. This is that letter.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •
It's Alright
(2019-01-29 • Room 204) Finn and Scott go in search of Emily to discuss Christine's idea... and a couple other things.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Emily Reed  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •
In Your Eyes
(2019-01-29 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Infirmary) **WARNING: Surgical scene**: Matthew, with help, surgically removes Lyle's eye armed only with a fist full of various narcotics, kitchen utensils, and his own canny wit. What can go wrong?
Cast  •   Matthew Pryce  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Christian Price  •
Fire Woman
(2019-01-29 • Eager Beaver Lodge, Room 208) Bastian suggests something to Colorado which Colorado Does Not Like<tm>.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Colorado Jones  •
Something Isn't Right
(2019-01-29 • Main Lodge - Room 114 - Grounds Crew Room) Dash fills in Ethan and Lyle on what happened in the explosion. Something isn't right. Bastian's off, Colorado is keeping a vigil for his late girlfriend, Ethan's got a possible concussion, and Lyle is "fine". No one is fooling the dogs.
Cast  •   Dashiel Bauer  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
The Pass
(2019-01-29 • 229) After the disaster which was looking for the tunnel exit Ethan found, Max helps Bastian not lose his damned mind.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
Coffee Club
(2019-01-29 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Ethan and Lyle try to make things normal hyjinks after a good night sleep. Lyle's headache is not letting up. Colorado is razzed about his new girlfriend, Snare comes through with pancakes, and Addison keeps his promise finding the Bedlam Boys in alignment with his plan.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Colorado Jones  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Candice Flick  •
Happy Talk
(2019-01-28 • Christine's Office - Eager Beaver Lodge) Finn drops in on Christine and they discuss future plans.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Finn O'Neil  •
(2019-01-29 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Christian is dropped off in the Lodge's lobby after nearly being exploded. There, he meets with Finn who tries his hardest to get bits of information out of him regarding their missing party members.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Missing Persons
(2019-01-29 • Woods) A group of people follow Ethan in the hopes of finding the hidden doorway of the tunnel he had escaped from. They soon come under fire when a mystery gunman begins to shoot at them. That fire becomes something larger when detonators in the tunnel go off, scattering the group in an explosion.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Michael Black  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Ethan Drake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Candice Flick  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Mrs. Dini  •
Go Your Own Way
(2019-01-28 • Tunnels) The small group that ran for the unexplored tunnel find out where it leads to.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •
When Tomorrow Comes
(2019-01-28 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Lyle asks Cassandra and Addison for a favor in the pending future.
Cast  •   Mallory Miller  •  Addison Barrett  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Cassandra Wei  •
Far From Over
(2019-01-27 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Radio Central (Christine's Office)) Ethan wakes Lyle up and they discuss how things went and moving forward.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •
After Image
(2019-01-27 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Room 229) Taking a second to unwind after a hell of a day.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
Just An Illusion
(2019-01-27 • Dini's Office) Adam, Addison, Emily and Thomas find things in the papers and talk about ghosts.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Thomas Hill  •  Emily Reed  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
I Wanna Be Sedated
(2019-01-26 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) The guys work on the radio,, and Matt takes a look at Lyle's eye to work on keeping it clean. The most hardcore Nu Mu Beta initiation ritual ever ensues.
Cast  •   Matthew Pryce  •  Julian McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Hard To Say I'm Sorry
(2019-01-27 • Men's Staff Cabin) Ethan and Bastian go to the staff cabin to retrieve some things, and finally have a real talk.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Ethan Drake  •
Show Me Your Soul
(2019-01-25 • Main Lodge - Room 114 - Bathroom Floor) Ethan and Lyle have another patented 'Bedlam Boys talk on the bathroom floor talk' to discuss Ethan's capture, life after killing a crazy bitch, and how "this whole batshit thing is mondo non-non heinous in the extreme."
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Just Like Heaven
(2019-01-26 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) A bunch of people gather for Kimberly's funeral pyre.
Cast  •   Tallulah Bennett  •  Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Kirk Patterson  •  Sonya Queen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Bastian Roen  •  Addison Barrett  •  Julian McQueen  •
(2019-01-25 • Christine's Office) Addison and Bastian discuss ways to go about the tunnel exploration which amount to more than wandering aimlessly.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Addison Barrett  •
Higher Ground
(2019-01-25 • Main Lodge - Room 114) Bastian finds Ethan is back and gets the brief rundown, and a very frank talk with the Bedlam Boys follows.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Candice Flick  •
About a Girl
(2019-01-26 • Christine's Office) Emily storms into Christine's office, angry and demanding Jessica's body be returned and dealt with.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Emily Reed  •
Back in Black
(2019-01-25 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Ethan shows up back at the lodge in bad shape, but with critical information.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Addison Barrett  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Appearances Can Be Deceiving
(2019-01-25 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Medical assistance almost goes awry as the treatment is not what it appears
Cast  •   Willow Darragh  •  Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Hold Me Now
(2019-01-25 • Dini's Office) Christine checks in on Emily and the two get a moment alone to talk.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Emily Reed  •
Safety Dance
(2019-01-25 • Beaver Lake - Staff Cabins) A group led by Addison goes to check Dini's cabin after the bloody shed expedition. They find a trap door to a tunnel, but this isn't the bravest or strongest group, turns out. They return to report their findings and prepare instead of investigating. The bodies are reported as stolen on the radio during this.
Cast  •   Director1/  •  Sonya Queen  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Addison Barrett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •  Gretchen West  •  Katrina "Kat" Hale  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
The Hero's Return
(2019-01-25 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Bastian, Max, and Theo bring Kim's body back to the Lodge, where Adam is waiting. Raul joins them as well.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Raul Santiago  •
Voices Carry
(2019-01-24 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Room 229) Discussions of Ethan Drake's wild ride and what to do about spreading the word ensue.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •  Bastian Roen  •  Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •  Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Christine Lake  •
Voices Carry
(2019-01-25 • A Room)
Cast  •
Disposable Heroes
(2019-01-25 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Maintenance Shed) A motley crew assembles to take on the task of refueling the shed. They're successful, at a price.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Colorado Jones  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Mallory Miller  •  Danny Novak  •  Derek Bloom  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
If You Leave
(2019-01-25 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Addison breaks the news about Ethan's jump. Lyle and Julian double down on trying to get the radio fixed, get more tools, and find a parting message.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •
Goodbye To You!
(2019-01-25 • The Bad Place) Ethan wakes up underground with that (not so) nice girl who gave him a lift on the highway. Wait, why is he hanging from the ceiling!?
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Director/Violet Mahoney  •
Sombody's Watching Me
(2019-01-23 • Dini's Office) A merry band of stalwarts sacks Dini's office looking for clues and finds a camera hidden in the light.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Addison Barrett  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
Back To Life
(2019-01-24 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Emily and Scott run into Christine in the hallway. Afterwards, Emily opens up a little to Scott.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •
The Weapon
(2019-01-24 • Eager Beavee Lodge, Room 229) A discussion of 'if'.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
The Old Man Down the Road
(2019-01-24 • Bastian's Room) Christian and Roxie go to find the groundskeeper, Bastian, to inform him of Hawkin's plan of looking for possible secret tunnels that Dini or his family may be using in the lodge.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •
I Can't Drive 55 (Jump!)
(2019-01-24 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) Ethan sneaks out in the middle of the night to try and jump the gap in the bridge in his Camaro. Bastian fails to stop him, and it looks like he gets to dry land and the highway! This can't end well....
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •  Ethan Drake  •
Pledge Your Allegiance
(2019-01-23 • 111 - Addison's Room) After the strange encounter in the "staff" hallway, Roxie and Addison discuss expectations versus reality, and plans.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Take On Me
(2019-01-23 • First Floor Hallway) A chance run in in the hallway flare in a discussion that leads to Lyle and Raul in the slowest foot chase in the Lodge's history, and Ethan gets cause up on the rest of the fallout from the situation in 114.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Mallory Miller  •  Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
(2019-01-22 • Christine's Office and the Second Floor Hallway) Scott drops by to see Christine... and they learn a ghost's dropped by to see Emily.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
Total Eclipse of the Heart
(2019-01-23 • Room 114) Ethan and Lyle learn that Max and Bastian did the tango.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •
Like a Virgin
(1989-07-20 • Kimberly's Room) Kimberly forgets about Raul and learns about D&D with Theo and they go on an adventure.
Cast  •   Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Theodore Quinn  •
Aggressive Perfector
(2019-01-23 • 111 - Addison's Room) Addison, Danny and Roxie learn to relax and get along. Sort of.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Danny Novak  •  Addison Barrett  •
Singing in the Shower
(2019-01-23 • Room 269) Laine rushes to the call for help for Kim. Christian and Emily follow to find Kim, Raul and Theo having survived another ghost attack. Emily gets annoyed at Kim again.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Raul Santiago  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
Eat It
(2019-01-23 • Lodge Kitchen) Raul convinces Kimmy to go with him to get Drake's gun from the freezer. They meet Big Boy...things get gross.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Theodore Quinn  •
Policy of Truth
(2019-01-22 • Room 114) Ethan finally speaks his truth, and for once stops being a douchenugget to Lyle. But he has an ulterior motive.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
You're Gonna Get Yours
(2019-01-22 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Roxie runs into Raul in the upstairs hallway, then Addison comes to the night manager's defense when she tries to kick a dog while he's down.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Raul Santiago  •  Danny Novak  •  Addison Barrett  •
Another Step
(2019-01-22 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Christine and Emily catch up and talk about how various things are going, but end up mostly talking about Emily.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Emily Reed  •
(2019-01-22 • Eager Beaver Lodge, Room 229) For once the unexpected presence in a hotel room doesn't signal a gruesome death.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
Another One Bites the Dust
(2019-01-22 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Justin comes running for Stella! Yes, Stella, he's yelling it in the halls where Laine hears. Because Drake is dead in his bunk! Christian immediately comes to investigate with concern and Addison makes quick response to the radio call for transport. Onlookers show in the commotion.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Justin Tanner  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Rachel Linwood  •  Danny Novak  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Drake Ashton  •
(2019-01-22 • Maintenance Shed) A group heads to the shed to try and get the radio there for parts and other things happen.
Cast  •   Cassandra Wei  •  Colorado Jones  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Julian McQueen  •  Bastian Roen  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Michael Black  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Candice Flick  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •
Eye of the Tiger
(2019-01-21 • Main Lodge - Staff Lounge) The Bedlam Boys (Lyle & Ethan), head into the Staff Office to find Willow for a change of bandages and more bad news, but at least news they can use!
Cast  •   Willow Darragh  •  Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Addison Barrett  •  Christine Lake  •
We are Family
(2019-01-21 • Christine's Office) Emily and Scott advise Christine of what happened and what they've heard. Max shows up to fill the director of guest services in, too.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Emily Reed  •  Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
Alive and Kicking
(2019-01-21 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Emily and Addison get the files they found back to the lodge. Danny, Adam and Emily talk about what just happened.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Addison Barrett  •  Danny Novak  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
Too Tough to Die
(2019-01-21 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Bastian and company bring the badly hurt Max out from the Lakeview and into the care of Laine's triage.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Justin Tanner  •  Emily Reed  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Jessica Nichols  •
Highway to Hell
(2019-01-21 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) Several Lodge employees and guests alike converge on Lakeview for various reasons. Some have come to find patient files in which to use to appease the spirits. Others are here for a radio. Some are here to find trinkets of sorts. Then there are those hoping to find Max. What they do find is definitely more than anyone had bargained for.
Cast  •   Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Emily Reed  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Mallory Miller  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Christian Price  •  Scott Dixon  •  Addison Barrett  •  Derek Bloom  •  Sonya Queen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Michael Black  •  Director1/  •  Justin Tanner  •  Julian McQueen  •
Shock the Monkey
(2019-01-21 • Second Group) The Lakeview expedition is on, and like any good group of idiots in a horror situation, the gang splits up. One group encounters records of use. They also encounter The Freak.
Cast  •   Jackson Ryder  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Scott Dixon  •  Emily Reed  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Addison Barrett  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •
(2019-01-20 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room, Pool, and Room 269) Kimberly can't really sleep and so goes down to the Lobby to wait for Raul or the Lakeview escapade. Raul arrives first around 5am.
Cast  •   Sonya Queen  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Raul Santiago  •  Addison Barrett  •  Drake Ashton  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Sleepin' on a Master Plan
(2019-01-20 • Christine's Office) Christine starts bouncing ideas for the Lakeview raid off Emily.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •
Woman in Chains
(2019-01-20 • Main Lodge - Room 138) GODDAMNED BONER-KILLING GHOSTS! It's a three-some NOT a foursome, Mahoney!
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Colorado Jones  •
The Trees
(2019-01-20 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) There is trouble with the trees--there's blood in them, and no Max or Mahoney.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Bastian Roen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Picture This
(2019-01-17 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Emily seeks out Ethan to show him her artistic rendition of the Banshee to see if it's a close match. She learns his plans to leave.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Emily Reed  •
My Way (of survival)
(1989-07-20 • Lakeview Building) Raul escapes the Ballerina but flees into the woods. The only way back to safety is passing by Lakeview... Mahoney doesn't like him walking on the lawn.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •
(2019-01-19 • Christine's Office) Emily asks Christine more about The Freak.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •
Midnight at the Oasis
(2019-01-19 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Over a nightcap and patrols Lucas asks the Frat about helping rush he and Ethan if they decide to go to OU after this to be in friendly company. Julian helps Lyle eat 112 oz. of chocolate pudding, and the truth of the pool and the lake get sorted. Remarkably three people meet who might be able to help with the radio.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •  Julian McQueen  •  Tabitha Ryder  •  Victoria Duchamp  •
Freak Scene
(2019-01-18 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Emily has a request for Addison. Tabitha, Danny, Emily and Kim use a ouija board to try to make contact with ghosts. They don't get a friendly one.
Cast  •   Tabitha Ryder  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Emily Reed  •  Addison Barrett  •  Danny Novak  •
I Want Candy
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christine and Bastian confront Raul and the heist gang at the boathouse. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of a music box, before they notice a young girl in a ballerina outfit in their midst. Hijinx ensues.
Cast  •   Drake Ashton  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Raul Santiago  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Colorado Jones  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Justin Tanner  •
Catch (Black Delilah)
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) Lyle Lucas sets out with pals in tow to try and save the Banshee. In helping her they learn a more disturbing truth.

"Catch" - The Cure
"I used to sometimes try to catch her,
But never even caught her name."

Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Colorado Jones  •  Finn O'Neil  •
Don't Be Alone
(2019-01-18 • Room 237) Mallory comes to warn Warren of the dangers and finds a moment of solace.
Cast  •   Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •
Owner of a Lonely Heart
(2019-01-18 • Beaver Lake - Staff Cabins - Lyle's Room) Difficult truths get aired, and an immodest proposal is offered to try to patch that relationship of the Trouble Twins. Talk of change, college, moving, and the future follow with what it might mean for them... right after they help out a little girl in desperate need.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Should I Stay or Should I Go
(2019-01-18 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Emily and Laine meet Michael in the bar. Danny, Kim and Max show up. Thoughts begin to get shared.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Danny Novak  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Drake Ashton  •
Nine Inch Nails
(2019-01-18 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Lodge Grounds and Maintenance Shed) Mallory, Lyle, and Bastian go to find Dini and radio the Sheriff. Literally none of that turns out how they'd like it to.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Mallory Miller  •  Bastian Roen  •  Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •  Christine Lake  •  Finn O'Neil  •
Sweet Child O' Mine
(2019-01-18 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) Raul brings Christian and Roxie to the docks to commandeer a boat. They are visited by a young girl throwing all sorts of tantrums.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Raul Santiago  •
And So It Goes
(2019-01-16 • Christine's Office) During the discussion in 205, Scott goes to find Christine and bring her back.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
Radio Ga Ga
(2019-01-18 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) After seeing the devastation of the bridge for themselves, Christian asks Raul to get them a boat.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •
Fade to Black
(2019-01-17 • Room 205) After the horror of the kitchen, Emily ends up in Scott's room in order to be with someone. Laine and Finn show up after a bit, and Scott fetches Christine to get answers.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Scott Dixon  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •
(2019-01-17 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Escaping the terror of Big Boy, the students end up in the great room, reeling over the sudden loss of one of their own as they call for help from the staff.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Julian McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Addison Barrett  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Drake Ashton  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
(2019-01-17 • Maintenance Shed) Kimberly convinces Raul to go to the maintenance shed at dawn to look for weapons.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Director1/  •
Cities in Dust
(2019-01-16 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) The damage from the bar turns out to be minimal compared to the damage Ethan's surprise news inflicts.
Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Marc Westin  •  Julian McQueen  •  Drake Ashton  •  Colorado Jones  •  Bastian Roen  •  Ethan Drake  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
Burn This Disco Out
(2019-01-16 • Beaver Lake - Boathouse - Jon's Room) After everyone busted into the boathouse and Roxie and Raul retreated to Jon's room, some real talk was had.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Raul Santiago  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •
Wild Thing
(1989-07-16 • Night Manager's Office) Kimberly is still shaken from recent events and ducks into Raul's office by accident. Sometimes things just get wild. <Late Night>
Cast  •   Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Raul Santiago  •
Have A Drink On Me
(2019-01-14 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) The drinks are on Bastian for Lyle, Julian, and Scott. Ethan and Max meet for the first time in this lifetime.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Ethan Drake  •  Colorado Jones  •  Scott Dixon  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
(2019-01-16 • Bar and Lounge) Some people in the bar and lounge meet The Slugger. Play ball!
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Emily Reed  •  Drake Ashton  •  Michael Black  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Zack Thomas  •  Raul Santiago  •  Christine Lake  •  Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •
When the Crowds are Gone
(2019-01-15 • Room 204; Bar and Lounge) Checking on the guests at the lodge, Christine reaches Room 204 and is surprised to find Scott there -- alone, having managed to sleep through the last few hours' events. They might have a little more in common than banter.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
Where is My Mind?
(2019-01-16 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian and Roxie's moment is interrupted by utter chaos. Both the group of streakers and some others from the lodge race to the boathouse looking for safe haven from the horrors they've experienced. Or something.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Drake Ashton  •  Raul Santiago  •  Emily Reed  •  Danny Novak  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Everybody Wants You
(2019-01-16 • Ethan's Room - Staff Cabins) Colorado comes to talk to Ethan about a problem named Lyle.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Colorado Jones  •
Everybody Have Fun Tonight
(2019-01-14 • Gazebo, Room 204) The fraternity and sorority come together to party once more! It starts out at the gazebo but moves inside after a lightning strike takes out another tree.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Emily Reed  •  Jessica Nichols  •  Scott Dixon  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Michael Black  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
Sunglasses at Night
(2019-01-15 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) With the phone lines down, Christian, Roxie and Justin to go the lodge for some dinner. They are greeted by Addison who offers to be their chef for the evening.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Addison Barrett  •  Justin Tanner  •
Start Me Up
(2018-01-15 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Maintenance Shed) The storm takes the bridge and the power down. Lyle grabs Ethan to go get the generator going. The electrician and the mechanic have a nerve wracking face off with the old scary building. Right, it's just a building. Everything's fine. Nothing to be scared of. It's fiiiiine... what's that noise?! And what's that on the floor?
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •  Candice Flick  •
Hold It Now, Hit It
(2019-01-14 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Roxie is relaxing after a rough night and morning on the patio, and Raul drops by looking for Jon, but instead finds Roxie and they have a talk.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Don't Stop Believin'
(2019-01-14 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Emily starts up a conversation with the concierge. Other college students arrive and plans for a quieter evening party are put into motion.
Cast  •   Michael Black  •  Danny Novak  •  Emily Reed  •  Addison Barrett  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
Is There Something I Should Know?
(2019-01-13 • Eager Beaver - Christine's Office) Christine finally manages to catch Raul to discuss his recent behavior.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Raul Santiago  •
Lyle and the Monsters
(2018-12-30 • Chief Groundskeeper's Cabin / In the Woods) Lyle Lucas tries to hide in a tomato bush and meets some horrible monsters.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Take My Breath Away
(2019-01-13 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Indoor Pool) What happens when there's a tarp loose in the pool?
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Scott Dixon  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Julian McQueen  •  Ethan Drake  •
Mister Policeman
(2019-01-12 • Main Lodge) The Sheriff shows up to figure out what all this hullabaloo is about.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •
Say Hello To My Little Friend
(2019-01-13 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) While enjoying some breakfast, a hit takes place outside the dining hall!
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Danny Novak  •  Christine Lake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Stray Cat Strut
(2019-01-13 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Roxie is in search of someone after the cop scare, runs into Raul instead on his way to moving his stuff after the power in his cabin "mysteriously" goes out.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •
All That She Wants
(2019-01-12 • Eager Beaver Lodge - 212 - Just after the concert) A positively ruined evening that was meticulously planned becomes a review of priorities, being terrified, and a very unlikely alliance based on a shared ideal...and the future tormenting of one Troy Mackenzie.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •
(2019-01-12 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Michael has been drinking all night and into the day, Christine helps rationalize what happened.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Michael Black  •
Another Brick In The Wall
(2019-01-12 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) Some of the staff work on putting up barriers and warning signs where the fence is down. Bastian tells them about the incident during the night.
Cast  •   Paige North  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Thomas Hill  •
Fight For Your Right (To Party)
(2019-01-12 • 225 Unbooked Room) Some of the staff party after the storm washes them back to the lodge instead of their cabins. There is a proposal!
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Ethan Drake  •  Addison Barrett  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ranier "Rat" Tattersall  •
Close Encounters of the Boob Kind
(2019-01-12 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) A group head back to the bar after the events at the Lakehouse. There's a close encounter of the boob kind as wet clothing is taken care of. Scandalous.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Kirk Wachowski  •
First Blood
(2019-01-12 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) Kimberly, Scott, and Sonya sneak down to the site of the accident. Others follow them. Sonya and Kimberly sneak on ahead into the building and find something unexpected.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •  Derek Bloom  •  Sonya Queen  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Addison Barrett  •  Bastian Roen  •  Michael Black  •  Kaspar Henrik  •
Complicated Transactions
(2019-01-11 • Bastian's Cabin) Raul explains his hypercomplicated lovelife to Bastian.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Bastian Roen  •
Personal Service
(2019-01-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Emily returns to the lodge and changes once again, then comes down to the dining hall in search of something to eat.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •
Careful Planning
(2019-01-10 • Main Lodge - Concierge Services) On behalf of her sister, Emily, Hya strikes a deal with Concierge Services to deliver a message for her.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •
When Doves Cry
(2019-01-10 • Guy's Staff Cabin) Lucas brings breakfast for himself and Ethan the morning after the Banshee made herself known. Ethan opens up to his best friend.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Who's Zoomin' Who?
(2019-01-09 • Lake Shore - Stage Prep) Any concert needs some prep, and Scott's working on that when Christine comes by to offer a hand.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
So Alive
(2019-01-09 • Deep Woods) Danny, Emily, Christian, and Laine visit the waterfall and are later joined by Bastian. There's a fall, a dashing rescue, dogs(!), beaver stories, and a kiss.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •
Reporting In
(2019-01-08 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Christine speaks with Addison Barrett and Lyle Lucas about the strange events involving guests in the last 8 hours.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Addison Barrett  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Whisper to a Scream
(2019-01-08 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) Emily learns that Ethan Drake works at the Eager Beaver when she goes down to the lakeside to find Kimberly. However the reunion wastes a little when an unexpected guest shows up, causing quite the fright.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Ethan Drake  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Dashiel Bauer  •  Ranier "Rat" Tattersall  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
You Give Love a Bad Name
(2019-01-07 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian calls to complain about the mysterious wet footprints and Christine Lake answers the call! Roxie brings Raul to the boathouse so that they can run into Jonathan and at least one person's temper flares.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Christian Price  •  Drake Ashton  •
Drying Out
(2018-12-29 • Lakeside 1987, late Autumn) Mallory checks in with her pet rescue as they share common ground and jellybeans.
Cast  •   Mallory Miller  •  Lyle Lucas  •
A Little Honesty
(2018-12-29 • Hospital) Bastian accompanies Lyle to the hospital after his near-death experience.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •
The Next Wave
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Several film students check in at the lodge.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Bastian Roen  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Addison Barrett  •  Lyle Lucas  •
About Eustace
(2018-12-30 • Eager Beaver Lodge) Bastian gets a phonecall from an old friend.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Colorado Jones  •
Localized Phenomenon
(2019-01-03 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Indoor Pool) The staff clean up after a bachelor party which got a little out of control.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Colorado Jones  •  Bastian Roen  •
Poison Oak is Also Bad
(2019-01-02 • Beaver Lake - Staff Cabins) Lyle demonstrates why poison oak is bad.
Cast  •   Willow Darragh  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •  Ethan Drake  •
Rabies is Bad
(2018-12-27 • Eager Beaver Lodge) Bastian debriefs with Colorado and Lyle about the situation with the raccoon.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Colorado Jones  •  Lyle Lucas  •
The Boys of Summer
(1989-06-01 • Eager Beaver Grounds) Bastian sets his underlings to the task of ripping out a monstrous blackberry bush taking over the boathouse. They find a monster inside it, and all hell breaks loose.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Colorado Jones  •
This Won't End Well
(1987-06-10 • Maintenance Garage) Flashback to when Lyle and Ethan met and, well, started something that will end badly. So badly.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •