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Thea Marchant

Also Known As


on MUX as

The Explorer


The Explorer


Feral Ingenue

Apparent Age


Played By

Ana de Armas

Faction Membership

Marchant Family
Robert and Monique's Daughter
Mona's and Jade's Triplet


I've got more in me

And you can set it free

I can catch the moon in my hand

Don't you know who I am?

Remember my name

I'm gonna live forever

I'm gonna learn how to fly high

I feel it coming together

People will see me and cry

I'm gonna make it to heaven

Light up the sky like a flame

I'm gonna live forever

Baby, remember my name



It's a colorful, sensual world. Inspiration is everywhere -- in connections with other people, in ideas, in reinvention of self and of perspective. Live in the now, shape your own destiny, and never give up searching for new ways to push your passions and experience new things. Take risks and see the possibilities that abound everywhere you look. Take the road less-traveled. Or the road well-traveled. Boldly go wherever the fuck you want, because life isn't worth living unless it's been thoroughly explored.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You want to see everything and go everywhere. Curiosity drives you, and often it drives you into ditches filled with bad stuff, but that's just called the scenic route.

Role in Bonds of Blood

The 'middle child' of the Marchant triplets, Thea finds herself in between a Wild Child and a Black Sheep. She adores her siblings and, naturally, shares quite a few similarities with them. On the other hand, she at least tries to emulate those qualities her parents expect of their children. Mostly. Okay, mainly just when they -- or those who report to them -- are watching.

She, like Mona and Jade, is deeply involved in the arts. She caved to their mother's insistence that at least one of them train in classical dance, though she's quietly broadened her repertoire to include styles beyond just ballet. She loves theater, though her singing voice could use some training — a friend) is helping her with that one, on the down-low. College in NYC is the goal, and she may very well find herself joining her oft-leading man, Zane Bloomquist, at Juilliard. Broadway seems the likeliest destination for her, and her adventurous spirit has zero objections to the prospect.

She's gained something of a reputation as an ingenue, perhaps in part due to her tendency to be cast as such in plays and musicals. Truth told, this suits her fine. It allows her to fly under the radar in many situations, and makes for that much more dramatic a contrast when her claws do come out. Let the world think she's endearingly innocent; those closest to her recognize her unquenchable spirit, accept her for who she truly is, and know that she's anything but weak.


Brawn: Normal
+ Enduring (Positive)

Knock her down, she'll get back up again. And keep going, and going, and...
- Petite (Negative)

Great for a dancer. Not so much for getting things off high shelves.
Finesse: Good
+ Lithe (Positive)

Agile little monkey, with a dancer's grace.
+ Quick (Positive)

Quick reflexes and quick little feets. Dainty feets, but quick ones!
Brains: Normal
+ Perceptive (Positive)

Situational awareness dialed up to eleven. She's attuned to her surroundings, and it takes some effort to startle her.
+ Wily (Positive)

Regardless of any learning disability (below), she's sharp af.
- Curious (Negative)

It killed the cat. She isn't one. Perhaps she'll have better luck?
- Dyslexic (Negative)

Takes her a beat to sort out written words, but she manages.
Spirit: Normal
+ Beguiling (Positive)

She has a way about her, and can often get people to do what she wants them to.
+ Tenacious (Positive)

Once she's got her mind set, it can be difficult to get her to veer off course. Waving espresso under her nose sometimes works. Pro tip.
- Disdainful (Negative)

It can be a challenge to look down one's nose at people when most of them are taller than you, but she manages it, at times.

Perks and Quirks

+ Bloodline Trait (Marchant)
+ Youthful Exuberance
+ Scream Queen

Sweet Christ, the lungs on this girl.
+ Obscure Death
- Bloodline Taint (Marchant)
- Unreliable
- Tasted Blood
- Jilted Lover III


ExplorerBonds1.jpg ExplorerBonds2.jpg



High School Senior

Whatever, you'll be wrinkled before me. JK love you mwah!



Wild Child

Darling. I will cheerfully cut a bitch who tries to hurt you.


James Thistle

High School Senior

If only he knew...


Cash Freeland

High School Senior

Can a boy be a muse? If so, he's mine.


Cassidy "Cass" Fitzgerald (Bonds of Blood)

Pool Maintenance Technician
Cass had plans, post-graduation. Big plans. Huge! He'd found a college that'd accept him, and it even offered the degree he was most interested in -- Animal Behavior. Except.. his older brother had managed to get himself into some serious legal trouble, and much of his college fund was diverted by their folks to bail Randall out and get everything sorted.


Never one to let stumbles bring him down, Cass stuck around in Lake Havasu, expanding a little business he'd started while still in High School. Yep. He's a pool boy. Except he's a grown-ass man now, so that's 'Pool Maintenance Technician,' thank you very much.

Truth told, he's grateful that he wound up staying in town. If he hadn't, he never would've gotten set up on a date with Desdemona Marchant. Firmly convinced that she's the love of his life, he just keeps setting back his college savings strategy further and further, through increasingly grandiose (and likely mortifying) romantic gestures.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

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